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					   Congregation Ahavath Sholom
                                                           A Family of Families
June 2010 v 19 Sivan to Iyar to 18 Tamuz 5770                          Volume 74, Number 10

                      Bat Mitzvah of Samantha-Rose Brand
                           Friday, June 4, 6:00 p.m.
                          Saturday, June 5, 9:30 a.m.

                    Isadore Garsek Lodge #269 of B’nai B’rith
                       Fort Worth Jewish Person of the Year
                       Recognize Our Scholarship Recipients
                         Dance to the Music of the Texas Gypsies
                   Texas Barbeque (Kosher meal upon request in advance)
                               Sunday, June 6 at 6:30 p.m.
                           $25 per person (Dress Cowboy Chic)
                                      For tickets call
              Harry S. Kahn—817-926-6566               Alex Nason—817-346-3991
              Marvin Beleck—817-921-2438              Rich Hollander—817-294-4354

                             CAS Annual Meeting
                   Election of Officers and Board Members
                         Sunday, June 13, 6:30 p.m.

                          The Tzofim Friendship Caravan
   The Israeli Scouts are back in Texas with a musical evening of some Yiddish songs,
        some Hebrews songs and to share Israeli culture with American audiences
                    Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 7:00 p.m. at
                        Congregation Ahavath Sholom
                   This event is free of charge and open to the public.
  Our thanks to the Jewish Federation of Fort Worth and Tarrant County for their funding
                        of this event for our Jewish Community.

A Conservative Synagogue affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
  Clergy and Professional
                                                                    FROM OUR RABBI
Alberto (Baruch) Zeilicovich,                                    The month of June         a breach in the city. Three weeks later the Temple
           Rabbi                                                 brings to our Shul a      was destroyed and many Jews were sent to exile.
    Dr. Javier Smolarz,
                                                                 couple of interesting
      Ritual Director                                            events. The first one     What would have happened if that breach had been
                                                                 is that we will renew     closed immediately? Maybe that would have been
     Garry K. Kahalnik,                                          part of our Board and     the better chance to avoid total destruction. As we
     Executive Director
                                                                 elect a new president.    face exciting new beginnings, we need to remember
                                                                 Then, one of the 1st      the lesson of the 17th of Tamuz—without repairing,
                                                                 tasks awaiting for the    closing the breaches made in the walls of
          Officers:                                              authorities to do is to   relationships, the chances for growth are diminished.
        Stuart Isgur
                                                                 start the process of
         President              searching for a new Rabbi, as all y’all know by now,   In every family, in every society, as in every
       Marvin Beleck
                                we are moving to New Jersey. It’s a great              organization, we need to strengthen the good
     1st Vice President         opportunity for the Shul as it looks for a new         relationships made with people around us and mend
     Dr. Murray Cohen
                                                                                       the broken ones. By doing this, the lyrics of the song,
                                spiritual leader, to start “anew,” to re-think its goals
    2nd Vice President          and revise the vision of its future. I have told the   “Summertime,” the season that also starts this month,
       Rich Hollander
                                Board of Directors that they can count on me should    will come true—the living, our lives, will be easier
     3rd Vice President         they need any help.                                    because we will all enjoy the new opportunities to
        Ebrahim Lavi
                                                                                       build a great future for Ahavath Sholom, and for our
         Treasurer              Also, at the end of the month, the calendar brings the future.
      Dr. Nancy Faigin
                                semi-fast day, the 17th of Tamuz. On that day we
          Secretary             remember that during the siege of Jerusalem by the With blessings,
        Harry S. Kahn
                                Babylonian Empire, the enemy succeeded in opening Rabbi Alberto (Baruch) Zeilicovich

    Board of Directors:                                                      Bat Mitzvah of Samantha-Rose Brand
        Jodi Berger
         Elsie Blum                                                        Samantha-Rose Avital Brand will be called to the Torah as a Bat
         Irwin Blum                                                        Mitzvah, Saturday, June 5, 2010. Samantha will also lead Friday
        Edwin Bond
     Robert Dubinsky
                                                                           night services on June 4th.
       Harry Labovitz                                                           Samantha just completed 6th grade at Asa Low Jr. Intermediate
         Linda Lavi                                                        in Mansfield. She was part of the first graduating class at this new
      Peter Lederman                                                       school. Samantha is a dedicated swimmer, spending 5 nights each
        Walter Listig
        Alex Nason
                                                                           week training in the pool. She has gone from Bronze to the Gold
        Debby Rice                                                         level in under 2 years. She hopes to get a swimming
     Naomi Rosenfield                                                      scholarship someday and study animal behavior, specifically
         David Saul                                                        dolphins.
    Carol-Ann Schwartz
       Elaine Stanton
                                                                                In addition to swimming Samantha plays volleyball with the
    Dr. Yoseph Yaacobi                                                     Mansfield Youth Volleyball Association, attends Hebrew and
       Andres Zapata                                                       religious school and studied for her Bat Mitzvah with her
                                                                           grandmother, Batya Brand and Javier Smolarz. For her mitzvah
   Catering Department
                                                                           project, Samantha has adopted a dolphin from IMMRAC (Israel
        Maria Loya
                                                                           Marine Mammal Research & Assistance Center). This is a non-
                                                                           profit organization dedicated to the study and conservation of
                                                                           cetacean populations that inhabit the Eastern Mediterranean and the
                                  Gulf of Aqaba/Eilat. Samantha got to swim with a dolphin for the first time this winter and is learning to
        Office Staff
                                  understand how important it is for humans to conserve and protect our oceans. After the service we will have
       Peppe Bailin,
                                  more information about this very important organization and how you too can help support their research.
Religious School Secretary        "For in the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will
       Suzi Gardner,
                                  understand only what we are taught" - B. Dioum
        Bookkeeper                   Samantha is the eldest daughter of Max and Naomi Brand and sister of Gabriel Brand. Her grandparents
       JoAnn English,
                                  are Jakub and Batya Brand and Dr. Richard and Rosalie Malter of Cottonwood, Arizona.
       Shul Secretary                The congregation is invited to celebrate this simcha with us at the Kiddush luncheon on
                                  June 5th.

