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					  SSPC Technical Activities of
Interest to the Navy Community

            Michael Damiano
  SSPC Director of Product Development
               June 9, 2010
              MegaRust 2010
               San Diego, CA
         Learning Objectives

• Review recently issued standards
• Update status of standards currently in
• Introduce new standards initiatives
• Other Technical News from SSPC
Recently Published SSPC Standards
• SSPC-AB 4 Encapsulated Abrasive Media issued
  October 2009
• SSPC-SP 16, Brush-off Blast Cleaning of Coated
  and Uncoated Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steels,
  and Non-Ferrous Metals, April 2010
• SSPC-PA Guide 10, Guide to Safety and Health
  Requirements for Industrial Painting Projects
• SSPC-PA Guide 11, Protecting Edges and
  Irregular Steel Surfaces by Stripe Coating
      SSPC-AB 4, Recyclable
Encapsulated Abrasive Media (sponge)
• Alternative to use of wet cleaning methods
  in applications where dust control is
• Can reduce risk of damage to sensitive
  surroundings from ricochet of hard abrasive
• Type of media in composite will affect
  cutting - can be varied to meet user needs
                     AB 4
• Includes requirements for compressible,
  open-cell media and the cutting media that
  it surrounds (AB 1, AB 3 or Aluminum
• If media is recycled, contractor must
  periodically test
  > classifier effectiveness and
  > work mix for oil and soluble salt contamination
SP 16, Brush-off Blast Cleaning of... Galvanized Steel,
     Stainless Steels, and Non-Ferrous Metals

• Intended for use on coated or uncoated metals
  other than carbon steel (i.e., galvanized steel,
  stainless steel, soft metals such as aluminum
  or copper)
• Used to clean and roughen bare metal prior to
• May also be used to clean and roughen
  existing intact coatings in preparation for
• Published April 2010
SP 16, Brush-off Blast Cleaning of... Galvanized Steel,
     Stainless Steels, and Non-Ferrous Metals

• Requires removal of all visible dirt, dust,
  grease, oil, metal oxides, foreign matter
• 19 micron (0.75 mil) profile required for
  bare metal surfaces
• Intact coatings must be roughened as
  specified, or if not specified, to
  requirements of PDS of subsequently
  applied coating
  SP 16 and Galvanized Surfaces

• Specific requirements for preparation of
  galvanized surfaces
  > Testing for presence of chromates or other
    passivating treatments
  > Does not permit removal of “wet storage stain”
    using blast cleaning – can damage galvanizing
• Notes contain additional information about
  abrasive selection, standoff distance, blast
  pressure, etc.
           SSPC-PA Guide 10

• Guide to Safety and Health Requirements for
  Industrial Painting Projects
• Issued August 2008
• Provides guidance for facility owners and project
  specifiers who have a mandate to incorporate
  appropriate requirements for safety and health
  program submittals and associated acceptance
  criteria in contract documents.
• Gives some examples of project specification
SSPC-PA Guide 11, Protecting Edges, Crevices,
 and Irregular Steel Surfaces by Stripe Coating

 • Problem: Coatings on sharp edges, outside
   corners, bolt heads often fail prematurely
 • Guide provides specifier with information
   on current best practices for providing extra
   coating thickness, and thus additional
   corrosion protection, to these areas
 • Completed Guide issued August 2008
SSPC Standards In Revision, 2010

• AB 1, Mineral and Slag Abrasives
• SP 11, Power Tool Cleaning to Bare Metal
        Modification of AB 1
    (Mineral and Slag Abrasives)
• Clarifications of contractor testing
  requirements vs. supplier testing
• Optional appendix that can be invoked to
  address US Navy requirements for
  friability, crystalline silica, hazardous waste
  minimization, and radioactivity
• Ballot Draft #3 issued April 21, due May 21
• Publication expected summer 2010
Revision of SSPC-SP 11, Power Tool
       Cleaning to Bare Metal
• Scope will clarify that the “bare metal” is
  referring to carbon steel
• Descriptions of generic tool types that may
  be used to produce SP 11 surface will be
  revised to allow use of new tool
  New Standards Initiatives 2010

