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									                               TINY TOTS GAZETTE
                               COMPLETE COVERAGE
 Volume 30, Issue 1                                           Winter 2011                    A Publication of Tiny Tots Diaper Service and Baby Boutique

Our Fremont Training Success Story
by Anne,

God has blessed us with a potty trained 23 month old. He did not become
a member of our family until he was 20 months old. We are in the
process of finalizing his adoption, along with his four biological brothers
and sister. We also previously adopted a sibling group of three.

Readiness – In our case our baby did not show any of the “signs of
readiness”, but we, his parents, were quite ready. We feed our kids lots
of fruits and vegetables, and they make an equal amount of poo. We
were motivated!

Awareness – We switched to cloth diapers to stimulate his awareness
of what it feels like when you eliminate on yourself.

Pulling the day diapers – The first thing we did was to tell him there
would be no more diapers and keep him naked on the bottom. When he
“went” on the floor he got a clear signal from Mommy and his siblings          khaki, no cotton sweats! And initially we skipped underwear as we were
that this was not desirable . He quickly learned toileting on the floor        concerned that they might feel like a diaper to him. In time we were
was not suitable and begged for the diaper back. We told him, “Bye-bye        catching mostly everything, with clothes on, by day so we decided to
diapers” and did not acquiesce. Now the chubby little bear that we            pull the diapers at night also.
assumed had no bowel control surprised us by halting elimination. This
was hard for me. Would he become impacted? I thought not because              Bye-Bye night diapers – We believe it is confusing to train a child to
there was too much fiber going in to not come out. It was a bittersweet        potty during the day, and then put diapers on at night. So when he
honeymoon of sorts for him and I. For two days he wanted to be carried        had figured out how to potty by day, we switched him from a crib to
in the Ergo carrier non-stop and would occasionally start to pee on me.       a toddler bed and pulled the diapers at night. We attempted to potty
I would change my shirt and wait for the next round. There was no             him each night before putting him to bed, got him up to potty before
willingness to sit on the potty.                                              we went to bed around 10:30, and woke up to potty him around 3:00.
                                                                              He did not want to be awakened and did not want to sit on the potty.
Adding the potty – Our little one always eliminated when eating, and          I turned on the lights and we had a contest of wills for two nights.
he eats a lot. Our eight year old suggested we set the baby potty on a        When I found him wet in bed, I got him up to change him and the bed.
bench at his place at the table. Of course this was unorthodox, but we        Then, the third diaperless night he was peaceful. I kept the light low
were ready to try anything reasonable. His love of eating became our          and carried him to the potty, he sleepily allowed me to stand him up
collateral to entice him onto the throne. He took his new seat at the table   and help get his pants down. He sat and peed with eyes half shut as I
and the magic began. For several days the only elimination we caught          patted his legs. I carried him back to bed and he was asleep in minutes.
was while he was eating at the table. Every time he was met with wild         Amazing, it worked! After about a week he started staying mostly dry
excitement from all of us: clapping, singing, dancing. It was our five year    at night. Soon after, we stopped getting up to take him potty. Currently,
old’s job to put a sticker on his hand. He glowed from the praise. From       he holds it through the night and says, “Potty, Mommy” when he needs
there he slowly started to be willing to sit on the potty at other times.     to go in the morning. About a week ago we stopped sitting him on the
At first just when it was his idea, and I didn’t push it. Gradually he was     potty during meals. All together it has taken a month.
willing to sit when requested.
                                                                              Final thoughts - I was very encouraged by the Tiny Tots website where
Adding pants – Seems like it was about two or three weeks into the            I read that in 1957, 92% of babies were potty trained by 18 months.
process when we tentatively added pants back into his wardrobe. It was        Were babies smarter then? I think not. If 20th century babies could
scary. Things were going well and I don’t like poopy pants, but we had to     do it, so can mine and so can yours! I believe not waiting too long is
leave the house and didn’t want to confuse him with diapers. We took his      also key. The older the child gets, the more they can get set in their
potty with us and kept it within eyeshot. Trial one: failure on my friend’s   ways and not want to try something different. I believe lots of prayer
floor. It would have been better if we had experimented with pants for         was integral to our success. Even the best plans and efforts only work
the first time at home! Trial two: Success! We started putting pants on        with God’s blessing.
him again full time, had some accidents, then stabilized again. We made
                                                                              For more potty training information see pages 4 & 5, and check:
sure that whatever pants we put on him did not feel like a diaper: denim,     www.tinytots.com/info/potty1.html
The Birth of Green Gamboni
By local mamapreneur, Anne Loarie
My babe was a little chunkster AND she wore cloth diapers to boot. This
meant that all of her pants were a bit tight in the bum and the waist…
and in other places too. I tried different brands, they failed. I tried going
                                          up a size, and the pants were too
                                          long. I tried going with all knits,
                                          but then the winter came and
                                          I wanted a thicker pant. Sound
                                          I decided that I would create
                                          my own perfect jean for the tot
                                          who wears cloth diapers and has
                                          just enough chunk to make her               38 day old Seerat loves cotton diapers. We have been using Tiny Tots diaper
                                                                                      service and our 3 month old absolutely loves it. This is a great product: no rashes
                                          seams burst! One thing led to               to baby, soft skin, less leakage and above all it is cotton for the soft skin.Proud
                                          another, and soon enough my                 to help in saving our planet. We also appreciate Tiny Tot’s team’s dedication
                                          notion turned into a full line of           and commitment to help new parents like us. We salute the team. We highly
                                                                                      recommend using them.
                                          organic baby denim designed to
                                          fit over cloth diapers…and any
                                          other diapers too!
                                          I am a local mama and all of the
                                          clothing is made in Northern
                                          California. The fabric is of the
                                          highest international organic
                                          standard (GOTS certified), and
                                          I am creating an innovative
program designed to resell used jeans at a discount to members! For                                                                     Maricano loves diaper day!
more information check my website at www.greengamboni.com.                                                                              He loves to wear and play
                                                                                                                                        with cotton. Marciano is
                                                                                                                                        on the grad list. He will get
Green Gamboni organic jeans, made especially for cotton diaper users, are available                                                     to model his potty trained
at Tiny Tots Baby Boutique (both the brick and mortar store in Campbell and the                                                         skills to his new sibling who
on-line boutique at tinytots.com).                                                                                                      is coming soon.

