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I VernOlI Allen A.IIhcraft W:\.l! born In
Union cou nty, nelr hl~ pr esent home
in Marf,iI\:lIte township, l:nptember
23, 1854 . H's fa.t~ er r, Thomas J.
A.IIhcrart. was a.' so a nath,'e of Union
county. I ~ r ved thr ee years In Com-
pany 1. 63rd N. C. regiment, and
was prominent as a farmer, mlUer
and enterprising dtlzcn . Hi s moth_
er, Elizabeth (Mitchum) Ashcraft,
was born In Anson county, d:l.ughter
of Henry Mitchum, also of Anson
co unty. Mr. Ashcraft Is one of the
iea \'.lng farmers of Marshv\J\e town-
ship. and also ow ner of a fIne grist
mill and cotton gin. He II! a mem-
ber of the s ~ hool commi ttee of his
district and actively Interested In the

           V . A. A!;hcl·Hrt.
developm ent of his s::ct!on of the I·
   In 11176 he marri ed l'lenrhltta l;
Hamilton, daug bter o f William Ham· l ,
IIton of Union cou nty.     F'rom thls
union there aTe nine children Itv- •
log: Martha V. ( Mrs. C. E. Rush_
In g). Fannie W. (MIS L . E. Ma: sh). I
ES Cllr (Mrs. J. G. G.·cen). T. Br yce, ,
Bridie (Mrs. George Tadlo ck). W.
Ray. Lee, Blake and Dlancbe ( twin
               A. J . 111(001, 8. ESQ.            I
     Alexande r       JackllOn    Brook.   WaIJ
 horn        In   Marshville    (formerly New
 Salem ) townahlp. Octobe r :6, tiJ(i4.
 Hie father, Davidson Brooks, and
 his mOt.her, K!: ~ le (Tarlton.Polk)
 Brooks, we re     n aUvoI ot the
                       a ~lIo
 lIame . !Jetlon,     AnIon C9u n ty.
                        t hen

IMn. Brooks' ma'den n ame WUI Tarl.
   ton. an d at th e time or her mar riage
 ' with Mr. Brook.. waa the widow of
   Col. Thorn ... Polk of AnllOn county.
   'S1u1re Brooks 01:('upl £8 a promi nent
I  place In th e aU&irs of Union coun-
1 1y   and 18 one of ttl! leadi ng tarm-
  ers: He haa held th e oHlLe of
  maglBtrRte 27 years, .~ n'e d three
  torm s o n the Board of County Com-
  m llla!onerl, being chaIrman of the
 last t erm; w as chairma n o f             the
 County Board of Educat'on                 two
  yea rl ,  and al80 performed good
  . ~r v l(eon acheol committee work
   In hili dlalrlc.t  I-I e II    chairman
   ot the County Democratic Ex-
   ecuUve Committee, Ilnd h aa been a
 I member or that body fc.r the Ilast
I 26 years. He has also been chair-

 I m an of the Marshville EXecuti ve
   Comm ittee I[nce the formation ot
   the township 20 yeara ago.

I     In I SHi he mar r ied Theatua S.
   Au atln ot Union cou n ty , daug h ter or
   B. D. AllllIn, a welt known magis-
  trate and farmer of ,M arsh\,llIe tow n-
  Ship.   "'rom this union there a re
  n ine chi ldren living: Dr. j u lius C. ,
  Charles 5. , Daisy E., ( M rlJ. M ark
  Brewer). !-'Iaher A.. Wi l li am B..
  Fred S.. Cu n ni ngham     B. , Way ne
  and George Dewey.
             J . E. HHOOi\t .                     I
    Judge EllIa Breom was born In
 Union county nea.r wbat is now In. 1
 dian Trail. October 22. 1866.     His '
 father. H lram B r oom, WIlB a nath'a I
 of thl. county and a well known
 farmer, magistrate, and captaIn ot
 N. C. militia in Buford townahlP'j
 His mother, Emily (Griffin) Broom
 waa a daughter of Ell Griffin of
 Union county.        Mr. Broom   was
 educated at the 8(:hools of       lhe
 county. and at the age of 19 yelra


              J. t;. W ·()tl nt .
 secured a teachers' certificate, and
 for 15 years ' was eml)!oyed as a
 teach er In the achooJs of Union
 :':ounty. Mr. Broom is chairman of
 the County Board at Edu ca.t[oJ,l, and
 hlUl been a member of that organi-
 zation seven years. I n April. 1911,
 he engaged in the mercantile bus' -
 n eaa at Indian Trail, becoming a
- artner In the firm 0: I3roolli &
'1 He WIlS married In 1866 to
' . lice Helma. dllughtllr of Asa Heims
1 ( Union county.           1\1 ra . Broom died
   11 1907, leavin g ten chil d r en. as
   1)\1o\\'a : Blocker (j\[ra. A. C. Kin g ).
   ' ula (l\lre. Garmon). Emma IMra .
. o bert Higgins). Henry G .• Len a,
     ~arles A ...1. Ira, Verla II.nd 1'hom_
• I.       In 1!lIO Mr. Broom mfl. ~ r led

