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September 2004                                                              #08

        New: Swiss type lathe Cincom K12
        The next generation in speed and performance

        Precisa Trade d.o.o., our new distributor in Slovenia and Croatia

        Opening of new showroom
        in Düsseldorf
        In Autumn 2004. CMB-agent IPS Ingenieurbüro Peter Schneider
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                                                                                                                                                                                        02             Schedule of trade fairs | Imprint

                                                                                                                                                                                        03             Preface

                     Schedule of trade fairs                                                                                                                                          0405             new machine K12

                                                                                                                                                                                      0607             agent IPS Schneider | EU-expansion precisa

                                                                                                                                                                                      0809             Portrait of company Stryker, Medical technology

                                                                                                                                                                                      1011             Portrait of company C. Zeiss, Jena
                     September                            14.-18.09.2004
                                                                              Czech. rep.
                                                                                                   AMB, Stuttgart
                                                                                                   MSV, Brünn                                                                         1213             Citizen-Boley online | Award for R04
                                                          21.-23.09.2004      U.K.                 Open house exhibition,
                                                                                                   N.C. Engineering Ltd.     Preface                                                  1415             Portrait of company DP Engineering

                                                          21.-25.09.2004      Belgium
                                                                                                   Bushey WD 23 2DA
                                                                                                   STI, Gand                                                                          1617             Grant of vocational training | News about eccentric turning
                                                                                                   Tatef, Istanbul
                                                                                                   Micronora, Besancon                                                                1819             Sponsoring GVD | Cooperation with Sandvik

                                                                                                                                                                                      2021             Product range
                     October                              01.-06.10.2004
                                                                                                   Bimu, Milano
                                                                                                   Maquitec, Barcelona
                                                                                                   Machine Tools,
                                                                                                                                                                                      2223             Distribution network in Europe and Germany

                                                          25.-29.10.2004      France               Vimexpo, Woincourt
                                                          27.-29.10.2004      Denmark              Hausausstellung
                                                                                                   AVN Maskin AS
                                                                                                   5250 Odense
                                                                                                                             Dear reader,                                             We introduce our new colour scheme on the
                                                                                                                                                                                      K-series on page 4. We expect these colours to be
                     November                             16.-20.11.2004      Switzerland          Prodex, Basel             Speaking in Olympic terms, the year 2004 is about to     a real eye catcher. On the one hand, the new colours
                                                                                                                             turn into the home straight. It started with optimism,   shall symbolise the reference to technology and on
                                                                                                                             pushed well into the first bend and showed some          the other hand they shall emphasise the value of our
                                                                                                                             hesitation in the back straight.                         products.
                                                                                                                             For the final straight, no relaxing is expected,
                                                                                                                             particularly since the AMB Stuttgart show will           Some further developments have also been made
                                                                                                                             undoubtedly stimulate activity.                          within our company. Now the whole company is
                                                                                                                                                                                      ISO 9001 certified, which applies to the application
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                                                              September 2004
                                                                                                                                                                                      Your CMB team
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                                                                     More speed and power
                                                                     Compared to the B series, the turning length has
                                                                                                                              WORK AREA K12
                                                                     been extended from 135 to 200 mm for the same
                                                                     turning diameter of 12 mm. Moreover, the perfor-
                                                                     mance and the speed of the main spindle drive are
                                                                     considerably higher with 2.2/3.7 kW and 15,000 rpm,
                                                                     respectively. The same applies to the back spindle.
                                                                     Its AC motor now has a performance of 0.55/1.1 kW
                                                                     for speeds up to 10,000 rpm. Apart from this, the high

               New:                                                  rapid traverse rates guarantee extremely short idle
                                                                     times. The feed rates of the X1 and Y1 axes have

               Swiss-type                                            been increased from 21 to 34 m/min and those of the
                                                                     Z1 and Z2 axes from 15 to 32 m/min. Moreover, the

               automatic lathe                                       X2 axis can be moved at a rate of 32 m/min on
                                                                     machine model K 12-VII.

               Cincom K 12                                           Tools for complete machining
                                                                     Due to the new tooling system with servo drive,
                                                                     the K 12 is the fastest Swiss-type automatic lathe of
               The successor model to the B series:                  its class. Up to eight turning tools and four rotary
               compact, fast, versatile and with                     tools (0.4 kW/6,000 rpm) and four drilling tools for
               convincing cost-benefit ratio                         front machining and four for back machining as well
                                                                     as the back spindle enable outstanding machining
                                                                     possibilities even for complex workpieces.

               The outstanding feature "Efficiency on a minimum      Compact and easy to operate
               of space" makes the B series a real alternative       The space requirements of only 1.56 m show the
               compared with automatic cam lathes for hundreds       compact construction of the new machine. All
               of users all over the world and thus prepares the     controls are clearly arranged and easy to reach.
               ground for economical machining of complex turned     Service parts and maintenance points can be easily
               parts. Based on the practical experience and on       reached from all sides and the folding cover ensures
               inhouse research, this successful concept has been    the easy access to the working range. The control
               reviewed and adapted to the market demands of the     unit used is a Fanuc 31i.
               future by the newly offered K 12 lathe.

