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					Round-Up 1999

January                                       Internet domains in top-level Internet
                                              domain .mt, as well as for other activities
Ms Linda Eneix, President of the OTS          related to promotion of the Internet in
Foundation based in Florida U.S.A.,           Malta. In addition, it takes over the duties
gave a donation towards the setting up        of the Domain Name Registration
of an Archaeological Laboratory at the        Committee delegated by InterNIC, the
University’s Department of Classics and       Internet top body, for domain registration
Archaeology, Faculty of Arts. This            business in the country.
served to complete the first stage of
equipping the Laboratory and will be a        Under the auspices of the Department
major contribution to current research        of Psychology, Dr. Glyn Goodall from the
on material retrieved from the                Cognitive Sciences Department,
Department’s excavations at the Tas-          University Victor Segalen, Bordeaux II,
Silg site.                                    gave a public lecture entitled The
                                              Recovery of Cognitive Functions after
The Mathematical Society was officially       General Anaesthesia.
launched. The aims of the society
include delivering popular lectures on        Two series in the Work-in-Progress
different mathematical topics, organising     Seminar Series: Untangling Knots in
activities to increase the popularity of      Social Research were successfully held
maths among secondary and post-               and well attended. This series
secondary students and holding                encourages           informal, regular,
seminars attended by mathematics              intellectual exchange among staff and
graduates to keep up to date with current     students in any branch of social studies.
research.                                     It is for people at every level of research
                                              - from B.A through post-doctoral and is
The Institute of Health Care in               held every fortnight of the academic year.
conjunction with Leeds University
organised a Joint Educational
Programme which focussed on Pre and           February
Post Registration Levels at IHC in which
members of the Nursing and                    Professor Paolo Balboni from the
Radiography staff participated.               University of Venice visited the
                                              Department of Italian to conduct two
A half-day seminar was held at the            seminars. La multimedialità nella
Radisson SAS Bay Point Resort to mark         didattica dell'italiano come L2 while the
the official launching of The Malta           second lecture was entitled Per una
Internet      Foundation .        Several     didattica funzionale e comunicativa
presentations          from       various     dell'italiano come L2.
organizations involved in the provision
of Internet services to the public in Malta   Junior College students who excelled in
as well as by experts in the field were       the 1997 and 1998 MATSEC sessions
delivered. The new Foundation is              obtaining their Matriculation Certificate
responsible for the registration of           with Distinction received due credit at an
Awards Night held in mid-February.           Presentation of awards by the Rector to
Furthermore, students who, during their      Department of Accountancy students for
two years at the College, distinguished      outstanding performance. This year's
themselves in other fields, whether          CIMA Prize was awarded to Susan
academic or non-academic, or whose           Domancich for her dissertation on
achievements contributed towards             Theory of Constraints; the award in the
evolving an ethos for the College, also      field of Taxation presented by Deloitte &
received awards. The evening's               Touche went to Donald Schembri whose
programme included a display of              dissertation was entitled Tax Implications
musical and ballet talent by College         of Global Electronic Commerce from a
students.                                    Maltese Perspective while Sharon Finn
                                             who wrote on The Internal-External Audit
Linguistics Professors Paolo Ramat and       Relationship in Selected Companies
Anna Giacalone Ramat from the                won the PricewaterhouseCoopers Prize
Dipartimento di Linguistica, Università di   in the field of Auditing. Awards by
Pavia, visited the Department of Italian.    K.P.M.G. for the best student in Financial
Professor Ramat presented the                Accounting and Grant Thornton for