'I 1,1sl1 I da Haigler.' a well known '
       acher, 11.1' 4 dau g hter of John K
     l.llg1e:- of Union county.
            W . H . (;OU. I XK                      1
  WllJlam H enry Co!llns, sen of Jor- I
dan W . and Juliana (Whitley)                 COl-I
Uns, was born In Monroo townll:llp,
Union county. Se.:t : mbcr 17. 1117:::            I
His parents were          a 80    nalive,      01
I\l onroe towns h ip. but in 11179 mOI'- 1
ad t o Lan cs Creek t own ship which I
became t heir permanent home.       \Y' i
1-1 , Collins was engagcd In farm ing
In Lan ; s Creek unt1l about rive yea , a
ago whe n he mo /e d to Wllxhaw to
lal{e ch a rge, as 8 uJl ~ rl n t cnd e ll t , ot
t be extensive real estate a nd li ve     i
stock Int e res ts of the lnte A.
H8ath . Mr. Col:l ns' expe rience and
                                     W' I
ability In dla ch drglng the dut ies r:.f
his posi tion have oJrved _0 odng I
o hu a large mClUIlIrQ of appreciation
and conrld ence from his employers, I
lin d from olben who have o ~aa!o n
to dea l w ith him.                           !
    In 1897 he nnrrled Mary Rawl- !
lngs, daugh ter of John I~. nawji ngsl
of Chesterfield COU ll .)"       S. C.
t his union th ere ar3 three ch ildren
                                         Of         I
Jiving:   J ohn W . . Lo!s A ., anJ Ed-
Ison E. Mrs. COJJlns dl e~ In 1906. ~
IVId one year later he m ar...vt.1-""BOIIU ""7
lah I. Li ttle . d :mglrt--...of T . M. LI ~- I
  ... -.., O ..·f",,~ ... .:;:.:.p, ~-ro\ln · ,
ty . Of t his sa<:ond union there al"I' I
two ch ildren       livi ng:     \Vlllhllll    H;-'
and Ther on      'V.
                 J . .... ( lOll/BElt.
I   j oh n "~ra.Dklln Conde r was born
!lri' Union couuty In wh at hi no w
T..       ce tow nship.     Augull t      6,      l ~7(i .
                           .... ~ "lter   at!'"      hIs
, .[ "a~IVe>! o t Union county.     lila
' ,1 th er, Amanda V . (Wentl\) Con.
   tl , a daugh te r ot J eremiah Wentz.
           also born In Union cou nty. E ll
  (J oder, 8.8 II. fa r mer aDd m er ch an t,
  ~ well kn o w n, his ])\A.Ce being on
 ~,'6 Char lotte and        :\l ooroo pub]h:
 !flu n ear India n T rail. J. F . COil-
   f hat! for the past (Ive ye ar s IItlan
     prominent me                            lltan
I:! all, ti n e tarm. t archantfir at cullotlCon-
    , a
         besides re Ili ng an d
                          T he     m of
II "tiding In whic hn th ehan osomIse local·
      & Gu rley ow           II.
                                       br Ick

      .    Th e p Oll t otfl r.e 18 a1 80      In t hlll
I   r e, l'o l r. Conde r being postmaster,
. ,.vln g r eceived th e appoi n l mE'nt In
 ftOve m be r, 1910 .       He has 83rved th e
 ~ wn    of Ind ian T rail as one of its
   Im m lsslonen for t h e past sIx yean
 ..nd h as also been promI nent 10
    boo] developmen ts.
      In 1900 he ma r rIed Mar y L. Ben·
  )n of .M o nroe to wn8bi ll, d au g b tlll·
  ! Bar tley H. Benton , 0.]80 a lIa t ive
  ( UnIo n county.       o r th ll u n ion
 ty e ch ildr en are Hvl ng : Herman B.
   ' IY, J. 'Vade, Amanda L ., an d WI -
 ey E.

eoUun Ohl amI MUh at Winga te.
Ij               s. H .   CnOW.~l, I,.
      Samuel        Har ~ !8on   Crowell, prOI)r lc-
  .>r or Crowell's            sa w       and      plani ng
 ~ Ill      at IndIan Trail, was born In
 ;-a.mden. S. C., In 1872, but has
j een  a r eSI dent of Van ce townshl l)
linea 1888. He s t arted a lIaw lnlll
l.l Indian 'frail abOut                  J [;   years ago
 lid two yean ago added a thorough
 I e(luipped j)lanlng mIll to the bus-
 11tl8', and another saw mill about
 wo         ~l1e8   away from I ndIan TraIl.
 \If. Crowell           e oJo),1I    a      gOOd    trade
   Olh In lumbor and the produO.1I of
i . l s planing mIll, the latter turnl ng
l ,ut mu ch building mate r Ial , auch as
,(loorlng, ceiling, moulding, sashes.
  'oOfa, etc, Mr. Crowell haa been a
Il uentl and active supporter ot a ~hool

      d     ch l.:!'ch Intcreata at IndIan Trail
      d Is one or ita most Ilrogreash'e
             P wn ~'T!!!'6neta.r :~~ ,
     1110   or   the board or trustees of th e               I
r ' Igh     s " hool at Indian Tr ail.
                 J . U. IW IH,N I{8, M . U.
         Jame,          Oeauregard Eubank, was
     born In Buford towDlIhlp, Det.-ember
     31, 1861.  III, tather, ThOD\M C.
  Eubanks, was a native of Chelter.
  field county, S. C., but muved t o
I Union county wben quite a you ng
     runn, and WIUI entaged In farmi ng
     untl] May. 1862, when he enl hW;lu
     In COIIII)Un), E ., 48th N . C. regim ent,
     and sen'cd with Lee', ar lll Y uotl l th e
     close of       the       w:lr.   He     WIIB      twice
I wounded : once In the battle of Fred ·
1 erickflburg, and again at Brl'Loa Sta-
  lion, Va, After biB r et urn he taught
     tchool aeve;al year. In Cheaterfleld
     and Union couottel, performed thA
     duUu of mngl8trate many yeilrlJ, an d
     wnll alwu),. :lLtlve I n the caulle of
     education. In 1876 he was elect ed
     to the oUlce of cou nly com mhlllo n-
     cr, .~rvl ng fOllr conascutlve terma.
     and wal ch airman of th e board du r.

