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									Questions and answers                                                                   Questions and answers
about the all-in-one DOGTRAINER
Until which range does the DOG-e-walk work?                                             Is the DOG-e-walk also suitable for older dogs?
• The maximum range of the DOG-e-walk is 10 meters. In that moment where you            • While getting older the dogs – like humans- are losing the ability of hearing. It
     don´t focus the device on the dog, the signal is inaudible for him.                     diversifies on the physical condition of the dog, but in general it is also suitable
                                                                                             for older dogs.
Do other dogs around him get irritated by the signal?
• No! The speaker gives a direct signal to the dog’s ear. This means the signal         For what reason do I need the covers of the DOG-e-walk?
    does not spread. It remains concentrated so that other dogs nearby do not get       • The covers are for the protection of the DOG-e-walk, especially for the
    irritated.                                                                              loudspeaker. Please only remove the covers just before of setting up the
                                                                                            DOG-e-walk between the leash and the collar and keep the covers
Is the DOG-e-walk waterproof?                                                               carefully. Use the enclosed snap hooks in the packaging
• The DOG-e-walk is of course splash-water protected and enables the training               to connect the device between collar and leash.
     even at adverse weather conditions.                                                    If you want to use the device as remote-contorl/
                                                                                            clicker for agility training with the dog, please
Is the DOG-e-walk suitable for all dog breeds?                                              remove the snap hooks and protect the DOG-e-
• Yes! Independently from the dogs breed, size and weight                                   walk with the covers again.

How can I recompense my dog during the training best?                                   Can I practise with more than one dog
• There are different ways to recompense your dog. Praise and stroke him                simultaneously?
   exorbitant, if your dog is listening to your command. In addition you can give       • For a quick successful training, it is useful to
   him treats, too or combine both.                                                         practise with one dog only, because the
                                                                                            dogs could irritate each other, so they won’t
My dog is very heavy; does the DOG-e-walk work under extreme tensile loading?               pay attention to the exercises you are trying
• The DOG-e-walk is tested for all dog breeds and sizes. It is also suitable for dogs       to teach. But if you have the possibility
   with a heavy weight.                                                                     to place the second dog, that he
                                                                                            could study what the first dog is
How often can I use the device?                                                             doing without irritating, it might
• You can use it always, but the purpose of the DOG-e-walk is, that after several           be possible that the second
   practises you won´t need the device anymore, because your dog has learned                dog also receives a successful
   that taking a walk without pulling the leash is much more convenient.                    practise through the imitation
Which battery does the DOG-e-walk require?
• The DOG-e-Walk requires a 9 volt block battery.
Training basics                                                                                                                      Remote control
How does the dog learn with the                                                                             As remote control trainer / clicker
By learning through association!                                                      You want to train your dog without a leash and teach him certain
                                                                                      commands? No problem! This practice is based on the
It is educationally grounded that self-motivation is                                  condition that your dog is familiar with the command for
always stronger than external-motivation.                                             example “Sit!”
For this reason we have to use the dog’s self-
motivation and promptly praise him for his good

A signal is released as soon as the dog starts
pulling on the leash. The more the dog pulls, the                                                                          With the remote control function, you can even
louder the signal gets. The less he pulls, the quieter                                                                     use the DOG-e-walk without a leash.
the signal gets.                                                                                                           • The +/- function enables you to regulate
                                                                                                                               (increase/decrease) the volume of the signal
                                                                                                                               level that you have chosen.

                                                                                       1. In order to get the best results, please always position yourself so that your dog
                                         Support your dog through praise and               can see you well.
                                          attention regarding to his dislike to the
                                          signal. It won‘t take long for him to        2. Also support your command by using the well known hand-signs e.g. pointing
                                           associate his pulling on the leash with        your finger whilst giving the command “Sit!”, or showing a flat hand
                                           the signal and for him to change his           (as to say stop) whilst giving the command “Stay!”
                                                                                       3.   Turn off the DOG-e-walk. Give the command “Sit!”

                                                                                       4.   If your dog does not react immediately to the command
                                                                                             (within 2 seconds), then press the +button once on
                                                                                             the volume control.

                                                                                       5.   If your dog reacts to the signal now turn
                                                                                             off the volume via the –button. (All LED‘s
                                                                                             are off.) Praise your dog. (Award giving
                                                                                             method.) As an alternative you can
                                                   After just a few days it                  also give your dog a treat for good
                                                 will be possible to go on a
                                                 relaxed walk with your dog.
Pulling the leash was in the past!                                                                                                         Tips and tricks
Anti-leash- pulling-training                                                                                                    around the DOG-e-walk

1. Connect the DOG-e-walk (orientation of the speaker towards the dog) with the      1.   The more you pay attention to your dog, the closer will be the relationship to him.
             snap hooks between the leash and the dog.
                                                                                     2.   A busy dog is a satisfied dog. Do not always use the same strolling route. Create
                  2. Make sure that the DOG-e-walk is turned off during the first         new incentives and let your dog meet new fellows. Maybe you will have
                      few walks, so that your dog gets used to the new weight of          interesting acquaintances, too.
                         the leash and considers it as “normal”.
                                                                                     3.   To figure out, how sensitive your dog is, start the first practise with level 1 and
                               3. If you want to practise with your dog, switch on        adjust the level only on the next walk. So you
                                   the DOG-e-walk. Before he starts to pull on the        prevent irritations.
                                    leash start with the command: “Heel!”
                                                                                     4.   Start with a slow and relaxed walk, to let
                                      4. As soon as the dog starts pulling on the         him get used to the DOG-e-Walk.
                                         leash, pull him back. Now the device
                                          releases an ultrasonic signal that         5.   Prevent to repeat commands
                                           increases/decreases according to               too often. Thereby you
                                            the pressure on the leash. (The signal        always give him the
                                             strength depends on how heavy the            possibility to choose.
                                              dog pulls.)
                                                                                     6.   If your dog still ignores
                                            5. If he is coming back recompense             your commands-
                                               him immediately by giving him a             increase the signal on
                                               treat or by praising or by praising         the second time.
                                               and stroking.

The all-in-one dog trainer                                                                                   
Use natural instincts to teach                                                                               

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