Tiny Tots Has Bragging Rights
                                         Co n g ra t u l a t i o n s t o
                                         Shannon of Tiny Tots for
                                         being the 2010 Top New
                                         Car Seat Technician of
                                         the year. This award was
                                         presented by Benjamin
                                         Arias, the SAFE KIDS Santa
                                         Clara/San Mateo Chapter
                                         Coordinator at the annual                    Payments At Tiny Tots
                                         SAFE KIDS luncheon last                      Many of our customers put their account on
                                         month. Shannon is both                       auto charge. Anytime there is a balance on
                                         technically proficient and                    their account, the credit card we have on file
                                         enthusiastic in expressing                   is automatically charged. Our customers still
her desire for parents to be properly educated regarding best                         receive a bill stating the amount charged. We
practices for car seat installations. She is an active & eager                        accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American
participant in the car seat inspection events held each month at                      Express.
Tiny Tots.
Holly, Mark and Judy are also certified car seat technicians at Tiny Tots. Check       Earn Free Diaper Service
our website for car seat inspections at Tiny Tots.
                                                                                      The number one way new customers hear about us is through YOU! We
Cotton Diaper Sizes Available At Tiny Tots                                            would like to say THANK YOU and give you a $15 credit on your diaper
Preemie           3-5 lbs.                                                            service for every new customer that you refer to us. They simply need
Infant            6-12 lbs.                                                           to mention your name when they order the diaper service.
Regular           10-25 lbs.
                                                                                                             Please send us your helpful hints, pictures (of babies
Super             18-25 lbs.
                                                                                                             in diapers featuring different covers or in boutique
Mega (Toddler) 22 lbs.+
                                                                                                             outfits, etc.) & captions, book reviews and recipes.
Training pants 29-32 lbs. (Size 3)
                                                                                                             You will receive one free week for each item printed.
The above weights are guidelines. Every baby is shaped differently.
                                                                                                             Include a picture to illustrate your helpful hint.
If the diaper you are using is not absorbing well, it might be time to
change sizes, regardless of the weight of your baby.                                                         Send to tim@tinytots.com.
                                                                 Benefits Of Wool Soakers Explained
                             HONOR                                                               Because of the natural fiber component,
                              ROLL                                                               interest in wool diaper covers is growing.
                                                                                                 We asked Leah, the owner of Better For
                                                                                                 Babies, to explain how wool covers work,
                                                                                                 why they are desirable and how to launder
                                                                                                 them. Here’s what Leah had to say: The
                                                                                                 Wool Soaker IS the cover. Wool works,
    CONGRATULATIONS to those who have graduated from                                             quite amazingly, by containing lanolin
    diapers. Thank you for giving us the privilege to help out                                   which chemically reacts with urine to
   with some of the “dirty work”. We hope the diapering years                                    create what is basically a soap. So the
    have been a time of wonderful memories for your family.                                      urine comes into contact with the waxy
            Josephine Breech-Larson   El Cerrito
                                                                 lanolin in the cover and essentially changes so that the urine is 'used up'
            Keli Dade Speta           San Francisco              as is some of the lanolin. Thus the waterproof element because the urine
            Louis Lindeman            Walnut Creek               doesn't go through the wool to the outside (it gets consumed instead).
            Holly Young               Oakland
            Brady Kramer              San Jose                   So as you can guess, at some point in time you will
            Rosalie Baker             Morgan Hill                need to replenish the lanolin content in the wool.
            Ava Susuki                San Jose                   That's where wool washes with lanolin come in
            William Rittinger         San Francisco              handy. Wool covers need to be washed only when
            Matthew Rivadeneyra       Daly City                  soiled or every 3 weeks or so. You certainly don't
            Luis Caballero            San Jose                   wash between each use. Let them air dry, then use
            Margaret Donley           Campbell
                                                                 them again. When they begin to smell when dry OR
            Cricket Phipps            San Francisco
            Elizabeth Wingert         Santa Cruz
                                                                 are not performing well, it's time to relanolize.
            Camille Jerdonek          Santa Clara
                                                                 Editor’s Note: We have had an increase in comments from
            Iona Hall                 Oakland                    our customers that wool covers/soakers work well for
            Desiderio Salinas-Holz    Watsonville                containing the nighttime diaper. Wool diapering products
            Marciano Neves            San Ramon                  available at Tiny Tots include:
            Emily Celli               Antioch                    Better For Babies http://store.tinytots.com/store/search/
            Indygo Baker              Santa Cruz                 Biobottoms http://store.tinytots.com/store/search/
            Lena Schaffer             Oakland                    brand/Biobottoms/                                                Upcycled soakers
            Henry Vitol               Watsonville                RedeeMe - an upcycled collection (call or stop by our boutique     by RedeeMe
            Michael Long              Redwood City               for current offering).
            Lillian Dell              Concord
                                                                                  Pains of childbirth be sweeter far
            Lexie Cotterel
            Monrovia Prinz
                                      San Jose
                                      Oakland                             Q        than all the other pleasures are.                 R
            Vincenvo Amorosa          Antioch
            Ameliana Amorosa          Antioch

