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									The Times Group
      “Create and build brands with Differentiated Content through
         which advertisers can reach out to Relevant audiences”

Business Initiatives That Help Us
                        Realize Our Corporate Mission
                                                                 About Us

A 169 year old media & entertainment house -

        Established in 1838

        High credibility & a responsible corporate citizen

        An urge to be market drivers; not market driven – Leader mindset

        Incumbent insurgent: Constant re-invention of the corporation to

                       market place
        keep pace with market-place
                                               Straddling Multi Media Spaces

                    NEW MEDIA                                                   PRINT

                                                                           The Times Of India
                                                                           The Economic Times

                                            Times Internet Ltd (TIL)       Mumbai Mirror
                                                                           M b i Mi
ENIL           TV
Radio Mirchi                                Indiatimes.com                 Navbharat Times
360 Degree     TIMES NOW                    8888                           Maharashtra Times
Times OOH                                          f
                                            Timesofmoney.com     Dailies
Media                                                                      Sandhya Times
                                                                           Bangalore Mirror
                     Optimal                Timesjobs.com
                      Media                                                Vijaya Karnataka
                                                                           The Times Of India
                                                                            p p

                             Times Entertainment                           Femina
                             Times Music
                                                                           Filmfare       (JV with
                             Times Retail                                                   BBC)
                                                               M    i
                                                               Magazines   Top Gear
                             Times Multimedia
                                                                           Time n Style
                                                         Print: Flagship Brand

                                Daily (circulation 3 1
World’s largest selling English Dail (circ lation of 3.1 mn – ABC JD ‘06)

With a readership 6.8 mn (IRS 2007 R1):

    The largest read English publication in India

       i     h     d hi f h immediate competing E li h d il
    2 times the readership of the i di      i English daily

    Of the total readers 58% are SEC A (31% SEC A1+)

Leader in Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad with a strong presence in Hyderabad

& Kolkata
                     Print: Catering To The Business Space

2nd largest English Business Daily in the world & the largest in Asia (circulation

 f 0.61     ABC    ‘06)
of 0 6 mn – A C JD ‘06

                            ET s
With about 0.77 mn readers, ET’s readership is nearly 5.5 times the combined

readership of all business dailies (IRS 2007 R1)

Acc. to the Decision Makers Survey VI, 78% of CEOs, Directors, VPs & GMs read

ET daily
                                                Print: Mirror Initiatives

India’s first compact morning daily, launched on 30th May 2005
Targeted at young and bold Mumbaikar focusing on local issues
Content is highly interactive, chatty, no-nonsense attitude
Readership: 0.7 mn (IRS 2007 R1)

  Launched on 8th June 2007 focusing on the new age reader in Bangalore

  Print order of 1.4 lacs
                                 Print: Indian Language Initiatives

  The Times of India - Kannada

  First foray into publishing the TOI brand in an Indian language

  Launched on 17th Jan 2007

  Currently circulating 42000 copies

The Economic Times - Gujarati

   Launched on 23rd Feb 2007 in Ahmedabad (Mon- Sat)

   Currently circulating 30000 copies

 Overcoming Language Barriers To Extend The Flavour of Our Flagship Brands
                               Print: Indian Language Initiatives

                                 (Navbharat Times- Mumbai & Delhi editions)
Largest read Hindi Daily in the 2 markets with a combined circulation of 0.48 mn (ABC
    JD ‘06) and readership of 2.3 mn (IRS 2007 R1)

                                (Maharashtra Times-Mumbai edition)

Largest circulated Marathi daily in Mumbai with a circulation of 0.26 mn (ABC JJ ‘06)
    and readership of 1.17 mn (IRS 2007 R1)

                                (Vijay Karnataka)
            y                               (ABC JD ‘06) and readership of 4.6 mn (
Kannada daily with a circulation of 0.57 mn (          )              p           (IRS
   2007 R1)
                                        Print: Coopetitive Initiative

Unique JV with a key competitor in Delhi (Hindustan Times)

   p       y     p p
Compact City newspaper for the mobile consumer

Fast-paced local-oriented content

Currently circulating 100,000 copies
                                                     Print: WWM – JV With BBC

                     Femina - India’s no. 1 women’s magazine
                         Circulation of 0.15 mn (ABC JD ‘06) & readership of 0.46 mn (NRS ‘06)
                         160,000 SEC A female readership in 19-45 yr age group

