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					                                   The Messenger
                                 Church of the Messiah
                                        September 2008
Margaret Otterburn, Rector                                                Debbie Welch, Editor
                                                                          Sue Underwood, Assistant
                      50 St. Rt. 24 West, Chester, NJ 07930    908-879-7208

                      With September in view it seems as though the summer is over. I hope you have
                      enjoyed the good weather; we have shared some beautiful days. For me as I reflect it
                      has been a summer with much to celebrate here at Messiah, especially in our zeal and
                      willingness to do outreach.
                              This July we were at Homeless Solutions three times cooking dinner for the
                      homeless who reside there. We were in Philadelphia for a week (look for Judy
                      Kilgore‘s photographs on this month‘s pages. We did two Habitat for Humanity days,
we collected a huge amount of items for the ―Back to School‖ drive we sponsored with St Luke‘s Long
Valley as well as more items for those in need served by the Chester food pantry. Our volunteer drivers took
many people; either to the nutrition site, or to Kessler or for food shopping. We respond to the Gospel
message when we offer our time and talent for outreach.
        We are also in the middle of our fund-raising efforts. The Tricky Tray is our major event and much
work has already been done for this. We need to raise funds to support our ministries. Do join in; we need
your help
        And we are actively evangelizing. We are creeping out of the Episcopal mode of ―nice Episcopalians
don‘t do that‖ into a ―Jesus said, ‗Go and spread the Gospel‘ mode.‖ A group of us have prepared a new
Gathering (our name for a contemporary worship service.) We hope many families with elementary age
children will come to our first monthly Gathering on September 14. Do spread the word about it.
        Our Senior Resource Center is expanding; we are celebrating its success. More and more people are
calling for help, receiving resources and coming to the programs. Many of us volunteer as drivers. At last
we as a congregation have a role supporting it; a Messiah goal.
        But it has not just been a summer of hard work. I hope you came to either of the two swim parties we
offered, the trip to ―The Land of Make Believe‖ or participated in the hike. If you missed them plan for next
        A good time for Messiah, yes: A time of preparation for the year ahead. There will also be
challenges and problems but together with the gift of God‘s grace and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit
we will be strengthener and guided. Let us continue to work together serving God in ministry here at
Messiah and in the world beyond our doors.


      Senior Warden’s Report                                              Financial        Advice        for      Church          People
Food for Homeless Solutions                                               The diocesan CFO, Rich Graham is coming to lead a question
Teams of Messiah volunteers provided dinner 3 times this                  and answer session for church financial leaders of District 1
summer at Homeless Solutions, a county shelter for homeless               As some of you may be the financial leaders of the past or of
adults in Morris Plains. It worked out so well that we have               the future please accept this invitation to attend. The meeting
accepted several more dates for this fall, and starting in                is from 7:30 - 9:00 pm on Thursday September 18, here at
January, we will have a regular monthly commitment. I                     Messiah
encourage you to sign up and participate; it is fun and very
We have already developed a ―Messiah Menu‖ which has                                           Fund Raising
gotten an enthusiastic response from our clients. We serve
baked chicken, roasted potatoes, a cooked fresh vegetable,                Tricky Tray – September 20
green salad, and a dessert such as Rice Krispy treats. For legal
reasons, the shelter insists that all food either be prepared there       Dear Fellow Parishioners,
in their commercial kitchen or purchased already prepared.                We are 3 weeks away from our Tricky Tray. We need
                                                                          massive help. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year so we
Therefore, you will never be asked to make a casserole or                 need everyone's help. If you have not already done so please
bake cookies for this ministry. But you can help provide the              ask at every place that you or your family support on a regular
food! The church is responsible for buying the food to prepare            basis (or where you or they work if applicable) if they would
about 60 adult meals. With careful shopping, we have been                 make a contribution (nail salon, hair dresser, personal trainer,
able to do this at a cost of just under $2 a person.                      restaurant, gift shop, clothing store, garden stands, or any
Nevertheless, it costs us about $120 each time we cook, and               service, etc)a contribution can be as simple as a bottle of nail
our outreach budget will not cover this.                                  polish, a plant or complimentary appetizer or as much as a
                                                                          meal for 2 or free hair cut. People are more apt to make a
Please consider a designated gift to Homeless Solutions Food.             contribution if they know you have helped support them in
If you give $10 per month, either all at once or spread                   their business. We have letters that you can use at church and
throughout the year, you would sponsor one entire meal. If                these donations can be tax deductible.
this is too much, any smaller donation would be greatly
appreciated. So far, some of those who cooked also                        We have also asked that each family donate either $35 or a
contributed to the cost, but we do not want this to continue. If          basket worth between $75 and $100. Theresa is a fantastic
you give your time, you will NOT be expected to pay for the               bargain hunter and would love to turn your $35 into a fabulous
privilege!                                                                basket so consider letting her do that. We would also love any
 Judy                                                                     little basket stuffers that you may have (new unused things-
                                                                          candles, soaps, picture frames are only a few examples). We
                                                                          also welcome any additional empty basket donations.

