Possible Complications in Pregnancy- Family Nursing Care Plan by blissfulme

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									      CUES            HEALTH      FAMILY NSG. PROBLEM           GOALS OF CARE         OBJECTIVES OF CARE               NSG.             METHOD OF     RESOURCES        CRITERIA     STANDARD          METHOD/TOOL
                     PROBLEM                                                                                       INTERVENTION           FAMILY-      REQUIRED
SUBJECTIVE :                     I. Inability to recognize     After 5 days of        After 1 week of home
Mother               POSSIBLE    problem of the condition      home visit the         visit s the mother will:
verbalized:          COMPLI-     or problem due to:            mother will:
>”tikang han una     CATION
ko nga pagburod                  A. lack of adequate            A. Initiate plan if   A1.recognize the           >Broaden the           HOME VISIT   >material        >verbal      -expressed/     >interview
waray pa ako nag                 knowledge.                    actions with           problem/ health            knowledge of the                    resources:       feedback.    verbalized      And direct
pa prenatal                                                    regards to the         condition by:              family by                           *visual aid’s                 feelings        observation
check up kay                     B.attitude or philosophy in   health problem                                    conducting health                                                 regarding her
mahitungod han                   life which hinders            and prevent                                       education with                      >human                        health
am kapobrehan                    recognition, acceptance of    certain                                           regards to                          resources                     condition and
ngan kawarayan,                  the problem.                  complications in                                  pregnancy and                       *time and                     identified
ngan usa pa dire                                               her pregnancy.                                    discuss the                         effort of the                 herself as at
man gud ako                                                                                                      implications of the                 student nurse                 risk for
maaram na may                    II. Inability to make         B. Decide to                                      signs and                           and the                       complications
prenatal ha am                   decisions with respect to     deliver on a                                      symptoms                            mother.                       and asked
barangay amo                     taking appropriate health     birthing unit in                                  presented by the                                                  questions
dire ak maaram                   action due to:                their Barangay                                    mother                              >transportatio                with regards
kun hain                                                                                                                                             n expenses of                 to the
mapakadto.”                      A. Lack of/ inadequate                                                                                              the student                   problem
                                 knowledge of community                                                                                              nurse.
>”pero dire man                  resources for care                                   a1-a. enumerating at       >Present /discuss                                    >verbal      -stated 3       >interview
ako ma’am                                                                             least two possible         the complications                                    feedback.    possible
nakakabat hin                    III. Inability to provide                            complications of           associated with                                                   complications
maski ano labot                  adequate nursing care to                             pregnancy                  pregnancy such as:                                                of pregnancy
la han pagul-ol                  the vulnerable/ at risk
han ak ulo ngan                  member of the family due                                                        a. precipitate labor
tangkugo                         to:                                                                             b.pre eclampsia
panalagsa salit di
la ako napakadto                 A. Lack of/ inadequate                               A2.Identify health         >Inform the client                                   >complianc   -showed         >interview and direct
ha centro”                       knowledge about the                                  resources available in     about the                                            e to in-     awareness on    observation
>”an akon lima       disease/ health condition    their community.        availability of the    tervention.   the availability
na anak tanan ito                                                         health service                       of the health
hira dd ha am        B. Lack of/ inadequate                               (prenatal) in their                  service in
balay gin anak       knowledge of the nature                              barangay and                         their barangay
ngan partera la      and extent of nursing care                           present the                          by inviting
an nagpaanak ha      needed                                               benefits of these                    their
akon”                                                                     services to her                      neighbour
                     C. Inadequate family                                 condition.                           who is also
>”labot ha am        resources for care,                                                                       pregnant to
pamilya puro         specifically:                                                                             go with her
man gud normal                1.Financial                                                                      during
it panganak, salit            constraints                                                                      prenatal check
waray kabarak-                                                                                                 up
an, hereditary
ngan kina-iya                                     A2-a. Visit their BHC   >Accompany the         >complianc    -visited the   >interview and direct
han amon             IV. Failure to utilize       for prenatal check up   mother to their        e to          BHC together observation
pamilya it           community resources for                              BHC during her first   interventio   with her
panganak hin         health care due to:                                  visit for her pre-     n.            neighbour for
normal”.                                                                  natal check up                       their first
                     A. lack of/ inadequate                                                                    prenatal check
OBJECTIVE:           knowledge of community                               a. Schedule of                       up
>35 Yrs. Old         resources for health care                            Prenatal check-up:
mother of five                                                            **0-28 weeks:
(G1T4P1A1L5M0        B. failure to perceive the                           once a month
) @ 21 weeks         benefits of health                                   **29-35 weeks:
AOG, with Bp         care/services                                        once every two
140/90, with                                                              weeks
slight pedal         C. lack of inadequate                                **36-40 weeks:
edema, wt. Of        family resources,                                    once a week
118 lbs              specifically:

