How to Choose your Online Retailer

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					How to Choose your Online Retailer

The World Wide Web has been both amazing and confusing at the same time. It brought us to a
new environment, an environment where we are free to do whatever we want. It is a place
where we can be who we want to be in a click of a button. The internet has made us capable of
many, many things. But on the contrary, it has also enabled those with cruel intentions do their
nasty stuff. Therefore we should know every possible way not to fall into their trap.

We can do almost everything online –contact far away friends and family, get to know more
people, work and maybe attend classes, send or receive money - the list is just endless. But my
favorite thing to do is to shop online for many reasons. Variety, for one, became much wider.
But then again, it is important that we choose our online retailer to make sure that your
information is safe and secured. Here are some tips on how to choose an online retailer.

There is no better way to explain this but to mention a site as our model. I’m using the site as for me they are the epitome of how an online retailer should be.
ChooseHotTubsDirect is an online retailer of hot tubs and the like. Here are some things you
should check out to choose your online retailer:

   1. Customer Reviews. Make sure that you take a look at the customer reviews of your
      retailer. You have to make sure of 2 things: the volume and the content. Try conducting
      a search for ChooseHotTubsDirect reviews. You will notice that there are a lot of people
      writing these and most of them are happy, satisfied customers. This is a good sign the
      the site takes care of their customers as well as have products of great quality.

   2. Customer Service should provide SERVICE. A lot of online retailers may fail this part.
      Why? Most of them make use of their customer service people to close more sales. This
      isn’t true to ChooseHotTubsDirect. Basing on the customer reviews, you will notice that
      their customers love their customer service so much. This is because they know their
      products well because of the extensive training they went through. They are not merely
      customer service people, they are consultants. They give you advice on what product
      best suits you based on your conversation.

   3. The Return and Refund Policy. Every retailer has this, right? Reading the fine print gives
      you an idea on whether or not the products are of good quality. Of course, a great policy
      indicates that the retailer is confident of their products and is even willing to refund
      your money. If the policy is somehow shady and unclear, think twice about your retailer.

   4. Shipping and Delivery. Online transactions usually require you to send in your payment
      first before your products will be shipped. Make sure that you will be given the shipping
      details so you can track your products. ChooseHotTubsDirect declares all the shipping
      details – shipper, tracking number, date shipped and estimated arrival. Plus, they ship
      your purchase way faster than the average online retailer – safe and sound.
   5. The PRICE. Remember that online retailers should offer products at a lower price than
      physical stores. But ChooseHotTubsDirect gives you a way better price. They are able t
      offer the hot tubs at prices almost 50% lower than the average online retailer. What’s
      nice is that they were able to do this without sacrificing quality. In fact, the quality of
      their product is perfect. This is due to their factory direct system implementation. They
      were able to partner with their manufacturers so the products will be factory priced and
      fresh out of their warehouses. Therefore, the product that is shipped to you comes
      straight out of all necessary quality checks from their makers, themselves.

But wait, there’s more! ChooseHotTubsDirect CEO Steven Barbarich is a philanthropist among
many things. And he made sure that he brought this wonderful attitude to the site. In every
purchase of a hot tub, part of the sale is donated to notable charitable institutions including the
American Red Cross, the Gulf Coast Fund for Community Renewal and Ecological Health, the
Mills-Peninsula Breast Centers, and many others.

Indeed, it isn’t that hard to separate gold from dirt. I mean, it’s still quite easy to tell which
retailers will offer you products/service as great as gold even when there are so many other
contaminants all around the internet. In fact, to be able to easily identify which sites are
genuinely aiming for your happiness and satisfaction, just remember Choose Hot Tubs Direct
and you will definitely be good to go.

Description: This document is a simple, straightforward help in getting to know trustworthy sites.