MEDTYP project to members of the             research in the law area relating to
Institute of Linguistics since due to the    accounting went to Lauren Galea and
central position of the Maltese Language     Christine Sciberras respectively. Ryan
as a meeting point between Romance           Sciberras won The Student of the Year
and Semitic languages, Malta can             prize awarded by the Malta Institute of
contribute greatly to this project which     Accountants and also received the
involves the universities of Pavia, Pisa,    Arthur Anderson Award in Finance for
Napoli, Perugia, Roma III, Trieste and       his dissertation on Treasury Bills and
Viterbo as well as others from Europe        their Corporate use in Malta.
and North Africa. He also lectured to
students of languages and linguistics on     The University conferred the degree of
Standard Average European. Professor         Doctor of Literature Honoris Causa on
Anna Ramat, president of the                 Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare
prestigious Societas Linguistica             Movement.
Europaea , lectured on Italian as a
second language.                             To commemorate the tercentenary of the
                                             demise of Mattia Preti, the University
Dott. Sante Guido who trained at the         Library held an exhibition on the artist's
Istituto Centrale di Restauro, Rome,         life and works. Exhibits included
gave a credit course to Art History          publications covering Preti's career
students on the Restoration of Bronzes       ranging from De Dominici's Notizia della
and Pietre Dure.                             vita di Mattia Preti (1864) to J. Spike's
                                             recent corpus of documentary
Dr. Hanneke Teekens, Senior Advisor          transcripts, photographs of selections
with the Netherlands Organisation for        from Preti's artistic oeuvre as well as
International Cooperation in Higher          miscellany of documents illustrating
Education (NUFFIC), gave a talk on           salient events in his life. One of the
University Internationalisation Issues       greatest south Italian artists of all time,
under the auspices of the University's       Mattia Preti spent the best part of his
International Office.                        working life in the service of the Order
of St. John. His artistic style strongly       Islands: Statistics from the Census of
influenced the subsequent development          Population and Housing and Gender
of painting in Malta.                          Issues and Statistics Proceedings of a
                                               Workshop organised by the Central
Dr. Robin Lickley from the Department          Office of Statistics in collaboration with
of Linguistics and the Human                   the Department for Women's Rights.
Communication Research Centre,
University of Edinburgh, whose particular      Professor Barry Smith from the State
interest is in the perception and              University of New York at Buffalo visited
production of spontaneous speech,              the Department of History to give a
especially disfluent speech, delivered a       series of interdisciplinary lectures on
talk entitled: Disfluency: Why Why you         Philosophy, Politics and History which
should care under the auspices of the          provided an historical introduction to
Institute of Linguistics.                      political philosophy with special
                                               reference to economic, geographic, legal
Visit by the Vice President of the Higher      and military factors determining the
Education Council of Turkey in line with       evolution of the modern nation state
the University's internationalisation          concept.
policy aimed at strengthening links with
neighbouring Mediterranean countries.          The University participated in the
                                               Careers Convention held in Gozo. This
                                               year, the stand focussed on Science,
March                                          Engineering and Information Technology
                                               degree courses.
Junior College Students’ Night was held
in which some 150 students took part in        Inauguration of a short course on The
a spectacle of music, dance and plays.         European Union with special emphasis
The three bands that won the Only the          on its Social Policy, Employment
fittest survive! Rock Concert, knockout        and Trade Unions conducted by the
competition held at the College in             Workers' Participation Development
February also participated.                    Centre.

