WOOD BLINDS Horizontal blinds

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					Horizontal blinds are ideal for windows that are taller than they are wide and are raised and lowered. You can choose window
coverings from premium hardwoods, a blend of hardwoods and/or composite materials. A composite material is two or more
materials put together to create a new material.

WOOD BLINDS are the modern alternative to shutters. They offer a warm and inviting look to any décor, whether they are richly
stained or painted. All come with a standard decorative valance to cover the headrail, with colorful decorative fabric tape options. Get
your wood blinds with the popular no-holes option to stop light from leaking into your rooms, plus, you’ll get a tighter closure. As a
result, you’ll block more light and have better insulation. Some wooden blinds come with the option to motorize or raise them without
cords, providing even safer operation and easier operation.

COMPOSITE/FAUX WOOD BLINDS give you the best of both worlds … they have the look of luxurious real wood blinds at a price less
than wood. These blinds are made from a combination of synthetic and wood materials for added strength; they also offer easy
maintenance and care. You won’t have to worry about them warping, cracking or splitting in environments of high moisture or high
humidity. They are an ideal product for bathrooms, garage, kid’s play areas and all rooms of your home or office.