                                  Bimah flowers for the Bat Mitzvah will be sponsored by Ephie, Steve, Nathaniel, Jonah and Hannah Sietz,
       Janitorial Staff
     Antonio Contreras
                                  aunt, uncle and cousins of Samantha. Kiddush luncheon will be co-sponsored by Max and Naomi Brand and
      Gabriel Sanchez             Jakub and Batya Brand.

Page      2                                                                                            
        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                                 TEACHER APPRECIATION SHABBAT AT CAS
                                                                        During Shabbat services on May 15, the Board of Directors honored
                                                                        the deserving teachers of our Religious School. The teachers had
                                       Shalom Chevre,                   prepared the students in Torah troop to capably and beautifully lead
                                                                        the services. They also prepared the students to present a special play
                                     I seem to have been                for Parasha Bemidbar, which was well-acted and thoroughly enjoyed
                                     thinking a great deal lately       by everyone in attendance.
                                     about what makes our
                                     congregational community
                                                                        Board member Dr. Murray Cohen and his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Cohen,
                                     at Ahavath Sholom so
                                                                        assisted with the arrangements for the tribute to the teachers. After
                                     special. Perhaps it is
                                                                        remarks concerning the tremendous responsibility our teachers have
                                     because there are so many          in educating our children, and the qualities of heart which they all
                                     changes in the wind.               share, Ann Cobert, Education Director, assisted Dr. Murray Cohen in
Perhaps it is because I have been here just a bit over a year.          recognizing the teachers with a certificate of appreciation and a gift
Perhaps it is the warmth of the weddings I’ve attended or the love      from the Board. The teachers so honored were: Ms. Stephanie
I’ve felt during our b’nai mitzvot. Whatever has led to my              Beckman, Mrs. Nancy Stansbury, Mrs. Judi Massis-Leventhal, Ms.
musings, I believe I’ve found an answer. Our congregation is            Hedy Collins, Ms. Carol Paul, Rabbi Alberto Zeilicovich, Dr. Javier
special because its members comprise a kehilla k’dosha, a holy          Smolarz, Mr. Ted Hoffman, and Mrs. Ann Cobert. The madrichim
community.                                                              were also recognized for their contributions to the Religious School
                                                                        program, as was Mrs. Peppe Bailin, Religious School Secretary,
What does it mean to be a “holy community?” Certainly there
                                                                        members of the Education Committee, the teachers and tutors in other
would be different answers to this question depending on who
                                                                        education programs at CAS, and the parents of our children.
you ask. Some might say that it is the maintenance of our
synagogue, a religious institution, which makes us holy. Some           A special Kiddush was lovingly prepared for the congregation by
could point to the existence of our cemetery. Others might say it       Mrs. Elsie Blum, Mrs. Bessie Bodzy, and Mrs. Bootsie Coggan along
is the loving way that we teach our children to understand and          with the superb kitchen staff at our shul. The luncheon was
love the history of our people and the role that the Jewish people      generously sponsored by the CAS Board and Officers, by the CAS
play in our world today. Daily Shabbat and holiday services that        Ladies Auxiliary and CAS Men’s Club, by Drs. Al and Nancy Faigin,
allow us to connect with God in a very personal way could be an         and by Mr. David Saul and Ms. Melissa Morgan. The Education
example of our “holiness.” Planning and hosting social and              Committee contributed the lovely flower arrangement for the Bimah
educational programming for our members could be deemed a
                                                                        for this special Shabbat. At the conclusion of the Kiddush, each
holy act. Making sure that our children have the opportunities to
                                                                        teacher received a rose from the arrangement.
interact with other Jewish children is certainly a holy act.
Promoting and supporting the State of Israel is clearly a holy act.
Seeing to the needs of our seniors exudes holiness. Some might
even say that the discussions and disagreements that take place at                                     UNITY
our Board meetings and committee meetings are part of what
makes us holy.                                                                                I dreamed I stood in a studio
                                                                                           And watched two sculptors there.
There is clearly a great deal of diversity in all of the possible                     The clay they used was a young child’s mind
explanations for our being a “kehilla k’dosha.” Beyond that                                 And they fashioned it with care.
diversity, I think that there is also a commonality that connects                       One was a teacher—the tools she used
them all. I believe that the commonality is caring. All of the
examples of holiness involve us caring for one another: caring for
                                                                                              Were books, music and art.
each other’s needs; caring for each other’s families; caring for                   The other, a parent, worked with a guiding hand,
each other’s well-being.                                                                      And a gentle, loving heart.
                                                                                      Day after day, the teacher toiled with touch
This month, a new Board of Directors and new officers will be                                  That was deft and sure.
elected. The change-over of leadership will provide many
