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					Autumn Edition - 2008                                                               

  T he Pur poses of the R ecreational Canoeing Association of British Columbia are:
         To coordinate, promote, and encourage all types of paddling;
         To develop safe canoeing practices and activities for canoes;
           To involve the society in appropriate conservation and environments issues around the province.

                                                                                         Editor - Tony Shaw
 Contents:                  Page                                                         with an easy to remember e-mail:
   Memorium to Dave         Cover
   CANEWS editor            Cover
   IAGM report                2
  IAGM Meeting                2
 minutes ...
 Coordinator’s report
   Roger Warnatsch,
 Environmental Report                                                                    This is Dave’s CANEWS! An
   President’s Report                                                                    issue where we can all remember
 continued...                                                                            Dave Stevens in this very special
   A photographic tribute                                                                edition of our newsletter -
                              6                                                          CANEWS. I didn’t ‘really’ know
 to Dave Stevens.
                                                                                         Dave personally; but I know that
   The Life of a Canoeist
                             7-8                                                         his involvement with RCABC was
 and an outdoorsman.
                                                                                         exemplary. His vision for RCABC
   The Last word - editor     9
                                                                                         and his staunch commitment to its
   The RCABC Directory       10
                                                                                         well-being have been an
 of Clubs and Agencies                  On behalf of us all, Thanks, Dave for all your
                                                                                         inspiration not only to canoeists
                                        hard work and support for RCABC and the
                                                                                         in B.C. and in Canada but to
                                        exemplary spirit that you exhibited to all the
                                                                                         many many others with whom he
                                        paddlers, young and old -- those who were
                                                                                         came into contact. We will really
                                        lucky to engage with you and those who
                                                                                         miss you Dave...
                                        didn’t. We will miss your great enthusiasm!

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Autumn Edition - 2008                                                                           

RCABC Instructors’ Annual Meeting:                                                   Instructor Coordinator Report
                                                                                     As I sit down to write this report snow is falling
The meeting of the RCABC instructors took place over the September                   outside and the mountains are white. In most parts
Long Weekend. Attendance was low and creates some concern over                       of the province it’s time to put the paddles and poles
attendance at two main meetings during the year - the AGM and the                    away and turn our energies to winter activities.
IAGM. RCABC plans to do a survey to try to find out how we could                      However a little snow and cold won’t stop us from
encourage more people to meet face to face at these meetings. The                    dreaming and planning for the next paddling season
minutes are here for all to read.                                                    and all the places yet to paddle!

                                                                                     I’d like to take this opportunity to send a huge
                                                                                     “Thank You” to Scott Rookes who held this position
                                                                                     over the past few years. Scott put much time and
                                                                                     energy into the association, with such initiatives as
                                                                                     the C1 program, Master Instructor Review,
                                                                                     Instructor’s Manual update, as well as heading the
                                                                                     Course Standards Committee reviewing and fine
                                                                                     tuning all of our programs. Thank you Scott, you’re
                                                                                     a hard act to follow!

                                                                                     One area that I’d like to work on in my new role is
                                                                                     to get our association more active, and that will
                                                                                     require all of us to become more involved! The
                                                                                     IAGM this past September was poorly attended, and
                                                                                     as a result Alan Thomson, our fearless leader, has
                                                                                     put together a short survey to help us understand
                                                                                     what you the members want from this association.
                                                                                     Some of you will be contacted in the near future and
                                                                                     I encourage you to take some time to respond.

                                                                                     So as you sit by the fire over the next months,
                                                                                     maybe take some time to think about planning some
                                                                                     canoe courses for next season. If you are an active
                                                                                     instructor maybe think about inviting someone who
                                                                                     hasn’t taught for awhile to do a co-teach? Or maybe
                                                                                     think about offering a course that you don’t usually
                                                                                     offer on a regular bases, tripping perhaps? What
                                                                                     about taking a course from one of our many highly
                                                                                     skilled and talented instructors? This is our
                                                                                     association and it depends on all of us to work
                                                                                     together to keep offering the best canoeing
                                                                                     programs in the country!

                                                                                     Put the fat end in and pull!