        "" . .
     lng the last two t ernll. I n 1895-
             mllra      • .; ' lilv~rrl1O... . ;r..:: •

    IIntnt In work tor th e general w~l·
     ' Qf , ' n'o n r OtJ.!l'Y 1O ...tll his r'\f'Il!!> ,
      Ur. "~ubankl' mO',hel' wa. l'Ian e)"
      (Ara nt) gubanlul. d augh te r of Alex.
      ander Arant or Chesterfield count~' .
      S. C.
          Dr. Euban!tfl was ed ucated In t he
      school. of U:1loD county, and Itud·
      led medl<inp at Jefrerlon ,\Iedlcal
      College, Philadelphia, and alan at
      Vanderbilt University,                  Naahville,
      Ten n., g r aduating from the lalter In·
      Btltutlon 88 M. D. In t he c lus Of
      1890. He haa be en In practice In
      Unio n ,<ou nty sln clI h la graduation,
      and oceulliell a high place In h la
      profe88 l on.
          HI. beautiful                       fi ne farm
      In l~ane8 Creek
•       •


                   J.    n.   F~uba"k!<,   lU .   n.
t  the moat pleaSing f",alure' of ('Oun·
   try lite In lbll county. A. a. s k ill·
   ad phyalelan bls le r vlee. are much
:l In demand, while hi. hOllpltable. and
Ii kindly disposition has won for him

.,      ~~l,~!.e!t!~yro:~~r~~·lveDrri ~:
\. ucatlo nal matters In hla townshi p,
1  both In geu"rous support and ae r-
 I vice for Illany year. on Icllool com·
 f rulttee work. In December. 189% he
e  WIUr; marl'led to :\1188 Lula Tucker of
   "ew Salem t ,wn~blp, daugh!er of
\ Jamea T . Tucker, a,.o Of Union
!I county.
            J, O. OORJ>ON,
     lIofr. Gordon built th e Wingate Bap·
 Uet Scbool, and Ie a well·known con·
Iracto r and builder. Hi, work baa
been well dist ributed over Union
county and porions ot South Caro li-
Da In adjoining counlles, ble Cafe
and eklll always givi ng aaUsfactory
re,ul.~ In conetructlon.        Among the
nume rou, bulldlnga to his credit
may be me ntioned:           Belk Brothera'
atore building at Mo nroe, Heath &:
Company'e, Rodman &: 8ro ... n , Cot..
ton Mill, Broom, Burge" Drug Co.,
and Bank building, all or Wa.xhaw,
N. C., bealdes many handSOme resi·
      Mr. Gordon wa. born In South
Carolina near the Union county line
and on ly a tew miles W"t from Wu_
ha ... , and thoroughly learned the car_
penters t rade In his youth . F or the
t)ll18L t:m yean he haa been e ngaged
In contracting and Is Jnetly regard-
ed ... capable of handling bulldinp
ot all kinde and completing them In
a tlra,l-elua and workm a.n llke man·
          Jo~.   W. (; IU J,' J,"N.
     Enoch Wa8hlngton GriffI n was
 born abo ... t eight h~l1es northeast of
 the prelent ow n of Wln«ale, NOvem~
 ber 18, 18...         HIs father, Jeaae
 GrIffin. was a nl'th'e of AnIOn coun~
 ty , and hIs mother, Nancy         (WII~
 IIams ) Griffin, was a daughte r of
William Williams, one ot the early
IllelUerll ot Union county. Mr. Grlf~
fin hu been 6ugaged In farmi ng all
 the working yCaTS of his life . and
haa been ve ry suceeuful. Qulel and
unuaumln g In character, Mr. Grlf~
!In nev(' r courled political prefer.
menl, but. In hl8 own s8Ctlon has ai_
":"'Y8 ~hown a strong In terest In ed.
ucatlonal matten:. serving fo r many
)'ell.··. on the local .choot commit-
tee. In 1865 h e married Lydia M. 1
Dive ns . d .... ghter of He nry Bivens,
lIoth natives of Un ion cou nty. Of
thretl Childre n born to th e m only
one survives; Mary L. (Mu. J. L.
       1l'\' IH AN '.fHA II. IUU(;I{ <..'0.                 1.'
   This brick ya rd was e3tabllsh ed
alwen yeare !\g'o by D. J . Hem!)y,
and h as a capacity of !I .oOO.Ollo
bricks I)er yelIT, employi ng abou
twe nty rn f'n. •          •
roe, \Vadeaboro," and smaller ' p....:....                  1
I. :
In th is section of th e Slate.
Da.waon J erome He mby, l).':;> prletol" ·
       ~" L .. '11''':U''U)', "IoU,, ' uurLL 111 f!n ' '' '' 1
  county May 29, UfiS.         His father ' l
IThomas Hemby, nnd h is m o~h er ,
  Katherine Conder, daughter of Pill!·
  Ip Conder, we re alao natlvea of Un-
  Io n county. D. J. Hemby has been I
  an Important "factor In the growth
  and prosperity of ind ian Trail , his
  liberal contri butions to schoO l and
  Church funda be ing a great he lp to
, the m. as ide fro m h is act h'e In te rest
! In other matte rs concer ning th e we i.
  fare of the comm u ni ty.       In IS 85 1
  h e married Emma Lemmond. da ugh·
  ter of M. D. L. Lemmond of P n lon
  county.     They have fou r ch ildren
  living : Kate (Afrs. J. J . Henley).
  Tar re n E., Ludy, a nd William J.
        Jack80n            township               Is   eapee l!l.lIy
    known to fame as the birthplace of
    Andrew Jackson, seventh Prelli d ent
    Of the United Statu.                          The location
    18 81x miles 80uthwest trom Wax-
    haw and marked by a handllo me
    mon ument commemorative at that
      The a rea of cultivated lands In
Ithe     township averages well with
    other portions of the cou nty. whlle
    many tine farms give proof ot thrift
    and Industry.    Good IIchoo]s and
    churches Bfe co nveniently dispolled
    throughout th e township. aufl 88 It
    Ie traven;ed by the Seaboar d' Air
    Line, tra.uaportat1on facilities :lore ex-
!       __ ,
                    '¥-" , ....." ......     ~.    n