               Various design improvements
               It goes without saying that the latest technical
               knowledge and ergonomical aspects have been
               taken into account during the design of the K 12.
               For our customers, however, the decisive aspect is
               the fact that our well-known high performance and
               quality standards have also been applied to this
               new development. This will enable the economical
               and above all market-oriented use of this precision
                                                                                                                              CITIZEN CINCOM K12 WITH NEW COLOUR CONCEPT
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               Our base on                                                                                                        precisa
               the rivers                                                                                                         Trade d.o.o.,
               Rhine and Ruhr                                           OPENING OF NEW SHOWROOM IN DÜSSELDORF IS
                                                                        PLANNED IN AUTUMN 2004                                    Ljubljana                                                 THE MANAGEMENT TEAM

                                                                       (Scherer-Feinbau), some of them already for more                                                                     The management team is proud of ten successful years in Austria
               CMB representative: IPS                                 than ten years.                                            our representation in Slovenia and                        (from the left to the right): Mrs. Phyllis Novacek, Managing Clerk
               Ingenieurbüro Peter Schneider,                                                                                     Croatia since January 1st 2004                            and up to 2003, also Manager of precisa CNC Werkzeug-
               Düsseldorf (Germany)                                    Mrs. Beate Schneider controls all the activities from                                                                maschinen GmbH Vienna; Mr. J. Riecker, Manager of the
                                                                       the central office in Düsseldorf, Germany. The office                                                                Hommel group, Mrs. Ulrike Kreinig, Manager of precisa CNC
                                                                       is located on the motorway A59, near the motorway                                                                    Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh in Vienna up to 2003 and of Precisa
                                                                       intersection "Hilden" and thus is easily reached by                                                                  CNC Trade d.o.o. in Ljubljana, Mr. Klaus Kreinig, Managing Clerk
                                                                       car. This favourable location as regards transport                                                                   and Sales Manager of precisa CNC Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
                                                                       facilities will even become more important when                                                                      up to 2003 and of Precisa CNC Trade d.o.o., Mr. Anton Köller and
               Since August of last year, the company IPS is our       CMB will open a demonstration room in immediate            The company precisa CNC Werkzeugmaschinen                 Mrs. Sabine Wanko, Managers of precisa CNC Werkzeug-
               regional representation in parts of Northrhine-         proximity to the office in the course of this year. With   GmbH in Vienna, a member of the Hommel group              maschinen GmbH Vienna since 2003
               Westphalia and Lower Saxony. Peter Schneider            its favourable location and its machine equipment,         Germany (a business enterprise of ThyssenKrupp
               attends to the ZIP code regions 40 to 47 from           this demonstration room will help decisively to            Services) has been established as a machine tool          Six employees attend to the Slovenian and Croatian
               Düsseldorf, while Cologne-based Robert Becker is in     demonstrate the benefits of our products in the            distribution company in Austria for more than ten         customers. Apart from their good expertise, their
               charge of the ZIP code regions 50 to 53 and 57 to 59.   machining process to prospects from Rhine and              years. Due to the good relations with the eastern         language and geographical knowledge facilitate the
               Both of them have learned the basics of metal cut-      Ruhr.                                                      neighbouring countries, the distribution activities       relations with the customers. This is important
               ting during their apprenticeship and they have exten-                                                              have been extended to the neighbouring countries          because the Slovenian or Croatian customers expect
               ded and deepened their knowledge by their studies                                                                  Slovenia, Croatia and Yugoslavia and they have been       the same service from their suppliers as the German
               of mechanical engineering. Afterwards, they could                                                                  reorganized in 1995 by establishing the precisa CNC       or Austrian customers. This especially applies to the
               put their knowledge into practice as sales engineers                                                               Trade d.o.o. in Ljubljana (SI). Based on the success-     automobile industry and to its suppliers. In this
               for machine tools and technical components. Well-                                                                  ful work of the staff on site and on the support by the   important industrial branch, the precisa CNC Trade
               known manufacturers who have assigned the                                                                          colleagues from the parent company in Vienna, the         d.o.o. has been introduced very well. For instance,
               distribution of their products to the company prove                                                                business enterprise has quickly developed to the          more than twenty highly complex multiple-spindle
               the success of Peter Schneider and Robert Becker.                                                                  leading supplier for die and mould making industry        automatic lathes have been installed in the course of
               Among other machines, the sales program comprises                                                                  and for metal cutting industry.                           the last years and the management of precisa CNC
               vertical machining centers (Hedelius), high-speed                                                                                                                            Trade proudly refers to the fact that most machining
               milling machines (Röders) and vertical lathes            PETER SCHNEIDER                                                                                                     centers in Slovenia have been supplied by their
                                                                                                                                                                                            business enterprise.
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                                                           Worldwide, Stryker Corporation, Kalamazoo/USA is
                                                           one of the leading manufacturers of orthopaedic and                                                              The T2 nail is one
                                                           medicotechnical equipment. The company founded                                                                   of the most important
                                                           in 1941 has about 14,000 employees and has repre-                                                                products made by
                                                           sentations in 80 countries. Approximately 80 percent                                                             Stryker Trauma.
                                                           of the annual turnover of $ 3.6 billion come from the
                                                           orthopaedic implant and instrument markets. Among
                                                           the 17 production facilities, Stryker Trauma GmbH in
                                                           Schönkirchen near Kiel/Germany ist the competence