                                                                          The 50/50 is the other part of the tricky tray that helps make it
                                                                          our biggest fund raiser and we expect everybody to assist with
                                                                          the selling of these (if you have not picked up your raffle
                Financial News                                            tickets for the 50/50 please see Kathy or if you have already
                                                                          sold your first batch turn in your stubs and pick up some
Karla, is breathing much easier, now thank you!                           more).
Last month in this space we mentioned that our support for
Karla Godoy, our companion at Our Little Roses in Honduras,                Please get out there and canvas and bring us your
was lagging behind our commitment. We have pledged $60 a                  contributions so we can begin getting our baskets in order.
month, and hope that a family can support each month. But as              We need them ASAP. You may drop off your items in the
of June we had received only three months‘ worth of                       church office. Please label your items so we know who they
contributions. However, true to form, the Messiah family has              came from and who dropped them off.
come through big time once the need was known! In July,
gifts were received from six more families.                               We also need your support that night. Please put September
                                                                          20th on your calendar and bring as many friends and family as
This means we have nine in total. Only three more and we                  possible. Look for sign ups in the parish hall - we will need
will have made our commitment for the year. If you can help,              runners (great for teens), people to set up and take down,
please leave a check in the plate with ―OLR‖ on the memo                  people to sell tickets at the door, etc.
line.                                                                     Debbie
    Your Finance Committee
   Hardee, Head Gnome

         Yankee Candle Sale
We have set up the next Yankee Candle sale for October 10
thru the 24 so we can have candles for Christmas. These                 TTAG gets a New Name!
sales have always been successful and many were upset that
                                                                                    “Second Sunday at 5”
we did not do this for Christmas last year.
                                                                        Since the TTAG team is about to launch our new gathering,
Please remember to purchase your food gift cards. So far this           we will now be using the name of our new service: Second
year we have made $1,000 through the sale of these cards.               Sunday at 5. The new gathering will be launched on
We now have them for Kings as well as Shop Rite and A&P.                September 14 at 5:00pm.
To help our environment, collect your ink cartridges and old
                                                                        Planning for the gathering is going along well. Diane has
cell phones for recycling. Remember you can bring them in
                                                                        done a fantastic job with a PowerPoint presentation to
from work, too. We have made $100 through this effort.
                                                                        accompany our new service, and with the help of Jack,
                                                                        organist, Mary Rose, and Ralph, the music is coming along as
                                                                        well. We want to extend a special thanks to those of you who
Get your 50/50 tickets!                                                 attended our pilot service on August 3, and gave us your
They are $2 per ticket and a book of 10 for $20. We are                 thoughtful feedback.
asking parishioners to take a few books and go forth and sell,
                                                                        Sam has put together some beautiful postcards to promote the
sell, sell! The winner will be drawn at the Tricky Tray                 gathering, and we ask that you hand them out to families you
September 20.                                                           know that do not have a church home. We also ask that you
Contact Kathy for tickets. All ticket stubs, with the money,            consider attending our first few gatherings to support this new
should be returned to Kathy as well.                                    service at the Church of the Messiah.