                                 Femina Girl – Exploit growing influence of Indian youth by connecting
                                 with teenage Indian urban girls

Filmfare - India’s number 1 film magazine
   Circulation of 0.14 mn (ABC JD ‘06) & Readership of 1.1 mn (IRS 2007 R1)

   340,000 SEC A readers, between 19-45 yrs

   Largest aggregate of upscale readers among all celebrity and business magazines

                    Host Of Niche Publications In The B2C & B2B Space
        Print: Magazines For The Top-End
Bi-monthly premium luxury magazines

Catering to watch and jewellery segment

Focused circulation of 57,000 in key metros

  Monthly premium lifestyle magazine for the auto enthusiast

  Catering to the ‘Male Passion Market’

  Circulation 65,000        key i i
  Ci l i – 65 000 across 23 k cities
                                  Print: Reach in Key Consumption Metros




                                                                                                 METRO      (000s)
                                 100%                                          100%
                 AHMEDABAD                                                                  Ahmedabad                152
                                        56%                                                 Bangalore                991
                                                        100%         KOLKATA                Kolkata
                                                                                            K lk                    1211
                                                                                            Delhi                   3714
        MUMBAI         PUNE      HYDERABAD
                                                                                            Hyderabad               1015
                                                                                            Chennai                 1019
                                                                                            Mumbai                  2649
         100%                                                                               Pune                     331
                 57%                  CHENNAI                                  AEP
                                                       9%                   The Times
                                                                         Group Readership

       The Times Group shows extremely good presence in the key consumption states

                                                                                                         Source: IRS 07 R1
                           Print: Aggregating Relevant Audiences

                                                                            Base : Any Eng Pub Segment

1 out of every 2 English Print readers in Top 8 Metros read a Times Group pub.

Almost 6 out of 10 AEP readers i M b i D lhi & B
Al   t     t f            d    in Mumbai, Delhi Bangalore read a Ti
                                                     l       d Times G       b
                                                                     Group pub.

              Our publications are positioned in the higher levels of
                          societal and reader consciousness
                                                                                      Source: IRS 07 R1

Launched in Oct 2003 - First Digital Newspaper in India

Targeted towards NRI’s & Indian Desktop fraternity

Innovation like videos, voice spots and web-links integration
                                                Times Business Solutions

             j p                         g                ,         j
India’s No.1 job portal with over 7 mn registrations & 200,000 live jobs

Virtual monopoly in the job fair market

         Leading matrimonial site with an average of 3000 registration daily

          djudges       at   o al portal     o l e esea c         (Ju tCo sult s 006)
         Adjudges best matrimonial po tal by online research firm (JuxtConsult’s – 2006)

Became the No. 1 property portal within 3 months of its launch

Adjudged as most user-friendly property site by JuxtConsult’s
                                                 Times Business Solutions

Provide full-service recruiting solutions to efficiently screen & select

the most qualified candidates for open positions

         The only publication neutral global classifieds booking engine in the world

         Covers over 10 newspapers & 80 editions

         India’s No.1 classified portal with over 1.7 mn users & over 49,000+ listings

     h d in 2006; Provide    i                l bl business models
Launched i 2006 P id opportunity to pursue scalable b i       d l

Objective: To set up 2500+ Good Life World retail partners / franchisees in
 o e t a 30 cities        da      ec 008 (Times Experience Ce te s)
more than 130 c t es in India by Dec 2008 (  es pe e ce Centers)

Delhi & Bangalore are already activated
                                        Times Internet Limited

Foremost provider of content & services for the global Indian


India s                            bn
India’s leading portal with over 1 bn. page views / month

           g               p
India’s largest e-commerce platform – GMV – USD 40 mn.

