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                                                   December 2009

                                                         PRINCIPAL’S CORNER
      December Calendar
                                       Dear Parents/Guardians,

                                       Parkside Elementary is ready to celebrate the season. Beginning
                                       Friday, December 4 the Parkside PTL will kick off the holiday by
                                       hosting the first annual Holiday Fun Festival, which is sure to be
                                       a jolly evening filled with family activities. Then on Saturday,
                                       December 5 the PTL and many parent volunteers will enhance
                                       the atmosphere at Parkside Elementary as they deck the halls
                                       and decorate classroom doors throughout the school to capture
4      PICTURE MAKE-UPS/RETAKES        the spirit of the season. On the evening of December 8,
       HOLIDAY FESTIVAL 6:00 – 8:00
                                       beautiful music and songs of the season will echo throughout
7      SCHOOL BOARD REORGANIZATION     Parkside, as our band and chorus students perform at the
       MTG                             Parkside Holiday Concert. Music will fill the halls once again on
                                       the morning of Friday, December 11 when our kindergarten
       9:45 AM
                                       students ring in the holiday for family and friends at the annual
       BAND & CHORAL Holiday CONCERT   Kindergarten Holiday Bell Show. The month of December is
       7:00 PM                         action packed, so be sure to catch some holiday spirit and check
                                       out the calendar for dates and times of holiday events.
                                       The spirit of the season is about giving and the students of
                                       Parkside are always prepared to lend a hand. Throughout the
11     KINDERGARTEN BELL SHOW          month of December, Parkside Student Council will be working
       9:30 – 10:30 AM                 in conjunction with the Aston Angel Network to collect new,
                                       unwrapped toys that will benefit local families this holiday
15     MIX-IT-UP DAY                   season. A Collection bin is located in the school lobby, so please
                                       feel free to send a toy to school with your child or drop off a toy
17     B BAND HOLIDAY PREVIEW          in the lobby. Also, the student council will use the proceeds
       2:45 PM
       PTL MEETING 6:30 PM
                                       from last month’s bake sales to purchase holiday food gift cards
                                       for local families. In addition, Santa letters collected at the
21     PROGRESS REPORTS MAILED         Parkside Holiday Festival will be taken to Macy’s Department
                                       Store and for every Santa letter a one dollar donation will be
                                       made to the Make a Wish Foundation. Thank you to all for the
23     POLAR EXPRESS PARTY – GRADE 2   continued support of Parkside’s charitable efforts.

24 – 1/3 WINTER BREAK                                           Happy Holidays!
                                                                   Mrs. Ford

         Kendall Bard – Jayson McCoy – Courtney Woolery – Andrew Bull – Michael Brees – Maya Morris

                 Tristan Edwards – Ryane Cornog – Anais Rodriguez – Netra Hun – Justin Patterson

             Hailey Bachman – Taylor Truax – Awwaly Morency – Elizabeth Powell - Juliann DiIorio

              Thomas Geveke – Michael Laird – Madison Baughman – Kelly Pflugh - Nathan Estock

             Alexandra Giannakarios – Joey Scarpato – Marissa Walker - Daniel Taylor – Alex Bradley

                                 Congratulations to all of our Percy’s Picks!

    Next month Percy the Panther will be on the prowl for students who demonstrate compassion.


                                                           COMPASSION is caring enough to do
                                                          something about someone else’s need.

The process of showing compassion requires one to recognize a need, decide to help, and then take action.
Why teach compassion as a value? Because doing something about someone else’s need helps us to:

Look outside ourselves. Children start life aware only of their needs and wants. Focusing on personal desires is not
something that we need to be taught. Seeing the problems of others around us is a learned skill. Finding and pointing
out examples of needs is the most direct way to teach this first component of compassion.

Connect decisions and actions. Recognizing needs around us awakens our concern. But concern grows into
compassion when action is taken to care for the need. Community service, charity work and contributions are all
examples of actions motivated by compassion. When children show compassion, they are learning to turn decisions
into actions which have immediate benefits and enduring value.

Build an attitude of gratefulness. The receiver of a compassionate gift or act is not the only one who benefits. A child
can easily recognize the contrast between having and not having something valuable. Children begin to learn
gratefulness when they see that they have something of value to give.

Demonstrate worth. Some needs are small and can be met quickly and simply. Children come to realize that caring
enough about someone else’s need may mean giving up a desire of their own, temporarily or permanently. But in any
case, the focus should be the worth of the person rather than the value of the gift.


     •    Watch for times when your child helps others at home.
     •    Note when your child comes to someone’s aid, such as helping siblings with homework or chores.
     •    Look for your child to be sympathetic when someone falls or gets hurt while playing.
     •    Help your child participate in fundraisers for others, such as a canned food drive.
                                         Best wishes to the Parkside Chorus and
                                         Parkside Band on all holiday performances.
                                         Your hard work and dedication will shine.

                                         Thank you to band and chorus parents for
                                         your continued support of the music program.