         Backpacks/School Supplies Project
                 A Great Success!
          Another story of “the fish and the loaves”
Thank you to everyone who so generously donated school
supplies for the children of Patterson and the children served
by the Chester Food Pantry! I was becoming very worried
that I had overcommitted us when I offered to support both                              Mission Trip Reflections
these groups, but my heart was filled with joy as I organized
the supplies yesterday and realized that there was PLENTY               Last month you read participants Jim, Sue and Jackie’s
FOR ALL! We provided 17 backpacks full of school supplies               accounts of their trip. This is a reprint of Jackie’s article
to the food pantry and 4 large shopping bags of supplies for            including the final portions which were not included. This
St. Luke‘s to deliver to the children of Patterson.                     month Judy shares her thoughts on the experience.
                                                                                      Greeting Guests at Chosen 300
I‘m so grateful for your generosity, and I know that these              I was excited to greet the guests coming to Chosen 300 for a
families in need will really appreciate our donations.                  meal! Scott‘s words had been so inspiring…telling us to treat
Jackie                                                                  everyone like they were a guest coming to our home. We
                                                                        should thank them for coming. He said ―How terrible it would
                                                                        be if we cooked all this food, and no one came.‖ Additionally,
                                                                        I‘m visually impaired, and I did not think I could perform
                                                                        many of the other tasks.
                                                                        It was such a privilege to shake all those hands, some old,
                    Chester Craft Fair                                  some young. Some felt cool, which was surprising, but most
Messiah will have a table at the Chester Fall Craft Fair.               felt hot, their bodies giving off the heat of the 95 degree heat
Volunteers are needed to staff the table on September 6 and 7           they had been standing in. The hands I noticed most were the
from 10:00 to 4:00. We will be giving out Messiah pens and              callused ones. These were hands with calluses upon calluses,
promoting the upcoming electronic waste collection, tricky              from years of hard work. I think people who say that the
tray and new family service. If you are available to help on            homeless or poor are just lazy, need to shake these hands.
either day for all or part of the time, please see Sam. This is a       Nothing but years of hard work could have created those
great community event that will help make Messiah better                hands. Jackie
known in the area. Sam

                        Inglis House                                   All food items and Shop Rite gift cards are donated and
On Thursday we couldn‘t go to the VBS because they had a               occasionally the Food Pantry receives cash donations which
power failure in the storm the previous night. After some              they use to replenish dwindling supplies when necessary.
delay we were taken to the Inglis House. This was completely           The most pressing of the current Food Pantry needs are:
different from anything else we experienced during the week.                •    Shampoo and Conditioner
It is a residential facility/nursing home for 297 adults who are            •    Coffee
in wheel chairs, mostly as a result of spinal cord injuries,                     (they have none of the above 2 items on hand at the
multiple sclerosis, or cerebral palsy. They are as young as 19,                  moment)
but the average age is probably in the 40‘s or 50‘s. They are               •    Peanut Butter and Jelly
mentally competent and many lead useful and very busy lives.                •    Prepared foods such as Mac & Cheese, Rice-a-Roni,
All have private rooms and the house is really a home with a                     Hamburger Helper, etc.
lot of community and tons of activities. To the extent they are        If you won‘t be at Church on the 21 st, or feel like it will be too
able, the residents work and participate. They are all treated         much for such a busy weekend with the tricky tray going on,
with the respect they deserve. We saw a guy helping move a             don‘t be afraid to bring your donations early. The Chester
hospital size bed, from his wheelchair. Seemed to be his               Food Pantry has its own bin in the outside hallway between
regular job; doing maintenance work. Others were motoring              the Sanctuary and the Parish Center. Thank you all for your
down the hallway sporting volunteer badges just like ours—             support of this program! Christy
they read to other residents, help them with their mail, do the
same sorts of things we did. I worked with 2 residents. Don
had CP I think. He had a very serious speech impediment and            Habitat for Humanity
was difficult to understand, but he had a great smile. I               A small but very hard-working crew from Messiah got down
navigated the somewhat quirky elevators and pushed him                 and dirty on Friday August 15 at the Habitat for Humanity
downstairs and out into the park-like central garden for some          building site in Morristown. Ginny displayed great skill
air. I also helped Gloria clean out her closet. She knew               smoothing cement, and she and Margaret mixed and carried
exactly what she wanted, but couldn‘t do it from her                   cement with the best of them!
wheelchair. We chatted the whole time. She knew Chester
and used to Christmas shop here and eat at Larison‘s. Jim and
Sue visited Elliot, who holds down a web design job even
though he is quadriplegic and can only operate the computer
with a stick held in his mouth! It was an amazing and
beautiful place and a privilege to help there!

