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					                                   Social Bookmarking

       Social bookmarking is a tool for internet users to store, systematize, explore, and
handle book marks of webpage in the internet. These bookmarks can be stored publicly
or privately depending to the choice of the user. They can be found by using search
engines or clicking categories and tags.

       Social bookmarking has several advantages over the traditional automated
software. It has search engine spiders that make researching faster and easier. Also, a
resource can be ranked by the social bookmarking system. This is based on the number of
times it has been bookmarked by users. It is also a reliable way to access set of
bookmarks from different computers.

       On the contrary, social bookmarking has also its disadvantages. There are no
standard set of keywords and tags in here. Further, it is prone to corruption and collusion.
Spammers tend to attack this webpage prompting the developers to upgrade their security

       How to get started on social bookmarking comprises a series of steps. First, a
person decides on the website that is available in the internet. To be able to determine
which among the sites is best suited to the preferences, one has to use the site first. After
picking a site, a good way to make it easier for use is to install a button. Often, the site
provides the online help on how to install the button. Then, the person who already had
an account can start bookmarking by clicking the button. It is important to put tags to the
bookmarks that will serve as names.

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