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									                       Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club



1. The name of the Society is “Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club” hereafter known as
   the Club.


2. The purposes of the Club:

   a) To promote, foster, teach and perpetuate the art and sport of swimming, and to
      encourage training for competition, self development, leadership and
      sportsmanship in the field of competitive swimming.

   b) To stimulate intraclub competition and competition with other communities.

3. In the event that the Club should at any time be wound up or dissolved, the assets
   which remain after payment of all cost, charges, and expenses which are properly
   incurred in the winding up, shall be distributed to such charitable organizations
   registered under the provision of the Income Tax Act (Canada) as may be determined
   by the members of the Club (Society) at the time of the winding up or dissolution.
   This provision shall be unalterable.

              Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club - Constitution and Bylaws As Amended June 2002


1. To be a voting member one must have one or more children under the age of
   nineteen (19) years registered as a participant in a competitive program offered by
   the society OR be registered participant nineteen (19) years of age or older in such
   programs OR be a member of the general public approved as a member of the Board
   of Directors (such members will be limited to two (2) in number and will be
   considered to have resigned if they miss two (2) Annual General Meetings).

2. An ‘Honorary Life Member’ shall be a member who has made an outstanding
   contribution to the welfare of the Club and has been elected as an ‘Honorary Life
   Member’. ‘Honorary Life Membership’ is a non-voting membership.

3.   Members of the Club may apply to the directors for membership into the Society.

4.   Individual directors will bring the application(s) to an Executive Meeting for
     acceptance and registration of new members.

5.   A member in good standing is entitled to vote at any Annual or General Meeting. A
     member shall be deemed in good standing when all of the member’s accounts are
     paid up to date.

6.   Membership in the club shall not be transferable and shall cease:

     a) Upon written resignation.
     b) When the members related participant ceases to take part in the club’s activities.
     c) Upon dishonorable conduct, as deemed by the Executive.
     d) Upon death.
     e) Upon having dues in excess of sixty (60) days arrears provided that thirty (30)
        days due notice of pending termination has been given to the member.

7.   A member of the club can be expelled by the directors for:

     a) Account deemed by the Executive not in good standings.
     b) Dishonorable conduct, as deemed by the Executive.

8.   Participants shall be in categories as determined annually by the Executive (e.g. Mini
     Rapids, Age Group 1, 2, 3, Senior or National).

                Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club - Constitution and Bylaws As Amended June 2002

9.   The Executive shall have the power to set and determine Club policies consistent
     with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Club.

10. The Executive of the Club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary,
    Treasurer, Past President and not less that two (2) and not more than eight (8)


11. Nominations and Elections

     a) A nomination committee shall be formed at least thirty (30) days before the
        Election Meeting of the Club.
     b) The nomination committee shall comprise of at least three (3) members of the
        Club appointed for the purpose by the executive.
     c) Members of the nomination committee may hold executive positions.
     d) With the exception of the immediate Past-President, only members registered in
        good standing may be nominated to hold executive positions.
     e) Where the number and positions of the nomination corresponds to the vacancies
        of the officers on the executive, the nominations shall be declared elected by
        acclamation, at the election meeting in June of each year.
     f) No member shall be elected without his personal consent at the election meeting.
        This may be done in writing if the person has agreed in advance to stand for
        nomination and cannot attend the meeting.
     g) Elected officers shall assume their office following their election at the Election
        Meeting in June.
     h) The head coach, paid assistant coaches or hired employees shall not hold an
        elected position or have a vote on the executive.

12. The position of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected to
    serve a one (1) year term. Directors may be elected to serve one (1) or two (2) year
    terms. The President and Vice-President may not serve more than two consecutive
    terms in the same position.

13. Vacancies occurring during a term shall be filled by appointment, by the President,
    subject to the endorsement of those attending the next general meeting (when the
    need arises), and by acceptance of the appointed member. This appointment will then
    be in force till the next Election Meeting.

14. Where it is deemed that the behavior of an executive member is detrimental to the
    Club, the membership may by special resolution remove that executive member

                Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club - Constitution and Bylaws As Amended June 2002
    before the expiration of his/her term, and may elect a successor to complete the term
    of office.

15. No member of the Executive shall be remunerated for being on the executive but all
    executive members shall be reimbursed for all expenses necessarily and reasonably
    incurred by him/her while engaged in the affairs of the Club.

Duties of Executive Members:

16. Duties of Executive Members:

    a) President:
       •   Chair all meetings of the Club.
       •   Calls all Executive Meetings.
       •   Acts as Chief Executive Officer of the Club and supervises all other officers
           in their execution of duties.

    b) Vice President:
       •   Assumes Presidents’ job in his/her absence.
       •   Assists the President where needed in carrying out his/her duties.

    c) Secretary:
       •   Takes minutes of Executive and General Meetings and distributes them.
       •   Collects mail and sorts it for distribution in the Club.
       •   Makes all arrangement of meetings.
       •   Sends list of new Executive to all Northwest Region Clubs and Swim B.C. at
           the beginning of season.
       •   Answers all correspondence.
       •   Within thirty days (30) of the Annual General meeting, file as per the
           Societies Act, a statement in the form of a balance sheet containing general
           particulars of the Club’s liabilities and assets, an audited statement of income
           and expenditures, and a list of the Officers and Directors, with their addresses
           and occupations.

    d) Treasurer:
       •   Is in charge of expense accounts.
       •   Keeps track of all expenditures and banking transactions.
       •   Prepares and presents financial reports for all executive and general meetings.
       •   Arranges to have books audited at the end of the fiscal year.

    e) Past President:
       •   Provides experience and guidance to the executive at meetings.

               Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club - Constitution and Bylaws As Amended June 2002

17. The following are other committees which may be appointed by the Executive:

   Registrar             Telephone                      Publicity                     Newsletter
   Awards                Officiating                    Fund Raising                  Coach Liaison
   Records               Historian                      Billeting                     Meet Chairman
   Social                Accounts


18. Meetings

       a) Executive meetings shall be held at least every second month at a time and
          place to specified by the Executive.
       b) The Executive shall call a minimum of three (3) general meetings during the
          given year including the Annual meeting.
       c) A quorum at any General Meeting shall be twelve (12) members in good
       d) A quorum at any Executive Meeting shall be fifty recent (50%) of the elected
       e) Members shall be notified in writing, 14 days in advance, for a General
       f) The Annual Meeting shall be the June General Meeting.
       g) The election meeting shall be the June General Meeting.
       h) Special meetings of the general membership may be called by the executive as
          required by giving due notice.
       i) The non-receipt of notice of meeting by any eligible member does not
          invalidate the proceedings of that meeting.
       j) The Executive of the Club, on the requisition of ten (10%) or more of the
          voting members of the Club, (in this section called the requisitionists), shall
          convene a General Meeting of the Club without delay.
       k) The requisitionists shall:
            •   State the reason for the meeting.
            •   Sign the requisition. (This may consist of several documents signed by one
                or more requisitionists).
            •   ensure the requisition is delivered or sent by registered mail to the address
                of the Club.
       l) If, within twenty-one (21) days after the date of delivery of the requisition, the

                 Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club - Constitution and Bylaws As Amended June 2002
            Directors do not convene a General Meeting, the requisitionists, or majority of
            them may themselves convene a General Meeting to be held within four (4)
            months after the date of the delivery of the requisition.
       m) A General Meeting convened by the requisitionists shall be convened in the
          same manner, as nearly as possible, as a General Meeting convened by the
       n) The Club shall reimburse the requisitionists for expenses actually and
          reasonably incurred by them in requisitioning, calling and holding the
       o) Each Director, who was in default in not calling the meeting as he/she was
          required to do under subsection (18 i and 18 k) shall pay the Club his pro rated
          share of the amount paid by the Club to reimburse the requistionists under
          section 18 m).


19. The financial Year of the Club shall commence on the 1st of September and shall
    conclude on the 31st day of August of the year following.

20. Dues shall be determined by the Executive and shall be subject to ratification at the
    Annual General Meeting.

21. No expenditure of Club Funds shall be made without the consent of two signing
    officers of the Executive.

22. Any major capital expenditure, over three thousand five hundred dollars ($3,500),
    shall require the approval of the membership at a General Meeting.

23. All fund raising or solicitation in the name of the Club must have prior approval by
    the Executive.

24. The Executive shall appoint an auditor to audit the books annually.

25. The Executive shall appoint four (4) signing officers.

26. The Treasurer shall prepare and present a financial report at every General Meeting.

27. The properties and effects of the Club shall be inventoried. This shall be the
    responsibility of the Executive and be in the care of the Equipment Manager.

28. The Executive does not have any borrowing power without the sanction of a special
    resolution raised by the membership.

                Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club - Constitution and Bylaws As Amended June 2002
Books and Records:

29. The Executive shall see that all necessary books and records of the Club (required by
    the by-laws of the Club or by an applicable stature) are regularly open to inspection
    of any Member in good standing upon reasonable written notice.

30. All records and documents of the Club, except those required by the treasurer, shall
    be kept at the home of the Secretary.

31. The Treasurer shall keep the financial records, including books of account necessary
    to comply with the constitution and bylaws.


32. The Head Coach shall be hired by the Executive. The hiring shall be subject to
    endorsement of the membership present at the Annual Meeting in September, or for
    the rehiring of the coach at the General Meeting in June. The coaches' duties will be
    set out in writing and various duties are to be specified therein.

33. The Executive shall hire Assistant Coaches as may be required. The Head Coach
    shall make recommendations for assistant coaching staff.


34. Authority: All meetings of the Club and its governing body and all other matters of
    practice and procedure or otherwise herein specified, shall be governed by the
    Common Laws of Procedure of Canada and by the Societies Act Of British

35. The Club shall be affiliated on an annual basis with the provincial sports governing

36. The area of operation of the Club shall be the City of Prince Rupert and all such
    surrounding area as shall from time to time be affiliated therewith organizationally,
    but nothing here in writing shall be deemed to limit the area in which the members
    may seek to achieve their purpose.

37. Changes in the constitution and by-laws may be made only after approval by a 75%
    majority vote of members present at a duly constituted general meeting, for which
    fourteen (14) days written notice of the proposed changes shall be given to the

38. Voting by “proxy” is not permitted.

               Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club - Constitution and Bylaws As Amended June 2002

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