                                                                                     Roger McColm


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Autumn Edition - 2008                                                                     

                                       REPORT                        Environment Report - Roger Warnatsch
                                       October 2008

                                        Dave Stevens
                                        Elsewhere in
                                                                     PADDLE CANADA PAGAIE CANADA
                                        there are
                                                                     THREATENED WATERWAYS
                                        articles paying
                                        tribute to Dave
                                        Stevens, who                 Why a Paddle Canada Threatened Waterways
                                       died suddenly in              Designation?
 September. Dave was a founding member of                            Pollution, dams, and industrial development are just a
 RCABC and its leader in the early years. What                       few of the many threats faced by Canada's waterways.
                                                                     In recent years, climate change has emerged as an
 RCABC has become is, in large measure, due to
                                                                     additional problem that jeopardizes the health of every
 Dave’s leadership and drive in those critical                       waterway on Earth—through warmer water, continued
 developmental times. He continued to contribute to                  from page 3...
 the Association through his employment for many                     changing water levels, and the introduction
 years at Camp Sasamat, where we continue to source                  of alien or exotic species.
 our certificates and printed versions of the Instruction
                                                                     One of the core elements of Paddle
 Manual. I met Dave on the Alexander Mackenzie
                                                                     Canada’s mandate is advocacy for a
 Bicentennial Brigade in 1993, and had occasional                    healthy natural environment.
 discussions with him up to the summer of this year.                 Paddle Canada’s Threatened
 He was always helpful and supportive of RCABC.                      Waterways designation draws
 continued on page 4...                                              continued on page 4...

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Autumn Edition - 2008                                                                      

 continued from page 3...
                                                      continued from page 3...
 His untimely death removes a link with the           attention to Canadian waterways that are in the most immediate
 Association’s history that will not be replaced.     need of our help. The designation provides groups with the
                                                      ability to use the Paddle Canada brand in their efforts to draw
 Membership Phone Questionnaire                       attention to a threatened waterway. In addition, it provides
                                                      opportunities for local action groups to partner with the National
 The Instructors Annual General Meeting was
                                                      Paddling Association and our 1200 plus members to help protect
 held at Adams Lake over the Labour Day               our Canadian waterway heritage.
 weekend. A report on the business and
 activities is included elsewhere in this issue of    How does a waterway achieve the designation?
 CANEWS. As noted in my report in July,               Individual, instructor or regional member associations of Paddle
 attendance at the 2 face-to-face meetings that       Canada nominates rivers. Nominations are made by submitting
                                                      a written letter to the Board of Directors of Paddle Canada that
 RCABC has annually has been poor. The
                                                      outlines how the waterway is deserving of the designation based
 IAGM confirmed the trend, with 11 members at          on the following three criteria.
 the business meeting itself. All were either
 members of the executive or the Beaver Canoe                1. National significance of the waterway (ecological,
 Club. It is obvious that these meetings are not                cultural, and economic values)
 useful to the members, or are not seen as useful            2. Magnitude of the threats facing the waterway
                                                             3. Opportunities in the coming year to make a positive
 (or not seen at all) and this was discussed at the
                                                                intervention to either protect the ecological integrity of
 IAGM.                                                          the waterway or restore it’s health.

 Since members are not coming to the meetings,
 it was suggested that the Association should go      How is the designation granted?
 to the members. This was discussed at the            The Board of Directors of Paddle Canada reviews nominations
                                                      and approves the designation. Once approved, the nominator is
 executive and agreed. So, sometime in the next
                                                      informed of the decision, the waterway is then listed on the
 few weeks you can expect to receive a phone          Paddle Canada website as a threatened waterway and members
 call from your Zone representative or another        of Paddle Canada are informed the designation has been
 member of the exec and to be asked some              granted.
 questions, seeking your advice as to what you
 would like the Association to be doing that          Where do I send the nomination?
 would help you in your canoe course
 instruction or in other ways. Please take the                                       Paddle Canada Pagaie Canada
 time to answer the call; if the Association                                         PO Box 20069
 doesn’t don’t know what your needs are, it                                          RPO Taylor-Kidd
 can’t try to meet them.                                                             Kingston ON K7P 2T6
                                                                                     Facsimilie: 613.547.4880
 Annual General Meeting
 At the September executive meeting it was
 agreed to hold the 2009 AGM at the same
 venue as 2008, at the mouth of the Cowichan
 and Koksilah Rivers on Vancouver Island.                                            Let’s support this environmental
 Although not on the Mainland, the site was                                          initiative by having a specific
                                                                                     nomination from BC - Have you got a
 thought to have all that could be desired for                                       favourite? Which river would Dave
 camping and paddling, with a small pond for                                         have chosen!
 continued on page 5

