Google Reader and the Mystery of RSS Solved

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					     Google Reader and the Mystery of RSS Solved (GR1)
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What is RSS?

                RSS SYMBOL

Rich site summary. Some refer to it as Real Simple Syndication. RSS
is a protocol, an application of XML, which provides an open method
of syndicating and aggregating Web content. Using RSS files, you
can create a data feed that supplies headlines, links, and article
summaries from your Web site. Users can have constantly updated
content from web sites delivered to them via a news aggregator, a
piece of software specifically tailored to receive these types of feeds.

RSS and blogs

Watch video from Common Craft

Article on RSS and education
There are several RSS readers. My favorite has always been the
one that works with Internet Explorer

The only problem is you have to always use the same computer for
this to work. The solution to this is to subscribe to an aggregator
that you can log onto from any computer with Internet access. Both
Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox now have tools to make it
easy to a add feed directly into Google Reader by clicking the RSS icon on the toolbar
when it is lit bright orange. Other examples of these include:
So when you see RSS feed options on some pages like this one
from Teacher Tube, you have several options.

We are going to focus on Google Reader. You will need to set up
an account with Google

If you already have an account you can sign in.
With Google Reader, all you have to do is click Add a
subscription. Enter a search term to find feeds or paste a feed url.

You can Browse for stuff to find things to subscribe to or go out
on the web and search or use Technorati to search for blogs.
You can also share items. A really cool thing is that these shared
items create a public page.

Others can now subscribe to your page.
You can also add tags to keep your feeds organized.

In your shared items, you have several options: email or add a clip
to your website with the code provided.
You can also post notes that will be seen on your shared page.

Notice, after I subscribe to a feed, it will show a BOLD number.
This number shows how many new articles I have not read yet.
Another feature of Google I like are the Google Alerts, which are
email alerts of new things that have been posted on the web about
your topic. To get there, click more, then even more.
Click here.

You can pick a topic, what type of article, and how often to email