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             IN CARAGH                              Saturday18th Linda O’Driscoll
                                                    Sunday 19th Claire O’Connor
                                                     24th Christmas Eve                                                            PARISH OF
                                                    Josh Hannigan
Saturday 18 th                      6.30pm          25 th Christmas Day Martin Fo x
    Fr Jackie O’Connell retirement Mass             26th St Stephen’s Day                                                         Church of Our Lady
Bid Morrin                                          Tom Morrin                                                                            &
Cathy Molloy                                              MINIS TERS OF THE                                                           St. Joseph
Larry & Mary Coffey & their sons Christy & Willie            EUCHARIS T
Maura Byrne, Ladytown                               Saturday 18 th Ann Dillon                                 Fourth Sunday in Advent
Sunday 19 th                             6.30pm     Gerry O’Brien, Ruth O’Brien                         19th December 2010          no. 478
Noel Mullen                                         Sunday 19 th Edward Kerrigan,
Colm Kirwan                                         Catherine Heavey, Kate Power
Hugh Delmer
Monday 20th                               9.30am
                                                    Fri day      8.00pm                      Caragh Parish Penitential Service
                                                                                            Monday 20th December, 2010, 7.30pm
                                                    24th Christmas Eve
      Monday 20 th December, 2010, 7.30pm           Vera Malone, Audrey Berg in,
       Caragh Parish Penitential Service            Phyllis Jennings
Tuesday 21st                              9.30am    Saturday 10.00am
Wednesday 22nd                            9.30am                                                           What happened to Confession?
                                                    25 th Christmas Day
Thursday 23rd                             9.30am    Catherine Heavey Michael                                Is it only for children at school?
Christmas Eve 24th Dec                    8.00pm    Heneghan, Máire Heneghan          Confession has disappeared from the lives of many active
Christmas Day 25th Dec                   10.00am    26 th St Stephen’s Day            Catholics. For some people, it is because of a bad experience in the
St Stephen’s Day 26th Dec                10.00am    Edward Kerrigan, Gerard Dooley,
                                                                                      past, for others, it is just something that has drifted away; still others
Patrick Tracey                                      Kate Power
Bank Holiday Monday 27th                10.00am     1 st Jan                          see no point to it.
Alice Walsh, Landenstown                            Vera Malone, Dy mphna             Yet in all our lives there is some degree of sinfulness- we’re not all
                                                    Connolly, Evelyn Malone           perfect yet!
       Baptis mal Dates 2010 & 2011                 PRIES TS PHONE NUMB ERS
       Sunday 2nd January 11.00am                       Caragh Parish Office          Everyone is invited to a Parish Penance Service – Monday
                                                             045 875602
       Saturday 29th January 5.30pm                  Mon – Fri 9.00am to 1.00 pm
                                                                                      night 20th at 7.30pm in Caragh Church.
        Sunday 6th February 11.00am                   parishoffice@caragh.net
        Saturday 26th February 5.30pm                 Newbridge parish office         Why not come along and celebrate the Sacrament where God’s
           Fourth week of Advent
                                                            045 431394                mercy and compassion is experienced. Not only that, but we can
                                                           Priest on Duty             also experience real healing for past hurts.
 Our attention is now directed fully to the              (Eme rgency only)
coming of Christ in the Christ mas mystery                  087 255 4908
   The Preface calls us to wonder to this
                                                                                      Why not come along? You won’t be disappointed.
                                                          Newbridge & Caragh
great happening, to prepare for Christ mas                parish website
in prayer and praise. The Psalm tells us to           www.newbridgeparish.ie                                                         Fr Joe McDermott, p.p
  purify our heats as preparation. Prayer
  and reconciliation should be features of                  Env 1147.00
                these days.                                                           Copies of the Christmas Services in the parish of Newbridge & Caragh are
                                                            Plate 506.00                                  now available in the church porches
       Eire Óg Corra Choill Camogie Club                   HO HO HO SANTA IS COMING !!!                     Christmas Envelopes                          Caragh parish 2011
      Sponsored Run/Walk in Mondello Park
                                                                                                  Because of the adverse weather
         on Tuesday 28th December 11am                                                                                                              calendars are now available
     followed by Medal Presentation of 2010                                                       conditions, many of the distributors may
                                                                                                  not be able to deliver the Christmas
                                                                                                                                                      at the church entrances.
                                                                   DECEMBER 19 H.                 Clergy envelopes. A number of spare                   Please collect a copy.
