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Public Information Centre #3
Riverside Drive Vista Improvement Project
    A Municipal Class Environmental Assessment of the
                 Riverside Drive Corridor

             Wednesday, May 24, 2006
       2:00- 4:00 p.m. Drop-In Discussions
       5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Drop-In Discussions
           7:00 – 7:30 p.m. Presentation
         7:30 – 8:30 p.m. Question Period
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The Primary Study Area          Primary Study Area
                                Secondary Study Area

Riverside Drive from Rosedale
Avenue near the Ambassador
Bridge, east to the Town of
Tecumseh border
                                                    Purpose of this Meeting
    Riverside Drive
Vista Improvement Project

   The purpose of this meeting is to present the
   recommended Improvement Program for Riverside
   Drive that can be implemented over the next 10
   years.                                            The public is invited to:
   This Improvement Program will:                    •Review the recommended improvement plans
   1. Accommodate traffic volumes, speeds and        displayed along the wall;
   vehicle types that are conducive to the Scenic    •Read the explanation text on the display
   Drive and Civic Way role of Riverside Drive
   through the City of Windsor, and through the
   residential sections of the route;                •Ask questions of study team members in
   2. Encourage traffic to divert to alternative     attendance today;
   routes;                                           •Make suggestions about the Improvement
   3. Enhance the visual quality and streetscape     Program; and
   consistency of Riverside Drive through design
                                                     •Complete a Comment Sheet.
   guidelines; and

   4. Improve safety conditions for all Riverside
   Drive users along the route, including the use
   of Traffic Calming where appropriate.
                                                                Alternative Solutions
    Riverside Drive
Vista Improvement Project

   The Environmental Assessment process requires                Use modern roundabouts or      Cannot be accommodated
   that alternative solutions to the problem or                 traffic circles.               on Riverside Drive.
   opportunity under study be identified and                    Use raised median islands      Recommended
   evaluated, as presented at the Public Information
   Centres on May 10 and December 7, 2005:
                                                                Use minimum roadway            Recommended
                                                                geometry standards
       Alternative Solutions            Recommendation
                                                                Improve intersection           Recommended
    Widen Riverside Dr. to increase     Not Recommended         operations along the Drive
    traffic capacity
                                                                Accommodate safe cycling       Recommended
    Reduce Riverside Dr. traffic        Recommended             and pedestrian movement
    capacity                                                    along Riverside Drive
    Use passive measures and            Recommended             Accommodate safe cycling       Not Recommended – no
    traffic calming on Riverside Dr.                            only on off-road paths along   space available
    to divert traffic to other routes                           Riverside Drive
    Use obstructive measures like       Not Recommended         Improve safe pedestrian        Recommended
    road closures to force Riverside                            crossing opportunities at
    Dr. traffic to other routes                                 appropriate locations
                                                                Use traffic control measures   Not Recommended
    Better manage how and when          Part of other Windsor
                                                                where not warranted
    people travel                       transportation plans
                                                                Do Nothing about Riverside     Not Recommended
    Use speed humps to slow traffic     Not Recommended
                                                                Drive traffic problems.
                                                                                Program Elements
    Riverside Drive
Vista Improvement Project

 NODES:                                                            N-2 nodes are located at prominent pedestrian crossing locations,
                                                                   usually associated with riverfront parks, where Intersection
 Nodes are selected intersections and mid-block locations          Pedestrian Signals (IPS) are activated by pedestrians to cross. The
 along Riverside Drive where special treatments will improve       road surface at the intersection is coloured as a visual warning.
 crossing safety and visual appearance, and help to slow           These are recommended at 21 locations.
 vehicle speeds. Three types of nodes are recommended, as
 shown on the Improvement Program Plans on the wall:
 N-1 are located only at existing signalized intersections.
 These 7 nodes are located at Church, Ouellette, between
 Goyeau and McDougall, Glengarry, Walker, Pillette and
 Riverdale. Each includes a raised and coloured surface max
 3" above the regular road surface with tapered edges acting
 as both a visual and physical traffic calming feature for traffic                                                Typical N-2 Node
 moving through the intersection. Other associated
 streetscape features would include public art, lighting and       N-3 nodes are located at less prominent locations that still attract
 signage to signify these as special locations along the Drive. pedestrian crossings, such as at riverfront parkland. A median
                                                                   refuge is located in the middle of the street to facilitate crossings and
                                                                   help slow traffic speed. Eleven (10) locations are recommended.