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Autumn Edition - 2008                                                                   

continued from page 4...             paddlers become built up or taken              As someone who paddles the coast
Lakewater recerts, two rivers and    over for private use. The result is            regularly and mainly trips on the sea, I
the ocean close by. The date has     that some stretches of the coast               am more than a little interested in this
been moved by one week to            become essentially impractical to              project and have volunteered to take part
April 18th/19th 2009 (was 25th/      paddle as part of a trip as there are          in the Task Force that is doing the work.
26th) to allow us the use of the     no public access or take out points            I know most canoeists don’t venture out
site.                                or, more commonly, no campsites.               on the ocean, but there is a lot of it and it
                                     After an initial period of                     never freezes and rarely moves too fast
Instructor Co-ordinator              enthusiasm, the Association shut               to paddle safely. There are tide rips and
As noted elsewhere the IAGM          down for some years, but the idea              currents, for sure, but no waterfalls! If
recommended that Roger               has recently taken on a new life.              anyone else in RCABC is interested in
McColm be appointed as               With the support of the Trails,                this project, I’d be interested to hear from
Instructor Coordinator. Roger is a   Recreation Sites and Trails Branch             them.
busy trainer, teacher and trip       of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture
leader, but has agreed to take on    and the Arts, a consortium of                  
       Alan Thomson
these duties and give us the         (mainly kayaking) clubs on the                 
       President - RCABC
benefit of his long membership        Island and the Mainland have taken
with RCABC. He has been a            on the task of identifying campsites
Master Instructor since 1992,        and area where there should be site
holding certification in every        along the coast of the whole Island
canoeing discipline except C-1.      and along the Mainland Coast at
He has also been the Zone            least up to Powell River.
representative fro the Northwest
since that area of BC was first
explored by Europeans – or so it
seems. We know that the
standards of courses and
instructor training are in safe
hands with him.
BC Marine Trails
Some members may be interested
to know that the BC Marine Trails
project has been revitalized. The
BC Marine Trails Association was
established in 1993 with the aim
of developing a linked series of
camp sites along parts of the BC
coast. The concern was, and is,
that the development of coastline
means that camp sites used by

                                                 Dave Stevens paddling with a ‘bent shaft’.

       RC ABC - Newsletter Editor - 2945 Dolphin Drive, N anoose Bay, B.C.                     Canada,     250.468.4875
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Autumn Edition - 2008                                                                          

  Dave’s page... a tribute!
      Over the past couple of months I have been getting all kinds of submissions for Dave from various sources... Mostly they are
  photos showing Dave and has family and of course Dave canoeing! Thanks to all those who contributed, especially Sasamat!

                                                            is the circle of life that
                                                       Dave enjoyed over his too
                                                     short years... His commitment to
                                                   family was first and foremost. He
                                                  was also very instrumental in so many
                                                  other organizations -- Sasamat Outdoor
                                                  Centre, Neighborhood Houses, the
                                                   Recreational Canoeing Association
                                                     of British Columbia, Canadian
                                                        Camping Association and
                                                              many more...

