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									Keyword: Social Marketing

        Social marketing is widely famous in almost any advertising media: radio, television, newspaper
and Internet. This is a strategy by which manufacturers of a product would address concern over social
welfare rather than just merely selling the product. Commonly used to promote cars, cigarettes and
mobile phones, social marketing is an effective technique to sell goods which do not often achieve a
consumer’s discretion.

         With regards to World Wide Web, social marketing is usually applied on image and video
hosting websites as well as social networking websites. One of the reasons why these sites are natural
browser favorites is because they attend to the safety of the users before anything else. While some
contents can be offensive, don’t say they didn’t warn you. If you are advertising a product through the
Internet, it is advisable to look into the issues of a visitor before he actually buys the item. While you
cannot be 100% sure that your product is completely safe, you could always address caution to potential
buyers. For example, buyers would most often acknowledge a weight loss pill that still needs a healthy
diet and a regular exercise rather than a weight loss pill that is said to burn calories even while just
sitting down. Social marketing proves that even if marketers are just mainly concerned with selling, they
thought about the safety of the consumers first and foremost.

        If you are slightly hesitant about a product you are promoting online, you could always generate
a good social marketing advertisement and see how a little note of caution can get a doubtful buyer to
surely avail of what you’re selling.

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