  Typical N-1 Node                                                         Typical N-3 Node
                                                                  Program Elements
    Riverside Drive
Vista Improvement Project

 TRAFFIC CALMING:                                        TRAFFIC DIVERSION:
                                                         The traffic calming features at Nodes are intended to
 Opportunities to slow, or “calm” traffic on Riverside
                                                         encourage traffic to divert from Riverside Drive to
 Drive are provided by physical and visual warnings
                                                         Wyandotte Street or other appropriate routes. This
 from raised intersections, coloured surfaces, marked
                                                         diversion is facilitated by the addition of exclusive turn
 crosswalks and raised medians located in Nodes.
                                                         lanes at Walker Road, Strabane and Florence.

                                                         STREET RECONSTRUCTION:
                                                         Sections of Riverside Drive that are in fair/poor
                                                         condition will be reconstructed, including:
                                                         • Devonshire to Montreuil;
                                                         • George to Ford;
                                                         • Esdras to St. Rose; and
                                                         • Lauzon to east boundary with special safety
                                                         improvements in the Lauzon to Dieppe section.
                                                         Works will include subsurface and surface
                                                         reconstruction, bike lanes, consistent barrier curbs and
                                                         sidewalk upgrades and additional north side sidewalks
                                                         along public parkland (see Program Plans on the wall).
                                                               Program Elements
    Riverside Drive
Vista Improvement Project

 BIKE LANES:                                           ADDED SIDEWALKS:
 An exclusive, marked on-road bike lane is             The Improvement Program recommends the addition of
 recommended on both sides of Riverside Drive          standard sidewalks along the north edge of Riverside
 along the entire length from Rosedale Avenue to       Drive at locations along selected public parkland, as
 the east City boundary as recommended in the          shown on the Program Plans.
 City’s Bicycle Use Master Plan. These lanes are
                                                       These sidewalks would be linked to the existing south
 intended to serve both commuter cyclists, and
                                                       side sidewalks by crossing features provided by the
 recreational cyclists who are comfortable cycling
                                                       strategically located Nodes.
 on the street. Existing off road trails through the
 waterfront parkland and along the Ganatchio Trail
 will serve more passive recreational cycling and
 mixed trail traffic of all ages.
 Bike lanes are recommended as the safest way of
 accommodating existing and latent cyclist travel
 demands along Riverside Drive based on
 professional transportation guidelines and
 extensive examples from other cities, and are
 supported by Windsor Official Plan policies.
 NOTE: Bike lanes can fit within the existing
 Riverside Drive right-of-way without the need for
 any acquisition of private residential property.
                                                          Program Elements
    Riverside Drive
Vista Improvement Project

 PEDESTRIAN PROMENADE:                                   3. Huron Church to Cameron
 An important element of the City’s Central Riverfront
 Implementation Plan is the construction of a
 pedestrian promenade along the north edge of
 Riverside Drive from Huron Church Road to Lincoln.
 Plans for this promenade are included in this project
 so its construction can be coordinated the Riverside
 Drive Improvement Program. The promenade is
 planned in 4 parts:
 1. Caron to Parent             2. Cameron to Caron
                                                         4. Parent to Lincoln
                                                             Program Impacts
    Riverside Drive
Vista Improvement Project

       Program Element                                       Impacts
   Nodes:                   - Improved safety at main pedestrian / cyclists crossing locations.
                            - Visually consistent streetscape features such as street lighting, signage.
                            - Provide locations for public art.
                            - Intersection Pedestrian Signals at N-2 nodes expected to delay the
                            progression of traffic, extending travel time and encouraging use of
                            alternative routes from through trips.
                            - Some encroachment into abutting public parkland, especially at N-3
                            nodes with raised centre median.
                            - No requirement for private property acquisition.
   Traffic Calming:         -Subtle types of traffic calming being proposed.
                            - No major vertical deflections such as speed humps, or horizontal
                            deflections such as bump-outs that would impact emergency response.