Diaper Service Changes Now Easier at tinytots.com!

     Change Service Link

                                                                 A new family member!
                                                                 The owners of Tiny Tots joyfully welcome their newest family member, Dai
                                                                 Jonathan. He was born on October 27 at 5:30am. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 4
                                                                 oz. His parent's, Sean and Lindsey, experienced their second home birth. His big
                                                                 sister, Anya, who looked forward to his birth with great anticipation slept through
                        This Gazette can                         everything but eagerly welcomed her new brother upon waking up. Dai's gramma
                                                                 Sherry, is an auditor at Tiny Tots. Dai's graunty and gruncle, Tim and Judy, are the
                   be viewed on our website,
                                                                 general managers. Dai's momma is the creator of the upcylced soakers and hair
                   www.tinytots.com/gazette                      clips by RedeeMe.
  POTTY TRAINING HELPERS                                                                  Potty Training Workshops At Tiny Tots
                                                                                          January 15, February 19, March 12, April 16 and June 11
Creative & Fun:                                                                           Saturdays 2 - 3pm (Newborn to 13 months)
By Conduct Happiness                                                                      Saturdays 3:30 - 4:30pm (13 months & up)
Go Pea, GO!
by Chris Sonnenburg                                                                       Not sure how to get started with the potty training process? This
Can Little Pea make it to the finish                                                       workshop will focus on common sense approaches as outlined in,
line without giving up or being                                                           Diaper-Free Before 3 by Dr. Jill Lekovic. We will demonstrate why
distracted? That is the challenge                                                         introducing the potty to your child's routine as early as 6-months
for our little hero in the book Go Pea,                                                   of age is a logical approach. A deposit of $25 is required and is
GO! from Conduct Happiness. Chris                                                         100% refundable or redeemable toward a boutique purchase or
wrote the book as a companion to                                                          your diaper service account when you arrive for the event. Space
the series of fun shirts and products                                                     is limited, call or stop by the boutique to get signed up.
designed to make both kids and
adults smile. The book follows Pea                                                      Potty Bench by Boon
Freely as he races through town and                                                     A training potty featuring two enclosed side storage spaces
fights the urge to play games and give up the race. The book is two parts                for organizing potty training supplies, and a pull-out drawer
                                                                                        for easy sanitary clean-up.
fun reading and great pictures and one part potty training aid, which
makes it a great book for kids and adults.                                              Simply close the lid to use as a large, sturdy stool
                                                                                        that supports up to 300 lbs. The sleek, modern
Chris was inspired by his own two daughters and                                         design includes a built-in toilet paper holder and
their challenges in finding better things to do                                          a removable soft deflector shield. Green or Blue
before racing to the potty. He would find himself
often telling them, "GO PEE!”
                                                                                                          Potty Chair by Baby Bjorn
                                                                                                          Comfortable and fun to sit on. Sits firmly on the floor. Has a
The little character, Pea, finds himself in a similar                                                      removeable bowl for easy cleanup, and a curved splash guard
predicament when he is in a race to the finish                                                             to keep splashes where they belong! Ocean Blue, Snow White
line. Stay focused and don't give up is the moral,                                                        & Spring Green     $32.00
which is a good lesson for all of us, no matter
what age.
                                                                                        Toilet Trainer by Baby Bjorn
Chris wrote the story and his fellow "Conductor of Happiness", Joe                      Fits all toilet seats by a twist of a dial. Toddlers can
Moshier, and Chris illustrated it together. They both love drawing and                  easily put it on and off without adult assistance. Ergo-
painting and the pages came together very quickly                                       nomic shape allows toddler to get on and off without
                                                                                        tipping over or pinching bottoms! White with blue trim.
once the story had been written.                                                        $34.00
The book, Go Pea, GO!, related t-shirts and Pea are available                                               Smart Potty by Baby Bjorn
at Tiny Tots Baby Boutique (both the store in Campbell and                                                  Its compact size makes it great for smaller bathrooms and
the on-line boutique at http://store.tinytots.com/store/                                                    easy portability. A rubber grip bottom provides a skid-
search/brand/Conduct-Happiness/).                                                                           resistant seating while a generous splash guard minimizes
1. 30 page paper back book including Potty Chart                                                            accidents. Detachable inner potty is easy to empty and
and special song, "Go Pea, Go!" $10.00                                                                      clean. White, Pink, Green, Blue $20.00
2. Onesie & T-shirts $20.00 Choice of "Conserve Water", "Hold Your Pea",
"Pea Sitting Down" or "Pea Standing Up"                                                 Toilet Seat by Conceva
                                                                                        No more fall-ins or loose seats. Replaces existing seat.
3. Crocheted Knotty Pea 3/4 inch. $4.00
                                                                                        When guests come with children it's all set for them
                                                                                        also. Installation is a snap. White. For round toilets
                                                                                        only. $35.00
                                            Once Upon a Potty
                                            by Alona Frankel
                                                                                                                Cushie Traveler by Mommy's Helper
                                             3 million books sold. It’s a fun, light-
                                                                                                                Padded Potty Seat is compact enough to carry in your
                                            hearted introduction to potty training
                                                                                                                diaper bag yet still provides the comfort and familiarity
                                            basics. Hardcover book. Specify boy or
                                                                                                                of the seat that your toddler uses at home. It is also
                                            girl. $6.95
                                                                                                                designed so that it is easy to clean with a wet wipe
                                                                                                                and features a washable carry bag. $10.00
Diaper-Free Before 3
by Jill M. Lekovic M.D.
No early childhood milestone strikes fear into the hearts of                            Potty Pod by Prince Lionheart
parents like potty training. This book shows the natural way                            The soft, cushiony surface of the pottyPOD is treated
to toilet train and help your child out of diapers sooner. It                           with an EPA approved additive to inhibit the growth of
will help you turn potty training into a wonderful bonding                              microorganisms, odors and mildew. Features a height
experience. 224 pages (paperback) $13.95                                                adjustable base that will grow with the child. The rigid
                                                                                        base also has non-slip grip strips that provide strength
                                                                                        & stability. Blue or Mint $46.00

