JFRS – Jewish Family Referral Service (DOC) by wuyunqing


									                    JFRS – Jewish Family Referral Service
                            People Partnering to Help People

                        By: Ben Zion Kogen, Executive Director

        For many years, individuals in need of counseling and therapy have turned to a
special set of ten digits. At the end of those digits came a ringtone, followed by a gentle
message of guidance.

        I am referring, of course, to the Jewish Family Referral Service (JFRS) … a
service component of our Jewish Federation.

       What is JFRS? How does it work? Who receives services through JFRS?

        Recognizing a need and acting upon it is critical in the life of any service agency.
Our Jewish Federation is no exception. Some years after our Federation became an
independent agency, there emerged a demand for access to Jewish clinicians and
therapists on the part of members of our Jewish community. The Jewish Family Referral
Service has helped fill a service void in our community – making matches between those
in need, and those who provide.

      Federation Assistant Director Marilyn Weintraub is the agency point person for
JFRS. Barbara Wiseman, LCSW, serves as Chair of the service.

        Jewish Family Referral Service has refined a list of referring clinicians,
counselors, and therapists from throughout our Federated region – from Glendale, to
Rancho Cucamonga. These professionals serve individuals and/or families on a sliding
scale basis (negotiated between client and professional).

       If you should have need for counseling services, please call 626-331-6532 and
follow the directions relayed by the phone message.

       If your call is better – suited to “911,” please call 911.

        As of this writing, your Jewish Federation’s JFRS connects people who can help
to people in need of help through a telephone messaging service. It is our ultimate vision
to further develop JFRS into an active “desk” at the Federation offices … combining
services and community – wide programs. If you would like to assist Federation in that
endeavor, please call Jason Moss, Federation’s Director of Development!

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