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                in the
                Learn how to better utilize and integrate your organization’s greatest asset - its people!

                April 6 & 7, 2009, Ottawa                                                                                    “Gave me a better
                                                                                                                             understanding of what
                                                                                                                             other organizations
                                                                                                                             are involved in and the
                who should attend                                                                                            communication and
                Senior Executives, Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers in:                                               the commonalities with
                                                                                                                             issues and resolutions.”
                Human Resources                                       Global Diversity                                                    - Kareima Baksh,
                Workplace Diversity                                   Strategic Planning                                                Toronto Community
                Employment Equity                                     Performance Measurement                                          Housing Corporation
                Recruiting & Staffing                                 Cultural Competence
                Training & Development                                Employee Development

                course highlights
                •   Getting a "green light" from management and gaining buy-in for your diversity strategy
                •   Fostering a culture of inclusion
                •   Developing and implementing a diversity strategy to fit your organization
                •   Interviewing techniques for fairly assessing candidates of diverse groups
                •   Preparing for an employment equity audit and what to do with the results
                •   Developing employee resource groups
                •   Communicating across generations
                •   Linking policies, procedures and collective agreements to diversity and inclusion
                •   Measuring and evaluating your diversity plan
                •   Diversity best practices for deaf and hard of hearing employees

                participating organizations
                Canada Post                                                   Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
                Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)              The Mattam Group
                CANGRAM International Inc.                                    Toronto Community Housing Corporation
                Deloitte                                                      University Health Network
                Liquor Control Board of Ontario                               University of Toronto

                                                                                                             as well as:   Desmond Gardner,
                                                                                                                           Toronto Community Housing

                                                                                                                           Samina Sami,
Course Leader   Janet Naidu,     Frances     Connie          Lisa Mattam,   Irma Farinaccio,   France                      Ontario Ministry of Community
Maureen         Liquor Control   Wilson,     Guberman,       The Mattam     Canadian           Coulombe,                   Safety and Correctional Services
Geddes,         Board of         Deloitte    University of   Group          International      Canada Post
CANGRAM         Ontario                      Toronto                        Development
International                                                               Agency (CIDA)
Inc.                                                                                                                       Jacqueline Silvera,
                                                                                                                           University Health Network