                         Stryker Trauma:                   center for intramedullary care of fractures.
                                                           The advanced plant develops and manufactures

                         100 years                         implants and instruments mainly for emergency
                                                           surgery. With its main products, nail systems which

                         devoted to                        can be implanted in the marrow for tubular bone
                                                           traumas, the company is the worldwide market lea-

                         health                            der. The systems for internally fixing bone fractures
                                                           consist of locking nails, bone screws and instruments
                                                           for implantation and explantation.
                                                                                                                                                                            In three shifts, these machines produce finished
                                                                                                                                                                            screws of different shapes from bar stock, including
                                                                                                                                                                            the machining processes thread whirling and sha-
                         Cincom automatic lathes produce   Products with special demands                                                                                    ping the hexagon socket. These processes must also
                         high-quality bone screws          On the average, every 2.7 minutes an intramedullary                                                              run with high reliability at the weekends in unman-
                                                           nail of Stryker Trauma is inserted, worldwide. This                                                              ned 14-hours operation.
                                                           implant which has been developed in Kiel as early as                                                             During this operation, the machines are protected by
                                                           1938 by the company founders Dr. Pohl and the phy-                                                               fire extinguishing devices for machining titanium.
                                                           sician Prof. Küntscher must be fixed within the bone                                                             Stryker sees considerable optimizing potential espe-
                                                           and be firmly joined with it. For this purpose, screws                                                           cially for this material - e.g. as regards the cutting
                                                           are needed which have been designed under                 T2-NAIL                                                speeds. A success has also been achieved for the
                                                           physiological considerations and not according to                                                                set-up times which depend largely on screw shape
                                                           standards. For bone screws, e.g., metric and inch-                                                               and material. Thus, the time which previouly had
                                                           measure screw threads are not suited at all. To meet     Manufacturing cells as a company                        been half an hour could be reduced considerably.
                                                           the most important demands from both the medical         within the company                                      For the near future, changing times of less than one
                                                           and the technical point of view, Stryker Trauma has      This can only be achieved by dividing the total         minute are striven for. Thanks to the determination
                                                           developed special unsymmetrical threads with trape-      production in six self-sufficient manufacturing cells   and the know-how of all persons involved, this goal
                         CINCOM M16                        zoid-like thread profiles and a concave flank. Every     with 30 to 80 employees each. One of these cells is     seems to be achievable before long, despite the
                                                           year, approximately 900,000 of such screws with a        the screw cell. Here, all Stryker bone screws and       respective organizational alterations. - Our Swiss-
    The bone screws                                        diameter of 3 to 12 mm and a length of 20 to 130 mm      fasteners are produced. The manufacturing cell is       type automatic lathes are the optimum basis, as far
made of titanium and                                       are produced in Kiel. Here, special steel and titanium   responsible for quality, service, stocks, costs an      as the technical aspect is concerned.
     special steel are                                     used as raw materials as well as the market situation    continuous improvements.
   completely manu-                                        make high demands on the company from Kiel in
factured with Cincom                                       order to be able to deliver these advanced high-         Controlled turning with Cincom M16
     M16 Swiss-type                                        quality products very quickly and at low cost.           Apart from qualified and highly motivated employees,
    automatic lathes.                                                                                               a reliable machine fleet with extensively automated
                                                                                                                    production sequences is the prerequisite for cost
                                                                                                                    reduction and the quick response to market demands.
                                                                                                                    According to Stryker, the five Cincom M16 Swiss-
                                                                                                                    type automatic lathes used in the screw cell fulfill
                                                                                                                    completely the demands on manufacturing enginee-
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                                                                 When Carl Zeiss opened his precision mechanics
                                                                 workshop in Jena (Germany) in 1846, he could not
                                                                 anticipate that an industrial company of world-wide
                                                                 reputation would develop from this workshop and
                                                                 from the co-operation with Ernst Abbe which began
                                                                 in 1866. The Zeiss works which had been divided in
                                                                 an eastern and a western company have been
                                                                 re-united after the re-unification and the Carl Zeiss

                        Carl Zeiss                               Jena GmbH has become a part of the Carl Zeiss

                        Jena GmbH:                               In Jena, all stages of business activities of the area

                        world-wide                               Advanced Imaging Microscopy and of the opto-
                                                                 electronic systems (display technologies, spectral
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Workpiece spectrum
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              from the production

                        leading in                               sensorics, planetaria and others) are managed.
                                                                 Nearly 20 percent of the approx. 1300 employees are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              range "Turning area"

                        professional                             working in R & D. This is far above the industry
                                                                 average and at the same time top within the Carl

                        optics                                   Zeiss group. More than 40 % of the sales are
                                                                 achieved with products which are not older than
                                                                 three years.