  Start shedding the Christmas pounds and all                 MAKING HIS WAY THROUGH              envelopes have been left in the church
                                                              CARAGH VILLAGE at 2.00pm            porch. Please take one and insert your
                   welcome.                                                                                                                        Caragh Parish office will be closed
                                                                  TO DONORE HALL                  name and address. Thank you to the
       Sponsorship Cards available from                                                                                                            between 10.00am to 12.15pm
                                                                 Small parcel €3.00
             Martine 086-8727962                                                                  distributors who go around Caragh in all         Monday 20th Dec. Apologies for
                                                                   ALL WELCOME.
                                                                                                  sort of conditions, voluntarily.                 any inconvenience caused.
                                   Holy Baptism                                               A Suggestion for an Advent Daily Prayer                        Week Four:
The parish wish to welcome into the church the following who were recently baptised in         This week why not start or end your day with one of the following prayer phrases taken from the
                                        Caragh                                                O Antiphons of 17 th-24th December!
                                 Grace Anne Ry an                                                  “Wisdom of the Most high, come and teach us the way of truth”
                                 Billy John Leeson                                                 “Ruler of the House of Israel, come and save us with outstretched arm”
                    Congratulations to their parents and sponsors                                  “Root of Jesse, come to save us, and delay no more”
                                                                                                   “Emmanuel our king and lawgiver, come and save us”
                                                                                                   “Key of David, come to liberate from prison the captive who lives in
      Many thanks to all who help with the church Christmas decorations                                darkness”
                                                                                                   “King of the people’s and corner-stone of the Church, come and save
  An excellent job was done with a new stable installed for the arrival of the                         us”
  Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. Collection boxes for St Vincent de Paul will be                     “M orning star, sun of justice, come and enlighten those who live in darkness”
     left at the side if you could spare a few coins when you visit the crib.
                                                                                                                                                                   Caragh School Carol Service
                               Eire Óg Corra Choill Hurling Club                                                      Christm as             The s chool Ca rol Servi ces will be held in the church o n
A happy and peaceful Christmas and a safe, successful and rewarding New Year is conveyed to                       Trees                       Tuesda y 21st December. As our numbers ha ve grown
the clubs executive, officers, players, member’s supporters and sponsor. Many thanks to                            For Sale                  there ha ve been concerns a round the numbers in the
everyone for their help and continuing support in all aspects of club activity.                                Digby Bridge, Caragh            Church, the long servi ces for Infa nts and getting to
Lotto results: Sunday 12 December, 2010                                                             Come along and avail of this unique       and from the school . We ha ve tried to address all of
                                                                                                   opportunity to pick your own tree in a                           above as follows :
Nos: 1, 16, 24, 25, Jackpot €8,400 No Jackpot winner                                               friendly and festive atm osphere.                                                         st
                                                                                                                                             11.30am For classes of Infants and 1 classes wi th 3
€100 Nan & Snoopy, c/o E. Winders                                                                  Opening hours Thursday thru Sunday        performances and choir/musi c. Infants will be on the
€20 Kevin Walsh, c/o J. McCormack; Tony Lynch, Kilmeague, Sarah Mulvihill c/o J. McCormack;        9:30am - 4 :30pm starting on the          al tar a t sta rt and 1st in crying chapel before moving
Kevin Kelly, Caragh; Anthony L ynch, c/o M. Connolly                                               Thursday 2nd December                     into position for own performance.
Next Weeks: Jackpot €8,600 Many thanks for all your support                                          Just follow the Christmas               1.30pmFor classes 2nd to 5th wi th performances plus
                                                                                                              tree signs.                    choi r/musi c (Si xth classes in choi r/door/helping etc).
                                                                                                   Contact: 045 87 9450 / 085                      2nd + 4th on alta r a t fi rs t; 3 + 5th in cryi ng chapel –
                           Parish office Christmas Notice                                          718537 6                                        then s wop
    Christmas Mass bouquets Cards on Sale in Parish office. €5.00. Shared                          Digby Bridge, Caragh, Co Kildare                We would ask pa rents/friends not to approa ch
                                                                                                                                                   the front of the Al ta r a rea at the end of ea ch
    masses.                                                                                               Church Meeting Room                      servi ce. The pupils will be taken back to the
    Also packets of 10 religious Christmas cards. €5.00 a pkt                                      Please book the meeting rooms                   s chool, and a ccounted for before any child can
    A number of hardback copies of the Caragh Church souvenir book. €5.00 to                       through the parish office only.                 lea ve.
                                                                                                                                                         No child can be collected from the church.
    clear. Available in the sacristy after Mass.                                                   This will avoid double bookings.
                                                                                                                                                        Remember a coin for the St Vi ncent de Paul
                                                                                                   045 875602