Every place we visited, at least 2 and sometimes 3 places a
day, was amazing. They ranged from large well-oiled social
service machines with good funding, like Inglis House, to
shoestring operations in shabby privately-owned buildings. I
know I was completely humbled by both the never-ending
stream of needy people, and the enormous efforts being made
by so many dedicated people of great faith working to help
them. But never enough! Judy

                                                                       An even smaller team went the next day to another Habitat
“Neighbors in Need” Sunday –September 21                               site, this one in Jefferson Twp. Our biggest job there was to
The third Sunday of September is ―Neighbors in Need‖                   unload, load and unload again (!) a truck full of building
Sunday. The neighbors who will benefit are those receiving             supplies being moved back to the warehouse. We learned a
help from the Chester Food Pantry.                                     great deal about Habitat, how it works, and all the good it is
The Chester Food Pantry serves families in Chester Borough,            doing in this area where affordable housing is in such short
Chester Township, and the surrounding communities. Every               supply.
month each family gets five or six full bags of groceries
tailored specifically for the ages of those in that family. The        Hope more of you can join us next time!
average family needs help for approximately a year…some                Judy
more and some less.

Messiah will be organizing a Crop Walk with the other Long
                                                                                         INQUIRER'S CLASS
Valley churches on Sunday October 26 at 2pm. Our first                 There will be an opportunity for anyone interested in learning
                                                                       more about the Episcopal Church, about the Anglican
meeting is at 7:30 on May 29 here at Messiah. The youth and
                                                                       Communion, even about being a Christian at our new session
adults of our parish will be encouraged to participate in this 3
                                                                       of the Inquirer's Class.
mile walk. 75% of the money raised will go to world hunger
relief, and 25% will go to local hunger relief. Speak to               The classes will meet on Wednesday evenings from 7:20 to
Margaret if interested in participating.                               approx 8:30; classes start Wednesday September 10th and last
                                                                       for 6 weeks.

                                                                       Everyone who is interested is welcome to attend and for any
                                                                       adult interested in being confirmed next Spring the class offers
                                                                       appropriate instruction. If you have questions talk to
We celebrate the life of Nancy Ruth Busardo who died                   Margaret.
August 19, 2008. Our condolences to her husband Jim,
daughters Laura and Janet and Stepson Jim Jr.

                             Floral donations
                                                                                    CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER
                              If you would like to                     We will spend a half hour on Tuesdays from 11:15 to 11:45 in
                              commemorate a loved one or               Contemplative Prayer. We begin on Tuesday September 2.
                              special occasion by donating the         Margaret will lead; it is a lovely way to center ourselves in the
                              flowers or foliage arrangements          business of our lives.
please sign up at the flower calendar posted beside the
coatroom closet. Use the envelope provided to write the
dedication for the flowers. There is a $25 suggested donation.                      Ministry Fair, September 14
                                                                       By the time you are reading this August will be nearly over
                                                                       and September just a page turn away on our calendars. We
               Christian Education                                     have continued many of the programs and social activities
                                                                       throughout the summer and it is time to renew, or add, our
                                                                       commitment to the ministries and activities of parish life at
                                                                       Messiah. Perhaps you may want to try serving in a new way
                                                                       or expand on the service you already share with your fellow
                                                                       members or the community at large.
                               Bible Study                             Please plan to attend, the special gathering after either of the
 Someone asked: “What is it, what do you do at a Bible                 services on September 14 when the parish hall transforms into
study?” Answer: “We discuss. Margaret gives help, if                   a ministry fair complete with progressive lunch! Every
needed, on the context of the people at that time and the              ministry from A−Z will be represented (acolyte, altar guild,
events in their lives. We discuss how they dealt with the              bell choir member, chalicer, Christian education, coffee hour
events, how they understood God in and through these                   host, counter, driver for seniors, finance, flower arranger,
events and how their relationship with God changed                     fundraising volunteer, gardener, greeter, hospitality member,
and grew (or did not grow, as the case may be.) Then                   lay Eucharistic minister, liturgical arts, musician, nursery
we talk about how we understand equivalent events                      attendant, Officiant, prayer chain, property volunteer,
today, any experiences we want to comment on, how we                   publicity, reader, stewardship, teacher, usher, vocalist, web
and others experience God. We have lively discussions.                 site editor, youth reach member, zaniness coordinator-you
Usually we have pre-read the passage of scripture so we                wanted to see what a ‗Z‘ would be didn‘t you?).
                                                                       You will be able to sign up for as well as learn more about
refer to it in our group and do not re-read it.
                                                                       each of these ministries and the plans for the coming year.
Interested? Come and join us Mondays: mornings at                      Lunch will be available as you walk around the room by
11am or evenings at 7:20pm. Margaret is the facilitator                visiting each table. The more tables you visit the more
for both. Ron                                                          abundant your ‗plate‘ will be filled!
September 8: AM group is reading Exodus; chap. 25 – 32                 Sue
             PM group is reading Exodus; chapters 16 – 20