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Autumn Edition - 2008                                                             

  A vignette of the life of Dave       recreation/education. In the late
  Stevens                              1970’s and onwards, he was training
                                                                                   Association of Neighbourhood
                                       outdoor leaders in the Capilano
                                                                                   Houses of Greater Vancouver ended
  This issue of CANEWS is dedicated College Wilderness Leadership                  up spanning over 30 years, and even
  to the memory of Dave Stevens        Program teaching leadership skills,         after Dave left to become the
  (1953-2008) who passed away this     first aid, and backpacking courses.         Executive Director for Evans Lake
  early August. Dave’s sudden and      In the 1980’s, Dave was the                 Camp, he continued to be a
  untimely death was a shock to those Program Director for ANH’s                   consultant for Sasamat Outdoor
  who knew him as a fit and healthy    Camping Unit, and he also co-ran            Centre and for several
  colleague and to those of us who     Cedar Lake Camp. He worked                  neighbourhood houses and camps.
  knew him more as a founding pillar tirelessly with the GVRD to
                                       negotiate land use for the current
  of the RCABC. This sport has lost
                                       Sasamat Outdoor Centre. In
  one of its most senior and respected
  members. Dave was also well
                                       collaboration with the BC Camping           Dave the Canoeist
                                       Association, the first leadership            ‘extraordinaire’
  known and highly esteemed in other
                                                                              Dave’s legacy also extends into the
                                                                              world of canoeing. He was a
                                                                              passionate paddler who taught
                                                                              canoeing since he was a young
                                                                              adult, and who also tripped
                                                                              extensively, including going on
                                                                              many trips up North with his wife
                                                                              Lea. After the RCABC was
                                                                              founded, he soon became the Vice
                                                                              President in 1984, and the President
                                                                              from 1985 to 1988/89. It was
                                                                              during those years that the
                                                                              Association developed its training
                                                                              courses and the system for
                                                                              qualifying instructors, the platform
  areas of the outdoor pursuits field. camp was held at the centre, and this on which most of our work is based.
                                       became a main focus of Dave’s          It is evidence of his seniority in the
  The passionate outdoors              work; he devoted much of his time      Association that his membership
                                       to ensuring opportunities were         number is 002, second only to Brian
                                       provided for young people. The         Creer. Dave also devoted countless
  By a young age, Dave was an avid     Leadership Training Program Dave hours as the editor of our instructor
  outdoors person, and as a teenager,  initiated (first as a practicum project manual and he supported the
  he worked as a youth leader with the when a student at Capilano College) ongoing printing and distribution of
                                       continues to this day, and it services it and our certificates through his
  Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood
                                       many communities including for         contacts with Cap College and
  House. By his 20’s, he was highly
                                       inner city youth and those facing
  immersed in the field of outdoor     disabilities. His career with the      continued on page eight

     RC ABC - Newsletter Editor - 2945 Dolphin Drive, N anoose Bay, B.C.                  Canada,    250.468.4875
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Autumn Edition - 2008                                                                

  SA ILI N G                             Paddling

  from page seven...                    Saying farewell                    more the condolences of the
                                                                           Association to: Dave’s wife, Lea;
  Sasamat. More recently, Dave also     Dave’s memorial and celebration of their two daughters, Nicole and
  offered to help with the RCABC        life service was held on August 22 Jennifer; the rest of his family
  database, a further example of his    at the Sasamat Outdoor Centre.     members; and to others who were
  continued interest in the             There were many speakers who       close to Dave.
  Association spanning more than        talked of his: commitment to the
  two decades. Dave was one of the      development of stronger            The Family’s future
  first Master Instructor’s of RCABC    communities; skills and abilities; If anyone would wish to make a
                                                                           donation in memory of Dave, there
                                                                           is a Registered Educational Savings
                                                                           Plan (R.E.S.P.) established for
                                                                           Dave’s daughters, Nicole and
                                                                           Jennifer Stevens. Contributions
                                                                           (income tax deductible - receipts
                                                                           will be issued) may be made
                                                                           through the Alexandra Foundation
                                                                           to the Elmer Helm Youth Fund.
                                                                           The contact information is:

