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Maria Blair Vice President of Administration Retires After


									Bomco News Summer 2007                                                                 Page 1 of 3

  Maria Blair, Vice President of Administration,
  Retires After 47 Years of Service
                                   Maria Blair, now   What made this growth possible? Maria
                                   in her 47th year   attributes the positive work environment
                                   of service, has    and Pete Bank’s forward-looking attitude.
                                   worked for         “We were always ahead of the time” she
                                   Bomco longer       adds, “whether it was job sharing, flex
                                   than any other     time, computers or programming.”
                                   current            Asked if she has any advice for new,
                                   employee. While    young employees, Maria responded,
                                   she is retiring    “Yes, stay with Bomco. You will never be
                                   from her daily     happier or have a better chance to
                                   duties as Vice     achieve your potential than with Bomco.”
                                   President of       This advice certainly worked well for
                                   Administration,    Maria.
                                   she will retain    What about Maria’s earliest memories of
                                   her positions of   Bomco? Interestingly enough, Maria and
                                   Clerk of the       her family lived nearby and she
  Corporation and Chairperson of the Board.           remembers picking blueberries with her
  In 47 years of dedicated service, Maria has         mother on the hill that became Bomco’s
  participated in virtually every aspect of           site!
  Bomco’s growth and development. Although            When asked for her thoughts on Bomco’s
  she was actually Bomco’s 10th employee,             future, Maria replied: “Pete Banks hand
  Maria was the 1st office employee. In fact, as      picked Mike McCarthy to be his
  she says, “I was the office.” Her responsiblities   successor as president and Mike has
  grew as the company expanded and she                picked up the ball and is doing a fabulous
  became the book keeper, then office manager,        job. He is getting excellent support,
  then controller and on to her current positions.    moving ahead, and Bomco’s future is
  Asked about the highlights of her career, she       secure”.
  commented, “everyday I loved what I was             And what about Maria’s future plans?
  doing, and I had the good fortune to work with      “Well, some traveling,” she says, “and
  many wonderful people.” She credits former          perhaps some volunteer work, gardening,
  President Pete Banks for establishing a work        and the garden club. We are going to the
  environment that permitted people to do their       Grand Canyon in September and perhaps
  best and to grow. Maria’s greatest highlight        Hawaii later.” After 47 years of service,
  was the company’s growth from ten to one            Maria certainly deserves a relaxing
  hundred people and its current position as          retirement. We wish you well Maria!
  leading supplier of precision formed metal
  assemblies for aerospace, defence and
  commercial enterprises.                                                          3/15/2010
Bomco News Summer 2007                                                             Page 2 of 3

  New Okuma Slant Bed Turret Lathe Improves
  Machining Capability and Productivity
  The addition of this new
  Okuma computer controlled
  slant bed turret lathe to
  Bomco’s production line is a
  significant advancement in
  machining capabilities and a
  boost to overall productivity.
  This Captain Series Lathe
  provides Bomco with an
  additional turning center with
  guaranted repeatability,
  optimum throughput and
  production speed, and tightly
  dimensioned parts without
  secondary finishing. The
  control system includes tool life
  management, NC operation
  monitor, on screen “pocket
  manual” and a machine
  management program. The
  addition of this machining
  center to Bomco’s production
  line is typical of the company’s
  commitment to state-of-the-art
  equipment and dedication to
  improved productivity.

  Pricing For Sheaves, Spool Caps, Quartz-to-Metal Seals
  and UHV Windows Now On Web Site.
  All the pricing for Bomco's sheaves, spool      (UHV) Windows are now available on the
  caps and guide rolls, as well as for standard   internet. Please go to
  Moly-Quartz Seals, standard flange-
  mounted Moly-Quartz Seals and Ultra High

                                                     Plant Shutdown
                                                     June 30th – July 15
                                                     Bomco will be closed from June 30th
                                                     through July 15th for the annual                                                      3/15/2010
Bomco News Summer 2007                                              Page 3 of 3

                                  shutdown period. Please plan your
                                  needs well in advance and we will make
                                  every effort to meet them. The
                                  employees of Bomco extend warm
                                  wishes to all suppliers, support facilities
                                  and customers for safe and happy
                                  summer vacations.                                       3/15/2010

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