; Herrin Chamber of Commerce Membership Information
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Herrin Chamber of Commerce Membership Information


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									                          Herrin Chamber of Commerce
                            Membership Information
Business Name:                       _________________________________________________________
Physical Address:                    _________________________________________________________
Mailing Address (if different):      _________________________________________________________
Primary Rep Name:                    _________________________________________________________
Billing Rep Name (if different):     _________________________________________________________
# of Employees:                      _________________________________________________________
Phone:                               _________________________________________________________
Fax:                                 _________________________________________________________
E-mail:                              _________________________________________________________
Website:                             _________________________________________________________
Website Category:                    _________________________________________________________
         (Under what subject(s) should this business be listed in the Chamber’s online business directory? ex: How is
         it categorized in the yellow pages?)

                                                  New Member Benefits
                    - $100 worth of free advertising and 1 year subscription to the Herrin Spokesman
   - Free commercial production with placement of advertising schedule from NBC affiliate WPSD-TV ($375 value)
                                      - $250 off advertising package with OnMedia
 - 6 mo. of free web hosting with purchase of web development services from Codeon Interactive (up to a $600 value)
- Short Biography about your business in the “Chamber Chat” and monthly “Chamber Page” in the Herrin Spokesman
       - Free business consultation and a special one time 25% match of your 1st month advertising schedule with
                     Mississipi River Radio stations: Z100, 103.5, Magic 95.1, WCIL-FM and WJPF

                                               All Member Benefits
    - Your company brochure or flyer inserted into “Chamber Chat” free one time, $50 thereafter, mailing to 290
                                      (You provide printed brochure or flyer)
                     - Ribbon cutting/grand opening for new business, expansion or relocation
    - Recommendation of members to all inquiries concerning your type of business (members are referred first)
                      - 5% discount on any prepaid travel made by Carlson Worldwide Travel
               - Included in Chamber business directory on website with a free link to your website
                                    - Use of Chamber stamp for bulk mailings
                                - Chamber mailing lists or labels for your mailings

Business Membership (1st Member):                             $200            __________
Each Additional Member After the 1st:                         $145            __________
Assessment Fee for Each Member in Lieu of Fundraising         $50             __________
        (maximum of 2 assessments or per business)                     Total: __________ (ex. $235 for 1 member)

Individual Membership:                                        $119                __________

Friend of the Chamber                                         $35                 __________

                                                     Amount Enclosed:             __________
Mission Statement:

The Herrin Chamber of Commerce serves and supports the economic good of the greater Herrin area with pri-
ority given to economic development and the assistance necessary to acquire and retain business and industry
in Herrin and the surrounding region.

Herrin Chamber of Commerce                                             Phone:            618-942-5163
3 South Park Avenue                                                    Fax:              618-942-3301
Herrin, IL 62948                                                       E-mail:           herrincc@herrinillinois.com
                                                                       Website:          www.herrinillinois.com

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