                     September                                         The Lancelot “Capability” Brown Project
                                                                       For those who might have forgotten, Lancelot ―Capability‖
                                                                       Brown was a prominent 18th century landscape gardener
                                                                       responsible for the design of the gardens of many of England‘s
                                                                       most beautiful country houses and estates. We wanted to
                                                                       make the circle in the driveway in front of the sanctuary more
                                                                       attractive, and so announced the Lancelot Capability Brown
                                                                       Prize, to seek design suggestions from the congregation. The
02       Allie                      16 Katie                           original plan was to pick the winning design, but like many
                                                                       good things at Messiah, the plan that evolved was truly the
03       Julian                     18 Ron                             consensus of the ideas of those who attended the June 22nd
         Charlie                    20 Chris                           meeting. Therefore, all the attendees, as well as those who
                                                                       couldn‘t attend but submitted suggestions by e-mail, are herby
04       Sue                            Cynthia                        inducted into the Ancient and Honorable Lancelot Capability
                                                                       Brown Society, New Jersey chapter.
         Angel                      21 Laura
                                                                       During our June 28 Summer Cleanup Day, we outlined a cross
05       Margaret                   27 Pieter                          in the grass, and then treated it with weed killer, and as I hope
                                                                       you‘ve noticed, it‘s now been outlined with the stone from the
                                                                       former porch at rectory (something Margaret did in her spare
06       Pam                        29 Leslie                          time). Marilyn has planted some Dusty Miller to get it started,
                                                                       and will add some mums after Labor Day. After the mums are
        Dominic                                                        finished, spring bulbs will be planted, and next spring we‘ll
                                                                       add some perennials. For now though, we don‘t want to get
                                                                       too ambitious with our planting until the weather gets cooler.
01 Theresa & Kathy                  02 Elaine & David                  And by the way, does anybody have any garden hose they no
                                                                       longer need?
03 Karen & Tom                      13 Janet & Randy
17 Connie & John                    18 Diane & Ralph
                   27 Pam and Rafael

                                                                       Fall Cleanup Day
Yoga classes taught by Kessiah, an experienced instructor              Save the date!! Saturday, September 6th. Once again, SLAP is
continue on September 2 in the lower level area. The class is          sending out a crew to help us clean up and spruce up. Besides
held on Tuesdays, 5:15-6:30. There are 6 classes in each               what SLAP does, we always get a tremendous amount of work
session and participants may come for all 6 classes for $78 or         done by a small number of people. Be one of those few, even
for a single class for $15. For each participant, Kessiah will         if only for an hour so. There‘s always work that needs to be
donate $1 a class, to our church.                                      done, inside and outside, and it‘s always gratifying to see how
                                                                       much better everything looks when we‘ve finished. It‘s also
                                                                       gratifying to be helping to make our spiritual home a more
                    Property Notes                                     pleasing place to worship. Come be a part of that process.
                                                                       Come and feel the spirit!
Indispensable Chris
Chris, who spends more time at Messiah than anybody except
for Margaret and Sue, has been refurbishing the barn next to
the rectory over this summer. So far she has repaired and re-
hung the lower level sliding door so that it now actually slides
open and shut, and is now hard at work on the second level.                                    Green Team
There are two doors to that level, one large door for
equipment, and to one side of that, a small door for us mere           Green Faith Environmental Justice Tour
mortals. Both of these are being rebuilt and painted. Chris has        Green Faith is running an environmental justice tour on
done all of this while also performing the endless plumbing            October 12 from approximately 2:00 to 5:00. They are
and electrical repairs that keep the parish functioning. And           chartering buses to take participants to three different
that‘s only part of what she does for us!!                             contamination sites in Newark. Community leaders working
                                                                       on the clean up of the sites will speak at each location. The
Her next project will be to stabilize the flagstones laid in the       cost of the tour will be $15 - $20 to cover the cost of the
walkway leading up to the double red doors to the church               buses. For more info contact Jackie
office. She is asking that anybody who has any spare red clay
bricks bring them to church.
                                                                       disposed of in landfills in coming years, often in developing
                                                                       countries, unless they are properly recycled.

