RPI Formula Hybrid by suchenfz


									        What is Formula Hybrid?
•   An outgrowth of Formula SAE program.
•   Based on the FSAE rules & events
•   Started at Dartmouth University
•   First (real) Competition in 2007.
•   “emphasizes drive train innovation and
    fuel efficiency in a high-performance
         Why Formula Hybrid?
              (for you)
• Educational – hands on learning
  – Build a team (we don’t officially exist yet)
  – Build a car
• Learn, Design, Build modern technology
• Racing is fun (driving is fun?)
• Friendship & Camaraderie: teammates
  have similar interests
              Why Formula Hybrid?
                 (in the world)
• Electrics are FAST, consider:
  – Tesla Motors’ Electric Roadster
  – PML’s 640hp Mini Cooper

• Hybrid Cars should be FASTER than I.C.E. cars.
  The industry and the public need a kick in the pants:
                                 (Green Technology ≠
                                        Low Performance)
           Areas for growth:
          Electrical & controls
• Electronic traction, stability control
• High power electronic design
• High power motor design
• Performance/efficiency maximizing
• Energy management algorithms
• More
           Areas for growth:
• Improve performance and fuel efficiency
• Explore alternative fuels
• Develop drivetrain considering Plug-in
  HEV approach and/or distributed
• Develop practical solutions
 The State of RPI Formula Hybrid
• This is a startup effort
• The team is IN THIS ROOM!
        Possible Officer Positions
•   Team Leader
•   Finance Manager
•   IT / Tech
•   Chassis & Suspension Lead
•   Controls Lead
•   Engine Lead
•   Drivetrain Lead
•   Safety Manager & Rules Oversight
    – Personality needs some heft (he has final word)
    – Person needs good sense (not too conservative/liberal)

                   • Shop manager
                   • Business manager
                (what we need)
•   Money (sponsors)
•   Space (a shop in which to build)
•   Tools (see also, sponsors)
•   Raw Materials/Parts
•   Need to find a professor to act as an advisor
•   A way to transport the car to the competition.
           A 2-year startup effort
• 2007 Competition is May 5,6,7
   – An effort to have a CAR by then would be foolish:
     poor quality car, overworked people, unlikely
• Instead, plan for 2008 Competition (likely in first
  full week in May)
   – Plan to DOMINATE
• Strategy: Form RPI Formula Hybrid, build a solid
  foundation, develop car designs, research,
                construct car for 2008 competition.
        What you get out of it
• Experience
• Resume builder
• Learn the technology that will drive cars
  for the next 25+ years.
• Can do related projects for credit, given a
  professor to sponsor them (you)
             and discussion
• About the car
• Officer positions
• Skills, background, your plans

  Wednesday, 9pm in one of the DCC

               For more information, see www.Formula-Hybrid.org
               or email goodwc@rpi.edu
                       Email List
• Join the email list so we can all keep updated. The
  RPI Formula Hybrid list is
• You can sign up by:
  –   browsing to http://lists.rpi.edu/ ,
  –   clicking on "Rensselaer User Access,"
  –   logging in (with your RPI ID and password),
  –   selecting "formula-hybrid-L@lists.rpi.edu"
  –   and clicking the "subscribe to this list" link.
                  • If you later change your mind, unsubscribing is the same
                  • You may want to set up and email filter to put these
                     messages in a separate folder, etc.
Backup slides
• Here’s Embry Riddle’s car in 2007:
 Motor/Drivetrain possible partners
• Core motion
   Energy storage possibilities
• Batteries
  – A123
  – Altair Nano
  – RPI’s batteries (those paper ones)

• Ultracapacitors
  – Maxwell
  – Siemens

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