   Traffic Diversion:       - Addition of exclusive turn lanes provide more opportunities to divert
                            Riverside Drive traffic to alternative routes to avoid the impacts of nodes
                            and traffic calming features.
                            - Traffic capacity of Riverside Drive is not being increased.
                            - Essex County plans to widen Manning and Banwell will create more
                            diversion capacity between Riverside and Wyandotte.
                            - Wyandotte has excess capacity to carry more traffic.
                                                             Program Impacts
    Riverside Drive
Vista Improvement Project

       Program Element                                        Impacts
   Street Reconstruction:   -Standard reconstruction impacts to be further identified at detailed design
                            and construction stages.
                            - Barrier curbs will prevent encroachment of private property activities (e.g.
                            parking) onto the public road right-of-way.
   Bike Lanes:              - Fit within existing road right-of-way without acquiring any abutting private
                            residential property.
                            - Provides consistent separation of cycling and motorized traffic.
                            - Provides safe cycling for both recreational and utilitarian cyclists.
                            - Serves major cycling destinations along waterfront.
                            - Widened road surface will involve 22 existing street trees on public
                            property: 8 expected retained; 3 retained if the sidewalk is realigned onto
                            abutting private property; and 11 are expected to be removed/replaced
                            (see specific location information on the Tree Impact exhibit.)
   Add Sidewalks:           - New north side sidewalks along parkland will provide a more secure
                            option for walking along the waterfront parkland.
                            - No impact on private residential property.

   Pedestrian Promenade     - High capital cost attributed to ground slopes along north edge of road.
                            - Need to relocate existing trails in some sections of promenade.
                            - Functional / visual continuity along north side of Drive in the core.
    Riverside Drive                                              Summary:
                                               Impact on Close Street Trees
Vista Improvement Project

                                                     NOTE: Preliminary Evaluation Results
     CLOSE TREES RETAINED – owing to sufficient setback from proposed new Riverside Drive surface:
     • 5575 Riverside Dr. @ Villaire                   1 tree
     • 5615 Riverside Dr. @ Villaire                   2 trees
     • 5635 Riverside Drive b/w Villaire and St. Louis 1 tree
     • 211 St. Louis Ave at Riverside Dr.              3 trees
     • 7279 Riverside Dr. @ Belleperche Pl.            1 tree
                                                       8 Close Street Trees Expected to be Retained
     CLOSE TREES RETAINED – owing to sidewalk realignment:
     • 4221 Riverside Dr. @ Rossini Blvd.              1 tree
     • 5325 Riverside Dr. @ Ford Blvd.                 1 tree
     • SE Corner Riverside Dr./Thompson                1 tree
                                                       3 Close Street Trees that could be Retained
     • 5340 Riverside Dr. east of Ford Blvd.           3 trees
     • 5745-5777 Riverside Dr. east of St. Louis Ave. 7 trees
     • 7279 Riverside Dr. @ Belleperche Pl.            1 tree
                                                       11 Close Street Trees expected to require Removal and Replacement
                                                                 Next Steps
    Riverside Drive
Vista Improvement Project

     • Review comments from PIC #3
     • Confirm the recommended elements of the Improvement Program
     • Confirm staging, cost and mitigation measures required for the Program
     • Complete the Environmental Study Report and submit to City Council for
     consideration (June, 2006)
     • Issue Notice of Study Completion and 30 day public review period (July, 2006)
     • Provide opportunity for Phase II Order request to Minister of the Environment
     • City Council decision (timing to be determined).

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