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Most people associate the brand Sony with the best electronics systems. Sony is one of the
world’s leading manufacturers for consumer electronics and broadcast & professional products.
Established for more half a decade, Sony is known for it innovative and high quality products.
This section brings you through Sony’s car audio products. If you spend long hours in your car
every day, it’s important to equip it with enough entertainment so that you’ll have nary a dull

Car audio entertainment need not be limited to just your favorite radio stations or CDs. Thanks to
Sony car audio systems, you can enjoy music from more sources It has a fantastic range of audio
music systems- compatible with many cars. Indian cars are also fitted with Sony car stereo.

Product Milestones
The company provides all accessories connected to the product. You now can even experience
visual entertainment with our innovative Touch-Screen Multimedia Centre receiver. Riding the
car is never the same experience again. There are many Sony car audio traders in India, which
have the widest range of the audio systems. Right from simple car audio system to powered
subwoofers to plug and play satellite radio Sony has them all. Some of the latest in Sony car
stereo includes iPod adapters, in-dash monitor and navigation system, add-on satellite radio,
amplifiers and component speakers. While purchasing a Sony car audio please make sure that
you land up at a Sony car audio supplier who sells only the genuine Sony products.

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