Content offerings: News, cricket, lifestyle, info-tech, movies,

broadband, art, gaming, e-mail, blogs, dating, chat, chat
                                                          Times Internet Limited

Launch of 8888 in 2002 – India’ best MVAS brand (18 mn subs)

Alliance with telecom operators across India & globally

Launched India’s 1st mpapers (TOI mobile & ET mobile) & first to launch a TV

channel (Times Now) on mobile

                       India s
                       India’s largest financial portal

                       Wallet 365.com: Secure web-based electronic payment solutions
                                                                 Television Initiatives

India's first lifestyle & glamour television channel & a leader in

non-fiction content

                                     y       p y gossip, unabashed g
Ultimate source for celebrities, Bollywood, spicy g   p                        g
                                                                   glamour & high life

Reaches over 50 mn HH

         24 hours English news channel; JV between the Times group & Reuters

         Broadcasts cutting edge news with a distinct urban focus

         Viewer connect achieved through unique & relevant news and shows

         As per TAM (1 mn+ markets in the C&S 4+ segment), it is the No. 1 English news channel
         since Feb 07
                              Entertainment Network India Limited

Incorporated in 1999 and is today India’s largest private FM broadcaster

License to operate in 32 major markets of which 14 are operational

Successful IPO in Feb. 2006

             Our Out Of Home initiative with a diversified product mix in major metros like
             bus shelters, LED screens & billboards

Experiential marketing & event management

                              Awards,                India,
Major events are The Filmfare Awards The Femina Miss India Pravasi Bhartiya
Diwas ’06, SBI Centenary Celebrations, Smart Living Awards
                                                                       Retail Initiatives

             Nearly 2000 releases since Oct. 1997 with record No. 1 hits in Intnl., Remix, Indipop,
             & Spriritual genres

             India’s only music label to be accorded “Superbrand” status

Times Multimedia: The largest PC based home infotainment brand in India
We not only maximize Reach but also
          deliver VALUE
                                         Delivering Value

       o Users
Value To Use s                            Value To
     (Readers/              MEDIA        Advertisers

More Connectivity

D fi and E h        i l
Define d Enhance social
status                              Targeting Relevant Audience

Make life pleasurable and           360 Degree Solutions
                                    Critical Cumulative Reach
Involve and Engage
                              Some Success Stories -

                                            Launched in India in 2002, a late entrant in the
                                            market… almost ten years behind competition
                                                             p           y
                                            Aims to be # 1 importer luxury watch brand in
                                            India by 2008

The challenge for us is to cover ground real fast and a good rider has to ride the fastest horse

to win the race. The Times Of India is the biggest media group in India with a clear footprint in

our target cities. Therefore, working with the biggest media group is the surest way for us to

                                   beat competition fastest.

                                                   --- Manishi Sanwal, Brand Manager, TAG Heuer
                               Some Success Stories -

Media Solutions
Offline Presence :
Partnered with relevant brands of The Times Group…

   Clear focus on metros

                            , g               (During
   Front pg Solus insertions, avg once a week (     g

   the festive season, avg twice a week)

         p                     group g
   Brand presence across Times g p magazines and

   relevant lifestyle supplements
                             Some Success Stories -


Post just 6 months association with The TOI group…

   TAG Heuer has doubled sales as against last year

   Significant surge in customer queries, boosting confidence of

   trade partners

   Sharp increase in consumer awareness and attitude

   Catapulted brand to a serious contender for the # 1 position
                                  Some Success Stories -         CANALI

   Having launched in 2004, aims to create brand awareness
   and generate salience for the brand
   Targeting affluent businessmen, entrepreneurs and

 Media Solutions
   Solus ads in the stock pages of The Economic Times
   Position and publication chosen to target relevant audience
   Ads taken regularly over a 2 year period

“We received direct queries from the advertisements
   that we released in The Economic Times and
     our brand salience targets were achieved”
                           … Vishaka Doshi, Entrack
                                   Co-creating Connect Nodes

                              A Unique concept - First Time Ever in India

Private exclusive viewing of 8 luxury watch brands -

        Exclusive brands to showcase latest collections on November 15-18 at
        Shangri La Hotel, New Delhi, India

        A by-invitation only affair with high net worth individuals treated to an A-
        class lounge environment
                                             Co-creating Connect Nodes

Another 1st from The Times Group

A 2 day conference addressing the opportunities and way forward for
   Luxury Industry in India -

        The Economic Times conducted first ever research conducted on Luxury
        i d t i India which was presented b k
        industry in I di hi h                       l d      t       Kearney
                                        t d by knowledge partners AT K

        Panel discussions by eminent industry leaders on various Luxury
            g              jets and yachts, watches and j
        categories such as j         y     ,                     y      y
                                                        jewellery and key issues
        such as real estate, talent, wealth management

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