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Magical Wedding Dance Ideas for your Special Day


Magical Wedding Dance Ideas for your Special Day

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									Magical Wedding Dance Ideas for your Special Day

Everyone loves a nice wedding. There is just something about seeing two people in love make a

commitment to share each others lives until they are both old and grey. If this is the reason why

everyone likes weddings then why is it that more people will come to the reception than the

actual church ceremony?

Having a memorable wedding takes hard work but let’s face it, about three quarters of your

wedding guests will attend your reception only. Who can turn up free food and booze? I know I

am just as guilty as everyone else.

Well, if your guests will only be attending the reception, make it a reception they will never

forget. Start by planning out what will happen on the dance floor which is the third most

populated venue of a reception behind the bar and the food table. Here some ideas how to spice

up special day by adding a little excitement to your reception’s dance floor.

Tips for the Dance Floor

      Planning – Ok, what part of your wedding doesn’t have to be planned for??

       You’re right. Everything does and the dance floor while not as important as the menu

       is, it still needs to be thought out. Schedule a meeting with the DJ and go over some of

       the things you’ll want to do. If there are certain types of dance songs you want played

       or what kind of traditions your family does at weddings like the bouquet toss, garter

       auction, and dollar dances. You’ll also want to go over which events your bridal party

       will need to be a part of. This way, they will know where they have to be and when

       they're supposed.
      Have guests share your lives with others – Everyone enjoys a good love story

       especially if they are witnesses to the happy ending of it at your wedding. Have some of

       your friends and family share stories about the two of you from a microphone. Maybe

       you some friends who could do an impromptu skit about the two of you.

      Take the reins off your guests and see what happens – Weddings are fun for your

       guests so let them have it! Since, you will be the focus of the wedding who else to them

       but you two. I just read about one wedding not too long ago that made each table recite a

       line or two from one of their favorite love poems in order to make the bride and groom

       kiss instead of the usual clanking of glasses. Require your bridal party to take ballroom

       dance lessons and have them get your guests involved on the dance floor. By making the

       night interesting and fun for your guests will ensure a wedding they will never forget.

Dance Ideas

      Anniversary Dance – There are quite a few different variations to the tradition. Some

       families will do it differently than others, but the most common form that I have seen is

       when the bride and groom will ask for all of the married couples to get on the dance

       floor. The music will then start and take a break to ask for anyone married less than 12

       hours to sit down, then less than 1 year to sit down, then 5 years, then 10 years, and so

       on. The couple that has been married the longest, usually someone’s grandparents,

       will be left on the dance floor. It is a romantic yet sentimental moment for the families.

      Father-Daughter Mother-Son Dance – Do I really need to explain what this is? The

       father-daughter and mother-son dance is an oldie but still a goodie. This dance gives
people that nice warm fuzzy feeling to see two "kids" grown up and making a life-long

commitment. Plus, how often is it that you’ll get to see the father of the bride cry?

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