l .lru"~"'''''1 .
    h~w ;       No.7,            CoUege Hili; NO.8,

I      \V 1:l1 tJa..... ..:o "v.!. ! - ... .,' • .r.- ..J. •• • \,:. <••_
    Ie Situated in this township. It 18
    governed by a mayor 8(1d fivt" com -
    mlasJonera, has a population or about
    1,000 and 18 an important business
    center, There Bre numerou>l fine
    store8, a cotton mill, bank, hotel.
    and many hand80me homes. An un-
    usually good school III maintained
    here, lour teachers bei ng em[lloyed
    and high 8chool grades tau ght. A
    weekly newspaper, The Waxhaw En-
    terprise, 18 published he r, and ably
    edited by Mr. C. D. McNeely.
    This township occupies the 80uth-
 ell.!>l ( o rn er   or   l ho county. , and Is
 n Obd tor      l~     [ e r ti\! ly of its IIOU. e8-
 II~"·'U" .~   lh " .r?O~n/u.-n(l,,,,,, ••.. " ~
 RpiendJd !1l"vg " l'8l! made by the com-
 munIty III u h" o! and chhurch mat.
 le r ~. 01 It", s ix sChool dlstrlctll, all
 enjoy th e benefits or local taxatIon,
 which t, 'wally m eans longer ..8chool
 terms. UIO.oughly compet ent teach-
 <-TIl and hIgher grades tban the re.g-
  ula)' connty 81)prO'prlation         for rural
 sc hools affords.      D!s trh.1S No. 1.
 Union, and No.7. Beulah, 8,'e 80
 .\Illuated that they have a. larger at_
 t end an t e ot pupils, but the others
 &fe fully up lo'the requirements ot
 theI r communltlu, a nd nil enjOy
 an average torm of Six mvnth 8 [n
I each year.         T he school locations are
  as follows:     E\o, 1, Union ; No. ~,
  Mills; No.6, Jenkins Cro~s Roads;
  No.7, Beulah; No.8, Belk, a nd
  No. 10, Oakland.         Good farlllS are
r nUlllorouS In l ... an( S Cr eek, and the
L thrift and jndustJ"y c f jll:! farme rs
  may be obs erved          throughout Ita
  whole area In nea t and comfortable
  homeR, substantial outbuildings , and
  general f\PI)eIlTaIlC of l)r OIl Perity.
  1')6 lowDeblp of Marshv ille adjoins
th f " or MonrOe aD the east and Is
ctuaed from east to west loy the
SfI!loard Air Line. It Is a rlne farm·

            L.   tJ.   llugg1nll,

log sce tion and wet! OCCUI)ied by in-
dustrious farmers, the genera l qual-
ity of the land being of a high or-
de r. Mars hvill e, centrally 81 ~ uatg d,
\8 an incorporate d town Of about
8&0 i n habitants. havIng the u sua:
goverll lllelit of mayor and flvc {om -
missio ners. It has excellent railr oad
ra ~ IHtle8, mllny \9.rge s tores. ample
bankI n g accommodatlona,lulllber and
grist mills, collon gin, and other (.o n
veni enct:6 for Its local trade.
   Its 8chool building Is an ullusua:])'
fine one, empJoy lng 8~veral t~ ac h er6
and Including the rChular III : h 8. hool
grad es In ita curriculum.          A weekly
ne "'S!)a l)Cr Is a lso publ 'sh ed h e re ,
Th e Marshville HOlli e, whlill !s ab!y
con du ~ted by l·s p ~O;:lrl ctor. Mr. 1,.,.
E. Hug'n s. Th e ot!le r s ~ h oo:s In the
township are: No: 2, GOboa; No.3,
Faulks; :-'0. 4, Ml\I)le Spl'lugs; No.

6, OIac k Jac k; No. 10 , Oakland.
                                                 J . W. l'I lcCaln pasaBd bl. early

                                          I   youth o n the farm of hla (alher

                                          ~   and rece ived a good bualneal traln ' ng
                                          ~   besides wbat be gained frolll the
                                              beat achools or th e county. He W8.8
                                              a teacher 10 the school, ot Lancu-
                                              ter county. S. C., abOut two years,
                                              and ror t en years was e ngaged In
                                              m ercan t ile I.m81:1ess at McCaln 's ·MIII .
                                          I   He then removed to Waxhaw amI
                                              es tablished th e geo ~ral alo r e known
                                              a, McCain nros., whi ch IlIler wM
                                              merged Into the n s w firm of McCain-
                                              King Mercantile Co. After several
                                              yean ex perie nce with th'
                                                                ,        "~I   I .-0:   ~.!:~~~