>income of                   1.Financial          A2-b: Enumerate at      >Present the           >verbal       -enumerated        >interview
2900/month                   resources            least 2 importance of   benefits and           feedback.     4 importance
                                                  pre-natal check-up      importance of pre                    of pre-natal
>Barangay                                   natal check up:                      check up
Health Center is
5-7 km away                                 a. benefits of
from their home                             prenatal check-up
                                            to the mother:
                                            enhance the well-
                                            being of the
                                            mother & certain
                                            complications in
                                            labor and delivery
                                            can be prevented.

                                            b. benefits of
                                            prenatal check-up
                                            to the baby: early
                                            detection of
                                            anomalies and can
                                            help monitor the
                                            growth and
                                            development of
                                            the baby.

                   A2-c.ensure that she     >Monitor the            >com-        -complied to   >record review and
                   will comply to her       record of the           pliance to   her regular    direct observation
                   regular prenatal check   mother to ensure        interven-    prenatal check
                   up                       her compliance to       tion         up
                                            her prenatal and
                                            conduct a home
                                            visit if she fails to
                                            do so.
A2-d. Cooperate on       >Present to the      >com-        -attended        >direct observation
programs in their BHC    mother the           pliance to   community
with regards to          benefits she could   interven-    assembly and
pregnancy                get from their       tion.        participate on
                         barangay such as                  activities
                         free immunization                 during health
                         and free vitamins                 education

A3.Implement health      >Conduct a health    >verbal      -planted         >interview and direct
actions on:              education and        feedback     malunggay        observation.
                         identify the                      ganas and
A3-a: nutrition/diet     alternative food                  kangkong on
                         resources found in                their back
A3-b: identify           their Barangay:                   yard
alternative foods that   a. Malunggay is
are available in their   rich in Vit. A, C,
community that has       Iron and
nutritional values       potassium.
(malunggay, kangkong     b. Kangkong is a
etc.)                    rich source of
                         magnesium, folate
                         and fiber.

A3-c:enumerate at                             >verbal      -enumerated      >interview and direct
least 2 benefits and                          feedback     3 benefits and   observation.
importance of a good                                       importance of
nutrition in pregnancy                                     good nutrition
                          >Present the                      and
                          benefits and                      pregnancy
                          importance of a
                          good nutrition in a
                          pregnant woman
                          such as:

                          a. provide
                          adequate supply of
                          nutrients to herself
                          and the growing
                          b. serves as a
                          protection against
                          certain diseases.

B1. Verbalize the roles   >discuss the           >verbal    -discussed the   >interview
of the midwives           importance and         feedback   importance of
assigned in their         availability of                   birthing unit
barangay and the          birthing unit and                 and named
benifits of delivery in   the presence of                   the midwives
the birthing units.       medical                           assigned in
                          professionals that                their barangay
                          could assist her                  and how to
                          during delivery                   contact them.
                          such as midwives.

B2. Verbalize feeling     >discuss and           >Verbal    -expressed       >interview
of desire to deliver in   elaborate the          feedback   willingness to
a birthing unit.          advantages of                     give in a
                          delivery in birthing              birthing unit.
                          unit such as:
                          1.safety and
security for both
mother and child.
2. less financial












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