                                                                                         While the parent labored by her side
opportunities for us to demonstrate our caring. There will be
chairmanships and committee memberships available. There will
                                                                                          And polished and smoothed it pure.
be opportunities to participate in all aspects of our religious                          And when at last, their task was done
services. There will be new opportunities that we perhaps have                        They were proud of what they had wrought,
not yet even thought of. The Torah tells us in Leviticus (11:44)                      For the things they had molded into the child
that God said, “…you shall sanctify yourselves and be holy, for I                           Could neither be sold nor bought.
am holy.” Find your niche in our kehilla k’dosha. Look for the
things in our community that will make you holy. Get involved.                          And each agreed they would have failed
It’s easy to do and it will make a difference in your life and in the                         If each had worked alone.
lives of the rest of your Ahavath Sholom family.                                        For behind the teacher stood the school
                                                                                           And behind the parent, the home.
Garry                                                                                                                           Author Unknown                                                                                                                 Page        3
SULAM37 SULAM37 SULAM37 SULAM37                          SULAM37        are both more confident as officers of our great Synagogue for its
SULAM37 SULAM37 by Marvin Beleck                                        survival and growth. We are willing to tackle problems at hand and
                                                                        they are cumbersome and numerous. What is also amazing? We
What is it? Where was it? How was it? What does it do? What             are not the only Synagogue with problems facing our Conservative
did it teach? Who will I meet? Who are the leaders? What foods          community. In our discussions and forums, meal chatter, and group
will it serve? Will it be strange? What kind of services will it        meetings, Murray and I discovered of those in attendance and Shuls
provide for Shabbat? Are we the only Shul with problems? Will           across the country, “everyone” had problems. Problems included
anyone understand our problems?                                         and discussed were declining membership, bylaws, definitions of a
                                                                        family, Gay and Lesbian membership, Rabbi and Cantor issues,
These are the questions I was asking myself before departing for        rising operating expenses, programming, financial, fund raising,
Reisterstown, Maryland on the morning of April 22, 2010, to             service attendance, staffing, board harmony, educational, B’nai
attend the USCJ Sulam Leadership Development Program at the             Mitzvahs, cemetery, opinionated members, etc.
Pearlstone Conference and Retreat. This is the official training             The weekend was spiritually fulfilled, Shabbat and morning and
ground for 1st Vice Presidents and upcoming Presidents of               evening services. Benching, singing, services was uplifting. It was
Conservative Synagogues across the United States and Canada. It         an experience to be felt and not just talked about.
was held at a strictly kosher Jewish retreat nestled in the woods and        Our Rabbis, teachers, and session leaders for the four days
surrounded by farms that reminded me of those summer USY camp           included Rabbi Moshe Edelman, Rabbi Paul Drazen and his wife
grounds of my early youth 50 years ago. Only this was a                 and daughter, Rabbi Charles Savenor, and Jo-Anne Tucker-Zemlak
modernized facility. It had computer and business offices, meeting      all with USCJ, and Bob Leventhal of the Alban Institute. All of
rooms, eating facilities, motel room accommodations, registration       them made the Shabbat service, study of Torah, and classes
areas, snack and reception rooms, a staff of friendly,                  informative, interesting, and non-boring.
accommodating people, adjoining camps, greenhouses, and rolling              Our Synagogue has support of The United Synagogue of
farmlands to grow their own produce, campfire area, and a lot more.     Conservative Judaism (USCJ), its staff, its resources, and internet
      It was a packed program of sessions starting immediately after    media. We have new ideas to deal with and apply where practical.
check in and going until Sunday, about noon. It came complete           The attendees were from NY, NJ, CT, Canada, NC, PA, IN, MD,
with manuals, information of all facets of Conservative Judaism,        OH, AL, MA, and GA, all Conservative Synagogue Vice-Presidents
handouts, prayers, attending guest listings, speakers, Rabbinic         eager to be involved, offer other attendees experiences, and express
Assembly rules, USCJ information and available literature and web       their concerns. I thank them for their input and guidance.
listings, programming ideas, and more. The attendees (35 other          Synagogues had membership ranging from 150 to over 1,750
Vice-Presidents all in the frightening pre-president days) brought      families and there was a common bond of Judaism and caring for
40 copies of special programs of their synagogues and their Shul’s      Jews and non-Jews.
publications. These were available for all the attendees to gather to        We do have a wonderful community in Ft. Worth. What can
bring back to their community and share other magnificent ideas. I,     you do to improve our Synagogue? What will you do to help? Our
of course, gathered a briefcase full for our use. We will utilize       officers and board cannot do it alone. We are in this together so
some of these items for board exercises in the near future.             let’s strive to stay on the path of success. Sulam, which is the
      This board and presidency training that our Shul provided was     Hebrew word for ladder is meaningful. The rungs on our ladder
a worthwhile investment for CAS, myself, and Murray Cohen who           here at Congregation Ahavath Sholom are wide enough for all of us
also attended this SULAM37. New confidence in our abilities             to join together and rise to the top in friendship, spirit, and Jewish
increased. We both experienced an awe-inspiring weekend. We             observance. After all, our congregation is nearly 120 years old.
                                                                        Let’s do it!!!

