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									             December 19, 2010                                         The collection
          4th SUNDAY OF ADVENT                                         for December
                                                                       12th was
                                                                       $6668.00 and the
                                                collection for the Retired Religious was
                                                $1777.00. Thank you for your
                                                continued support of our parish.
Friday Dec 24th Christmas Eve–
                 5 PM Children’s Mass
Friday Dec 24th Christmas Eve– 7:30 PM
Friday Dec 24th Christmas Eve-                              FOR YOUR INFORMATION
      10:00 PM starting with lessons and        We have an attended nursery at the 9 AM and
       carols at 9:30 PM                        11:30 AM masses on Sunday mornings. This is a
                                                free service we offer for our parents. Please feel
                                                free to use the nursery for children up to the age of
Saturday Dec 25th– Christmas Day 9 AM           five.
                DEC 25TH                        If you would like to have your child take part
                                                in the Children’s Mass on Christmas eve,
Sunday Dec 26th 9 AM & 11:30 AM                 please see the sign-up sheet in the gathering
                                                space. Practice will be on Sunday, December
Friday Dec 31st New Years Eve– 5:30 PM          19th at 2 PM.

Saturday January 1st—5:30 PM
                                                Youth Choir:
At our Christmas Masses we will be taking
up a second collection for the Retired Dioce-   You are invited to a practice and party
san Priests. This is an assessed amount to      on Sunday, December 19 at 7 PM to
the parish of $20,000.00. This is in no way     8:30P.M. in the church social
connected to the special collection on          hall. Please bring a $5 gift to exchange.
December 12th that was for the Retired          Old and new members invited!
Nuns and Brothers who have served the
church for many years.                          To donate a poinsettia to be used to decorate
Have you ever read a book and thought “I        the church for Christmas in memory or in
would love to tell someone about this           honor of someone, please use the flower enve-
book?” Well several of us at SEAS have          lope in your offertory envelopes or use a plain
started a book club just with that thought in   white envelope and write on the envelope that
mind. The Catholic Book Club of St Eliza-       it is for poinsettias and be sure to include the
beth Ann Seton will be meeting on 6 Janu-       name of those to be remembered or honored.
ary, at 7pm in the Parish Hall to discuss       The cost of each donation is $10.
the book “Cure for the Common Life, Liv-                 FOR YOUR INFORMATION
ing in Your Sweet Spot” by Max Lucado. If       From Friday, December 24th until Monday,
you are interested in sharing your thoughts     January 3rd, the office will be open and staffed
with others and discussing this book come       on a limited basis. Please call the office before
to our meeting.                                 you come to be assured someone will be in to
                                                assist you.
           FAITH FORMATION NOTES                                                             MINISTERS SCHEDULE
Faith Formation and Youth Ministry are on                                           Friday, Christmas Eve 5 PM
Christmas Break. Sessions will resume on Sun-                                       Servers: Anna Komlofske, Hans & Hanna
day, January 9.                                                                     Abling
                  Those who have registered for                                     Reader: John Pollard
                                                                                    Greeter– Kate Kane
                  the Ski Trip on January 21-23 are                                 Eucharistic Ministers: Hoot & Nancy Gibson,
                  reminded that their final payments                                Leonard Casiple, Tom Donnelly, Bob Tim-
                  will be due in the parish office by                               bers, Pam Komlofske, Carole Samperton
                  Sunday, January 9.
                                                                                    Friday, Christmas Eve 7:30 PM
                                                                                    Servers– Bruce Butler & Joe Enos
As a parish family we share stories of our faith                                    Reader– Marcia Dole
around the table of the Lord at Mass. As you                                        Greeter– Mark Dole
gather as a family at some point during the                                         Eucharistic Ministers: Priscilla Butler, Isa-
week, we invite you to re-read the gospel for                                       bella Ostendorf, Sally Sears, Kerry Castillo,
                                                                                    Bill Castillo, Marge Thacker
the past week Matthew 1:18-24 and reflect on
this: Has God’s Son been born anew in my
                                                                                    Friday, Christmas Eve 10 PM
life? What can I do to spread this good news?