4                      Diaper Service                                       Boutique
Step Stool      by Baby Bjorn                                                     The Digo Perspective
Help little ones get on and off the toilet safely. Blue,                          excerpted from Diaper Free Before Three
Yellow, White, Green $21.00
                                                                                  Looking at toilet training practice in a culture isolated from both
                                                                                  Wetern parenting advice and Western commerce and products offers
                             Bed/Crib Pad                                         an interesting comparison. The Digo are a Bantu-speaking people living
                             Soft, absorbent cotton surface. Strong waterproof    in the Indian Ocean coastal plain in East Africa. Dr. Marten W. deVries
                             barrier. No plastic feel. Great for bed sheet pro-   undertook a study of the toilet training habits of 110,000 Digo that was
                             tection & changing tables or anywhere you want
                             protection. Easy wash and dry. 34” X 36” $18.00
                                                                                  published in 1977. In this study mothers of three to twelve month old
                                                                                  infants, selected at random, were questioned about their expectations
                                                                                  for bowel and bladder training of their infants. The majority stated that
                                                                                  they initiated training during the first few weeks of life and expected
Organic Cotton Training Pants
                                                                                  or had accomplished reasonable night and day dryness by four to six
by Under the Nile
The soft rib knit with two layers of terry liner makes this                       months.
training pant soft and absorbent. Great for little train-
ers. One size: 2T-4T. Natural $12.00; Flower or Monkey                            Digo mothers expected full dryness by one
$13.00 each                                                                       year of age. They accomplished this by being
                                                                                  in almost constant physical contact with
All In One Training Pants by Bummis
Waterproof outer layer. Double layer of 100% soft cot-
                                                                                  their babies. After the caregivers developed a
ton next to child’s skin to stop accidents . Jungle Print                         sense of the baby’s behavior associated with
$13.00 each                                                                       voiding (such as when the baby wakens,
Small 20-30 lbs. Medium 30-40 lbs.                                                stirs, or complains), as well as the baby’s
Large 40+ lbs.                                                                    overall schedule with regard to eating and
                                                                                  sleeping, they became able to tell when the
Training Pants by Bambino Mio                                                     baby was going to void. They would then
Promotes independence with pull-up style design. Super                            hold the baby over their knees in a certain
absorbent layers prevent leakage. Colors Blue or White                            position to facilitate voiding. Accidents were
Sizes: 24-29 lbs.; 29-35 lbs.;                                                    considered the caregiver’s mistake, for failure to recognize what the
(36+ lbs. white only) $11.00 each                                                 baby needed. The idea that the responsibility for recognizing the need to
Little Learner by Better For Babies                                               void rests with the caregivers is in sharp contrast to the responsibilities
Two layers of wonderful fair trade oraganic cotton, with a third layer tucked     that our society places on the older child.
into the wet zone. Snaps on the side for easier mess removal (couple with
a wool soaker short for heavy duty needs).                                                                  There is a natural comparison between the
Colors: Orange, Green, Blue                                                                                 very rigid training patterns practiced in this
Small (1-2 years, up to 24 pounds);
Medium (2/3 years, 24-35+ pounds);                                                                          country in the 1920’s and the early training
Large (3+ years, 33+ pounds) $19.00 each                                                                    practiced by the Digo. However, it appeared
                                                                                                            to Dr. deVries that this was not the case. He
                                                                                                            argued that the Digo viewed their infants as
Soaker Shorts by Better For Babies                                                                          active, not passive, participants in the process.
Organic Merino Wool Soaker Shorts, Made at a                                                                Furthermore, their training style was based on
sewing facility in the USA! Colors: Orange, Green,
Blue                                                                                                        a set of cues that both the mother and the
Newborn (up to 8.5" thighs) $30                                                                             baby learn. DeVries called this “the growing
Small (up to 10" thighs)    $30                                                                             acquaintance of mother and child.”
Medium (up to 11" thighs) $32
Large (up to 12" thighs)     $34                                                  This seems to be the ultimate example of child-centered toilet training,
X-Large (up to 13+" thighs) $36
                                                                                  where caregivers are expected to be so observant of the baby, so aware
                                                                                  of his cues and habits, that they can tell when he is about to void or
Little Pants by Better For Babies
These unique pants feature two layers: the outer a long
                                                                                  stool before he does. Of course this method is not likely to catch on
pant, the inner a shorts design which covers the diaper.                          in our society. The idea of holding an undiapered infant in your lap to
You get maximum coverage over the diaper yet have                                 void or stool does not really fit with a Western lifestyle or commonly
adorable pants! Made in the USA                                                   held ideas about modesty and sanitation. The Digo practices do,
Color: Natural Trim: Orange, Blue or Green                                        however, illustrate what is possible with careful attention to your
Small (3-7 months) - $46
Medium (7-20 months) $50
                                                                                  baby, and they clearly confront the notion that early toilet training
Large (13-36 months) $55                                                          is inherently harsh or damaging to the child. In the USA, our lives are
                                                                                  urban/suburban, much more soccer mom than tribal, but these simple
Boxer Training by Small Pockets                                                   practices serve to illustrate some of the demands and rewards of more
Looks like a short on the outside but on the inside contains a                    natural child-rearing.