                                              WM e n ,;"a ged In tbe mlJlln g bus' nelll!.
                                              In 1909 h e el!tllb1l8hed th e Wu"aw
                                              R9al E3tate and i n'Juran ce Co .. which
                                              has been very saceau!ui, ha vi ng
                                              br anch es at Marshville, Cardenl!ll
                                              and Van Wyck, S. C. This , ... mpany
                                              gives amo ng ItA strong r8Ie ren c~s,
                                              the First National Bank of Monroe,
                                              Charlotte National Ban k of Char-
                                              lotte , N. C. , and The Wa:a:haw Dank-
                                              Ing and TrUll Co., of Waxhaw, N.
                                              C. Mr. McCain 18 an officer and
           J. W .   ~lcCAIN .                 director In Th e Waxhaw Banking
                                              and Trust Co., hold, the oUke of
   John Walker McCain, prominent              magistrate, III a notary ImbUe, com-
cltl zcn of Waxhaw, wU born In                ml lliolle r of deeds tor South caroJl-
Jackson townsblp, Union cou nty,              na, pr8lldent o( th e s ~hool coruor-
July 14, 1861. HI, fatber , Colonel           aUon at Wuhaw, and hu se r ved as
                                              president ot th e Union County Inter-
William J . McCain, also a nalive of
                                              den ominational Sabbath St hooi ASIC.
tbls co unty, waa a well known far~           elation eight yeart. The rlrlt tel-I
ruer and mill man In th at leC tl o~ ot       e l)hon e \lne In this lou n ly WaB co n-.
the connty known aa McCain's Mil\.
HI8 motb er, Mary J. (Walker) MC-
Cal o, wu    a dau ghte r of 'Saulre
                                              IIlrul;t ed by Mr. McCa.ln at McCaIn" -
                                                  I n 18!l 1 he ID3rriod Mamie k
                                              Belk, d au8"hter ot Rc v. Jull ul A.
John \Valker, a promine nt citizen            Balk and a dueenda n t o f the £a_ 1
of Unio n cou nty.                            mou~ cc n «:nal lan , JamCi P . 'J:Jelk 'l
                                              wbo d ied ~ n this cou nty at the g r eat
                                              age of 111 years          Of th 's u nion
                                              t here are five clllJdr{'n Jivi n g: Ar:lf'
                                              C" Zan a, Ellt:ll!ne. ~~l g l .. a, nn :! John
                                              W . , Jr.
             I . C. )IdST\·UK.
    JuU... cacmoJl... ~ ' llIt1~ .....
!>ora la N . .. 811'1'" to.Ubl,. Ualoll
~ullt1. F e br .. l ,.,. .n.lllt . HII IltII_
". '''Iall ~ ~I"I1t- .... . . . .I d .. 01
Slanlr ~"IIU. _               cd """" at "II
r ou , ,, I .. AlIlOlI ..0.111111. b.. l ... mo ~ H
to "'0" S.lem llUr IU ~IUI 0 1 tb.
w•• botwlea u.. Stal... Ho ..,Uat-
.d 111 BopUmb<. •. 'UI. 111 camp .... '
k .• IIIIt N . C. "'JlmODI 01 IDIIDtrr
111 tbe call1t<leral. ' .r,,,, &Bd        n."""
Ib'OIl,It lbe WIT. bola .. murt ; Nld o .. t
111 II U . lloo( 0 1 MI ••,.,.t.. . ....
wl1.1t til. or"" 01 I"o.tlle," ,, 1'1'11111
wbe..,    ,,'I ....    ,,<:thol, .....
..,tllll' • obort pe,lod wbell be ....
                                         ,.eI     U'

belel . . . ,rlll3111. 01 ...... by thO FH'
...1 .. o ••• amea (. Tbe mo~b .. 01 J .
C . Mela'y..., .... Jlart/II . ( HUl l )1 <-
IlIU ....  ".tI ••
d"" .. bt.. <>I
                      01 A ....... ~1I .. t1 aad
                 J"I(,,"     Itlll 0 1 tIIO . .....
COII at, . II •. "'.I au ....... Jlroml .
.. oat I" tb. In"l ... 0 1 Ne w h l _
to ....."lp !>otb . . . tl . ... I . lad me ....
bor 01 tbl l:bOOI commit"", 10' ill.
d lltrl<t ntLl UO ~ wU .. be ..".OyH
to ", . ..b.m. towubl •• IOtUI ...... ut
W lal""'. H ... Itll I,;",r<l' h. eellI-
••1I0u ' mo:'." b . ... 1/10 _                .. ,0"

              I.   C.   )loI"',re.
1,1""0'" .. It b nltNIllce 10 tba WllI-
•• '" 8(;11.001 . .. ....1... 1111 tbe baUdl",
commltt.. 111 tII a< 11II1111I t 101l . H ,
11... I flu IUm .bout • mil. lrom
til. lOw .. 0 1 WI" .. at •. Pd II ... p ......
,....,... lad I>.osr-.... oItl ...·,
lO~"OII~~! ~:!:.~~~ ~~.J ::::    ..
J.... I.. P . 811100. II'" I . .~"
UIlIOIl ..,uIlI,.        ,.,..,'" t,, 11 1011
tbe. . ... ..~... dUd.... ' . bl,:
Cl>1 ... iii .. RlJl1IOlld A .. a ...·•.   '.
O1Iu,". N ••II. ud k ''''.                   ,
              J . C. 1II0 IW .4.X.
   James Callie Morgal\ was born III
 Lanes Creek township; Union
    Sellt9m ucr 19, 1854. H 's

                           .~,,,:'., ,::;i",~"s ~r-
                                 wa r . lie
  .:-: .."-;;.. ;:.' : :--C,._··,,::_
                                  In Lanes
                              Morgan was
                          f at her's farm,
 and            en gaged In th e mer can_
 tile            at Lan es Cr sek wh er e
                   several yeaI'll,     a1110
                  oUl ce of magistrate
               L   flfUen yean ago he
          co nnected with th e m er can-
 lila house of Ma~sh-Lea COllillany
 at M arshvi lle, and Is stili w i t h tha t
 establishment.       Mr.   Morgan       11 3s
 been very active In th e promotlon