Federation Annual Meeting
Please join us for our 74th Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 3rd at 7:30 PM at Beth-El Congregation. Our featured speaker will
be Jacob Dallal, Director of PR and Marketing for the Jewish Agency for Israel in North America. Jacob holds the rank of Major
in the Israel Defense Forces and was a career officer in the Spokesperson’s Unit. He has appeared on CNN, Fox and the BBC.
He will be explaining the wonderful work of JAFI as well as updating us on the current situation in Israel. We will be voting on
new directors and new officers for our board.

Directors                           Officers                                       Continuing Elected Members of the Board of
Jeff Hochster                       Barry Schneider – President (2nd term)         Directors
Linda Hoffman (2nd term)            Marilyn Englander – Vice President             Karen Anisman        Melissa Morgan
Karen Kaplan                        David Nudleman – Vice President                Dr. Sam Kleinman     Larry Brunell
David Nudleman (2nd term)           Len Schweitzer – Vice President                Roz Micklin          Alan Luskey
Jeff Rothschild (2nd term)          Jeff Hochster - Treasurer                      Kenneth Baum         Rich Morris
Len Schweitzer (2nd term)           Linda Hoffman – Secretary                      Rick Klotz           Patty Garsek
Ron Sivernell                                                                                           Shayne Moses

The Nominating Committee included Chair Eddie Feld, Arnie Gachman, Alan Luskey, Harvey Micklin and Lon Werner.

Page     4                                                                                        
                Congregation Ahavath Sholom                            May 28, 2010
                Annual Congregational Meeting
                  and Installation of Officers                         Dear Congregants:
                  Sunday, June 13, 6:30 p.m.
                                                                       For the past several years our Finance Committee, under the
The Annual Meeting of Congregation Ahavath Sholom is being             chairmanship of Red Goldstein, has been working with attorneys
called for the purpose of electing Officers and Directors for the      from the law firm of Bourland, Wall and Wenzel to review and
2010-2011 term and conducting end-of-year business affairs of          update the documentation for our endowment funds. Some of the
the synagogue.                                                         requirements of the funds had become obsolete given changes in the
                                                                       laws and the economic environment in which we find ourselves. In
The 2010 CAS Nominating Committee members are Debby Rice               addition, the committee has made a recommendation regarding the
(Chair), Stuart Isgur, Marvin Beleck, Melissa Morgan and Leon          congregation’s investment policy.
                                                                       As required by the original endowment instruments, the committee
Election of Officers and Directors                                     presented its recommendations to the Executive Committee, the
The Nominating Committee hereby submits the following for              Board of Directors and now, at the request of at least 50
election to the Board of Directors:                                    congregants, those recommendations will be presented to the
                                                                       members of the congregation at our annual meeting on June 13th.
                Nominated for a one year term:                         The committee will provide a presentation describing the changes
                    President: Marvin Beleck                           to both the endowment instruments and the investment policy. The
               1st Vice President: Murray Cohen                        membership will have an opportunity to ask questions after which
                 2nd Vice President: Ebby Lavi                         they will be asked to vote on the recommended changes.
               3rd Vice President: Nancy Faigin
                      Treasurer: Ed Bond                               If you would like to see any of the documentation prior to the
                  Secretary: Naomi Rosenfield                          annual meeting, please send me an e-mail with your request at
                 Parliamentarian: Stuart Isgur                and I will send the documents
                                                                       to you for your review. If you do not have e-mail capability, give
               Nominated for a Three Year Term:                        me a call and I will prepare copies of the documents for you to pick
                         Irwin Blum                                    up at the synagogue office.
                        Suzie Herman
                          David Saul                                   I look forward to seeing all of you at the annual meeting on the 13th.
                         Rick Savitz
The Constitution and By-Laws state:                                    Garry Kahalnik
Additional nominations in all cases may also be made by submitting     Executive Director
in writing to the Nominating Committee at least five days prior to
the election meeting, and must be signed by at least five members in   The 2010 Graduates
good standing and must include the statement that the nominee has
consented to serve if elected. The nominee’s name will then appear     Eric Kuptsin—son of Polina and Michael Kuptsin. Graduate of
on any printed official ballot.                                        R.L. Paschal High School
                                                                       David Goldstein—son of Suzanne Goldstein, Julie and Red
             Board members with 2 years remaining                      Goldstein, and grandson of Marion Wice and Barbara Goldstein.
                       Andres Zapata                                   Also a graduate of R.L. Paschal Senior High School
                        Jodi Berger
                        Elsie Blum                                     Sheryl Lysyansky—daughter of Faina and Emil Lysyansky.
                       Harry Labovitz                                  Graduate of Trinity Valley School.
                                                                       Melanie Smith—daughter of Annette and Mitchell Smith, grand-
             Board Members with 1 year remaining                       daughter of Doris Smith. Graduate of South Hills High School.
                      Robert Dubinsky
                        Walter Listig                                  Savannah Berman—daughter of Karen and Daniel Berman,
                         Debby Rice                                    grand- daughter of Arlene and Nathan Berman. Graduate of
                     Carol-Ann Schwartz                                Crowley High School.
                                                                       Mark Bumpus—son of Elaine and Rodney Bumpus, grandson of
                                                                       Jayne and Neil Michel. Also a graduate of Crowley High School.
 The Tzofim Friendship Caravan is coming to
                                                                       Ruth Zeilicovich—daughter of Graciela and Rabbi Alberto
              Ahavath Sholom                                           Zeilicovich, granddaughter of Carlota and Isaac Vainstein and
   Wednesday, June 30, 2010 w 7:00 p.m. at                             Clara Zeilicovich. Graduate of the American Hebrew Academy.
        Congregation Ahavath Sholom                                    Elizabeth Bodzy—daughter of Rebecca and Allen Bodzy, grand-
        See Front Page for more info!                                  daughter of Bessie Bodzy and Rose and Al Sankary. Graduate of
                                                                       the Greenhill School.
       Don’t forget—it’s a free concert!
                                                                         Let us know if you have a graduate—call 817-731-                                                                                                              Page         5
                                               Many Thanks
                                               To all of the volunteers who help make this Shul hum. We
                                               wouldn’t want to do it without you!