        Parkside Elementary
          Band Members

    “A” Band                “B” Band
Alex Giannakarios   Samantha Burke
Monika Kariuki      Rachael DelGiorno
Kiera Kelly         Michael Laird
Emilie Kyler        Samantha Jex
                                                     Parkside Elementary
Breanna Taylor      LaNycia Jennings
Alex Bradley        Ja’Quan Foreman                    Chorus Members
Leif Anderson       Awwaly Morency
                                               5th Grade            4th Grade
Austin Campbell     Karohn Poller
                                           Ishmael Ahmad        Ashley Baez
James McCullough    Richard Shanahan
                                           Leif Anderson        Emily Burke
Daniel Taylor       Luciano Fidalgo
                                           Madison Baughman     Samantha Burke
Victoria Vinson     Avery Louise
                                           Jenna Buonopane      Logan Cornog
Madison Baughman    Emily Dawson
                                           Austin Campbell      Savanna Cuddahy
Joseph Garcia       Jenna Gilpin
                                           Tabitha Clausen      Emily Dawson
Mya Hudnell         Gillian Grant
                                           Martina Coleman      Rachel DelGiorno
Hayley Moore        Eva Rose Spisak
                                           Nathan Estock        Ja’Quan Foreman
Kehinde Olatona     Savanna Cuddahy
                                           Rachel Fitting       Jenna Gilpin
Taiwo Olatona       Adam Kishta
                                           Alexandra Gianakis   Gillian Grant
Michelsen Caruso-   Mimi Nguyen
                                           Justin Holland       LaNycia Jennings
  Drennen           Willow Vickers
                                           Mya Hudnell          Samantha Jex
Austin Jester       Rebecca Evans
                                           Vincent James        Adam Kishta
Timothy Petka       Kelly Pflugh
                                           Monika Kariuki       Avery Louise
                    Marissa Walker
                                           Kiera Kelly          Emily Mano
                    Thomas Geveke
                                           Alyssa Madden        Awwaly Morency
                    Elizabeth Powell
                                           Malcolm Mason        Karohn Poller
                    Vincent James
                                           Haley Moore          Gavin Poole
                    Robert Conlin
                                           Kelly Pflugh         Elizabeth Powell
                    Tamir Williams
                                           Angela Sauter-Faga   Taylor Probert
                    Kaelyn Cooper
                                           Victoria Vinson      Eva Spisak
                    Logan Cornog
                                           Marissa Walker       Taylor Truax
                    Gavin Poole
                                                                Willow Vickers
                    Kristopher Vickers
                                                                Kristopher Vickers
                    Nicolas Villicana
                    Dontay Blanding
                    Emily Mano
                                                   Samantha Jex               360,027
                                                   Ishmael Ahmad              310,386
                                                   Elizabeth Powell           306,993
                                                   William Dykes              287,794
                                                   Kelly Coleman              240,042
                                                   Ryan Sickler               234,687
                                                   Kaelyn Cooper              231,977
                                                   Austin Bull                230,475
                                                   Hayley Moore               225,972
     200,000+ Word Readers                         Justin Patterson           225,020
        Congratulations!                           Daniel Taylor              223,018
                                                   Emily Mano                 222,913
Rachel DelGiorno            1,112,721              Alyssa Madden              213,407
Xavier Norman                826,144               Alexandra Giannakarios     212,166
Thomas Geveke                715,507               Sean Sickler               209,556
Artricia Nou                 689,620               Monika Kariuki             209,390
Rebecca Gomes                422,902               Rachel Fitting             208,783
Angela Eang                  394,039               Justin Holland             207,809

                                 SAFETY REMINDERS
*Park in the overflow lot adjacent to the playground, not in the circle.
*Students in grades k-2 are not permitted to walk home alone.
*Students in kindergarten must be picked up by an adult.
*Students in grades 1- 2 must be picked up by an adult/older sibling.
*Notify the office of transportation changes.
*Please refrain from brining pets to school at arrival or dismissal.

                            Thank you for putting safety first!

        Please Contact the school office regarding the following services:
                       Free and Reduced Lunch Program
                  CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program

                   Thank you to the Parkside PTL for your support!
              PTL meeting December 17, 2009 at 6:30 in the Parkside Library

          Please visit the PTL web pages for volunteer and program information.
    What is happening at Parkside?

Parkside fourth grade teachers, Ms. Kathy Sculley and Mrs. Lisa Connolly, received
training from the Chester Ridley Crum Watershed Association allowing them to conduct
a stream study with their classes, in conjunction with the CRCWA. The Hinson Creek,
which is located behind the school, was tested by fourth grade students. Data was
collected, analyzed, recorded, and then sent to CRCWA by the students. The RCCWA
will utilize the Parkside Elementary student data in the local watershed study.
              What is happening at Parkside?

Parkside Student Council organized a very successful food drive to benefit City Team.
Thank you to Parkside kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Maureen Irving, who serves as Parkside
Student Council Advisor. As you can see, student council and Mrs. Irving are a busy bunch.

                                                   Student council, along with the help
                                                   of many parents, hosted several
                                                   very successful bake sales. The
   Student council members greeted parents         proceeds will benefit local families
   during American Education Week on               this holiday season.
   parent visitation day.
What is happening at Parkside?

Parents visited classrooms during American Education Week.
      What is happening at Parkside?

The stream study was a real world learning experience allowing students to
connect with their world through the environment. Parkside’s school theme
this year is titled, Connecting with Our World. Throughout the year, school
projects will grant students the opportunity to connect with their world
through the environment, technology and cultures.

                          Parkside Elementary

                       Connecting with Our World

                               2009 - 2010