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									                 The Great Gatsby Facebook Assignment
        The purpose of this activity is to embody a character from the novel. This means
you must make your facebook profile reflect one of the characters in the novel as much as
possible. If there is information not present in the book, such as the character’s date of
birth, make an educated guess. For example, if the setting is 1922 and these adults seem
to be in their early to mid thirties, when were they born? Write the answer down in your
profile. This is not only an exercise in creativity, but in demonstrating your
knowledge/understanding of the characters, their relationships and the possible themes
encountered thus far in the novel.

        Working in pairs, create a facebook profile, that resembles a facebook page as
much as possible, for one of the following characters: Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, Tom
Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Wilson (Myrtle), or
Catherine. I have given you these choices because so far we don’t know very much
about the other characters in the novel, such as the butlers, Owl Eyes, etc. You can
examine your own personal online facebook page to see how you are going to make
your project resemble it.

You can choose to create this facebook profile using:
        a). a bristol/poster board
        b). an offline web page (a webpage that resembles facebook but is not connected
to any online servers)
        c). some graphical representation on a computer; creating it electronically.

On the profile you must indicate:
1). A profile photograph. You may draw, dress up and take a photograph of yourself,
have someone else dress up, or find a photograph of someone (either from a magazine, a
newspaper or the internet) [K/U]. Just make sure the photograph reflects the physical
traits of the character you are embodying.

2). A photo album encompassing photographs of the character’s friends. If your
character does not seem to have any friends implement photographs of the people your
character has encountered in the novel [K/U]. Under every photograph write a brief
caption. This caption must be a quotation from the character (something the character
has said in the novel). With the caption provide the quotation’s corresponding page
number [Ap].

3). An information section indicating the character’s date of birth, relationship status (ex:
“single and looking,” “married,” “engaged,” “single,” etc.), the city where they live and if
they have any children [K/U]. You also must include your character’s favourite
quotation. The quotation must be from another text or a billboard or modern movie, etc.,
that you think your particular character would like. You must also explain the reasoning
behind choosing this quotation [Ap]. For example, if I was embodying Juliet from
Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, her favourite quotation would be, “the two shall
become one flesh,” (The Bible, Mark 10:8), since it resembles Juliet’s longing to be one
with Romeo when she says, “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy
father and refuse thy name. Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love and I’ll no longer
be a Capulet.” 2.2. Make sure to indicate where you found the character’s favourite

4). In a section which says, “write something about yourself,” you need to include
information regarding your relationships with other characters, if you’re in conflict with
anyone, and what you think about other characters [K/U].

5). In a box which says, “what’s on your mind?,” you should record your thoughts
regarding something you wish to know about another character, or your
predictions/speculations as to what will occur next in the plot or hope to see next in the
plot. Explain your reasoning [Ap]. Regarding the plot, make an educated guess based
on your knowledge of the character you are embodying.

6). In a box entitled “themes,” you should indicate the themes or topics that we have
encountered in the novel thus far. With every theme provide an example from the novel
that supports the theme. Make sure to indicate the corresponding page number [T/I].

7). In a section of wall posts, have posts from other characters that actively reflect the
situations of these characters in the novel. Here you can do what you wish as long as it
relates to the novel in some way [K/U]. For example, you can have Myrtle posting a
message on Nick’s wall, saying “Nick!…thanks for coming to the apartment…Oh…and
what happened between Tom and I…no worries.” Or, “Oh I just need to vent, my
husband…he doesn’t even deserve that title…he’s not even fit to lick my shoe…oh…I
can’t wait until I can leave permanently!!” You can also “tag” a few characters in a
photograph and post it on your wall.

8). Since you are working in pairs you must write an extra paragraph indicating who did
what in your group.

      Make sure your facebook profile reflects the character. Points will be
deducted if there appears to be little or no connection between the profile and the
character you are embodying!

                   DUE DATE: Tuesday, December 7, 2010.

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