                        Involved: Boley automatic turret lathe   Especially in the digital projector and TV businesses,
                                                                 new products are launched in ever shorter intervals.     Based on the good experiences with the Boley BKN          and automatic lathes in the turning area can be
                                                                 This leads to a constraint of ever shorter time limits   and Duo machines which have been used since 1993,         operated by only two persons per shift.
                                                                 for the production which also has increasingly to        Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH decided on model BE 42,
                                                                 compete with the Asian market. The increased             partly because of its short delivery time. Moreover,      Decisive criterion: service
                                                                 investment in latest technologies and automated          the compact machine structure is favourable for the       When evaluating the supplier's performance,
                                                                 processes is intended to face the Asian locational       planners because there is little available space          Dietmar Bauer and his staff regard service as a
                                                                 advantage as regards labour cost. It is targeted to      within the turning shop.                                  decisive factor, apart from the machine performance
       Dietmar Bauer,                                            maintain the position as the top supplier for the Carl                                                             and reliability with high workpiece quality. In case of
          Production/                                            Zeiss group and thus to secure the Jena location.        Efficiency > 90 percent                                   troubles, which cannot be removed via the service
          Mechanics/                                                                                                      The high machine efficiency is characteristic of the      hotline (online), a technician must be on site after
    Surface Manager                                              Production line "Digital Isle"                           productivity in the Jena works. E.g., the efficiency of   24 hours at the latest and remove the defect - this is
                                                                 A modern machine fleet is the prerequisite for the       the seven years old Boley Duo is 23,444 working           a demand, all suppliers must come up to.
                                                                 on-time and cost-efficient production. To achieve        hours, that is an average of 3,350 working hours/year.
                                                                 optimum performance from the machines, Zeiss has         Dietmar Bauer, the Production/Mechanics/Surface
                                                                 installed the production line "Digital Isle", where      Manager, aims at an average efficiency per year of
                                                                 "Digital" stands for digital projectors. In this isle,   at least 90 percent for the whole metal-cutting
                                                                 which is divided in turning and milling areas, all       production. Apart from qualified and motivated
                                                                 machining processes are combined - from the              employees, extensively automated production
                                                                 charging of the stock to the final quality inspection    processes, machines with loading magazines and the
                                                                 and documentation of the finished products. Since        24-hour-operation are necessary to achieve such an
                                                                 May and June of this year, two Boley turret lathes       efficiency. Due to the high automation degree and
                                                                 BE 42 are important production means for machining.      the detailed process organization, the seven lathes
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                                                                          Our R04 wins
                 The information portal of Citizen
                 Machinery & Boley GmbH
                 Around the clock info on machines,
                 accessories, fair dates, contacts,
                 multimedia and press releases.                           Award for the cost-benefit ratio of machining
                                                                          ultra-small components

                                                                          On the occasion of the Mach 2004 machine tool
                                            exhibition in Birmingham, the Managing Director of
                                                                          NC Engineering Limited, our representation in UK,
                                                                          received the "International Machine Tool Industry
                                                                          Award". He won this coveted award for the Cincom
                                                                          R04, the best and most recommended machine in the
                                                                          "Turning" category.                                                                                             Geoff Bryant, (at the
                                                                                                                                                                                          left) Managing
                                                                          Our sliding-head automatic lathe sets new standards                                                             Director of NC
                                                                          for the high-precision machining of workpieces of up                                                            Engineering Ltd.,
                                          to 4 mm diameter. This is proved by more than 250                                                               receives the award
                                                                          machines sold since the market launch in 2001. The                                                              sponsored by the
                                             Direct access to tool        machine concept and the benefits for the users                                                                  trade and technical
                                             holder database              resulting from it have also convinced the jury when                                                             journal
                                             Technical info and online-   awarding the Highly commended Award in the                                                                      “Metalworking
                                             ordering system.             "Best Machine Tool - Turning" category to the R04, on                                                           Production“ by Editor
                                                                          the occasion of the Mach 2004. According to the ten                                                             Roger Wosley
                                                                          judges drawn from industry, science and journalism,
                                                                          the compact machine design, the tooling system and
                                                                          the cost-benefit ratio are the most convincing advan-   that of a cam controlled automatic lathe was
                                                                          tages of the R04, compared to other makes. More-        33.8 seconds - with the same speeds and feedrates.
                                           over, the linear drives, the measuring system and the   As a next step, the cutting data of the R04 were
                                                                          ceramic spindle bearings have been mentioned parti-     optimized; based on this and by using the advantage
                                             Direct access to used        cularly in the detailed statement.                      of the NC control, the cycle time could be reduced to
                                             machinery database                                                                   19 seconds. This means a massive time saving of
                                             Info on latest offers and    Among others, the results of the machining of a         44 percent, compared to the cam controlled automa-
                                             accessories.                 watch gear were decisive for the excellent judging.     tic lathe.
                                                                          The cycle time of the R04 was 30 seconds whereas
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                                            T he manufacturer of precision parts thinks to be
                                            well prepared for worldwide competition, with its
                                            new machine shop, capital invested in new machi-
                                            nes and quality assurance measures, further
                                            employees and additional service.

                                            The headquarters of the company DP Engineering
                                            are located in Redruth/Cornwall, one of the most
                                            picturesque parts of the UK. As a manufacturer of

              DP Engineering                precision parts, DP Engineering supplies customers
                                            from aerospace, military, telecommunications, medi-

              in GB-Redruth,                cal, leisure, power supply and jewellery industries.
                                            This core business - the single-cycle machining of

              Cornwall                      parts with diameters of up to 32 mm - is mainly reali-
                                            zed by the performance and quality of seven Citizen
                                            sliding-head automatic lathes.