                                               In the Catering Department: Elsie Blum, Bessie Bodzy, Bootsie
                                               Coggan, Vicky Mitrani, Diane Oberstein, Rose Sankary, Sara
                                               Wolin and Graciela Zeilicovich. You make it all look effortless.
                                               Now that’s class!

 Camp Gan / Camp Shalom                        For the Bulletin:
                                               What can we say that we haven’t said before? Every month, rain
                                               or shine you are here. And most of the time you call us before we
                                               call you! You make sure you are here. Some of you even
                Summer                         rearrange your schedules so that you can help. Thank you!

                                               Proof-reader—Joe Klein.
                                               Folding and Labeling: Shuggie Cohen, Peter Lederman, Sid
                                               Roston, Pearl Kline-McFarland, Carmen Lederman.
         Making Friends,                       Our thanks again to all of our volunteers.
        Creating Memories                      Remember—volunteers have more fun! Especially volunteers at
                                               the Shul!

           Preschool—Grade 5
       Weeks 1-4:    June 22 –July 17
       Weeks 4-8:    July 27—August 21

            Sign up for a week
           Or the whole summer!

       Come join the coolest kids
         in Tarrant County!
                                                   PROFESSIONAL IRRIGATION COMPANY, INC.
                                                                Do It Yourself Lawn Sprinkler Company
 8 weeks of non-stop outdoor activities,                                  LAWN IN ORDER
                                                              1206 W. Harris Rd., Arlington, Texas 76107
Crafts, swimming and song sessions, full                             Trusted by Customers Since 1953
   of Jewish values and summer fun!                                  R.N. “BOB” SUMIEN

                                               Phone: 817.274.5811                       Email:
                                               Fax: 817.274.2079                    Website:
                Camp Shalom
              4050 South Hulen                                                                    Robin Tirsun
           Fort Worth, Texas 76109                                                     Certified Travel Consultant

       For more info call (817) 737-9898                              R T T R AV E L
                                                                For All Your Travel Needs

                                               6945 Mesa Drive                               Phone: 817-263-8131
                                               Fort Worth TX 76132                               Fax: 817-263-8132
Email:   Email:                   Toll Free: 866-760-0096

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   2-Jun       Sandy Hoffman                         12-Jun   Israel Shafir                        22-Jun   Daniel Eckles
   2-Jun       Eleanor Levine                        13-Jun   Mary Lou Rosenthal                   22-Jun   Harriette Gachman
   3-Jun       Ruth Berkowitz                        13-Jun   Nancy Stansbury                      22-Jun   David Nudleman
   5-Jun       Paul Solomon                          14-Jun   Jerome Goldstein                     22-Jun   Leonard Schreier
   7-Jun       Shirley Givant                        14-Jun   Donald Wolf                          23-Jun   Gary Donovitz
   7-Jun       Burton Rakoover                       15-Jun   Abe Factor                           23-Jun   Marilyn Rubin
   8-Jun       Gene Carr                             16-Jun   Sandra Luskey                        25-Jun   Steven Brown
   8-Jun       Sarah Ravech                          20-Jun   David Cristol                        26-Jun   Jetti Cole
   9-Jun       Joseph Mintz                          20-Jun   Gilbert Greenberg                    27-Jun   Philip Gressel
   11-Jun      Greg Derozier                         21-Jun   Beyla Goykman                        27-Jun   Sophia Weinstein
   11-Jun      Dina Harari Smolarz                                                                 29-Jun   Milton Hamill

   11-Jun      Judy Weinstein                                                                      29-Jun   Richard Savitz

          Wedding Anniversaries
                                                        Years                                                    Years
       1-Jun     Chad and Martis Herman                  14       18-Jun   Marvin and Sara Wolin                  49
       1-Jun     Mark and Yvonne Ulrich                  25       20-Jun   Elliott and Patricia Garsek            38
       3-Jun     Irwin and Lea Ann Blum                  31       20-Jun   Jeffrey and Barbara Gilbert            39

                                  ’ o ut
       4-Jun     David and Greta Beckerman               60       20-Jun   Robert and Marolyn Meltzer             30

