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Hardware Software   File Mgmt   Crash       Safety

Q $100    Q $100     Q $100     Q $100    Q $100

Q $200    Q $200     Q $200     Q $200    Q $200

Q $300    Q $300    Q $300      Q $300    Q $300

Q $400    Q $400     Q $400     Q $400    Q $400

Q $500    Q $500     Q $500     Q $500    Q $500

                                         Final Jeopardy
$100 Question from Hardware

  Hardware that a computer
  needs to connect to a network
  is called this
$100 Answer from Hardware

  Ethernet Card
$200 Question from Hardware

Hardware needed to connect a LAN
$200 Answer from Hardware

$300 Question from Hardware

   Type of Ethernet card that uses
   hard wire to connect to the
   network, used for large
$300 Answer from Hardware

$400 Question from Hardware

Type of ethernet card used for small
networks, uses an antenna to connect
$400 Answer from Hardware

$500 Question from Hardware

 These are PCs on a network that
 can access the server.
$500 Answer from Hardware

$100 Question from Software

 Type of software used to
 prevent viruses, AVG, Norton
 and MacAfee for example
$100 Answer from Software

       Antivirus software
$200 Question from Software
Software that is loaded onto your
computer without your knowledge
that cause your computer not to
function properly.
$200 Answer from Software

$300 Question from Software

  Software that tracks your
  online activity and reports it
  to a 3rd party.
$300 Answer from Software

$400 Question from Software

  Software that helps prevent
  tracking software from being
  loaded onto your computer. It
  also helps you clean it off if it
  does get loaded, Spybot and
  Adaware are examples.
$400 Answer from Software

  Anti-spyware Software
$500 Question from Software
Protection against new found
viruses and spyware are put into
these. They are routinely
downloaded to ensure current
$500 Answer from Software

  Definition files
$100 Question from File Mgmt

 When using Word, Excel,
 PowerPoint, Etc, this is the
 folder where the files will be
 saved unless you to tell it
$100 Answer from File Mgmt

  My Documents
$200 Question from File Mgmt

 When saving pictures from a digital
 camera, Internet or a program, this is
 the folder they will be saved in
 unless you tell it otherwise
$200 Answer from File Mgmt

  My Pictures
$300 Question from File Mgmt

Two reasons why it is important
to be able to save to different
storage devices
$300 Answer from File Mgmt

Backup and portability
$400 Question from File Mgmt

  Since most files are larger
  than 1,000 bytes, we
  indicate their file size by
  stating their size in this unit
$400 Answer from File Mgmt

$500 Question from File Mgmt

 As a good rule of thumb, this
 percentage of a storage device
 should be left free to protect
 against data loss due to
 hardware failure
$500 Answer from File Mgmt

$100 Question from Crash

Most common weakness
hackers use to attack your
   $100 Answer from Crash

Hole in operating system (Hacker hole)
$200 Question from Crash

 A spyware or virus infection of
 the operating system can cause
$200 Answer from Crash

system crash
 $300 Question from Crash

To prevent against data loss due
to a system crash, critical data
from your hard drive should be
copied to this on a routine basis
$300 Answer from Crash

portable storage device
(jump drive, CD, etc)
  $400 Question from Crash

This is used to prevent
unwanted Internet traffic from
entering the computer
$400 Answer from Crash

$500 Question from Crash

Off site backup and instant
backup to a backup drive
are the two most common
ways to backup information
on this type of hardware
$500 Answer from Crash

  $100 Question from Safety
Unwanted “junk” email send to
large numbers of people to
promote products or services
$100 Answer from Safety

   $200 Question from Safety

Sending out spam with the look
and feel of a legitimate site or
company that encourages the
recipient to provide key personal
$200 Answer from Safety

$300 Question from Safety

Stealing personal information
like credit card numbers, social
security numbers and bank
account numbers and using them
$300 Answer from Safety

 Identity theft
  $400 Question from Safety
Not sharing passwords, not
providing private information
(name, address, etc) and reporting
any messages (IM, email, etc.)
that makes you feel
uncomfortable to a parent are all
ways of doing this
$400 Answer from Safety

 Keeping yourself safe
   $500 Question from Safety
Installing anti-spyware, using
windows automatic updates to
automatically download security
patches and scanning email
attachments for viruses are all ways
of doing this
$500 Answer from Safety

 Keeping your computer safe
      Final Jeopardy
Used to plug hacker holes
Final Jeopardy Answer

 What is a security patch?

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