Ass.Professor Niels Henrik Mortensen           The Medical School organised the IV
from the Technical University of               Medical School Conference in the
Denmark, Copenhagen gave a public              course of which, Professor Sir Alfred
lecture on Design For Manufacture which        Cuschieri gave the Ralph Arrigo Lecture
is particularly relevant in the light of the   on the theme: Hospital Care in the Next
recent EU update report on Malta’s need        Millennium.
for industrial restructuring.
                                               Michel Montanaro, a French
The Department for Women's Rights and          ethnomusicologist discussed various
the University's Gender Issues                 European wind instruments he has come
Committee held a book launch and               across in the course of research he has
seminar on campus. The publications            conducted. Montanaro is a composer-
both edited by sociologist Dr. A. M. Abela     musician rich in the provençal tradition
are: Women and Men in the Maltese              of the gaboulet-tambourine whose style
has been affected over the years by          April
diverse cultural influences exerted on
him through contacts he has had with         A seminar on Atmospheric Pollution was
several indigenous musical groups.           organised in conjunction with the
                                             Embassy of the Federal Republic of
The University Vocal Ensemble and            Germany and the Ministry for Gozo. The
members of the St. Martin's College          aim of the seminar was to bring together
Choir under the baton of Mro. Dion           all those researchers involved both
Buhagiar, gave a Concert of Sacred           locally and internationally in such work;
Music for Eastertide in St. John's Co-       to promote an awareness of the research
Cathedral, Valletta. The evening's           work and its applications being carried
programme featured polyphonic motets         out locally and to enable participants to
by Palestrina. Vittoria, Lassus, Lotti and   plan further research programmes for
Stainer among others as well as              the Mediterranean. The keynote
Schubert's Stabat Mater and Franz            address was given by Professor Paul
Liszt's Via Crucis. Soloists included        Crutzen, Nobel Laureate for
sopranos: Claire Debono and Sonia            Atmospheric Chemistry, from the Max
Agius, mezzo-soprano: Claire Massa,          Planck Institute, Karlsruhe.
tenor: Mark Camilleri and bass:
Jonathan Mohnani. Richard Caruana            The theme of this year's Annual
and Gino Mulè Stagno accompanied the         Lowenbrau Seminar was Older Persons
joint choirs on the organ.                   in the Maltese Islands coinciding with the
                                             United Nations Year of Older Persons.
Professor Elinor Gadon, a cultural           The full day seminar organised by the
historian and founder/academic director      University of Malta Gozo Centre in
of the Women's Spirituality Ph.D.            collaboration with the Ministry for Gozo,
programme at the California Institute of     the UN National Focal Point for Older
Integral Studies in San Francisco, spoke     Persons and Lowenbrau (Malta) was
on The Women's Spirituality Movement         held at the Mgarr Hotel, Gozo.
in the United States - Feminism and
Integralism under the auspices of the        Professor Roberto Prandin, Direttore
Workers' Participation Development           Artistico of Settimane Musicali di
Centre's Women and Development               Lugano, conducted a credit on Artistic
Programme.                                   Management and the role of the Artistic
                                             Director. The course outlined the know-
The Teaching of English as a Foreign         how required for the successful running
Language (TEFL) Programme of the             of any kind of medium-sized artistic
Faculty of Education organised an            organisation be it musical, acting, a ballet
international conference: Teaching and       company, even museums and exhibition
Assessing Young Learners in Malta. The       centres. Apart from discussing the
conference aimed to create a forum for       methodology         involved,         such
the discussion and review of the latest      contemporary problems as funding were
developments in the Teaching and             also dealt with.
Assessment of English as a Foreign
Language to Young Learners.                  Paul Eluard et le surréalisme and La
                                             Femme dans le mouvement surréaliste
were the themes developed by guest           An international conference entitled:
lecturer Colette Guedj, Professor            Human Rights and our responsibilities
of French Literature, University of          towards future generations: An inter-
Nice, Sophia-Antipolis, France who           religious perspective organised by the
visited the Department of French in mid-     Foundation for International Studies in
April.                                       collaboration with the Mediterranean
                                             Academy of Diplomatic Studies and
The Geneva based European                    UNESCO was held.
Association of Development Research
and Training Institutes (EADI), and the      Getting Down to Gearing Up for Europe
Department of Economics organised a          was the theme of the annual conference
seminar on Euro-Mediterranean                organised     by     the    European
Linkages: Flows of People, Goods and         Documentation and Research Centre.
Services. EADI also held its bi-annual       Conference themes included: Industry
Executive Committee meeting in Malta.        and the EU, Tax Policy for Growth and
                                             Employment, Banking and the EU,
The Department of Biology in                 European Union and Maltese
collaboration with the Ministry of           Employment Policy Developments.
Agriculture and the Environment
Protection Division held a seminar, SOS      Delegations from James Madison
for the Maltese Flora, which sounded an      University, Virginia; Bradley University,
alarm for our endangered natural             Illinois; South Texas College of Law and
heritage.                                    Tulane visited the University.

