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									GPS Location and Automatic Data

                 PNS Conference
                    Tom Clay
   Washington State Department of Transportation

History of Winter Operations Documentation
07-08 Winter Pilot and Automatic Data Collection
Actual GIS Views of the system and data
Questions to be answered and Benefits
Implementation challenges
Future of Automatic Data Collection
History of Winter Data Collection
No consistent way of capturing detailed
Statewide winter data before 2002.
A PDA solution developed on Palm PDA’s
piloted in 2002.
Pilot was successful, WSDOT implemented a
.net mobile solution with Dell PDA’s and a Web
Currently over 800 PDA’s in place, some areas
have one for each employee.
Over 35,000 records submitted to the system in
Nov. 07 to April 08.
History and Moving Forward
Over the last 5 years WSDOT has tested
multiple vendor developed AVL systems.
The winter of 07-08 WSDOT sent
operations data from the trucks reliably
through multiple vendors to a WSDOT
hosted and developed system.
         07-08 Winter Pilot
WSDOT developed a web based mapping
system that shows current truck location,
travel direction, and what the truck is doing
(plowing, etc.) along with the current road
and sky condition.
The Primary Maintenance areas selected
were Tacoma and Pasco. Approximately 28
trucks from these 2 areas as well as a few
trucks from other areas collected data
Business Process Flow
    Key details to the Automatic
         Collection system
Technician will enter a few data items at the start of
the shift and the truck will collect the rest.
Data is sent real time through cellular, or is
uploaded when the truck enters the maintenance
yard thru a wireless connection
System has the ability to store data and forward
In the future the system will generate a quick
summary of the shift work for verification, and send
data over the WSDOT data radio system.
System has the ability to connect other controllers
and vendors.
Cost of the IT portion of the system was $125,000.
  What Data is Collected?
Trucks in each maintenance area capture and
send the following data:
  Vehicle location
  Vehicle activity (plow up/down, spreader
  Vehicle speed
  Vehicle direction of travel
  Materials applied
  Temperature (road and air temperature)
  Road and Sky conditions
  Employee and work operation
Force America Controller with
   Additional Data Device
Dickey John Controller
Statewide MAP with Truck Location
Statewide MAP with Details
Map Zoomed Into Puget Sound
Materials Applied & Mapped
Zoomed To Show Further Detail
Materials Mapped Over Road
   Conditions in Olympia
Report Filter Screen
Material Detail Report
Material Summary Report
Business Questions Expected to be
 How much chemical/sand have we applied
 in the last 24 hours on this stretch of road?
 What resources are deployed for a given
 maintenance area?
 What resources do we have available to
 resolve a winter event?
 What were the road conditions over a
 given time period?
 Benefits and What the Data
        Will Tell Us?
A much quicker and more accurate way of collecting
field data.
Where additional training is needed, or when
system changes need to be made.
Materials on site specific sites, sensitive areas and
bridge analysis
Which anti-icer/de-icer products and total used for
contract negotiations
Effectiveness of different anti-icer/de-icer products
under differing conditions.
Answers to potential tort liability
Data consistency between different vendors
Installation of additional WSDOT OIT
infrastructure (servers, databases etc.)
Issues with rolling up the data to get meaningful
reports of material applied.
The amount of data coming into the system
(over 3 million records)
Installation of hardware and calibrating the
 The Future of Automatic Data
Review of the system in spring of 08 with
further expansion across the regions for
the winter of 08-09.
Enhancements to include resource
management (labor, equipment, and
Expandable to other Activities (sweeping,
herbicides, etc.)
Contact Information

           Tom Clay
    310 Maple Park Ave. SE
      Olympia, Wa. 98504
    Telephone 360-705-7847
Parker MDL with WSDOT fields

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