                 J. lJ. :'Ilo L
       educa tion al faci lities. He hM
          chairm an of the board of tr us-
e lees for lhe M arshville high school
  ten years, Is a ma~ l st rate In t bat
  town, and was elected mayor, but
  r culgned after II. short ter m of ser-
  v ice. H e wa s al80 one o f the organ-
  izers of th e Bank of Marshville,
   and Is on Its board of di r ect ors.
      I n 1876 he mar r ied Bettie RUSh -
  Ing of Lau(.8 Cre:ilk , daughter of B.
  D. Ru sh i ng. After her death (1902)
  he wall m arried a year later to Fan-
   nia Crutchfi el d of Rall dolph · ~o un ty .
  or this union th ere are two chi ld ren
  livin g: James C., Jr., and Ozell.
              T. J . l' tWUY.
    Thomas Jackson Perry.            bo~n   near
 the town of Wingate In Un ion coun·
 ty, October 21, 1849.              HIs father,
 Jeremiah Perry, was born In Anso n
 cou n ty, but moved to Un ion when
 about 2l yean        Old.     His     mo th e r ,
 Elizabeth ' (GriffI n ) Pe rr y. wall a
 daughter of J oh n Grift!n. farm er
 and native of Union ( ou n ty.    T. J .
 Perry', ancelltOTB or! the pllt~r n !l1
 side were North Caro!lnhUls b:u k to
 a date preced Ing t he R9volutlon.
 One a t them, Jeren;la h P erry, was
 kl11ed oe'ar Ra:e lgh while ser vI ng as
 an aide de camp, or cou ~ ler, In Har.
 ry Lee'l! army ; and the sword found
 on biB bod y 18 now I n Mr. Perry',
 1>08388slo n .   H \8 g r a n dfat h er. Wil-
 liam P::::r ry, ser ved as a Bo \ jler In the
 war with Mexico, and subS equently
  settled on a f arm In An son cou n ty.
  Mr. Perry ow ns a tine tarm In Mu s'
  ville tow nship, near th e town of W ' n-
  gate. He S3r ved as postmast er at
  \Vlngate ni ne years, an d has been
  prominen t In the achoOI committee
  wo r k ot his locality. In 1869 he wa '
  a ppointed 8S a8slst,nt surveyor In th
  wo ~ k I,lf laying ott the townShips of
  Unio n cOlloty.
     In 1872 he marrl:ld Elizabeth J .
  Austi n , daughter ot Bright D. Austi n
  ot Uo lo n county.      or t h is u n ion I
I the re are eight children living; Ida

                T . J. l'cl·l')'.
 E. (Mrs. n. L. Womble), Zeb V.,
 I...on D., Jesse .J., Sarah E. (Mrs n.
 E. n elk). Mattie J., Lillian S., and
 Walter C.
              1', ) ', \\' . I ' Ll' I ,I';.It.
       Pete r P hilip Wash[ugton P lyler
     was born In Iluford townShl l), Un-
     Ion coun t y. Selltembe r 10, 1861. His
     falher , Peter \V. P lyler, Vil\8 a nft-
     U"e or La ncaster ( ounyt, S. C., lJut
     moved to Union ( oullty and W!lij e n_
     gaged In farmi ng until ,\lar ch, 18 (;2,
     when he enlisted In Company K,
     48th N. C. RegImen t, and was hll-
     medIate ly I)romoted to be a aergeant
     o( th e same campa u!'.             an d     In   ua-
     cem.ber ot the s ame year wall kille d
     at th e battle of      ~·red e rlck8burg.         I [liJ
 J :~~th~.~n C:r?~l.~~" {!;lc~,~~~OI~~ .. ~!~~
,I and WM a daughter of Thomas nIeh-
', ardsoD. Mr. Plyler was engaged [n
     (arming In Buford towshnlp until
     elected t o the aruce of Reg is ter or
     D oeds for    this     cou n ty.       wh ere      Ile
I    IIt!Tved two ye nrs.        H~
     ed the posilloll of lIOOKkeel)er fm
                                        then      a ccept-

     CJ:Ow Brother s at Monroe where h e
     remained two yean. Wh en th e Car-
     o lina Ba.nk WIlS organ i zed at Mllrsh-
     ville he was selected fo r the office
     of cllsh ler of that I nsUtutlon and
     st ill oCCupies t hat ]lOsltion.                           I
         In 1895 he married J Ulia H elms,
     d aughter of Amon Helma of lin Ion
     county.     They have      si x ch ildren
     living: Annlo, l~ee, Worth, DWi"ht' l
     M ild red, Amon, and ErnE:st C.
           J. S. l 'I.'\ ' I.EH.
   Jonll.8 Saurord Plyler wall born In
York county, S. C.. JanuKry 16,
1862, but at an early age
With hili part:nlll to LaDCalller coun-
ty. S. C. H III rather. ~:lIlaon Plyler.
and hi' mother. Mary (Parkll ) Ply_
le r, wc re bo th natives of Lancaa ter
county, S. C. When 16 years of
age Mr. Plyler came to Union cou n-
ty, and for the pl\8t thIrteen yea N