                          us ti n
       7-Jun     Ira and Sandra Hollander                36       23-Jun   Edwin and Eleonora Bond                 7
       7-Jun     Gary and Frizelle Kaftan                50       24-Jun   Lawrence and Susan Margolis            20

       7-Jun     Henry and Jeanie Luskey                 40       24-Jun   Michael and Debra Schwanz               2
       7-Jun     Mitchell and Annette Smith              23       25-Jun   Myer and Ina Singer                    60
       8-Jun     Jerry and Ruth Berkowitz                58       26-Jun   Milton and Ruth Hamill                 63
       8-Jun     Don and Judith Peska                    35       26-Jun   Irwin and Myra Schussler               44
       8-Jun     Don and Emily Rosen                     13       28-Jun   Carl and Sylvia Morgan                 57

                                 v er !
       10-Jun    Alex and Sandy Hoffman                  54       17-Jun   Scott and Ann Cobert                   32

                         All O
       12-Jun    Walter and Vanessa Listig               16       17-Jun   David and Idelle Luskey                59
       14-Jun    Aleksandr and Lyubov Gershengoren       30       17-Jun   Arnold and Ethel Schectman             59
       14-Jun    Neil and Pat Rosenzweig                 23       18-Jun   Richard and Terri Hollander            38
       14-Jun    Jack and Marilyn Rubin                  46       18-Jun   Dennis and Barbara Schuster            43
       15-Jun    David and Elisa Nudleman                25
                                                                           Our Condolences
       Children’s Birthdays
                                                                           To Lon and Laurie Werner, their sons, Jeffrey and Jason,
      3-Jun      Benjamin Blum        12-Jun Brianna Goodman               Paul White and Paul White, Jr. and his wife, Stacy, on the
      5-Jun      Brett Moses          14-Jun Max Lobel                     loss of Mort Werner.
      6-Jun      Dorie Kaye           15-Jun Steven Gershengoren
      8-Jun      Savannah Berman      16-Jun Zachary Cristol               To Robin and Dan Tirsun and Randi and Michael Shapiro on
      11-Jun     Marc Bumpus          20-Jun Dmitry Landy                  the loss of Bertha Miller.
      12-Jun     Samantha Brand       26-Jun Rachel Alpert
                            26-Jun Matthew Owen                            To Sonya Luskey, Henry and Jeanie Luskey, Rozzi and Dr.
                                                                           Gary Solomon and the entire Luskey family on the loss of
                                                                           Bennie Luskey.
 Mazel Tov!
 Gavin Taylor Prellwitz would like to announce the birth of his new
 baby sister, Jillian Alexandra, who was born on April 24, 2010 at                        Gravestone Unveilings
 10:30 a.m., weighing 6 pounds, 7 ounces. The proud parents are
 Heidi and Marty Prellwitz, Weatherford, TX. Proud grand-parents                                Sunday, June 6 at 10:30 a.m.
 are Lynn and Rick Chaviers, Denton, TX, and Betty Prellwitz,                               Unveiling for Shirley Rosen Winterman
 Minneota, MN. Great-grandparents are Irma Howard, Denton, TX
 and Alice Leese, Minneota, MN.                                                                   Sunday, June 6 at 11:00 a.m.
                                                                                                   Unveiling for Alvin Louis
 Congratulations to the entire family!                                                                                                            Page   7
  Tuesday, June 1, 19 Sivan    Wednesday, June 9, 27 Sivan     Wednesday, June 16, 4 Tamuz    Thursday, June 24, 12 Tamuz
       Eli Gudinsky                 Rebecca Cohen                     Reuben Fuller                 Sylvia Calender
      Abraham Karasic                Estelle Cortes                  Sam Goldweber                  Morris Handler
       Minnie Persky                Jennie Feldman                Elaine Susan Hayman             Margaret Levingston
     Ruth Cohn Roberts              Martha Litman                   Morris Rosenberg                  Jacob Lurie
       Edythe Robin                   Alvin Louis                                                 Samuel Leve Narrett
        Henry Weil                  Norman Richard              Thursday, June 17, 5 Tamuz          Chaim Pittelman
                                      Belle Robin                   Seymour Dworkin
 Wednesday, June 2, 20 Sivan         David Saiken                       Louis Tills             Friday, June 25, 13 Tamuz
       Lowell Anton                                                   Earl L.Upshaw                   Fannie Cohen
      Dave Chicotsky           Thursday, June 10, 28 Sivan         Max Joseph Worchel                 Harry Lavine
       Rebecca Cohen                   Lila Freidlin                  David Zilberg                     Saul Mark
        Mort Kessler           Sophie Friedman Leibenhem                                           Annabelle Rosenthal
     Abraham Rosenthal              Morton Levinson              Friday, June 18, 6 Tamuz            Marvin Schuster
    Salomon Sonnenberg                 Tresa Miller                   Dora Amlinsky
                                        Eli Persky               Michael Harold Davidson       Saturday, June 26, 14 Tamuz
 Thursday, June 3, 21 Sivan           Pauline Pierce                  Jack Z. Garston                Saul Jules Cohen
        Jacob Nathan                                                 Robert Goldberg                  Wolf Friedman
  Sylvia Salicoff Perchikoff    Friday, June 11, 29 Sivan             Labe Greenblatt                Irving Klotzman
          Abe Pozez                     Ann Eckert                  Herschel Shanblum                William Malofsky