waterproof lining and absorbency pad to catch potty training
accidents. A built-in pocket behind the sewn in pad accom-                         Tiny Tots offers training pant service in size 3T. You can order in
modates a disposable or reusable booster for an additional                         increments of 5. Most families are on a combination of diapers
8 - 12 ounces of absorbency if required. Navy Blue                                 and training pants. When added to an existing diaper order the
2T/3T - 20 to 35 Pounds
4T/5T - 30 to 45 Pounds $18.00                                                     cost is 75 cents per week for each 5. We recommend starting
                                                                                   with 10 - 20 per week and then adjust if needed.                       5
                DIAPER SERVICE OPTIONS                                                                              DIAPERING SUPPLIES
                                                                               Snappi Diaper Clips
Cotton Service: Order the number of cotton diapers you will                    Simple pinning alternative. Holds diaper snugly. Reduces
use in a week. Cotton service includes the rental of cotton diapers,           leakage. Durable, washable latex.
professional laundering of the diapers and weekly pick-up and                  Size 1 (4 - 18 lbs.) 3 clips per pack $7.50
delivery of the diapers.                                                       Size 2 (18+ lbs.) 2 clips per pack $7.50
Compost Service: Purchase your order of compostable single-use                        Always stretch your new clips.
diapers, wipes and storage bags from Tiny Tots. A minimum of 4 boxes
of diapers needs to be purchased each 4-week period. A composting              Bio-Soft Liners          by Bummis
fee is included in the purchase of each box of diapers.                        Flushable diaper liners that make clean-up a breeze. Made
                                                                               of a non woven material with no binder, and will biode-
Combination Service: You have the option to use both cotton                    grade very quickly (within 8 days in a sewage treatment
and compostable diapers. For added convenience, soiled reusable and            system or 20 days in a septic tank).
compostable, single-use diapers and wipes can be combined in one               100 sheets per roll. 2 sizes:
bag for pick-up. You can order compost diapers as often or seldom              Small: 5 x 12 inches           $6.00
                                                                               Large: 7.5 x 12 inches         $8.00
as fits your needs. The composting fee is included in the purchase
of each box of diapers.                                                                                Flushable BioLiner       by The Natural Baby Co.
                                                                                                       When baby wets, the moisture passes through the
                                                                                                       BioLiner and absorbs into the cloth diaper's absorbent
                                                                                                       layers. When baby soils his diaper, the solids are con-
      COMPOST DIAPER SERVICE OPTIONS                                                                   tained atop the GroVia BioLiner, for a quick and easy
                                                                                                       clean-up. 200 sheets $12.00
                            Broody Chick Compostable Diapers
                            Using bio-polymer Ingeo from Naturworks                                    Reusable Baby Wipes          by Bottoms Up
                            llc Broody Chick is accredited as a fully com-                             Complete kit. Good for baby, better for the environ-
                            postable diaper and wipe (ASTM-D 6400) (EN                                 ment. Saves money over disposable wipes. Includes 25
                            13432) and most recently has been certified to                              cotton terry cloth wipes, clean wipe container, dirty
                            carry the Oeko-Tex standard 100 logo. Chlo-                                   wipe container, clean wipe waterproof travel bag,
                            rine Free, Hypo-allergenic, Fragrance free.                                   dirty wipe waterproof travel bag, oil blend for clean
                                                                                                        wipes and an oil blend for dirty wipes. $60.00
                            Newborn 6 - 13 lbs. / 36 pieces                                        Changing Pad & Diaper Bag              by Patemm
                            Infant 9 - 20 lbs. / 32 pieces                                         A practical solution to the diaper bag, the award-winning
                            Toddler 15 - 35 lbs. / 28 pieces                                       patemm™ pad makes changing baby quick. The round
                            Junior 27 - 55 lbs. / 24 pieces                                        design serves as a sleek, all-in-one bag for diapers, wipes,
                            * $19.00 per box; * $68.00 per case of 4                               and clothes. Easy to Clean-just wipe down with a warm/
                                                                                                   soapy cloth. Pattern: Manhattan $60.00
                              Gro Via Compostable Soaker Pads
                              Hybrid design compostable insert to go with a
                              reusable diaper cover. Use when on vacation,                              Changing Pad        by Lili Bebe
                              at day care, or running errands. Fragrance &                              The bottom of each pad utilizes a non-slip material
                              Dye Free; Plastic & Chlorine Free.                                        that reduces babies' ability to slide around during
                              One size 50 per box                                                       changes. Top of each pad is made with a luxurious
                               * $22.00                                                                 fabric that is cozy on baby's delicate skin. Together,
                               * $80.00 per case of 4                                                   these distinctive materials are durable, flexible, leak
                                                                                                        resistant and eco-friendly. Colors: Blue, Pink, or Prints
                                                                                                        Blue Bird, Pink Bird $22.00
                             Broody Chick Compostable Wipes
                             100% natural. Chemical-free. Fragrance-free.
                                                                                                               Diaper Changing Restraint Straps
                             Chlorine-free. Resealable pack. 80 count
                                                                                                               by Hug ‘n’ Hold
                             $6.00 per pack;
                                                                                                               Makes changing a wiggling child’s diaper much
                             $60 per case of 12
                                                                                                               easier. Child friendly and easy-to-use velcro
                                                                                                               shoulder restraint that attaches to any chang-
                                                                                                               ing pad to hold a baby securely. $26.00