A ceremony for the presentation of
awards to members of staff who               June
successfully obtained higher degrees in
the course of 1998 was held. These           The first Certificate Course in Multimedia
included some twenty Doctorates and          Authoring came to an end. The course
twelve Masters cum laude.                    was composed of two main
                                             components. The first consisted of three
                                             teaching modules including a number of
May                                          practical sessions which focussed on
                                             various multimedia tools, techniques
Professor Georges Molinié, President of      and environments. The second
the Université Paris IV - Sorbonne, paid     component was made up of three video-
a visit to the University.                   conferencing sessions (the link being
                                             sponsored by Maltacom plc ) which
Professor Michael Talbot, Head of Music      applied the techniques covered in the
Programme, University of Liverpool,          first part of the course to design,
visited the Mediterranean Institute's        aesthetics and the management of
Music Studies Programme. He lectured         multimedia projects. The venture was
to Music students on Italian Sacred          jointly managed by the Department of
Music in the Age of Bach and Handel          Computer Science & Artificial
whilst Music at the Ospedale della Pietà     Intelligence and the Institute of
in Vivaldi's Venice was the subject of his   Computer Based Learning at Queen's
second lecture.
University, Belfast in collaboration with   and sponsored by the Ministry of
Malta University Services.                  Education.

The Academy of Marketing Science held       A course in Banking Law and Financial
its world congress in Malta. This was       Markets of particular interest to bankers,
hosted by the University's Department       insurance brokers, financial consultants
of Marketing.                               and chartered auditors and accountants
                                            as well as to graduates and senior
A Private Graduation Ceremony for           undergraduates in Law, Economics and
foreign students of the Mediterranean       Political Sciences was organised by the
Academy of Diplomatic Studies as well       University of Malta in collaboration with
as those who qualified in Gerontology       the Università degli Studi di Roma 'La
was held.                                   Sapienza' and with other Italian

July                                        Establishment of the Malta Internet
                                            Exchange (MIX). MIX acts as a local
The European Access Network held its        backbone for Internet traffic, linking
eighth Annual Meeting in Malta. The         together major ISPs in Malta and the
theme of the conference was Changing        University. The Malta Internet Exchange
The Culture of The Campus: Towards          facility was set up in partnership with the
an Inclusive Higher Education.              University through its Computing
                                            Services Centre, which provides
A photographic exhibition launched the      technical operations and support.
seventh edition of Evenings on Campus.