      Elizabeth Ratner                  Joe Gerick                      Ancy Spigel                 Esther Rachel Mark
       Frank Schumer                  David Kragen                                                      Riven Praw
       Meyer Schwartz          Rebecca (Bea) Klimist Levitan    Saturday, June 19, 7 Tamuz             Hyman Wice
      Isidor Widerhorn               Irving Napoleon                   Perla Bekker
         Max Zodon                   Philip Sidransky                  Morris Brier            Sunday, June 27, 15 Tamuz
                                       Sam Sturman                     Adel Gozman                 Rivkoh Berkowitz
   Friday, June 4, 22 Sivan                                           Morris Kragen               Marcus Henry Cristol
        Mary Corbin            Saturday, June 12, 30 Sivan             Arthur Louis                  Yetta Goldberg
          Emile Lax                   Harry Goldin                   Milton H. Meyer             Allen Morris Klotzman
      Arthur Levingston              Bluma Goldman                      W. I. Myers                Mary Youngworth
       Leon Schwartz                Fay Bess Klemow               Minnie Cohen Rosenblatt
                                      Edward Krist                                             Monday, June 28, 16 Tamuz
  Saturday, June 5, 23 Sivan         Julia Schectman             Sunday, June 20, 8 Tamuz            Nettie Blum
      Minnie Engelberg                                           Alexander Jacob Bloomberg           Frank Cohen
          Fritz Glazer          Sunday, June 13, 1 Tamuz              Maurice H. Cohn           Rose Chicotsky Eastman
       Ruben Rovinsky                Gussie Brettler                  Ephraim Gertner               Abe Kantrovich
           Ida Rubin                  Clara Brown                     Ignatz Goslawski               Max Neuman
         Jacob Weber                  Edith Cohen                  Alexandra Nusinovich             Sarah Rovinsky
        Sam Weisblatt               Jessica Dworkin                   Ellie Ben Saadon              Frieda Spiegel
                                     Rosa Friedman                     Sarah Schumer              Nathan Tannenbaum
  Sunday, June 6, 24 Sivan           Jennie Furman                   Abraham Weisblatt             Scott Alan Wolpa
       Alice Coplin                 Sadie Greenblatt
        Meyer Zeff               Moshe Shimen Lederman          Monday, June 21, 9 Tamuz       Tuesday, June 29, 17 Tamuz
                                       Max Lidell                   Ida Helen Antweil               Abraham Antweil
  Monday, June 7, 25 Sivan        Eva Gilbert Rosenberg              Ann Ruth Cohen                Fannie Weiss Ellis
      Norman Bailin                  Perha O.Saadon                    Max Dwortz                    Ben Falkowitz
     Herbert Bergman               Arkady Vaynshteyn                    Ella Fried                  Meyer Friedman
     Joseph Goldberg               Shirley Winterman                  Erica Hochster                Gertrude Ingram
       Rebecca Leva                                             Sylvia Rosenberg Hoffman            Leah Stein Levin
        Max Lobel              Monday, June 14, 2 Tamuz                                                Sam Lewis
      Esther Saadon                   M. Brachman               Tuesday, June 22, 10 Tamuz           Miriam Mallin
       David Saxon                    Ruth Brenner                   Morris Greenspun               Edmund Meltzer
        Abe Shosid                   Brenda Glickman                Polly Levine Jordan               Sarah Rubin
     Pavel Ungerleider                 Harvey Nash                    Sylvia Luskey                   Jack Toobin
      Betty F. Wisch                  Yona Yaacobi                     Albert Natkin
      Rose T. Wolin                                                                           Wednesday, June 30, 18 Tamuz
                                Tuesday, June 15, 3 Tamuz      Wednesday, June 23, 11 Tamuz       Ray Kocherov Fahn
  Tuesday, June 8, 26 Sivan        Elaine Joy Bernstein              Max Goldberg                   Eugene Gurkoff
      Elias Brachman                 Sprenia Boksiner                Sadie Grabstald                  David Israel
      Dorothy Bromley               Jay Nathan Engler                 Otto Guttman                   Sadie Kaplan
         E.L. Gilbert                  Rose Gilbert                  Harry Rosenthal                 Tillie Schissel
         A. Gordon                    Abe Ginsburg                 Anna Mintz Steiner
       Joseph Gurkoff                  Sadie Gross                Miriam Morris Toobin
         Leah Laves                Zeborah Hendelman
                                      Archie Skibell
                                                         May their memories always be a blessing
Page     8                                                                            
General                             Mort Werner                            Leslie Joseph Kline
Operating Fund                      Bessie Bodzy                           Pearl Kline-McFarland
In loving memory of:                Lea Ann and Irwin Blum                 Fritz Glazer
Bennie Luskey                                                              Mollie Glazer
Ellen and Bernie Appel              In honor of:
Jennie Bornstein                    Maria Loya and the                     In honor of:
Marion Oshin                        Catering Volunteers for the            The 65th wedding anniversary of
Greta and David Beckerman           lovely and delicious Pesach Seder      Madlyn and Lou Barnett
Marcia and Dr. Stanley Kurtz        Blanche and Dave Karsner               Karen Kaplan
Michael David Chez                                                         The wedding anniversary of