                                                                       Per Scholas, a non-profit in the South Bronx, operates an EPA
                                                                       and ISO-certified electronic waste recycling facility which
                                                                       will receive the waste from the event. Per Scholas offers job
              Fair Trade Coffee                                        training in electronic waste recycling to underemployed and
                                                                       unemployed young adults and offers recycled computer
                                                                       equipment to low-income schools. For more information
Messiah has opened an account with Porto Rico Importing
                                                                       about Per Scholas, see or contact Carlos
( in order to buy Fair Trade coffee for our
                                                                       Jimenez at 718-772-0655.
Sunday Coffee hours. This is a part of our Green Team
initiative. In order to help us to help the growers and pickers
                                                                       GreenFaith, New Jersey‘s interfaith environmental coalition,
of this coffee, we‘ve invited parishioners to participate and
                                                                       has partnered with Per Scholas to conduct e-waste recycling
bundle their coffee and tea orders with Messiah‘s. In addition
                                                                       events throughout the state. ―Through these events we have
to helping to alleviate world poverty, by paying a little more
                                                                       prevented over 3 tons of toxic waste from entering landfills,‖
for our coffee, we‘re getting very good coffee at very good
                                                                       said the Rev. Fletcher Harper, Executive Director of
prices. The more people who order, the lower the shipping
                                                                       GreenFaith. ―We are hoping that Morris County residents will
charges per participant, and Messiah, and all of us, are able to
                                                                       bring their electronic waste to Church of the Messiah and help
get wholesale prices for our coffee and tea. While we
                                                                       protect creation.‖ For more information about GreenFaith, see
encourage all to order the Fair Trade varieties, it‘s not a
requirement. If you enjoy coffee and/or tea, check out the
website. Pieter
                                                                       Questions about the event should be addressed to Jackie or
                                                                       Stacey of GreenFaith at 732-565-7740

  Electronics Waste Recycling at Church of the
              Messiah October 19
Electronic waste disposal is a fast-growing source of toxic                               2008 Adult Forums
waste worldwide – in the US alone, it makes up close to 70%                             Sundays 9:00 – 9:45am
of the toxic waste in landfills. To provide the residents of
                                                                       September         Title                Presenter
Morris County and the surrounding areas with the opportunity
                                                                            7    Brain storming          Rev. Margaret Otterburn
to dispose of this waste in an environmentally responsible
                                                                           14    Ministry fair Sunday
manner, GreenFaith, Per Scholas, and Church of the Messiah
                                                                           21    Taizé - presentation         Phyllis and David H.
are co-sponsoring an Electronic Waste Recycling Event on
                                                                           28    Mission trip presentation……           Participants
Sunday, October 19, 2008 from 11:00AM to 3:00PM, rain
or shine. The event will be held at the Church of the Messiah.         October
Electronics that will be accepted are computers, laptops,                  5     All about animals               TBA
monitors, printers, fax machines, PDA‘s, adapters, cables, cell             12   Ministry to the Deaf   The Rev Sheila S.
phones, radios, calculators, and copiers. GreenFaith and Per               19    A history of our area           Bob M.
Scholas ask for a $5 fee per item (excluding peripherals)                  26    MDG’s current progress       Martha G.
to offset the cost of transportation and recycling. Per Scholas        November
will certify data removal for an additional $10 fee. Equipment              2    Messiah – first 25+ years
and monetary donations are tax deductible.                                  9    Being a deacon             The Rev Jeanette H.
Electronic equipment contains toxic and hazardous substances               16    The Highlands Act             Christine D.….
such as mercury, lithium and cadmium. One CRT monitor                      23    Living Green                      Kurt A.
alone, for instance, can contain up to 8 pounds of lead. These             30    Intergenerational advent event*
substances have been linked to nervous system, kidney, liver                *      make an Advent Wreath at 9am and/or after
and thyroid damage, and a range of environmental health                            the 10 am service
threats. If disposed of in landfills, they can pollute drinking        December
water. If disassembled inappropriately, they can harm the                   7 Ministry to refugees         The Rev Allen F.
health of workers and communities. The National Safety                     14 Advent preparation          Rev Margaret Otterburn
Council estimates that 63 million personal computers in the
US became obsolete in 2005. These electronics are likely to be

