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									Google Apps
Dear colleague,
You heard very briefly about Google Apps in the IT presentation before the start of term. This email will
add a little more detail and prepare the way for some further communications regarding e-learning and
Web2.0 technologies.
What is Google Apps?
Google Apps is a service from Google that provides a number of Web-based applications including:
    Document storage and sharing
    Website creation
What is the Education Edition?
The education edition lets us create up to 800 individual accounts each with 7Gb of storage space for free.
The only cost is the registration of the domain – just 30 euros per year!
What does it mean for ISP?
The most important benefit is that we can now provide students from G1 to G12 with an email
account that they will be able to use throughout their entire school career.
For teachers and administrators this means that there is a guaranteed channel of email communication
with the students – something that we have not had in the past.
(You will be able to send messages to the student email addresses without logging into Google apps of
Are there any other benefits?
Yes, we expect there will be many benefits and we hope that you will find ways to use Google Apps
creatively and that you will share your discoveries with other members of the ISP community.
However, there is one potentially huge benefit that has motivated us to move ahead quickly with
this project. If the school were to close for an extended period as a result of the swine flu
pandemic, Google Apps could provide a way for us to maintain continuity for the educational
It is with this in mind that we will be setting out a short-term plan for e-learning using Goggle Apps emails
and ISP wikispaces.
So what happens next?
Over the course of the next few days and weeks there will be a number of follow up communications
giving tips and suggestions for how this might work in practice.
Best regards,

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