                                                                                   Alexandra Foundation
                                                                                   203-3102 Main Street
                                                                                   Vancouver, BC, V5T-3G7
                                                                                   Association of
                                                                                   Neighbourhood Houses/
  and remained an active teacher and    unbelievable resourcefulness;              Alexandra Foundation
  instructor certifier throughout his   tireless energy; leadership ability;
  life. His commitment and energy to    passion for canoeing and                   604-875-9111
  promote the activity he loved so      instructing; and his devotion to his
  much contributed enormously to the    family. There were dozens of               This article was compiled by Kari-Ann
  development of new instructors and    young people there, a tribute to the       Thor and contains contributions made by
  safe paddlers.                        degree of mentor ship that he              many of those who knew Dave well.
                                                                                   Thanks to Kari-Ann for coordinating this
                                        provided throughout his life. The          on behalf of the RCABC.
                                        RCABC would like to offer once

     RC ABC - Newsletter Editor - 2945 Dolphin Drive, N anoose Bay, B.C.                     Canada,      250.468.4875
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Autumn Edition - 2008                                                         


  The last word...
  This miniature carved paddle was placed at Rainbow Falls campsite on Azure Lake
  this summer in Wells Grey Provincial Park by some unknown canoeist. It is hanging
  in front of the cabin along with hundreds of other mementos carved by paddlers
  from all over the world. If you happen to go there, look for Daveʼs Paddle. It is a
  great tribute to one of RCABCʼs best! Azure Lake is accessed by portage from
  Clearwater Lake and Rainbow Falls campsite is about 35 kms from the put in. It is
  really worth the trip... Tony Shaw, Editor
Autumn Edition - 2008                                                                           

         Your Volunteers, Clubs and Supporting Businesses
         We are happy to recognize all those who make the Recreational Canoeing Association of British Columbia the great
    organization that it is. Feel free to contact any of them for more information and membership details. They are the lifeblood of
    the organization and will do their best to provide guidance to all paddlers seeking help and information. A special thanks to our
    business members whose support has been undying over many years and continues to this day. Please look for a club in your
    area and give them your support too! One of the best ways to get involved in paddling is to ‘JOIN A CLUB.’

                                                                                   British Columbia Canoe Clubs:
      Executive and Board Members:

   President                           Alan Thomson            Beaver Canoe Club                             Heather Matthews
   Acting Vice President               Kari-Ann Thor           Columbia Canoe Club                                   Bert Port
   Secretary                            Jean Chandler          Nakusp Canoe                                     Diana Kelland
   Treasurer                               Dan Walker          Blackwater Paddlers                                John Marien
   Newsletter Editor                       Tony Shaw           Dogwood Canoe Club                             Mark Alexander
   Member at Large                        Lynne Smith          Port Moody Canoe Club                             Gordon Clay
   Member at Large                     Jamie Boulding          Thompson River Interior Paddlers                   John Marien
   Instructor Coordinator                 Scott Rookes         Kelowna Canoe and Kayak Club                       Ron McKay
   Environmental Director             Roger Warnatsch          Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club                  Linda Thomson
                                                               Cowichan Kayak and Canoe Club                      Ron McKay

        Zone Representatives:                                                     Agency - Supporting Members

   Burnaby Delta                          Dan Burnett
   Alternate                             Leigh Burton                                                Bob Hellman 250.825.9571
                                                               Hellman Canoes
   Fraser Valley                     David Wooldridge
                                                               NELSON, B.C.                  
   Alternate	                        Corriette Hofstee
                                                               Pacifica Paddle Sports                   Peter Harris 250.361.9365
   Kootenay	                              Scott Rookes
                                                               VICTORIA, B.C.                 
   Northeast                              John Marien
   Northwest                           Roger McColm            Western Canoeing                    Lynne Smith 866.644.8111
   Alternate	                            Ian Hourston          ABBOTSFORD, B.C.        
   Okanagan                          Hugh Westheuser           Middletons Speciality Boats Dave Middleton 604.240.0503
   Vancouver                            Leonard Thor           N. VANCOUVER, B.C. 
   Alternate                             Chris Kovach          Wood Canvas Canoes               Boudi Van Oldenbourgh
   Vancouver Island                    Dwight Milford          TSAWWASSEN, B.C.                                   604.943.3052
   Alternate                          Lindsay Cornell          Go Outdoors                           Brenda Parks 250.674.0204

         Check the RCABC Website for contact                   CLEARWATER B.C.                     
         information about your representatives
                  and your executive:

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