hll.8 been a yean he o[.~;;::~:~:;;;
For l e veral resident
house painting. and aJIlO
trade of carpenter.       He
very lIucce88rul as a result
Induatry and eco nomy, and
a handsome home and oth er:';,;,;';';i; 1
property 10 Wa)Chaw.
    About alx ye!l.TII ago Mr. Plyler
boug ht the Waxhaw te le phone lIon
and the property conn eeted with the
exchan ge at that place; slnre whlcb
time he bas ere<-led a rlne brick
building and mo ved the exchange
and ILa connections Into the a&cond
story of th e s ame s tructu re. There
are now I (to t 21ellhonea ce ntering j
the exchange with connectio ns
over Union county. and conn6(.tlng
Charlotte with long d latance IInca
throughout the country , Mr. Plyler
holda th e omce of coro ner f or Un-
Ion county, having been e lected ror
a lI!!cond term.
    Mr, Plyler Wall twice married His
first wire was Harriet Rogera, a
daughter or Pinkney Rogers of Un-
Ion county. She died In 188 '1. In
1891 he married Margaret Rogerl!
of Slatcavl!!e, N. C" daughter of
Ba mullI itogers ot Rowan (OllOt y.
Mr. Plyler has seven chl]dr{n liv-
Ing : Fred, Perry. Mary. M:\tUe.
Ardrey, Otha and Margar,t.
  Thl, Important IndU I~r1 at W!U'
haw waa ltarUld In 1898 wi t h a ca-
                           - ... -......... -
pacity of 2 &00 Iplnd lca but baa
.:11""" n .. pr8llent capaelty. The pro-
du ct II 1I0id In Ea3l~ rn mark t: la and
h all acqu ired a high reputlltlon fOf
unifo rm texture and quali t y of the
yarnl. About 12 6 handll are em·
 ployed . The hom r .. )lro~Jd :: d for
e m p)'J~eel are n eat and cODlfo r lalJle .
III a healthful location and lu ppJ\ed
 with an abu lldance or pure
 In point of equipment t he compauy
II ItrlcUy up·to-date. all m a...hlnery
 be ing or m ode rn pattern.       A fine
Cooper·Corll la e n gine of 2:;0 h one-
 power furnl s bel the motive power.
 A Worthington pu mp hav in g a ca-
 pacity o r 760 gallonll per millute
 connects with a massive r el:lr voir
 or 66.000 sallon capacity. while a
 tank In th e tower of the building
 h oldl .. f urther relle rve of 10,000
 gallonl. An automa~lc 1I1rlnk\lng
 'Yltem throughout the bulldlnSI fur-
 nll hea adeq uate fire protett·on.
      The ofrlccn of the wmpa n y are:
 J . L. Rodman. pre aldc nt ; E. J. H ea' b .
  vice prelldent; W. P. Wln l ato, I.u.r e
  t a ry a.nd lupe rlntenden t.
            J. L . nOJ))IAN.
    John LaFayette Rodm a n was born
In Marshal] county, MIM, Dste n! ber
17, 18 50. When h e Wa.8 six years
of age he came with his parenti! to
Cheater cou nty, S. C. , and ahortly
afte r ward r emoved to Lancaster
coun ty. S. C. Hla fath er, A. K. Rod-
man, and his mothe r, Mary J . (Wa_
ten) R oaman, were nati ve, of Ches-
ter county, S. C. A. K. Rodman
e ollsted In a South Caro·ln a. r egime nt
In 1862, and lost h Is life durIng hlB
term of service In the Confede'rate
   J . L. R odm an was for many yean
a prominent me r chan t and farmer In
Lancaster county, S. C. He was al-
BO 10 the general merchanllise bus_
Ine88 at P ineville, N. C. , f rom 1885
 to ISSS, whe n he r emol'ell to \Vux-
haw, where he has beCOme one of th
 foremost fatton In the uplJulldl ng
of that e nterl)rllli ng tow n . .Mr. Rod·
 m an has been It liberal contributor
 toward the estnbl]slimf"nt and lIlaln-
tenance of the churchell alld Bchoo:s
of his s(!ct lon o f the (:OUll ty , be-
sides bu ildi ng up IIn1)0l"tant com-
 mercial a nd Industrial Int ~ r(s : B . lie
Is senior partner In t he we ll k nOIl' n
 fIrm of Rodman & rown, pl'eslden t
 of the Waxhaw llank lng and Trust
 Co.; Ilresldent of the Rodmlln-Heath
 Cotton " lllls, a nd one ot t he town
 cOlllmissloners of Waxhaw.
     In IS77 he marrI ed HattIe J .
  Hyatt, daughter of W. D. Hyatt.
 prominent merdlant and farmer of
  Lan ca.s ~er COUllty, S. C.   From th is
 union there are s ilt children JIvi ng:
  Pe arl, Onle Lee (l\l"ra. L. E. IlrownJ.
  Lola, AllI ~ , Ethel , John I.., Jr.
                S.   S~lITH.