              Supplier of precision parts   Prepared for global competition
              relies on Citizen             "Fighting prices with Far East and European competi-
                                            tors is still difficult. But we are pleased to notice that
                                            more and more customers regard and assess an
                                            order as a whole. As soon as all factors influencing
                                            the final result - from planning via purchase lead
                                            time up to documented quality - are properly weigh-
                                            ted, we can demonstrate our strength." This is how            DP ENGINEERING MACHINE SHOP

                                            David Proctor, managing director of DP Engineering,
                                            describes the market situation and the chances of            Sliding-head automatic lathes                           Investing in the future
                                            closer customer relationship resulting from it. Today,       ensure flexibility and quality                          With the latest investment, a CNC measuring and
                                            these customers are demanding prompt delivery,               Five of the seven Citizen machines are also used        testing instrument, small and even the smallest
                                            even if the batch sizes are constantly getting smaller       during the night shift to machine nonferrous metals,    workpieces can now automatically be checked.
                                            and the product life times are constantly getting            stainless steels as well as special steels for aero-    This enables the quality to be checked and to be
                                            shorter. The standard batch size at DP Engineering is        space industry. Above all, the M32 is advantageous      documented and saved for tracing purposes, upon
                                            3,000 parts per batch, it can vary, however, between         for these machining tasks. Due to its thirteen axes,    request. However, competent and motivated
                                            "a handful" and 200,000 pieces. As approx. 80 percent        the simultaneous use of three tools and additional      employees are the prerequisite to be able to monitor
                                            of the orders are repeated five to six times a year,         processes such as finish milling and internal thread    the turning process chain completely and to evaluate
                                            DP Engineering can adopt a stock supply arrange-             whirling, machining tasks can be performed in one       its effects. This is why David Proctor emphasizes
                                            ment enabling parts to be manufactured for the               set-up. This was not possible with the platen type      increasingly the importance of the training of young
                                            customer in specific quantities upon demand. For             machines, which have been used earlier.                 people. As far as service is concerned, he is already
                                            this purpose, workpieces are grouped which can be            "As compared to that, we could halve the cycle          working on the next project, the all-around atten
                                            produced from bars of the same diameter. Simplified          times", David Proctor sums up and hints at another      dance to customers, including merchandise move-
                                            stockkeeping and the reduction of change times               advantage. "As complete machining is done in one        ment to and from the customer and parts supply
                                            make it easier to smooth out production peaks;               set-up, idle and set-up times are eliminated, quality   according to the kanban principle.
                                            moreover, the costs can be reduced considerably,             is improved and the space for stockkeeping and
                                            even if more material must be removed during the             material's supply in the surroundings of the machine
                                            cycle time.                                                  is reduced considerably.
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                                                                       Ulrich Maurer, headmaster of the
                                                                       “beruflichen Schulen Spaichingen”
                                                                       (second on the left side) takes over
                                                                       the B12, handed over from Oliver
                                                                       Haas, managing director of the
                                                                       Haas Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH,
                                                                       our agent in Villingen-Schwenningen
                                                                       (aside him on the right side)


                                                                                                                                   News                                                                              Our new eccentric

                                                                                                                                   about eccentric                                                                   turning solution has
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     given proof of its

                                                                       modern turning products are needed. In most cases,          turning                                                                           practical suitability

                Applied                                                the necessary means are missing to keep the trai-
                                                                       ning facilities up to date.
                                                                                                                                   Eccentric drilling in
                promotion of                                           We see it as an important task to support the training      an economical way
                                                                                                                                                           I nterpolation of X, Y and C axes! This is the sugges-
                vocational                                             facilities as far as possible, here. So we have
                                                                       provided the vocational school of Spaichingen with                                  tion of our application engineers concerning eccen-

                training                                               a Swiss-type automatic lathe Cincom B12 by way of
                                                                       loan in March of this year, together with the
                                                                       company Haas, our representation in Villingen-
                                                                                                                                                           tric turning. This simple and economical solution
                                                                                                                                                           applies to all machines of the M, C and L series.
                                                                                                                                                           Previous time-consuming and expensive solutions
                                                                       Schwenningen. Its equipment has been completed                                      with eccentric collets or milling interpolation are no
                Vocational school gets B12                             by a bar loader of the company Iemca, clamping                                      longer needed. Our new control function facilitates
                                                                       accessories of the company Schlenker and a Zoller                                   eccentric turning substantially. First tests have
                                                                       presetting and measuring instrument which has been                                  proved that the surface quality is excellent and that
                                                                       donated by the community safeguarding the interests                                 out-of-roundness is max. 4 to 5 µm.
                                                                       of the vocational schools of Spaichingen. At the end                                For further information, please contact our appli-
               The metal cutting mechanics to be, specializing in      of this year, a L 20-VIII will substitute the B 12. Then,                           cation technology department.
               the field of turning technology, receive practical      the vocational school Spaichingen will reside in their
               training in the companies where they serve their        new buildings and our 5 axis machine will be availa-
               apprenticeship. At the vocational school, the second    ble for training and educational purposes in motiva-
               branch of the dual training system, they are then       ting surroundings and will enable the apprentices to
               taught comprehensively in technical theory. But also    get an insight into the versatile and very interesting
               this part of the vocational training must be deepened   field of the production of turned parts.
               by practical demonstrations and checked for its
               effects on economical production. For this purpose,
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                                                                     Joint education initiative

