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					                Diversity Scholarship Fund
                                                         A leveraged investment in one – leads to
                                                         wisdom, health and wholeness for many
Hunger, poverty, lack of education, violence and suffering continue to plague many parts of the world and
can even be found in the Bay Area. All of these problems are, at their root, spiritual/transpersonal problems.
We know we can help. We already do.

ITP strives to foster wisdom, health and wholeness among individuals, families, communities and even
societies. But often, financial barriers preclude access to our services and education by those who need it
most. One solution to this problem is the Diversity Scholarship Fund.

With this fund, ITP is now reaching out to help exceptionally gifted and devoted students from diverse
cultural and economic backgrounds attend ITP. These students are determined to make a difference with
underserved populations of the world, often returning after graduation to serve their home communities.

ITP graduates become creative and effective therapists, counselors, business consultants, spiritual guides,
researchers, coaches, trainers and teachers. All have a desire to serve. They are noted for having what Carl
Rogers called “personal presence,” which allows natural self-actualizing tendencies to proliferate in their
clients. They are trained to address not only the psyche, but one of the most important and neglected aspects
of human experience – our spiritual core.

With financial assistance, promising students from the poorest regions of the world can attend ITP and
return to help their communities reach their potential for wisdom, health and wholeness. Students like Alicia
Reid and Khosi Jiyane who were among six of the very first Diversity Scholarship recipients in 2008:

                           Alicia Reid has been working with at-risk youth in the Bronx. After
                           graduating with her PhD in Clinical Psychology, Alicia plans to
                           return to the Bronx to establish an organization using dance therapy
                           as the core of programs for professional development and counseling
                           with urban African American adolescent, adult and aging women.

                           Khosi Jiyane is already making a significant contribution to her
                           community in South Africa as a head coach at an HIV/AIDS
                           educational NGO for youth. After receiving her PhD through ITP’s
                           Global distance learning program, Khosi plans to continue and
                           expand her work with HIV and AIDS victims in forgotten
                           communities in South Africa and Namibia.

Your gift to the Diversity Scholarship Fund is a leveraged investment. Not only are you
helping a student get an education they couldn’t otherwise afford, you are also bringing
services to an underserved community in need.