                         Youth Group Happenings

Opportunities for our youth group

Event                     Opportunity

Ministry fair             Publicize Youth Reach

Second Sunday @5          Usher at the Gathering,
September 14              server ice cream afterwards
                          *our own meeting

Peer Ministry             Training to be a mentor/
Training                  coach for youth who work
                          With middle school age kids                                     Game Night!
Christophany              Games, music, community,
For grades 6-8            spiritual reflection, lots of fun               Families and Friends, join us for a festive evening
Friday @ 7:30PM                                                                       of chance, skill and fun!

Night Watch @NYC          Games, music, community,                            Friday, September 26, 6:30 p.m.–9:00 p.m.
Grades 6-12               spiritual reflection, lots of fun                               Messiah Parish Hall
                                                                     Donation: $6 per person for pizza, salad, soft drink & sweet
Second Sunday @5          Usher at the Gathering                     treat
                          Serve refreshments afterwards,                 (any proceeds to benefit Sunday School & Youth Group
                          *our own meeting                                                     programs)

Youth Reach meeting       to meet if we choose to do so                    Please RSVP by 9/25: Karen at (908) 879-6585

The 2008 dates for Night watch are: October 17, November 7
and 24.                                                               With advance notice, we‘ll do our best to provide child care
                                                                                        No drop offs, please
The 2009 dates for Night Watch are: Jan. 16, 23, 30,
Feb. 20, Mar. 20, Apr. 17 & 24, May 8, 15, 29 and June 5.
                                                                                  Bring your favorite board games!

Sunday school

We are currently preparing for our upcoming program year.
Our regular Sunday school program with two separate classes
begins on Sunday September 7.

Is God calling you into this ministry? Training is provided
and teaching one Sunday a month is the necessary availability.
Speak to Margaret for further information.

September 2008
Messiah Messenger
Church of the Messiah
50 Route 24 West
Chester, NJ 07930
(908) 879-7208
FAX 908-879-8749

Messiah Vestry
The Rev. Margaret Otterburn, Rector
Judy Kilgore (09) Sr. Warden
Diane Cardillo (10) Jr. Warden
Heather Santos Treasurer
Jackie Millard (09) Vestry
Pieter Voorhees (09) Vestry
Bernadette Russell (10) Vestry
Elaine Shoudy (10) Vestry
Jim Henkel (11) Vestry
Doug Thomson (11)
Jayne Mutascia (11)

                                                   WORSHIP SCHEDULE
                                                        8 AM &10 AM
                                         Program for children during the 10 AM service
                                           Second Sunday @ 5 begins September 14
                                Sunday, September 28, 7 PM Chants, prayers in candle-lit quiet
                                                     MID WEEK WORSHIIP
                             Monday 8am Morning Prayer, 12 noon: Noon Prayer (after Bible study)
                                      7pm Evening Prayer (before Bible study)
                             Tuesday 8am Morning Prayer
                             Wednesday 7am Holy Eucharist
                             Thursday 8am Morning Prayer
                             Holy Eucharist in the Evening can be scheduled, talk to Margaret if you wish
                                                            to have this.