              United we                                              The CMB attaches great importance to the support
                                                                     and promotion of the versatile GVD initiatives,

              achieve more:                                          especially in the fields of education & training.
                                                                     Next to financial support, the special involvement

              GVD                                                    focuses on information in and about the occupational
                                                                     image „cutting mechanic“. Among others, this              Sandvik Coromant +
              CMB supports the GVD Gemeinnützige
                                                                     includes e.g. the in-house exhibitions at our repre-
                                                                     sentative, i.e. Messrs Haas in VS-Schwenningen,           Citizen Machinery & Boley =
              Vereinigung der Drehteilehersteller e.V.
                                                                     which provides the apprentices and trainees an
                                                                     actual insight into turning technologies. On the
                                                                     occasion of the last event, more than 50 cutting
                                                                                                                               More benefits for the customer
                                                                     mechanics specializing on automated-machine
                                                                     turning technology from the Berufliche Schulen            The world-wide market leader for Swiss-type automatic lathes
              With their 160 members, the „Gemeinnützige             (vocational schools) in Spaichingen were made             and cutting tools bundle up their competences
              Vereinigung der Drehteilehersteller e.V.“ (GVD)        familiar with economical solutions to various turning
              has been the largest pressure group of the cutting     tasks. But also in the regional education & training
              industry in the Southwest of Germany and beyond        centres we exhibit our machines in the frame of           Since 2004, our company has a close co-operation
              for 30 years now. One of the main tasks of the         information days in order that the professional “off-     with the tool and carbide specialist Sandvik
              association aims at the safeguard of this industry     spring” may regularly keep themselves informed            Coromant. This enables us to offer even more safety
              sector's future. Citizen Machinery & Boley seconds     about new developments. It goes without saying            and rentability in the turning process chain to our
              this notion.                                           that the comprehensive offer of information also          customers.
                                                                     addresses to trainers and instructors. Both the
              Strong turned-part manufacturers                       specialists of Messrs Haas and the specialists in         The Swedish Sandvik group is the number one of the
              The GVD does not only form a strong community          our Technology Centre in Esslingen stay in close          tool suppliers for metal cutting production world-
              because they have their headquarters in the middle     contact and guarantee a continuous information            wide. Among its complete offer, the "turning" product
              of one of the biggest turned part centres in Europe,   flow and exchange of experiences.                         range proves by the widely spread offer of general
              but above all as the program - geared to the real                                                                turning tools, cut-off and recessing tools, tools for    Proof of performance in theory and practice
              requirements of the sector - is being used and lived   Don't only talk but act                                   threading on a lathe and for heavy-duty cutting.         At the company headquarters in Sandviken/Sweden,
              by each single member. The spectrum of subjects is     Much is talked about the education system in our          Moreover, holders of different types are offered for     there is a technology center for imparting of know-
              widely diversified and basically comprises             republic. But clever slogans and more or less practi-     Swiss-type automatic lathes and multiple-spindle         ledge and for the training of the key customers from
                    Education and advanced training                  cable suggestions do not really help all of us on.        automatic machines.                                      all over the world. For practical training, our Swiss-
                    Joint sales and fair activities                  What is needed are the “doers” who put themselves                                                                  type automatic lathe L20-VIII is used. Our demon-
                    Technology transfer and know-how                 out in order to safeguard the future of their branch of   Machine and tool know-how                                stration centers in Düsseldorf and Schwenningen
                    management                                       trade and locations despite political and economical      Now, our customers may widely benefit from the           assume a similar task for Germany. As we are
                    Purchase advantages through joint procurement    contrarieties. One of these „doers“ is the GVD which      enormous experiences of the metal cutting specia-        convinced that rentability and effectiveness are of
                    of investment goods and materials                was able to increase the number of trainees in the        lists and the latest knowledge and developments for      high importance not only for turning but also for
                    Continuous exchange of information and           fields of “cutting mechanic” by 250 % through their       hardware production. Combining these benefits            training, we are developing an extensive training
                    experiences                                      apprentice offensive having been practiced since          with the CMB know-how and the well-known perfor-         concept which delivers the whole information in a
                    Representation of interests of the branch        2000. As we at Citizen Machinery & Boley are              mance and reliability of our machines, outstanding       practice-oriented way and in the shortest possible
                    in politics and economy                          convinced of the objectives and targets of this           possibilities for optimizing turning tasks will become   time, taking the different degrees of knowledge
              In view of these objectives, the GVD is not a trade    association, we continue to be involved in converting     obvious even in the pre-planning stage.                  into consideration. Thus, the technical and economi-
              association in the classical sense but a vivid and     such objectives into results - both financially and                                                                cal potential of machines and tools can be used to
              lively community which comes from praxis and           ideationally i.e. nonmaterially - so that we may be                                                                manufacture competitive products.
              works for praxis. Consequentially, only persons are    considered one of the main sponsors of the GVD
              working in the boards of the association who are       even in the future.
              integrated in the daily business of this branch of
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 Cincom-Swiss type lathes                                                                                                             Boley-CNC turret lathes
 Modular design for machining of simple and complex parts up to 32 mm diameter                                                         For machining of parts up to 42 mm diameter
 Less maintenance due to elimination of hydraulic and pneumatic components                                                             Main and back spindle, 12-stations-turret (BC20: linear tool post)
 Digital AC drive technology                                                                                                           C-axis on main spindle, Less maintenance due to elimination of
 Mitsubishi control system (R04 and K12: Fanuc)                                                                                        hydraulic and pneumatic components, Mitsubishi control system
 Electronic hand wheel as standard                                                                                                     Electronic hand wheel as standard

