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									Int 2 / Higher Grade
 Physical Education

 Preparation of the Body
        Lesson 2
                Lesson 2 Content

Assessing specific aspects of fitness
Phases of Training
Types of training
Principals of Training
Creating Week 1 & 2 of training programme
                      Testing physical fitness
 After naming the specific aspects of physical fitness
   required for your position it was important to test your
   level of fitness.

 There are two ways of doing this

            Within the activity – General Data
            Out-with the activity – Specific Data

           Physical    Specific                Test Fitness
Football                          Aspects of
           Fitness     Position     fitness
            Testing Out-with the activity
Testing your fitness out-with the activity requires you to undertake a
  variety of standardised fitness tests.

                Standardised fitness tests undertaken

                       Multi stage fitness test

                        12 minute Cooper Run

                 KHS derived Speed Endurance Test

                     10m-25m-50m Sprint Test

                         Illinois Agility Test
                  Multi stage fitness test
Test for Cardio Respiratory Endurance (CRE)

Test is a maximal test
    This means the test will get progressively harder (faster until you
       cannot continue)

Each level lasts approximately 1 minute

Each time a ‘bleep’ sounds you must run one 20m shuttle
    one foot must cross the line each time

When an athlete does not cross the line before the beep on two consecutive
  lines, the test is over

Your score can then be recorded and compared to a VO2 max table /
   national average
                   12 Minute Cooper Run


                      25m                              25m


Test for Cardio Respiratory Endurance

Continuous test, requires you to run continuously at your own pace for 12minutes.

Set out six cones in a hexagon 25m apart.

Record total number of laps and cones completed in 12 minutes.

Standardised test compare your results to national averages to assess your level
   of fitness.
   KHS derived Speed Endurance Test

Tests speed endurance.

Two cones placed 10m apart.

Complete 10 shuttles at top speed. Rest for one minute
  and then repeat the test another two times.

Add the three times together and calculate your
  average time.



Test for Speed

Standardised test compare your results to national averages to assess your
level of fitness

Set out cones 10m – 25m – 50m apart.

Rolling start, so start stop clock when cross start line

To ensure accuracy of results complete each of the above distances three
times and calculate your average time for each distance.
Illinois Agility Test

           Tests agility

           The Athlete lies face down on the
             floor behind the start line.

           On the timers command the athlete
              gets to his / her feet and
              completes the set rout.

           Course requires athlete to complete
              two 10m sprints and a 10m cone

           After full rest the athlete
              completes the test a further 2
              times and an average is
               The story so Far
                         General Data
                        Within the game

             Right Midfielder       Centre Midfielder
                                    Cardio Respiratory
            Speed Endurance                CRE

                                                Standardised tests
                                                     Multi Stage
KHS Derived speed
                                                     fitness test
 endurance test

 10, 25, 50 sprint                               12 Minute cooper
       tests                                           Run
6 Week Individual Training Programme
                     Week 1 and 2

Monday                Wednesday                  Friday

         Interim test and Progressive Overload

                      Week 3 and 4

   Monday            Wednesday                   Friday

         Interim test and Progressive Overload

                      Week 5 and 6

   Monday            Wednesday           Friday Sunday
         Retest TROS and Standardised Tests
              Choosing your position

You must now pick the specific role of:

          Central midfielder or Right midfielder

Centre midfield- cardio respiratory endurance – fartlek

Right midfielder- speed endurance – interval training
 Creating a six week training programme

  There are a number of factors which have to be
  considered when creating a training programme...

Q. What are they???

  Phase of Training
  Types of Training
  Principals of Training
             Phases of Training

Training can be done at 3 times of the training year in

– Preparation period – Pre season
– Competition period – During the season
– Transition period – Off season

– What are the objectives of each phase and what
  types of training are most appropriate to each
                 Types of training

  Continuous Training
  Fartlek Training
  Circuit Training
  Weight Training
  Interval Training
  Flexibility Training

  HW task 1
• Write a short description of both our highlighted
  training methods.
          Principals of Training

Progressive overload
 – Frequency
 – Intensity
 – Duration
       Origins of Fartlek Training

The term fartlek is Swedish for-
 ‘speed play’.

Fartlek training was developed in the 1930s by
Swedish coach Gösta Holmér.

It was designed for the downtrodden Swedish cross-
country teams that had been thrashed throughout
the 1920s by the Finnish team.

He came up with the idea when he began running at
different speeds between lamp posts when out for a
    Benefits of Fartlek training...

Develops aerobic fitness from continuous running and
anaerobic fitness from short sprints.

Fartlek can be progressively overloaded.
 – Frequency – increases the number of sessions.
 – Duration – increase the time each run lasts for.
 – Intensity – take out some walking and jogging and
   add in more mid-paced running and sprinting.
 Benefits of Fartlek training cont...

Fartlek is easily adaptable to your position in football

Example: a defender may have more walking and
jogging with occasional sprints in comparison with a
midfielder who would have more jogging and mid-
paced running with occasional sprinting and walking.
 Fartlek Training Session week 1 and 2

3 Times per week,
3 x 6 minute, 40 seconds rest
_% - _% of max HR, (10s pulse of _)

            Jog           Jog         Sprint

           Sprint        Walk         Sprint
 benefit is
 when you
work at an
                  Training Zones

Heart Rate measured in beats per minute (BPM)

Maximum heart rate = 220- Age
– 220- 16=     204 BPM

65% of 204= 132 BPM
70% of 204= 142
75% of 204= 153
80% of 204= 163
85% of 204= 173

Beats per 10 second= BPM/ 6
                Fartlek Training

Cardio respiratory Training zone 10 second pulse counts
   Speed Endurance Session Week 1 and 2

3 x 50m   @ 0-100% (Gradual build-up)   20 sec rest

8 x 30m   @ (10m @ 40%, 20m @ 90%)      15 sec rest

6 x 20m   @ 100%                        10 sec rest

4 x 40m   @ 100%                        15 sec rest

5 x 30m   @ 0-100% GBU 20m, 10m 100% 15 sec rest

4 x 10m   @ 100%                        5 sec rest

  Due:      Thursday 2nd September

  Task 1
• Write a short description of interval and fartlek

  Task 2
• From your TROS you will have identified a specific
  aspect of physical fitness as being a weakness.
  Describe how you gathered information on your
  identified weakness.

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