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					        moodle basics
                        A workshop for beginners in
                            using edna groups

edna is partly funded by the Australian Government Department of
Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. Managed and
maintained by
   avatar              moodle

      What’s this mean?

   V.L.E.     C.M.S.    L.M.S
By the end of session
• what moodle is & what you can do
• free moodle options available
• hands-on experience in taking a
  moodle from blank canvas to launch
• take away links and information to
  help you take things further
What is moodle?

• free, open source
•   course management software
•   collection of integrated tools
•   customisable
•   download a free PDF of the book
    4.3mb PDF
What can you do?
 Deliver courses       Online events
  Internal PD       Professional association

  Events planning        Project management

Learning projects
  for students    Build community around
                       shared interest
What can you do?
 • In Moodle you can CREATE
 • In Moodle you can CONTRIBUTE
 • In Moodle you can LEARN
What tools are available?
                                  Bulk email
Discussions – live and forum
                                         Integration with
        Wiki         Document sharing
                                            Second Life
Assignment submission
       Shared, community-created glossaries
   Online classrooms              Web page creator/editor

                                   Embed multimedia
                                   Create a shared calendar
 Display feeds from other sites
Who uses Moodle?
 • Teachers, Trainers, Instructors
 • Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)
 • Education based Special Interest Groups
 • Project teams, Consultative groups
 • Professional Associations
 • Universities

 • Anywhere, any time learning
edna’s use of moodle
edna Groups
  edna Groups is a free service for
  communication and collaboration
      between members of the
  Australian education and training

   This Australian site celebrates
 online curriculum projects and the
      world of unique learning
Hands on!
• Create on-page content
• Share web site links
• Upload and link to files
• Create and participate in a forum
• Open your Group to members
Avatar makers
      Alison Hall’s Avatar
      Made at

      Lynley Clark’s Avatar/Profile photo
      Made at

       Kerry Johnson’s profile photo
Training space

Scroll down and click on Training Group #
Navigating moodle

  • icons
  • site layout
  • getting help

  edna’s training space
Navigating moodle
- administration
 Administration block
Navigating moodle
- editing

 Common symbols
  when editing

                                       Edit text
     Move right or left
                          Move up or down
Editing content
Choice (2)
Choice (3)   or
Choice (4)
Choice (5)
Forum (2)   or
Forum (3)
Forum (4)
Replying to a forum
Glossary (2)
Glossary (3)
Glossary (4)
Glossary (5)
Glossary (6)
Link to file or website

          Creative Commons photo from Flickr
            Attribution: madalena-pestana
Link (2)

File upload
Click on “choose to upload a file”
File upload (2)


File upload (3)
        Choose open in a new window
  This helps learners navigate between the
         files and the moodle space
File upload (4)
Website link

Website link (2)
  • Open a new browser window
  • Go to
  • Search to find a useful web site
  • Copy the url
  • Paste the url in the location box

 You want your resource to open in a new window – this helps learners to
 realise they are leaving your moodle site to visit another
What have we done?
• Created a choice activity
• Created a forum
• Added a glossary entry
• Uploaded and linked to a file
• Created a link to a web site
    Thank you
for participating in

 Moodle Basics
Further assistance
 edna groups
 OzProjects Teachers’ Space
 OzProjects Staffroom community