Cincom R04-I/VI                                 Cincom K 12-VI/VII                         Cincom C16-VIE/C16-VII/C16-IX                                                        Boley BC 20-VI                            Boley BC 32/42/42-X2

5/6 axes, 10/13 tools (incl. 2 rotary tools),   Compact, fast, 32 m/min rapid feeds,       4/5/7 axes, max. 22 tools (up to 10                                                  5 axes, 15 tools, max 10.000 rpm,         1 turret, 3/4 axes, 12+α tools,
max. 16.000 rpm, R04-VI with sub spindle,       4/5 axes, max. 18 tools (incl. 4 rotary    driven tools possible), max. 10.000 rpm,                                             simultaneous machining, high precision,   max. 8.000/6.000 rpm, additional X2 axis
linear motors, glass scales, simultaneous       tools), 15.000 rpm on main spindle,        compact, modular construction,                                                       fast efficient operation, user-friendly   on BC42-X2, fast due to superimposed
machining with 3 tools possible,                simultaneous machining, simple             simultaneous machining with 3 tools                                                  control                                   functions, one-hit machining of complex
extremely fast machining of high                operation, machining of simple and         possible, simple operation, machining                                                                                          parts, driven tools on all turret stations,
precision parts up to 4 mm dia                  complex parts                              of complex parts                                                                                                               max. 4 tools per turret station

Cincom L 20-VIII                                Cincom L32-VII                             Cincom M16-III/M16-V/M32-III/M32-V         Cincom C32-VIII                                                                     Boley BE 42/BE 42-Y

5 axes, max. 21 tools (up to 10 driven          5 axes, max. 22 tools (up to 7 driven      7/8 axes, 3 tool systems: vertical tool    6 axes, max. 18 tools, 2 tool systems,                                              2 turrets, 7 axes, 24+α tools,
tools), max. 10.000 rpm, simultaneous           tools), max. 8.000 rpm, for complete       holder, turret, drilling station;          simultaneous machining with 3 tools                                                 max. 8.000 rpm, bar and chuck work,
front and back machining,                       machining of complex parts in large        22+α tools, max. 10.000/8.000 rpm,         possible, extensive standard equipment,                                             simultaneous machining with max.
good accessibility                              batches, slant bed configuration reduces   independent operations on front and        ideal for heavy cutting                                                             3 tools possible. Version with Y-axis
                                                footprint and aids swarf removal           back, simultaneous machining with                                                                                              on turret 1 available
                                                                                           2 tools on one spindle, extensive range
                                                                                           of standard equipment
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               Our distribution network                                                                                          Our distribution network
               in Europe                                                                                                         in Germany