                        Gro Baby All Natural Baby Wipes                                             Wet Bags             by Bummis
                        Free of harsh synthetic chemicals and preservatives.                        Sturdy, dependable and easy care......These wet bags have a
                        Fragrance Free. Chlorine Free. Dye Free.                                    snap-able handle for strollers and a zipper for odor control.
                        80 Unscented $6.00 per pack; $60 per case of 12                             Durable and leak resistant.
                                                                                                    Prints: Funky Blue, Pink, Blue or Yellow
                         Bio Bags                                                                   Sizes: Small 10” x 12” (holds up to 5) $12.00
                         100% compostable (ASTM D6400-99 certified - the                                 Medium 14” x 15” (holds up to 11) $15.00
                         gold standard for compostable plastic). Made from
                         cornstarch and vegetable oil. Shelf-stable, safe to
                         store at room temperatures.
                         3 Gallon - 25 bags per box. $5.00                                                  Bum Bum Balm by Dimpleskins
                         13 Gallon - 12 bags per box. $5.00                                                 ZINC-FREE! Canadian beeswax provides a nice
                                                                                                            barrier on the skin, helping to keep moisture away,
*The charge for compostable diapers and soaker pads includes pick-up and                                    while organic Calendula oil provides natural heal-
delivery to your home along with the delivery and compost fee at the local                                  ing properties for rashes. $11.00
commercial composting facility.
    DIAPER COVERS                                                      Tips For Laundering Covers                                       DIAPER COVERS
                                                                       To protect waterproofing of all covers:
ProRap Classic                                                         · Do not use bleach with chlorine
Velcro-closing & leg gussets. Soft polyester
outer fabric. Waterproof lining. White. $9.00 ea.                      · Do not use softeners
6 or more $8.50 ea.                                                    · Rinse well
                                                                       To preserve the Velcro:
  Preemie 2-6 lbs.                                                     · Turn inside out with Velcro attached
  Newborn 6-10 lbs.                                                    · Air dry when possible
  Small 9-14 lbs.
  Medium 13-25 lbs.                                                    · Optional: Launder in a lingerie bag
  Large 24-35 lbs.
  X-Large 34-45 lbs.                                                                Thirsties Diaper Cover Original
                                                                                    One of the best-selling diaper covers on the
Buoy & Buckle        by ProRap                                                      market today is now available at Tiny Tots.
If your baby takes off his velcro cover, this cover is for you. The buckle is       Easy to use, easy to care for and functions well.
“baby proof”. Nylon/Poly. White. $9.00 ea. 6 or more $8.50 ea.                      100% polyester w/urethane coating. Machine
Medium, Large, & X-Large only.                                                      wash warm or hot. Line or machine dry. Made
                                                                                    in USA. Colors: Butter, Celery, Aqua & Rasp-
Super Whisper Wrap              by Bummis                                           berry. $11.50 ea. 6 or more $10.75 ea.
Aplix-closing cover made from a super resistant waterproof laminate sand-
wiched between two layers of a soft polyester knit. A durable, heavy-duty           Sizes: X-Small 6-12 lbs.; Small 12-18 lbs.; Medium 18-28 lbs.; Large 28-40 lbs.
elastic secures around legs and tummy. Soft, polyester knit bindings for a
comfortable and leakproof seal.
                                                                                    Thirsties Duo Diaper Cover
Froggy, Flower, Celery Dot, & Jungle                                                The duo comes in two sizes and features an adjustable rise for
$13.00 ea. 6 or more $12.25 ea.                                                     extended use. Same features and care instructions as the origi-
                                                                                    nal. Made in USA. Colors: Meadow,
Newborn 7-10 lbs. Small 8.5-15 lbs. Medium 15-30 lbs.
                                                                                    Ocean Blue.
Large 30-40 lbs. X-Large 40+ lbs. (White only)
                                                                                    $12.75 ea. 6 or more $12.00 ea.

