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Ronald Miner, 30, told police in Lincoln, Neb., that his girlfriend, Tressa Amerson, 19, became upset because "she believed he 'broke her car,'" according to a probable cause affidavit, and "grabbed a knife and attempted to cut the tattoo of her name off his neck." An officer reported that a 2-by-2-inch "Tressa" tattoo appeared to have "two scratch marks that ran across the tattoo." (The Smoking Gun)British banker Colin Birch, 44, hanged himself from a tree after hiring two escorts to verbally abuse him, telling him he "deserved to die." According to police investigators in Kent, Birch, a married father of two who'd lost his job as an assistant vice president at Deutsche Bank, convinced the women he was merely playing a sado-masochistic game and was wearing a safety harness. "The girls believe they were used to help kill him without realizing what they were doing," a police official said. "It was death by hooker." (Britain's Daily Mail)

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