Projects ‘99 an exhibition of Final Year    October
Engineering students work was held.
The mechanical and electrical               More than 2000 new students joined
engineering projects form part of the       various University courses while more
students’ fourth year final assessment.     than 1300 students entered the Junior
The exhibition, which is held annually,     College.
provides an opportunity for the general
public and in particular, those working     The second Mediterranean Meeting on
in the field, to view the projects and      Morphology (MMM2) was held in Malta
become acquainted with tomorrow’s           this month. This was organised by the
engineers.                                  University's Institute of Linguistics
                                            together with the Mediterranean Meeting
                                            on Morphology Committee. A number of
September                                   papers by experts in the field of
                                            morphological research were presented.
As part of the millennium celebrations,
a summer school entitled Malta and The      Professor Len Barton, University of
Arts was organised by the Foundation        Sheffield, gave a public lecture on
for International Studies and the Richard   Disability and social justice: comparative
Demarco European Arts Foundation            insights and disabled persons'
perspectives. This was organised in          involved discussions at Rectorial level
collaboration with Kummissjoni               which focussed on the launch of projects
Nazzjonali Persuni b'Dizabilità.             aimed at fostering cooperation between
                                             European and non-EU Mediterranean
The Institute of Linguistics initiated its   countries.
1999/2000 series of Linguistic Circle
Meetings with a talk by Sandro Caruana
from the Junior College, who lectured on     November
The Media as means of Linguistic Input:
the acquisition of Italian L2 in Malta.      On the occasion of Graduation 1999 a
                                             Mass of Thanksgiving was held at St.
Professor Mike Oliver, University of         John's Co-Cathedral celebrated by H.G.
Greenwich, gave a public lecture entitled    The Metropolitan Archbishop of Malta.
Disability into the Millennium which was     Nearly 2,000 students graduated in
organised by the Social Work and Social      various disciplines in the course of a
Administration Programme of the              number of ceremonies.
Department of Public Policy in
collaboration with Kummissjoni               How may the prickly pear help us to
Nazzjonali Persuni b'Dizabilità.             control diabetes?
                                             What may be so fascinating to make two
On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary      females students spend a number of
of the establishment of the                  sleepless nights studying bat behaviour?
Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic          What impact is the Maghtab landfill
Studies, H.E. Professor Guido de Marco,      having on our environment?
President of Malta, gave a public lecture    How do lizards make love and how do
on Diplomacy in the Post-Cold War Era.       they fight for their partner?
                                             These and other intriguing questions
The third annual series of Work-in-          were answered during the Annual
Progress Seminar Series got underway         Biology Symposium which was
with a talk by Nathaniel Cutajar from the    organised by the Department of Biology
Museum of Archaeology entitled New           and was well attended.
Light on the Maltese Middle Ages:
Recent Discoveries in Archaeology.           The Department of Communications and
                                             Computer Engineering organised a four-
The 1999/2000 round of Philosophy            day seminar in conjunction with
Society Meetings got underway with a         Tetramed , to discuss methods for
discussion entitled Time Matters chaired     Technology Transfer and participation in
by Rev. Professor Peter Serracino Inglott    EUMEDIS programmes.                The
and a panel made up of Professor Joe         department is the IT node for the
Friggieri, Professor Frank Ventura, Dr.      technology domain of High Performance
Mario Tabone and Dr. Richard Muscat.         Computing and Networking (HPCN).

Two meetings of the Santander Group          SACES, The Society of Architecture &
were held in Malta between October and       Civil Engineering Students, organised its
November. The first brought Liaison          annual exhibition of student projects
Officers together while the second           entitled Designs ‘99.
An International Conference on The            Room of the New Dolmen Hotel at which
Governance of Small Jurisdictions was         Psychology Graduates of the 1995-1999
organised by the Foundation for               course presented their research
International Studies’ Islands and Small      findings.
States Institute in conjunction with the
Management and Personnel Office at            The annual Christmas Concert was
the Office of the Prime Minister, Malta       organised under the auspices of the
and the International Association of          University's Music Studies Programme.
Schools and Institutes of Administration,     This was held in St. John's Co-
Brussels.                                     Cathedral,Valletta. The University Vocal
                                              Ensemble together with the Collegium
On the occasion of the bicentenary of         Aureum and the Collegium Musicum
the birth of the Russian poet Alexander       presented works by Praetorius, Yon,
Sergeyevitch Pushkin (1799-1837)              Rutter, Bach and Vivaldi among others.
founder of Russian literature and the         The combined choirs were under the
modern Russian language, an exhibition        baton of Mro. Dion Buhagiar while
was held in the University of Malta           soloists included Mezzo-Soprano Claire
Library organised in collaboration with       Massa, Jonathan Mohnani (Bass),
the Russian Centre for Science and            Roberto Prandin (Flute), Simon Abdilla
Culture.                                      Joslin (Cello) and Gino Mule Stagno
Under the auspices of the Department
of Clinical Pharmacology and                  Junior College students in collaboration
Therapeutics of the Faculty of Medicine       with the Precincts Office and BOV Club
and Surgery, Dr. Kieran Breen from the        put on a variety show entitled Christmas
Department of Pharmacology and                Fantasia.
Neuroscience, University of Dundee,
lectured on The Biochemical Aspects of
Alzheimer's Disease. Dr. Breen is the
Director of the Alzheimer Research
Centre at his University.

Dott.ssa Maria Giulia Barberini gave a
monographic course on the Concept &
Practice of Restoration in the Baroque
Period to students of Art History. Her
visit was made possible through
collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di


The Department of Psychology, Faculty
of Education, organised The 1999
Psychology Seminar in the Dolmen

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