MAUREEN GEDDES                                        CONNIE GUBERMAN
Founder and president of CANGRAM Interna-             Connie Guberman is the Special Advisor on Eq-        and diversity. As founder of the Mattam Group,
tional Inc., Maureen Geddes has worked with           uity Issues and the Status of Women Officer at       she has been widely quoted in newspapers
over 50 organizations in Canada and interna-          the University of Toronto. She is also a professor   and journals. She is frequently featured on tele-
tionally since 1996 on integrating diversity into     of Women’s Studies at the University’s Scar-         vision for her perspectives on talent in Canada.
business, gender communication, building              borough campus. She has been responsible for
mutual respect and inspiring personal devel-          developing critical policies related to equity and
opment. Her background includes the respon-           diversity such as the Statement of Equity, Diver-    JACQUELINE SILVERA
sibility for diversity and employment equity at       sity and Excellence and the Statement of Com-        Jacqueline Silvera is a mediator, human
a large Canadian energy company.                      mitment Regarding Persons with Disabilities.         rights practitioner, and diversity and inclu-
                                                                                                           sion coach. At present she works as Senior
                                                                                                           Manager, Workplace Diversity at the University
                                                      DES GARDNER
  CO-LECTURERS                                        Des Gardner is Manager, Diversity, with Toronto
                                                      Community Housing Corporation. He has a
                                                                                                           Health Network. Jacqueline has worked for
                                                                                                           the past 13 years addressing and developing
                                                                                                           workplace inclusion, anti-discrimination and
                                                      rich tapestry of diversity and HR management         harassment practices in the public and private
                                                      experience from the private and public sectors,      sectors in Canada and the USA.
JANET NAIDU                                           in both Canada and the UK. His positions have
Janet Naidu is Manager of Diversity Manage-           included Manager, Employment Equity with the
ment at the LCBO and holds over 20 years              Government of Ontario, Diversity Manager, On-        IRMA FARINACCIO
experience in HR Management. She has been             tario for Scotia Bank, Manager Human Capital,        Irma Farinaccio has been working in Employ-
instrumental in the creation of the diversity         Teletech Canada and Senior Manager Person-           ment Equity since 1996. She is the Manager,
agenda in the corporate strategies at the             nel, London Borough of Brent UK.                     Corporate HR Programs in the HR Branch at
LCBO through the assessment of its employ-                                                                 CIDA. When she joined, her first task was to
ment systems review and equity provision to                                                                complete the Employment Equity Audit being
the delivery of the comprehensive educational         SAMINA SAMI                                          conducted by the Canadian Human Rights
initiative. She also produces their “Working in       Samina Sami is a senior executive with the           Commission. She has since completed a sec-
Diversity” video-based program and oversees           Ontario Public Service. Over the past 13 years,      ond Employment Equity Audit in 2007, making
the LCBO’s Human Rights Policy Program.               she has held diverse portfolios in the OPS.          CIDA the first department/agency to complete
                                                      She has led a variety of multidimensional            the second round of audits with CHRC.
                                                      initiatives in the areas of corporate policy and
FRANCES WILSON                                        program development, organizational learning
As Deloitte’s Diversity Manager, Frances Wil-         and strategic management. She has devel-             FRANCE COULOMBE
son supports the firm’s Chief Diversity Officer       oped and implemented a range of diversity            France Coulombe is the Employment Eq-
and its National Diversity Council to implement       and equity initiatives with the public sector        uity Manager at Canada Post. With her HR
key strategies, plans and initiatives that drive      and internationally.                                 colleagues across the country she creates
towards Deloitte’s vision of being recognized                                                              opportunities to raise awareness of employ-
internally and externally as a leader in diversity.                                                        ment equity and diversity, seeks support to
                                                      LISA MATTAM                                          resolve systemic and other issues that may
                                                      Lisa Mattam is Managing Principal with The           be barriers to achieving diversity and creates
                                                      Mattam Group, a management consulting firm           ways to integrate the principles into the overall
                                                      based in Toronto that specializes in leadership      company strategy.