                                                                                    Sizes: One 6-18 lbs.; Two 18-40 lbs.

                                                                                    Organic Cotton Cover by Sage Diapers
                                                                                                        Allows air to circulate for maximum
                                                                                                        comfort. Knit fabric provides a super   Infant: 5 - 9 lbs.
                                                                                                        trim fit. Laminate inside provides       Small: 11 - 16 lbs.
                                                                                                        water proofing. Umbilical cord cut-      Medium: 16 -21 lbs.
Super Brite        by Bummis                                                                                                                    Large: 21 - 27 lbs.
                                                                                                        out in Infant size. Elasticized leg
Lightweight and waterproof. Consists of one single layer                                                                                        XLarge: 27 - 34 lbs.
                                                                                                        gussets help to prevent leakage.
of polyester with a wipe-clean laminated interior. The gus-
                                                                                                        Hook & Loop Closures. Machine
set with lycra binding is an innovative design that wraps
                                                                                                        wash and dry $12.00 6 or more
softly around baby’s leg with less bulk than normal gussets.
Green, Blue, Pink, or Yellow Funky Prints, White.
$13.00 ea. 6 or more for $12.25 ea.                                                 Fuzzi-Bunz Perfect Size by Mother of Eden
   Newborn 4-9 lbs; Small 8-16 lbs; Medium 15-30 lbs; Large 27-36 lbs               Our customers have requested we carry this product
                                                                                    because it works so well at night time. The cotton diaper
Pull-On Nylon Pant               by Bummis                                          slides in the pocket. The micro fiber wicks the wetness
Non-binding waist and leg openings. (Snappi Clip                                    away from the baby. Adjustable snaps assure a good fit.
or Pins needed with pre-folded diapers.) Also use-                                  White & colors.
ful over training pants or with swim diapers. White.                                $18.00 ea. 6 or more $17.00 ea.
$6.00 ea. 6 or more $5.50 ea.
                                                                                    Small 7-18 lbs.
 Newborn 6-10 lbs. Small 8-15 lbs.                                                  Medium 15-30 lbs.
 Medium 15-30 lbs. Large 30+ lbs.
                                                                                                            If you put the diaper in the pocket we recom-
                                                                                    Large 25-45 lbs.        mend using the Bummi liners with this cover
        X-Large 35+ lbs.
                                                                                                            for easier BM clean up.
GroVia Shell        by The Natural Baby Co.
The GroVia one-size diaper cover is a revolution in cloth diapering. The innova-    Rainbow Bikini Cut Wool Cover by Bio Bottoms
tive shell design minimizes cost. Mesh fabric on the inside. Designed for use       Dense, felted lambswool provides maximum air circulation while still offer-
with the the GroVia Compostable Soaker Pad, reusable soaker pads, boosters          ing the best protection against leaks. Designed for a leak-proof fit. Wool is
by GroVia or pre-fold diapers. Hook & Loop Colors: Blackberry, Kiwi, Mandarin,      remarkably soft and breathable, protecting sensitive
Vanilla, Nature, Owls. Snap Colors: Blackberry, Kiwi, Vanilla, Owls $17.00 each.    skin against diaper rash. Easy on and off with Velcro
6 or more $16.00 ea.                                                                closures. Very durable, will definitely be passed on
                                                                                    to your next baby!
                                                                                    $27.00 each 6 or more $25.00 ea.
                                                                                      Newborn 4-8 lbs.       Large 18-22 lbs.
                                                                                      Small 8-14 lbs.        XLarge 22-27 lbs.
                                                                                      Medium 14-18 lbs.

                                                                                                                    In Progress:
                                                                                                             In-store sale of close out
                                                                                                                   diaper covers.
        Blackberry        Mandarin           Kiwi            Vanilla
                  Call or order on-line & receive free shipping with your diaper delivery.                                                                      7
                                                                                     Itty Bitty Imprint Event
                                                                                     Itty Bitty Imprints crafts ceramic tiles that ae imprinted, glazed, and fired, creat-
                                                                                     ing a unique keepsake to display in your nursery, home, or office.