               BELGIUM                         NETHERLANDS                           SLOVENIA / CROATIA                          Sales Manager:                                         DÜSSELDORF
                                                                                                                                 Willi Gollmer
               Cybun s.a.                      Gelderblom BV                         Precisa CNC Trade d.o.o.
               Avenue du Roi Chevalier 17      Maarssenbroeksedijk 9                          ˇ
                                                                                     Knezov Stradon 84
               1200 Bruxelles                  3542 DL Utrecht                       1000 Ljubliana                              Area 1, Mr. Dippmann
               Phone +32-42 57 56 20           Phone +31-30-2 41 25 41               Phone 00 3 86-1-4 28 02 22
               Fax +32-42 57 74 50
                                               Fax +31-30-2 41 19 48
                                                                                     Fax 00 3 86-1-4 28 02 23
                                                                                     e-mail office @
                                                                                                                                 07 11/39 06-1 27
                                                                                                                                 BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG SOUTH                                                       1                3
                                                                                                                                 Haas Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
                                                                                                                                 Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 16                CENTRE FOR TECH-
               DENMARK                         NORWAY                                SPAIN / PORTUGAL                            78052 Villingen-Schwenningen            NOLOGY ESSLINGEN
                                                                                                                                 Phone 0 77 21/9 55 90
               A-V-N Maskin AS
               Hvidkaervej 41
               5250 Odense SV
                                               Olav Bruborgsvei 27
                                               1396 Billingstad
                                               Phone +47-66-84 80 69
                                                                                     PRODECO, S.L
                                                                                     Avenida del Vallés 34
                                                                                     Zona Industrial Sur
                                                                                                                                 Fax 0 77 21/95 59 55
               Phone +45-63-17 17 11
               Fax +45-63-17 17 41
                                               Fax +47-66-84 81 22
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                                                                                     Fax +34-93-8 45 49 71
                                                                                                                                 NORTH-RHINE WESTPHALIA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   1                                        SHOWROOM
                                                                                                                                 (POSTAL CODE 4/5)
                                               AUSTRIA                                                                           LOWER SAXONY (POSTAL CODE 49)
               FINLAND                                                               CZECH REPUBLIC                              IPS Ingenieurbüro Peter Schneider       Area 3, Mr. Baumann
                                               CNC Profi Maschinen Handels-Ges.mbH
               SEM Comp OY                     Ernstbrunnerstraße 31                 CNC invest, s.r.o.                          Carlo-Schmid-Str. 72                    07 11/ 39 06-122
                                               2000 Stockerau                        ˇ
                                                                                     Cernokostelecká 118                         40595 Düsseldorf
               Paloankaantie 6
               40351 Jyväskylä                 Phone +43-22 66-6 77 40               10814 Praha 10                              Phone 0211/25 29 42                     BAVARIA NORTH
                                               Fax +43-22 66-6 77 41                 Phone +420-272-701327                       Fax 0211/28 18 54
               Phone +3 58-424-892202                                                                                                                                    Berner & Straller GmbH
                                               e-mail             Fax +420-272-701306                         e-mail
               Fax +3 58-424-892211                                                                                                                                      Wörnitzstraße 117                                                       SHOWROOM
               e-mail                       e-mail                    Cologne office                          90449 Nürnberg                                                          VS-VILLINGEN
                                                                                                      Robert Becker                           Phone 09 11/6 70 94-0
                                                                                                                                 Ringstr. 7                              Fax 09 11/6 70 94-60
               FRANCE                          POLAND                                                                            50765 Köln                              e-mail       BERLIN/BRANDENBURG/
                                                                                     TURKEY                                      Phone 0211/5 90 74 33                                                             SAXONY-ANHALT (POSTAL CODE 39)
               Hestika France S.A.S.           Metal Team SP. z.o.o.
                                                                                                                                 Fax 0211/5 90 74 66                                                               MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN
               5, Avenue Joffre                Ul Unii Lubelskiej 5                  temsan
                                                                                                                                 e-mail          BAVARIA SOUTH                             (POSTAL CODE 17)
               94160 St. Mandé                 35-016 Rzeszow                                   ¸                         ¸TI.
                                                                                     Makine dis ticaret ve Pazarlama LTD. S
               Phone +33-1-43 28 45 18         Phone +48-17-8 52 0148                  ¸la
                                                                                     Kis Cad. No. 105/20                                                                 Berner & Straller GmbH                    Männert & Sprenger
               Fax +33-1-49 57 07 98           Fax +48-17-8 52 52 21                                ˘
                                                                                     Kat: 2 Hekimoglu Plaza                                                              Geyerstraße 26                            Sebnitzer Weg 2
                                               e-mail           Topçular - Istanbul                         Area 2, Mr. Westphal                                                              12355 Berlin
               e-mail                                                                                                                              80469 München
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                                               SWEDEN                                e-mail             WÜRTTEMBERG NORTH                       e-mail        e-mail
               ITALY                           Berndt Hintze Maskin AB
               Sirma S.p.A.                    Box 8107                                                                          Reinhard Rabel
                                                                                                                                 Industrie-Technologie                   HESSE                                     LOWER SAXONY/NORTH-RHINE
               Via Alessandria, 41/a           Garpenbergsgatan 2
                                                                                     UNITED KINGDOM                              Heinrich-Heine-Straße 15                                                          WESTPHALIA (POSTAL CODE 32/33)
               10098 Rivoli (TO)               16308 Spånga                                                                                                              Christoph Heck Industrievertretung
               Phone +39-011-9 58 80 82        Phone +46-8-7 60 41 00                N.C. Engineering Ltd.                       73037 Göppingen                         Am Arnsbacher Pfad 8                      Paul Krüger GmbH
               Fax +39-011-9 58 80 81          Fax +46-8-7 60 80 84                  1, Park Avenue                              Phone 0 7161/ 68 40 91                  61250 Usingen                             Industrievertretung
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               RUSSIA                          SWITZERLAND                           e-mail            SAAR/RHINELAND-PALATINATE                                                         e-mail
                                                                                                Citizen Machinery & Boley
               Solver Engineering Company      SUVEMA AG Werkzeugmaschinen
               43 Stankevicha St.              Grüttstraße 106                                                                   Mettinger Straße 11                     SAXONY/THURINGIA/
                                                                                                                                 D-73728 Esslingen                       SAXONY-ANHALT (POSTAL CODE 6)             NORTHERN GERMANY
               394006 Voronezh                 4562 Biberist
                                                                                     HUNGARY                                     Phone 0711/39 06-100
               Phone 0 07-07 32-7 77-2 22      Phone +41-32-6 74 41 11                                                                                                   Berner & Straller GmbH                    Almag Präzisionstechnik GmbH & Co.KG
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