BUY-IN FOR YOUR DIVERSITY PLAN                                                  CULTURE OF INCLUSION
As the economy and workforce keep changing, diversity programs are              Diversity is not just having an organization where many different races
emerging as a key component to any organization’s ability to remain             and cultures are represented. In order to perform well and truly meet
competitive. Understanding the link between diversity programs and              client needs, there must be a corporate culture in place that welcomes
profitability and convincing top-level executives of the critical nature of     these differences, embraces diversity and engages the entire work-
that link can heavily affect a company’s overall success. How do you go         place. This session will demonstrate how fostering a culture of diversity
about building your business case?                                              and inclusion throughout all levels of an organization can provide a
                                                                                company with a significant competitive advantage.
· The "nuts and bolts" of how to create a business case for
  diversity and how to make it a corporate core value                           · Building bridges by relating to each other across differences,
· Getting senior management buy-in for diversity: top-down support                starting at the senior leadership level
· Allocating resources for diversity                                            · Creating the values, knowledge and skills to work with
· How to connect the diversity program with other business goals                  diversity via communication and training programs
· How a diverse workforce can bring you clients                                 · Sustaining diversity and inclusion by identifying internal champions
                                                                                  and ensuring ongoing commitment and opportunities for resolving
                                                                                  conflicts and discussion of diversity issues
A DIVERSITY STRATEGY                                                        OF YOUR DIVERSITY INITIATIVES
The start of any diversity program requires a well developed strategy       It is one thing to plan and implement diversity initiatives, but how do
and work plan. And to ensure that new policies come alive within the        you meet the challenge of measuring the effectiveness and success
organization, special efforts must be made to follow a comprehensive        of your program one, two or five years down the road? Evaluating
and clear implementation system. This presentation will explore the lat-    diversity initiatives and quantifying their results have proven to be a real
est strategies for successfully implementing a diversity plan.              challenge to both public and private sector organizations. However,
                                                                            measuring the results is not only critical to the credibility of your initia-
· How to develop a diversity strategy:                                      tive and for making the business case, but essential for benchmark-
  including securing senior management support                              ing growth and developing future programs that positively impact the
· Key features of a diversity strategy                                      company’s bottom line. This presentation will provide a quantitative
· Developing an implementation plan                                         approach on how to measure the results of your diversity initiatives.
· Taking action: the first steps for implementation
                                                                            · Using existing organizational data
INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES FOR                                                 · Conducting a diversity survey
A DIVERSE WORKFORCE                                                         · Determining clear and measurable objectives
Selecting employees is a finely tuned process, but even with exten-         · Implementing interventions and continuously
sive training and planning, diversity is often left out of the equation.      measuring against baseline objectives
Thus, the selection process offers a much greater challenge when the        · Making measurement an integral part of the diversity
candidate’s values, behaviours, expectations and special needs are dif-       process, not just a check at the end of the initiative
ferent from what you consider to be the norm. This discussion will look     · Integrating evaluations into the ongoing diversity
at how to understand and accommodate difference and fairly assess             process in order to shape future plans
candidates of diverse groups during the selection process.
                                                                            BRIDGING THE GAP: COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY
·   Preparing for interviews with candidates from diverse groups            WITH DIFFERENT GENERATIONS IN THE WORKPLACE
·   Taking into account candidates’ special needs                           Diversity initiatives tend to focus on cultural and religious differences,
·   Providing appropriate logistics and facilities                          however one aspect that should not be neglected is generational diver-
·   Creating a non-threatening interview environment                        sity. There has never been another time in history when so many differ-
·   Recognizing and accommodating cultural and other differences            ent generations with such divergent world views and work philosophies
·   Applying inclusive, bias-free processes                                 have been expected to work together as a team. How can your orga-
                                                                            nization effectively engage and communicate with these generations?
PREPARING FOR AN EMPLOYMENT EQUITY AUDIT                                    This workshop will address what communication skills are needed to
Early planning for an employment equity audit will go a long way to         harness generational differences in today’s workplace.
helping you get through the process. This discussion will detail the real
life strategies, negotiations and key things to think about before the      · Generational perceptions of work ethic and loyalty
auditors get their foot in the door.                                        · Understanding the influence of management style
                                                                            · What are the common motivations and turnoffs?
· When to use a consultant and for how long
· Relationship of the consultant to the Human Rights Commission:            LINKING POLICIES, PROCEDURES AND COLLECTIVE
  are they plugged into the process and what to do if they are not          AGREEMENTS TO DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION
· The rules of engagement                                                   Linking policies, procedures and collective agreements to diversity is
· Negotiating with the Commission: balancing business                       easier said than done. Failure to do so can result in diversity programs
  reality with the expectations of the Commission                           being seen as one-off projects or "flavours of the month" with little
· Pre-audit preparation: anticipating snags and                             relevance. This presentation will highlight diversity best practices at
  streamlining the process                                                  University Health Network and focus in part on its anti-discrimination
· Do you have enough HR support for the audit and                           policies in a unionized context.
  what to consider if you don’t
                                                                            · Defining diversity objectives throughout an organization
DEVELOPING EMPLOYEE RESOURCE GROUPS                                           to ensure universal action and acceptance
Employee resource groups (ERGs) are champions of the diverse groups         · Infusing diversity into daily practices and procedures
they represent, fulfilling a multitude of purposes that include serving     · Communicating, implementing and monitoring the
as an educational and mentoring resource, participating in commu-             progress of diversity initiatives
nity outreach and supporting personal and professional development.
Employers can initiate an awareness campaign that includes market-          CANADA POST CASE STUDY: DIVERSITY BEST PRACTICES
ing and measuring ERGs, bolstering the effectiveness of these groups        FOR DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING EMPLOYEES
and increasing their positive impact on company culture and employee        It is estimated that hearing loss is the most ubiquitous chronic health
pride. This session will focus on:                                          problem in Canada, affecting one in ten, or 2.9 million Canadians.
                                                                            More importantly however, unemployment rates for deaf individuals
·   Strategies for employers to support and sustain ERGs                    remain high and unchanged despite growth in the overall Canadian
·   Creating ERG guidelines                                                 employment rate. Accommodation of hearing-impaired employees still
·   Benefits of ERGs for employees and employers                            presents a challenge for many workplaces, but increasingly, organiza-
·   Examples of ERG mission, initiatives and outreach                       tions are seeing the benefit of adaptive measures to be inclusive of
                                                                            employees’ needs and differences. This case study presentation will
                                                                            review Canada Post’s best practices to include and accommodate deaf
                                                                            and hard of hearing employees in its workplace.

