CUSTOM & COMMERCIAL INDEX TAB DIVIDERS


Please follow these instructions carefully when typesetting your tabs. (Better yet, let us do it for you!)
Keep stock flat during shipping to avoid curling and its resultant feeding difficulty.

Ship stock loose in boxes if possible, trimmed to size (usually 9”x11”). There is no gripper requirement. Poly-
wrapped on pallets is permissible for very large jobs. Advance notice is appreciated in these cases.

Please ensure the type on the tab stays centred within the 1/2” extension so all text is visible on the finished
product. For a cleaner finish, avoid serifs that may extend beyond this.

If the type is reversed on a solid bar on the tab, print the bar 7/16” wide, rather than the 1/2” you might expect.

Layout forms and other assistance are available from TAB-it. However, for most jobs, simply allow a 1/4” or
‘shoulder’ on the top and bottom of the page and centre your type on the remaining 10.5”. Please call if more
clarification is needed.

Some overs are required for setup, usually 5%. Please advise if chargeable overs are being supplied. If not
chargeable by you, we will supply the quantity ordered plus a few samples.


Bank:           Refers to a single row of tabs. The number of tabs in a bank can be limited by the length of the tabs and
                the sheet size.

Binding edge: The edge of a sheet that will be bound into a book.

Body Copy:      Any printing on an index divider or tabbed sheet that is not on the tab itself.

Cut:            The number of tabs in a bank, expressed in the form of a fraction.
                Examples: 4 tabs to a bank = 1/4 cut. 9 tabs to a bank = 1/9 cut.

Flood Coat:     Ink or printed coating which covers an entire index divider or tabbed sheet.

Inset/Margin:   The distance from the edge of a sheet to the end tabs of a bank.

Mylar:          A tough polyester film which is applied over tabs to provide protection & color.

Reinforcing:    Strip of tape applied to binding edge of sheet to prevent "tear out" from 3-ring binders.

Overs:          The number of sheets in a press run that exceed the exact quantity needed for a job.

Plain Tabs:     A tab that is cut without any mylar being applied to it.

Position:       The numerical order in which an individual tab is found within a bank.

Tab Extension: The distance the tab extends past the edge of a sheet. Tab Extensions Are: 3/8" & 1/2"

Tab Width:      Actual width measurement of a tab

Set:             The series of individual tabs that make up a single index system.

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