     S9.nford Smith was born In Lanu
  Creek township, Union county, April
  15, 1866. His fath er , Robert Smith,
  was also born In Union C      Ounty . an.d
  his mothe r, Charlotte E. (Horto n )
  Smllh, was a native of Chesterfi e ld
  county, S. C. lIfr. Smith has de-
I voted his life to the work of farm -
  Ing, a nd by industry and prog ressive
  methods h as gained a high sU.nd-
  ard amo ng the tarmen of the t oun-
  ty.    He owns abOut 211 acrea In            I
  Lanes Creek to wnship, 125 of whIch
  Rre u nder cu ltivatio n. He has al-
  wayS IIhown II s tro ng Illt ~ rest In the
  cause of edu cation, and In the school
  affairs of his distrIct his special In_
  lerest has been proved by a service
  of flHee n years on the school com-
  m ittee. Although appointed to the
  oHflce of magistrate In hIs township
  he co uld not fln. d It conveo le nt to
  ser ve, wh ich was a matter ot regret
  to the ' commun ity.
      In 1880 he married MlllIa COl[,
  daugh te r of Pe ter P. Cox, of Union
  county. Of this marriage th ere are
  seven children living:        Ada (Mrs.
  T . F . Griffin ), George M., Cyrus,
  Roy Loo, E va, K ate M., and Sa-
  rah A.
,        .Matthew
                  i . T. 8TA.I, I, I1'II' GS.
                       Thomas        Stallings       waa
: b: n In Ca ha nu, coun t y , N. C. , JBD_
  Ulry 10. 1867 .    HI, father, "'at..
'I$o rne
  tlew        Slalilna, was a native o f t.he
              co u n ty, and hla m oth er, ElIz8_
        b' th (Tee ter) S t alli ngs,    II.   nati ve or
      S anly county.     :'.I r. Stal Jlnl!,6 waa
      plominent 8S a farmer and mer chant
      n(ar Harrisbu rg and allilo served alx
      yoars 8S a Illagistrate. In 1110:: 1 he
    I clI~e to Union ~ ounty and purchss-
      E'~ 200 a cres of fine land ailout ODe
    I   mla from IndIan Trail , startin g a
        Is'se ge neral store o n the property,
        Ilrd began to IUl I)rove hi s holdings
        w'th II. vi e w to building up a n Im-
    Ipcrtant set tlement and            e ncouraSlng
    I en.cq .o1"l8e and I ndu atry In h la \'\( 10.
      It). Th ere 18 n ow Il. good 8choo] In
Ol~' ral lon with a llou t 7fi ])lIpl1l:l e n-
roted and 801116 twenty fam llle,s se t-
tltJ on the original purch ase, Th e
~QJlr4. Air           LIn e baa a r
      ,o n W<:lf<:l • •UUU<:lU ,statt ings. au
all prospects bid talr to make this
10Qltty of much f u t ure Impo r t ance,
!'.II Stalli ngs wtll be glad to o rter
8\1.dal Ind ucemen ts to D1 anu f:lc t ur~
e n or other s d eS iring site8 fol'
p,' nts, or perman en t homes,                In
1 ~r3 he     married Oille A, Dry, II.
d8~ghter ot Rufus A, Dr y of Cabar~
rUi county, Of this union t here a r e
six ch tldre n li vi n g:      An n ie, !'.Iau(l ,
C, Bonner, A ni ta M,vr t]e, lJanlel
Claibo rn e. II.n(\ Th omas D exter.
             J , I,', l aO)I.P~"',
         James f.'ranklln T hompson was
     ,orn I n Union county I n wh at Is
    ~ Oll'     Vnll",e lOW IISh h), Mar ch 1 1,
  11 873 , His fath er, New ton Thomp.
  'Ion, was a llM) a n ative of this cou n ty
    I nd also h is mother, Sally tl1.OgerS)
    Thumpson. II. ad dition to his hom e
    larm near Indian T rail l'o l r. Th omp-
    !I,n has a stock f arm of 100 acr es
      vhlch has been set asi de for tlie
    ,IIJrp<"e of breeding and I'alslng
. i high grade horses and other Il ve
    ~:Ock .      At present h e hKS Oil his
    ~ Iace several brood mares, t wo sta].
    ll<Jns, a Per cheron of register ed
     I 'eed, and a you ng gray who com es
    Iro m trotti ng stOCk.        He also owns
    fll ·/ e ral mules and a halldsome jack.
         In 1898 Mr. Thompson was m ar-
    "cd to Mattie Biggers of Van ce
,I t~w n shlp, a d a\Lghtcr of Joh n Big-
1' lCr a o f Uil ion counly,         !<'rom t h is
' I \l ollon the r e ar e fO ll r ch tldre n Ilv-
    hg:         Bruce F. , Aue Delle. E llen
'I !\:ay. and Janu:s B r ooks.
           INIlIAN TIt,\J L.
     While Vance Is the smallest town ~I'
s hip In Union (ou nty, It Is by no i
mean s h e In InlPo r tan(e. It .
 11'38 formed from portions ot Goose       I'
Creek and Sandy Ridge townships
In 1879, contains numeroull flnel '
farms, a prosperous and Int;)lUge.nt ~
(.o mmunlty. an:! excellent ra1Jroad 1
u('com modatlons. 'l'he S~a bo:lrd Air ' J
 Li ne      runs through the township, I
havi ng three slations, the pri ncipal
,.ine bei ng Indian Trail. The othe r
two at Stou ts and Stallings are al-
:to well patroni zed . Ind ian Trail IB
an Incoq)orated town and governp-d
oy a mayor and five commlBsloners. ~
 It has a fins s . hool, maintained h)'
a special t ax. and high s ~hool g r ades
a:'e t :l.u ght by thorou g hly competent .
In8trutt orB. Th ere are B8veral rlne
stores, a large cotton gin, brickyard,
ssw and planing m1\1s, many hand-
acme rcslden(.cs, and a ge neral ap~ r
pearance of prOBIICr lly. The town i
has a l)ormlll.UOn of about 300, ls i
r.ompRltly built, and Is situated In \'
the cen~e r ot a riC h farmi ng cou nt ry. I
     At Stal1lns. ODe mlJe north wel:lt
from Indian Trail, Is the Important
settlemen t of that name, having Il. ,
god 8 ~hool. a fine ge neral IIlore, a nd ,
about twe nty-five nelt an d co mfo rt~
able homcs.                                {.
   In 1906 a charter authol'izing a
capital o f $1 00,000 WM granted
thla Institution, $17,600 being pnld
In. This amount of capital atoc k
hlUl remained un changed up to the
preaent time, although the bank
has been steadily prosperous and
accumulated a surplus and undivid-
ed profit of nearly $11 ,00 0. The de·
p08118 have bee n highly utls{a.cto-
ry, ranging at times as high 8S
$100,000. This bank has been of
great benefit to the Ileople of Wax-
haw and Its tributary territory, and
every accommodation conslslt nt with
BOund banking principles ha.a been
granted Its patrona. Its offlcert
a nd directors ate men who are well
known, and In whom the community
reposes entire confidence. They Ilre
as follows: J . L. Rodm a n, pres!_
dent; C. S. Massey. vice president.:
Jeeae A . Wllliama, eMhler. The tU-
rectors are: J. L. Rodman, C. S.
MMsey. J . W. McCain. J . O. Parka
B. F . Price, J. M. Balk, R. A. Mor-
row, W. C. He atb and W. N. Davia.
           H, .'1 Wfl,M .1.:US,
     Henry Frank Wlillam8 W88 born In
 Union cou nt.y, about. t.wo mlJea from
 th e present. town of Wingate, July
 17, 18 5 5. Hla fatber, William E.
 Wllliama, anI! hll molber, Holly
  (Helma )      Wllllamll, daughter of
 Eml\nuel Helma, were both natlvel
 .... l '.Qlon county. Mr. \VlJllaml II
 IIromlne nt among tbe Jl\rman of the
 Cou nty fo r hll progrellive me thodl
 In agricu ltural work, and for the
 attractlona to he found In h ll fine
farm and equipme nt., hand lJO me r es-
 Ide n ce, and au bltantlal outbulld lnga.
In addition to hl a farm property.
Mr. Wllllaml ownl a brick bualneal
block at Wingate which II occupied
by b andlome atorea.
     In 1876 he mlrrled Sarah J .
Moor"" who died In 1878, leaving
one 8OD, Richmond Edgar Wlillaml.
now a merchant at ·Wlngate.            In
1880 he marrie d Sarah C. Alh craft,
who died In 18 81. In 188 3 he mar-
ried Mra. Mary E . Brewe r, who
d ied In 1910 .

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