                                                                                     Ask The Experts by BABI (Bay Area Birth Info)
                                                                                     Ask the Experts is a panel discussion for expectant parents, those planning to
                                                                                     be parents, and those interested in the current birth climate in the Bay Area.
                                                                                     Come listen to a Midwife, OB, Lactation Specialist and other birth profession-
                                                                                     als and ask questions. Will you have a "Mother Friendly" childbirth? For more
                                                                                     information and to RSVP, please call 1-408-529-7949.

                                                                                     High Low Music & Movement Class - most Wednesdays
                                                                                     Your babies and toddlers will have lots of fun singing, dancing, and playing
                           Tiny Tots is honored with two awards                      with instruments, scarves, hoops and parachutes. Morning and afternoon
                                                                                     classes. Learn more at www.highlowmusic.com. Reserve a spot directly with
                              Greenest family service                                High Low Music.
                            Best store to outfit your kid                             Easter Pictures
                                                                                     Dress up your little ones or the entire family for this special event. You will
                                                                                     receive a CD with all images from your professional photo session with Images
                         tinytots.com/events                                         by Rosalinda.

 2011 There’s lotswould be impossible to listTotsthe details on this page.
      so much it
                   going on in 2011 at Tiny
                                                  Baby Boutique. In fact,
                                                                                     Infant Wellness Series by Mission College
So, the following are brief descriptions of the classes, workshops and special       Register for the following four classes at: http://missioncollege.org/community/
events. Unless noted otherwise, please check our website or call or visit our        comm_ed/childbirth.html or by phone at 1-408-855-5106.
boutique for the full scoop, including applicable charges, deposits, etc. Due to
space limitations, reservations for all events are required. Make sure and reserve   Infant CPR - Birth to 1 Year
your space by calling or visiting our boutique.                                      New and expectant parents learn skills in this two hour class that will enable
                                                                                     them to recognize basic infant emergencies such as sudden respiratory/cardiac
Family Day, January 29 -- Kick off the New Year                                      arrest and choking, and how to respond to them. Students participate in hands-
Join us for a family day highlighting our baby registry & compost diaper service.    on practice using infant mannequins. This is a non-certification class.
Help us kick off our on line baby registry and compost diaper service in 2011.
We will be giving away many prizes.                                                  Postpartum Expectations for Mom and Baby: The First 6 Weeks
                                                                                     This two hour class prepares expectant parents for the first weeks at home.
Family Day, March 19 -- Infant Wellness                                              Topics include discussion of postpartum health for mom, integrating your
Join us for a family day we are holding in conjunction with Mission College. We      newborn into the family, initiating breastfeeding, and techniques to soothe
will kick off our infant wellness series offered by Mission College at Tiny Tots.    a crying baby.
There will be speakers. Come and learn more about breastfeeding, infant health
and nutrition from our local family services.                                        Infant Growth and Wellness
                                                                                     Presented by a pediatric RN, this two hour class for new and expectant parents
Family Day, May 14 -- Potty Training                                                 provides a forum for discussion of topics related to infant wellness. These include
The focus will be on supporting you with the potty training process. Expert          medical appointments, immunization schedule, jaundice, fever, cold/earache
speakers, prizes and discounts will be a part of this educational day.               and allergies. Other illnesses are discussed at parent's request. Resources and
                                                                                     information are provided on growth and development e.g. appropriate weight
Diapering 101 - most Saturdays from 10-11am                                          gain, vision acuity, muscular development, communication, teething, feeding
Experience the ease of cotton diapering with modern diapering techniques and         and healthy habits to promote infant wellness.
supplies, demonstrated by Parent Diapering Experts that make cloth diapering
a very viable option for eco-conscious parents. During this hands-on workshop        Managing Multiples
you'll learn all about cloth diapering, and we'll also introduce you to our com-     Expecting more than one baby? Breastfeeding twins? How do you go shopping
postable diaper service.                                                             with two toddlers, or keep them safe at the playground? This two hour class is
                                                                                     tailored to discuss the concerns of new and expectant parents of multiples cov-
Baby Wearing Workshop                                                                ering a range of topics such as breastfeeding, safety, sign language and talking
Join our fun and informative baby-wearing workshop. Learn the differences            to your toddlers, providing valuable information through the toddler stage.
between slings, wraps, soft carriers and structured carriers. Lots of time for
hands on practice.

Potty Training Workshop
Not sure how to get started with the potty training process? This workshop                                  Boutique Hours
will focus on common sense approaches as outlined in, Diaper-Free Before 3 by
Dr. Jill Lekovic. We will demonstrate why introducing the potty to your child's                 Monday - Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
routine as early as 6-months of age is a logical approach.

Home Laundering Diapers Workshop
Using or considering cloth diapers? Want to wash at home. Learn about how                         138 Railway Ave Campbell, CA 95008
easy it can be to launder diapers at home. Includes information on different                              Events are added and updated at:
diapering options along with laundering tips & techniques. Plus there will be
time for questions and answers.

Car Seat Inspections                                                                                 Tiny Tots Gazette
Safe Kids Santa Clara/San Mateo and Tiny Tots are partnering to hold Car Seat
inspection events. On car seat inspection days, 10% of in-store boutique sales                 Celebrating      30 Years
will be donated to Safe Kids.
                                                                     Printed on Recycled Paper

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