                                                                            · Collecting workforce data
                                                                            · Communication strategies for hearing impaired employees
                                                                            · Relying on modern technologies to remove barriers to participation
Register for Diversity in the Workplace and we will give you free of charge a CD-ROM comprising the following virtual presentations from recent
Federated Press courses and conferences. Presented in their entirety with complete audio and accompanying PowerPoint slides totaling 426
minutes of expert learning, these presentations are an added bonus to this year’s course. Bear in mind that these presenters are not necessarily
those that you will see and hear at this year’s course.

Designing and Implementing                                      Case Study: Optimizing Diversity                                 How to Recruit and Retain a Diverse,
Diversity Councils at CIBC                                      Through Strategic Workforce Planning                             Well-Qualified Workforce
Milé Komlen,                                                    at Export Development Canada                                     Dana Beljanic,
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce                              A. Catherine Decarie,                                            Manitoba Hydro
(CIBC)                                                          Export Development Canada                                        Time: 32 Slides: 24
Time: 47 Slides: 15                                             Time: 28 Slides: 19
                                                                                                                                 A Two-Way Street: Tips for Integrating
Employee Data Collection and Analysis                           Case Study: Developing an                                        Internationally Trained Professionals
Kami Ramcharan,                                                 Accountability Framework                                         into the Canadian Workplace
Public Service Human Resources                                  Around Diversity at KPMG                                         Marni Johnson,
Management Agency of Canada                                     Mary Fitzgerald,                                                 Workplace Communication & Diversity Inc.
Time: 53 Slides: 33                                             KPMG LLP                                                         Time: 38 Slides: 33
                                                                Time: 42 Slides: 8
Developing and Implementing a Diversity                                                                                          Breaking the Law: Going Beyond
Strategy at the Region of Peel                                  Clinic: Building Cross-Cultural                                  What is Legally required
Laura Nashman & Anubha Mehta,                                   Competence In A Global Organization                              Mark Amorosi,
Region of Peel                                                  Laraine Kaminsky & John C. Dorland ,                             City of Hamilton
Time: 45 Slides: 41                                             Graybridge Malkam                                                Time: 43 Slides: 28
                                                                Time: 98 Slides: 8

                                                                                                       Audio/Video segments clickable slide by slide
                                                                                                       Papers and overheads also included
                                                                                                       Print any of the material for your own use

                                                                                                                                          PROCEEDINGS CD - ROM

Registration: To reserve your place, call Federated Press toll-free at 1-800-363-0722. In        Cancellation: Please note that non-attendance at the course does not entitle the registrant
Toronto, call (416) 665-6868 or fax to (416) 665-7733. Then mail your payment along with the     to a refund. In the event that a registrant becomes unable to attend following the deadline for
registration form. Places are limited. Your reservation will be confirmed before the course.     cancellation, a substitute attendee may be delegated. Please notify Federated Press of any
Location: The Westin Ottawa, 11 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON, K1N 9H4                            changes as soon as possible. Federated Press assumes no liability for changes in program
                                                                                                 content or speakers. A full refund of the attendance fee will be provided upon cancellation in
Cost: The attendance fee for the course is $1825 per person and covers attendance for one        writing received prior to March 24, 2009. No refunds will be issued after this date. Please note
person and the lecturers’ presentation material. The fee further includes lunch on the first     that a 15% service charge will be held in case of a cancellation.
day, morning coffee on both days and refreshments during all breaks. You may purchase a
Proceedings CD-ROM containing edited actual proceedings and materials from the course.           Discounts: Federated Press has special team discounts. Groups of 3 or more from the
                                                                                                 same organization receive a 10% discount. Groups of 7 or more from the same organization
Time: Course registration begins at 8:00 a.m. The morning sessions start promptly at 9:00.       receive a 15% discount.
The second day ends at noon.
                Payment must be received prior to March 31, 2009                                 Phone: 1-800-363-0722             Toronto: (416) 665-6868             Fax: (416) 665-7733

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