                                                                                    Servers– Susan Herrington, Colin & Katie
The Knights of Columbus are again sponsoring                                        Jorsch
                                                                                    Reader– Bonnie Miller
the poster, poetry and essay contest. Please see
                                                                                    Reader– Christie Yencho
the information in the gathering space. Dead-                                       Greeter– Tom Austin
line for submission is December 31st.                                               Eucharistic Ministers-Carol Johnson, Marge
                                                                                    Benes, Charles VanStone, Gina Jorsch, Dave
Fourth Sunday of Advent December 19, 2010                                           Benes, Yvette Herrington
          Today’s Gospel reminds us that like St. Joseph, we must have
confidence in God’s plan for us. God has a plan for us that is greater than our
own. St. Francis de Sales notes:                                                    Christmas Day Dec 25th 9 AM Mass Only
                                                                                    Servers– Norma Dupe
In today’s Gospel, Joseph sees that Mary is with child. Knowing that it was
not his child, he was ready to divorce her. But the angel revealed to Joseph        Reader– Vicki Miller
that the Holy Child was to be Our Savior. With great peace and serenity of          Eucharistic Ministers– Mary Scott, Ann Mul-
mind, Joseph accepted the unexpected event that befell him. Our confidence
in God ought to be like St. Joseph’s.                                               vaney, Bea Stamper
The foundation of our trust is not in our own self, but in God. While we may        Sunday December 26th 9 AM
change, God remains always gentle and merciful when we are weak and im-
perfect as well as when we are strong and perfect. When we have absolute            Servers– Katie & Colin Jorsch, Kenny Cirello
trust in Our Lord, we are like an infant on the breast of its mother. The child     Reader– Bonnie Miller
just lets itself be carried and led wherever the mother wants to take it. Simi-
larly, we ought to have such confidence in letting ourselves be carried when        Greeter– Jack McCloskey
we love God’s will in all that happens to us.                                       Eucharistic Ministers– Gina Jorsch, Marge &
Holy confidence in the goodness of God is the life of the human spirit. As we
                                                                                    Buck Thacker, Paul Overbee, Jaime Robles,
grow in love with God, we may experience the contractions and pangs of              Carole Samperton
spiritual childbirth. Yet, in the midst of our troubles, Our Savior will guide us
on our way no matter how difficult it may be. Let us think of the words of our
gentle Savior: “When a woman gives birth she is in great distress, but after        Sunday December 26th 11:30
the birth she forgets the suffering of the past because a child is born to her.”    Servers– Larry Deel, Norma Dupe. Matt Miller
Our souls ought to give birth to the dearest Child that one could wish for. It is
Jesus whom we must form and bring to birth in ourselves. The Child is well
                                                                                    Reader– Diana Lukowich
worth whatever we endure. How happy we would be if we devoted all our               Greeter– Michael Molter
efforts to accomplishing God’s will for us. We would obtain from God’s              Eucharistic Ministers– Dawn Leone, Kathy &
goodness all that we could possibly desire and need, a new invigorating life.
A holy rebirth in Christ!                                                           Greg Miller, Bea Stamper, Jesus Lugo, Joan
            (Adapted from the writings of St. Francis de Sales)                     Ministers are reminded to obtain their own
                           IN OUR DIOCESE AND PARISH
                                                        MASS INTENTIONS
                                                         MASS INTENTIONS
               12/19-12/26                                   12/18-12/24
                                              Sat 5:30 for Fr. Willard by Jo Clemo
                                              Sun 9 AM for the Intentions of the
Sun 12/19– NO Faith Formation or YM           Parishioners of St Elizabeth Ann Seton
                                              Sun 11:30 for Kevin Moellenberndt by
Sun 12/19– Practice for Children’s Mass       Debra & AJ Moellenberndt
          2 PM in church                      Mon 5:30 for Teresa Vrooman by Kay &
                                              Andy Mark
Wed 12/22– Senior Fitness Group 9:30 AM       Wed 5:30 for Fr. Willard by Ann
FRIDAY 12/24– MASSES                          Fri Christmas Eve– 5 PM for Fr. Willard
   CHILDREN’S MASS 5 PM                       by Donna Thompson
    MASS                7:30 PM               Fri Christmas Eve– 7 PM for Vincen &
    MASS               10:00 PM               Sophia Wagner by Mary Rizor
              (carols & lessons 9:30 PM)      Fri Christmas Eve 10 PM for Vicki
SATURDAY 12/25- MASS 9 AM                     Jones by Bruce & Priscilla Butler

SUNDAY 12/26- REGULAR SCHEDULE                           MASS INTENTIONS
              9 & 11:30 am                                   12/26-12/31
                                              Sat 9 AM-Mike Surles by Gail & Jim
                                              NO 5:30 MASS ON CHRISTMAS DAY
                                              Sun 9 AM For the Intentions of the
Jean Lund, Jeanette Lugo, Emery               Parishioners of St Elizabeth Ann Seton
Ellis, Andy Mark, Ted Allen, Larry            Sun 11:30 for James Salvo by Jesse &
York, Gerald Moore, Caroline                  Mary Scott
Whitley, Maura Kane, Antonia Dobbs,           Wed 5:30 for Larry Knight by Bruce &
Robert Hambly, Sr., Mary Mendoza,             Priscilla Butler
Tom Donelson, Robbie Clemo, Bill              Fri 5:30 for Joseph Yencho by
Lund, Margie Harrison, Edwina Ev-             Bob & Christie Yencho
ans, BJ Kramer, and Flo Boughton,
and Please call the office to add
names to the list of the sick.
