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									Videt EGM

Polymeric Surfactant System For Producing
VOC-Free Glass Cleaners And Multi-Surface

A	 Formulate	Without	Solvents,	Glycol	Ethers,	Ammonia

A	 Formulate	Zero	VOC	Glass	Cleaners

A	 Green	Environmental	Profile:
  –	 Readily	Biodegradable	per	OECD	301E
  –	 Produce	Glass	And	Glass	&	Surface	Cleaners		
     That	Will	Pass	Current	Green	Seal®	Protocols
A	 Fast	Evaporation

A	 Streak	Free

A	 Detergency

A	 Formulate	Glass	Cleaner	Concentrates	That	Can	Be	
   Diluted	up	to	250:1	
A	 Outstanding	Economics:	Formulate	At	A	Lower	Cost/
   Gallon	Than	Most	Traditional	Glass	Cleaner	Formulations
A	 Formulate	Multi-Surface	Glass/Hard	Surface	Cleaners	
   With	Effective	Cleaning	And	Streak	Free	Performance
A	 Virtually	No	Odor

A	 Safe	On	Plastics


ECONOMY                                                 WINDShIELD WAShER FLUID
INGREDIENT                             WT %
                                                        SUMMER MIx
                                                        INGREDIENT                              WT %
Water	(DI)	                          Balance
Videt	EGM	                           0.4	–	0.7          Water	(DI)	                           Balance
Dye/Fragrance	                          QS              Videt	EGM	                           0.50	–	1.0

A	 Approx.	Cost/Gal:	8	–	13	cents/U.S.	gal              A	 Add	directly	to	washer	fluid	reservoir.
                                                        A	 Can	also	be	used	in	washer	fluids	found	at	gas/
                                                           petrol	stations.
INGREDIENT                             WT %
                                                        WINDShIELD WAShER FLUID
Water	(DI)	                          Balance            SUMMER MIx WITh
                                                        WATER bEADING PROPERTIES
Videt	EGM	                           0.7	–	1.0
                                                        INGREDIENT                              WT %
Dye/Fragrance	                          QS
                                                        Water	(DI)	                           Balance
A	 Approx.	Cost/Gal:	13	–	20	cents/U.S.	gal
                                                        Videt	EGM	                           0.50	–	1.0
                                                        ViConc	WA	                           0.50	–	1.0
                                                        A	 Add	directly	to	washer	fluid	reservoir.
INGREDIENT                             WT %
                                                        A	 Can	also	be	used	in	washer	fluids	found	at	gas/
Water	(DI)	                           93.25                petrol	stations.
Videt	EGM	                              1.0             A	 ViConc	WA	provides	water	beading	properties.
Vitech	AFA	                            0.75
IPA	                                    5.0             COMPUTER MONITOR SCREEN
Dye/Fragrance	                          QS              CLEANER
A	 Vitech	AFA	is	a	surfactant	based	anti-fog	           INGREDIENT                              WT %
   additive	that	provides	streak/smear	free	anti-fog	   Water	(DI)	                           Balance
                                                        Videt	EGM	                           0.75	–	1.0
A	 IPA	is	required	to	couple	the	AFA	into	solution.	
   Other	coupling	agents	may	be	acceptable	but	         A	 Use	as	is.
   need	to	be	checked	for	smearing/streaking	and	
   coupling	capability.
Videt EGM                                                                                              


FORMULATION TIPS                                      DILUTAbLES
1.	If	a	fragrance	is	desired,	be	sure	to	only	use	    Vitech	recommends	a	0.4	–	1.0%	use	level	of	Videt	
   100%	oil	fragrances.	Never	use	a	fragrance	        EGM	in	the	end	use	dilution,	depending	on	the	cost	
   that	has	been	preblended	with	a	surfactant	        and	degree	of	cleaning	required.	Use	levels	above	
   as	this	may	affect	smearing	and	streak	free	       1%	EGM	in	the	end	use	dilution	may	create	too	
   performance.	Add	the	fragrance	oil	directly	to	    much	foam	and	possible	streaking.	
   the	Videt	EGM	before	mixing	with	water.	Blend	          10%	Videt	EGM	concentrate		
   until	homogeneous.	Approximately	0.2	–	0.25%	               should	be	diluted	10	–	40:1
   fragrance	by	weight	of	Videt	EGM	can	be	added.	
   Since	Videt	EGM	has	such	a	low	odor,	this	level	        30%	Videt	EGM	concentrate		
   of	fragrance	produces	a	finished	product	with	              should	be	diluted	30	–	120:1
   excellent	fragrance	carry	through.	Always	add	          100%	Videt	EGM	concentrate		
   the	fragranced	Videt	EGM	to	the	water	with	good	            should	be	diluted	100	–	250:1
   agitation.	Do	not	add	water	to	fragranced	EGM.     If	a	concentrate	is	prepared,	the	dilution	of	that	
2.	Additives	such	as	glycol	ethers,	solvents	and	     concentrate	should	result	in	a	final	concentration	
   ammonia	can	be	added	if	desired	for	marketing	     between	0.25	–	1.0%.	Adjust	the	level	of	Videt	
   purposes.	However,	they	are	not	required	to	       EGM	based	on	the	end	use	dilution	being	
   achieve	excellent	performance.                     recommended.	Videt	EGM	performs	well	in	various	
                                                      water	conditions.	However,	if	poor	performance	
3.	Solvents	such	as	IPA,	ethanol,	and	methanol	can	
                                                      is	observed,	the	use	of	a	chelating	agent	may	be	
   be	utilized	if	lower	freeze	point	is	desired.
                                                      required	in	the	concentrate	or	softened	water	should	
4.	Deionized	water	is	recommended.                    be	substituted.

TOxICOLOGICAL DATA                                    PERFORMANCE STUDIES
                                                      A	formulation	containing	1%	EGM	was	tested	per	
biodegradation                                        CSPA	DCC-09:	Laboratory	test	for	evaluating	glass	
The	components	of	Videt	EGM	are	readily	              cleaners	and	meets	performance	standards	of	
biodegradable	as	per	OECD	301E.                       Green	Seal®	GS-37.

Acute	Oral	(rat):	>	2,000	mg/kg

(96	hr,	fish):	>	100	mg/L
Videt EGM

Appearance	                                                                                    Clear,	colorless	to	pale	yellow	liquid
pH	(conc)	                                                                                     11.5	–	12.5	(typical)
Specific	Gravity	@	20°C	                                                                       1.14	+/-	0.02	(9.5	lbs/gallon)
Odor	                                                                                          Mild
Solids	(%)	                                                                                    25.5	–	27.5	
(as	measured	by	Metler	Moisture	Balance)

A	 Videt EGM	is	available	in	55 gallon plastic drums	(net	wt.	500	lbs)		
   and	5 gallon pails	(net	wt.	40	lbs)
A	 DOT/TDG	Classification:	Non-Regulated.
A	 Long	term	freezing	may	cause	instability.

                        U.S.A.	1-800-796-1896                                                                                    

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