• Location and Number of Test
  Measurements to Determine Compliance
  with Soluble Salt Levels
• Informational Report on Impact of Soluble
  Salts on Protective Coatings
• Guide for Specifying and Implementing
  Dehumidification on Industrial Coating
  Number and Location of Test Sites for
 Measurement of Surface Contamination by
             Soluble Salts

• Defines criteria for locating test sites when
  measuring the amount of soluble salt
  contamination on a steel surface with
  commercially available test kits
• Supplements test kit manufacturer’s
  instructions for making a measurement
  Number and Location of Test Sites for
 Measurement of Surface Contamination by
             Soluble Salts
• Number of tests needed and their location
• Structures such as I-beam, vertical and
  horizontal tanks, and pipe sections
• Preliminary draft distributed at PACE 2010
  committee meeting
• Voting members on committee still being
  Number and Location of Test Sites for
 Measurement of Surface Contamination by
             Soluble Salts

• NSRP has funded a project to investigate
  the validity of the 3 µg/cm2 soluble salt limit
  used by the Navy
• Project will request input from coating
  manufacturers about the tolerance levels for
  their coatings
• SSPC and the Principal Investigator for this
  project will share information
          Informational Report
Effect of Soluble Salt Contamination on
           Protective Coatings
• Review basic chemistry and physics of
  soluble salts and how contamination may
  impact performance of protective coatings
• Extensive review of existing literature
• Not intended to provide recommendations
  for testing, permissible levels, or other
  guidance – objective information only
    Selecting and Implementing
• Project approved in January 2010
• Draft in preparation
• Contact SSPC if interested in joining review
     Other New Technical Info

• Recommended Guidelines for Evaluating
  Flash Rust
• Technical Insight Report – Quality Forms
• SSPC Pocket Guide to Coating Information
   Recommended Guidelines for
      Evaluating Flash Rust
• Developed for NSRP Panel SP-3 (Surface
  Preparation and Coatings)
• Photographs and text for assessing color
  and adhesion of flash rust by a wipe test
• Uses white cotton cloth wrapped around 4-
  inch paintbrush
• Pressure used to wipe surface similar to
  painting a door with a paintbrush
Flash Rust Evaluation Criteria
 (condensed from SSPC-SP 12
• Use 4-inch nylon-bristle paintbrush
• Use white lint-free woven cotton cloth
• Wrap cloth around paintbrush and hold
• Swipe cloth across surface in 1 motion as
  if painting a door
• Recommended swipe length of 6 inches
• Evaluate amount and color of rust
  transferred to cloth
How Test is Performed
Levels of Flash Rust after “Brush-
        Cloth” Wipe Test
Technical Report on Quality Forms
• Intended to assist contractors developing
  project-specific quality forms
• Text explains the content of forms and why
  they are needed
• Checklist covers items that may be
  addressed in project specification
• NO sample forms included – contractor
  must develop his own when reviewing
  project requirements
    Guide for Planning Coatings
• Intended to help inspectors develop an
  inspection plan for a project
• Explains responsibilities of facility owner,
  contractor, and inspector
• Lists commonly used documents, forms,
  required equipment
• Definitions of hold points
• Example of a plan layout
    SSPC/JPCL Webinar Series

• Free Webinars
• Schedule, details, registration via links on
• CEUs are available that may be used
  toward SSPC recertifications
   > Take online quiz following the webinar
   > $25 fee
• All participants receive certificate of
              Webinar Topics
                 (subject to change)
• July 2010 – Nuclear Coating Systems
• August 2010 – Moisture Evaluation and Remediation of
  Concrete Substrates
• September 2010 – Digital Data Management for
  Coating Inspection Tasks
• October 2010 – Coating Selection for the Wastewater
• November 2010 – Water-Based Weatherable Coatings
• December 2010 – Developing a Maintenance Painting
  Program for Chemical/Petrochemical Plant
      SSPC National Conference,
         “GreenCOAT 2011”
• January 31-February 3, 2011
• Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas NV
• Topics of Interest
  >   Advances in green surface preparation
  >   Green application techniques
  >   Marine and military coatings
  >   More
            Any Questions?
• To join technical committees or obtain
  copies of drafts, contact
  > Aimée Beggs
  > Email
  > Tel: 877-281-7772 Ext. 2223
• For info on SSPC CAS Program, contact
  > Michael Damiano
  > Email:
  > Tel: 877-281-7772 Ext. 2203

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