                                                            My Jesus of Mercy Prayer Group
                                                            meets on Sunday evenings from 7– 8
The Altar Flowers last weekend were donated                 PM in the church. All members of
                                                            our faith community are invited to
in honor of the wedding of Samantha & Nick    join us. Please bring your rosary. For informa-
Tillman.                                      tion, call George or Mary Addison at 867-7763.
                         IN OUR PARISH AND DIOCESE
Members of the Altar Rosary Society conduct BINGO games          Get Ignited! 9th Annual IGNITED BY TRUTH - A
on Monday mornings for residents of Fayetteville Manor           Catholic Conference supported by the Diocese of Ra-
Nursing Home. If you are interested in helping, please contact   leigh, February 25-26, 2011 at the NC State Fair-
Kay Wholey at 488-6987. There is a need for items to be used     grounds. FREE Friday workshop “Discover the Catho-
as BINGO prizes: costume jewelry, note cards, lotion and any     lic Church” 7-9:30pm. Full program Saturday 8:30am-
kinds of trinkets. The generous donation by parishioners has     6:30pm featuring Matthew Kelly, Dr. Brant Pitre, and
been greatly appreciated. Please continue to place such items    more! Lunch is included! Early registration discounts
in the                                                           through Feb 6. Gift Certificates are available! Visit
basket on the table in the Gathering Space. Thank you!
                                                        for complete details.

                                                                 Marriage – Love and Life In the Divine Plan: God’s
                                                                 Love, Our Love God established marriage so that
Bishop Burbidge on Twitter – Bishop Burbidge is now              man and woman could participate in his love and thus
posting regular reflections, news and updates on Twitter.        selflessly give themselves to each other in love. A
You are invited to follow him @bishopburbidge. Non-
                                                                 man and a woman who by their act of consent are no
Twitter subscribers may receive the Bishop’s tweets by cell
phone text message (SMS) by texting follow BishopBur-            longer two but one flesh (see Mt 19:6ff.) render mutual
bidge to 40404. While the service is free, accessing it          help and service to each other through an intimate un-
through SMS may incur phone service provider fees.               ion of their persons and of their actions. Look what the
Please check with your provider                                  United States Catholic Bishops are saying about mar-
                                                                 riage and life/
Save the Date! The Most Reverend Michael F. Bur-
bidge, Bishop of Raleigh, invites you to join him on the         WASHINGTON MARCH FOR LIFE - Raleigh Deanery:
Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Basilica of the National              The Raleigh Respect Life Group is reserving buses for the
Shrine of the Immaculate Conception April 2, 2011.               Annual March for Life on Monday, January 24, 2011. The
For more information contact your parish promoter or             cost of the trip is $45.00 per person. Make your reservation
visit the Diocesan website:            through email address: To guarantee
                                                                 your seat, reservations and payments are due no later than
Pro-Life Rally for High School Students “Love My                 Wednesday, December 15, 2010. Reservations after De-
Life” (LML) The Diocese of Raleigh is sponsoring a               cember 15 will be put on a waiting list. If you have any
Pro-Life Rally on Saturday, January 15, 2011 at Sa-              questions, please call Raleigh Deanery Bus Coordina-
cred Heart Cathedral in Raleigh from 10:30-12:30. All            tors: Kathy Klein at 815-1369 or Bob Klein at 815-3237.
high school students and parish youth groups are in-             Other Deaneries: Buses are also being chartered from
                                                                 some individual parishes, check the bulletin announcement
vited to participate and CELEBRATE God’s special
                                                                 in your local parish for information or contact Kathy to find
gift of HUMAN LIFE. This high energy, spirit filled              the bus coordinator most convenient to your parish.
event will include special guest, Bishop Burbidge as
well as dynamic speakers, music and, food. An event              The Young Adult Ministry will meet at Good Shepherd on
flyer and more information can be found at the Office            Monday, December 13th from 7:00-8:30pm to finish the
of Pro-Life:            Gospel of Luke. Please let us know if you have a particular
life/ or calling 919-645-4438. Following the event,              area of the bible you are interested in studying beginning
students may also participate in the NC Rally and                this January.
