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					Where lifesize shines   is

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for plus-size women
Plus style...

                    Plus spirit...

                               Plus style...

                Where lifesize shines...
The plus-size community is
a significant market

  • 65 million plus-size shoppers spent $26 billion
    on apparel in 1999
  • Half of all women are size 14 and above
  • 58% of plus-size women cannot find apparel
    they like in their own size

  "There are as many size 18s as there are size 8s."
  --Trish DiPette, sales promotion manager for Elisabeth, the plus-size division of Liz Claiborne
Plus-size clothing is the
fastest-growing segment of
the women’s apparel business

  • 10% growth in 1999 versus only 3.7% for
     total women’s apparel
  • Has outpaced overall market growth in
     each of the past 6 years
  • Internet B-to-C market will grow to
    $425 billion by 2002
       8 women account for half of all
          internet users
The plus-size consumer
is the ideal audience

 • Dissatisfied with current shopping experience
           8         poor selection
           8         uninformed sales help
           8         crowded floor space
           8         uncomfortable fitting rooms

 • Has limited access to fashionable clothing
 • Is a highly loyal customer
 • Desires empathy and support has an edge over
brick-and-mortar retailers

 • No real estate limitations—can offer breadth of selection
 • Ability to adjust positioning, sales, promotions, and
   inventory to real-time demand
 • Can provide instant access to expert advice
 • Allows shop-from-home convenience
 • Provides opportunities for community interaction A unique online
specialty store concept

                              • The most comprehensive
                                merchandise and service offerings
                                for plus-size women
                              • An evolving, fashionable mix of
                                clothing, accessories, and services
                              • Exclusive relationships with
                                key designers
                              • Access to experts and advice
                              • Access to community offers a unique
"lifestyle shopping" experience

The broadest and deepest selection of fashionable
plus-size clothing for all aspects of a woman’s life

    WORK                                        PLAY

 - by designer
 - by item
 - by style will feature over
100 brands by 4th quarter’s merchandising team
puts it all together

                        • Selects designers
                        • Plans appropriate assortments
                        • Manages merchandise
                          and inventory
                        • Monitors and analyzes results
                          in real time
                        • Optimizes margins
Editorial creates excitement
around the shopping experience

                           • Promotes cross-sell and upsell
                           • Contextualizes merchandise around
                           fashion stories
                           • Creates an interactive
                           shopping experience
                           • Provides expert advice
                           about fashion, fit, beauty,
                           and lifestyle issues
                           • Refreshed with daily tips and new
                           articles, promoting stickiness
Interactivity, personalization, and
community build customer loyalty

 • Personalized experience
     8 my alight
     8 my closet

 • Interactive opportunities
      8 chat rooms
      8 bulletin boards
      8 quizzes

 • Access to experts
     8 q & a with fashion, beauty, health,
       and relationship advisors
    8 live expert-hosted chats’s marketing
plan drives site visits
and customer acquisition

 • Comprehensive customer management
     8 profile management
     8 contact management
     8 dynamic reporting

 • Proactive customer service
     8 easy navigation
     8 hassle-free return
       and exchange policy
     8 multiple help options
     8 quick response to customer inquiries

 • Integrated fulfillment services
      8 quick shipping—orders received
        by 4 p.m. are shipped the same day
Strategic partners play a key role’s competitive advantage

                   A Superior Interactive Shopping Experience.
                         Hi Merch
                        Low Editorial                Hi Merch
                                                    Hi Editorial
                  Lane Bryant
                  Just for Me
                  Plus Boutique (iVillage)
  and Commerce
                          Lo Merch                   Lo Merch
                         Lo Editorial               Hi Editorial



                                        Editorial draws on the expertise of RRE Ventures and a
preeminent group of directors and advisors

               • Backed by RRE Ventures
                  8 RRE has extensive experience investing
                    in and growing internet businesses
                  8 directors and advisors have
                    strong and relevant backgrounds

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