March for Life scheduled at 1:00 PM at Nash square.              Hello,

Novena for Seminarian Philip Johnson You are in-                 Our next Spirits and Wisdom Dinner will be held at Mi Ca-
vited to participate in a Diocesan-wide prayer Novena            sitas on Legion Rd. in Hope Mills on Saturday, December
to the Immaculate Conception, the Patroness of our               18th at 5:30pm. Jan Carnahan will be leading us in the fol-
                                                                 lowing discussion about The Blessed Mother: "A short his-
Diocese and of the United States, for one of our Semi-
                                                                 tory of several of the Marion apparitions that have oc-
narians, Philip Johnson. Philip has a brain tumor that           curred." St. Pat’s will be open for you to drop your children
continues to grow in spite of several treatments of              off at 5:00pm. They ask that parents fill out an emergency
chemotherapy. He is currently pursuing his vocation              contact form and provide a snack, drink, and any diapering
to Priesthood at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in                items the children may need. Please RSVP if you will be
Philadelphia. The novena will start on Monday, No-               utilizing this service with the number of children so I can let
vember 29th and continue for the nine days prior to the          the nursery staff know how many children to expect. In the
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on Wednes-                spirit of Christmas, we will be doing a gift exchange at this
day, December 8th. A prayer will be posted on the Di-            event. Those wishing to participate please bring a wrapped
ocesan website and Office of Vocations website prior             gift with the value exceeding no more than $10.
to the start of the Novena on November 29th.
Dear Padre                                                 READINGS FOR THE WEEK
How do we know Jesus was a carpenter?
Where in the Bible does it say Jesus was a           Monday December 20
carpenter? Is it simply because Joseph was a        Advent Weekday
carpenter? I’m a chiropractor’s son, but I’m        Is 7:10–14
not a chiropractor, so Joseph’s being a carpen-     Lk 1:26–38
ter doesn’t necessarily mean Jesus was.
Mark                                                Tuesday December 21
                                                    Advent Weekday
                                                    Sg 2:8–14 or Zep 3:14–18a
Dear Mark,                                          Lk 1:39–45
Church Tradition holds that Joseph was a car-
penter, which is why so many images portray         Wednesday December 22
Jesus as a youth standing next to Joseph in         Advent Weekday
the carpenter shop learning the trade.              1 Sm 1:24–28
Jesus never refers to himself as a carpenter or     Lk 1:46–56
as a carpenter’s son. In Matthew’s and Mark’s
tellings of Jesus’ return to his hometown           Thursday December 23
of Nazareth after beginning his public              Advent Weekday
ministry, the crowd remarks, “Where did this        Mal 3:1–4, 23–24
man get such wisdom and mighty deeds? Is he         Lk 1:57–66
not the carpenter’s son?” (Matthew
13:54–55) and “What kind of wisdom has been         Friday December 24
given him?…Is he not the carpenter?” (Mark          Advent Weekday
6:2–3).                                             2 Sm 7:1–5, 8b–12, 14a, 16
In the original Greek texts, both Matthew and       Lk 1:67–79
Mark used the word tekton. That word has usu-
ally been translated as “carpenter,” but it could   Saturday December 25
also mean craftsman, builder, or stone worker.      Nativity of the Lord (Christmas)
Today we live in a culture that encourages us       Vigil: Is 62:1–5
to find the vocation that suits us best, which      Acts 13:16–17, 22–25
sometimes means not following in our                Mt 1:1–25 or 1:18–25
parents’ footsteps. In the social setting of        Midnight: Is 9:1–6
first-century Palestine, however, the father        Ti 2:11–14
passed his trade to his son. That’s why we as-      Lk 2:1–14
sume Jesus took up carpentry until his public       Dawn: Is 62:11–12
ministry began.                                     Ti 3:4–7
Robert Lindsey, CSsR                                Lk 2:15–20
                                                    Day: Is 52:7–10
                                                    Heb 1:1–6
                                                    Jn 1:1–18 or 1:1–5, 9–14

                                                    Sunday December 26
                                                    Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
                                                    Sir 3:2–7, 12–14

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