Greta and David Beckerman           CHAI Fund                              Ava and Marvin Beleck
Marcia and Dr. Stanley Kurtz        In loving memory of:                   Drs. Elizabeth and Murray Cohen
Muriel Levin                        Bennie Luskey
Greta and David Beckerman           Esther Rosen                           With best wishes to:
Beverly (Bertha) Miller                 and Paul Rosen                     Naomi Rosenfield
Marla and Scott Sturman             Rene Wisch                             Suzanne and Ben Herman
Ava and Marvin Beleck               Debbie and Eddie Feld                  Dr. Nancy Faigin and
Mort Werner                         Rebecca (Reznikoff) and Stuart Isgur     Al Faigin, D.O.
Judy and Paul Weinstein             Dr. Nancy Faigin and
Ellen and Bernie Appel                Al Faigin, D.O.                      CHAI Catering
Florence Weisblatt                  Laurie and Lon Werner                  In loving memory of:
Marcia and Dr. Stanley Kurtz        Beverly (Bertha) Miller                Bennie Luskey
                                    Lu Ann and Rob Edger                   Lea Ann and Irwin Blum
Yahrzeit                            The work colleagues of Dan Tirsun      Elsie Blum
In loving memory of:                Mort Werner                            Laurie and Marvin Blum
Guta Lubin                          Ava and Marvin Beleck                  Mort Werner
Ava and Marvin Beleck               Pearl Katz                             Bootsie and Joseph Coggan
Nathan Lubin                        Dr. Nancy Faigin and                   Alicia and Don Buescher
Ava and Marvin Beleck                 Al Faigin, D.O.                      Karen and Rick Savitz
Mamie Dworkin                       Hollace and Dr. Bruce Weiner
Gary Dworkin                                                               Yahrzeit
David Dworkin                       Yahrzeit                               In loving memory of:
Gary Dworkin                        In loving memory of:                   Ida Blinderman
Shirley Rosen Winterman             Bernard “Buddy” Rosen                  Bessie Bodzy
Ava and Marvin Beleck               Esther Rosen                           Natalie Cohn
Sadie Raffel                        Esther Davis                           Sara and Marvin Wolin
Rhona and Irwin Raffel              Sylvia and Carl Morgan
William Beleck                      Marcel Kirschner                       In honor of:
Ava and Marvin Beleck               Ann Bogart                             Their Aliyot
Julia Schectman                     Sol Sankary                            Blanche and Dave Karsner
Ethel and Arnold Schectman          Bernice and Jack Sankary               Maria and Andy Karsner
                                    Meyer Greenfield                          and children
In honor of:                        Bernice and Jack Sankary
Harry Kahn—                         George Ginsburg                        Religious Education
for his blessings upon me           Shirley Anton                          In loving memory of:
Carmen Lederman                     Margaret Leva                          Lila Cristol
The 90th birthday of Milton Mintz   Elizabeth Danon-Leva                   Jennie Bornstein
Karen Kaplan                            and Carey S. Leva                  Michael David Chez
                                    Joseph S. De Leon                      Jennie Bornstein
With best wishes to:                Sara and Marvin Wolin                  Bennie Luskey
Naomi Rosenfield                    Solomon De Leon                        Harry S. Kahn
Felice and Ken Sherwin              Sara and Marvin Wolin                  Bernice Luskey
                                    Sam Weisblatt                          Pearl Rubin
Catering                            Rosemary Rector                        Idelle and David Luskey
In loving memory of:                    and Herb Weisblatt                 Mort Werner
Bennie Luskey                       Natalie Cohn                           Bernice Luskey
Judy and Paul Weinstein             Barbara and John Cohn                  Harry S. Kahn
Diane Oberstein                     Jessica Dworkin                        Pearl Rubin
                                    Garry Dworkin                                                                                        Page   9
 Continued from last page          Rose and Al Sankary                Rabbi Isadore Garsek
                                   Computer Lab                       Patriot Gardens
 In loving memory of:              In loving memory of:               In loving memory of:
 Mort Werner                       Mort Werner                        Mort Werner
 Gary Dworkin                      Sara and Marvin Wolin              Patricia and Elliott Garsek
 Peppe and Harry Bailin
 Idelle and David Luskey           Yahrzeit                           USY/Kadima Fund
 Gerry Brown                       In loving memory of:               In loving memory of
 Bernice Luskey                    Eva Perlman                        Mort Werner
                                   Rose and Al Sankary                Shirley and Earl Givant
 In loving memory of:              Rabbi’s Mitzvah Fund               In honor of:
 Nathan Schessler                  In honor of:                       Jennie Bornstein
 Myra and Dr. Irwin Schussler      Rabbi and Javier for the           Shirley and Earl Givant
 Jacob Zide                        beautiful Pesach Seder service
 Riki and Dr. Michael Zide         Blanche and Dave Karsner           With best wishes to:
 Morton Miller                     Rabbi Zeilicovich                  Rhoda Solomon
 Robin and Dan Tirsun              Lester Berman                      Shirley and Earl Givant
 Abram Kisin
 Sima Kisin
                                   Dave Klimist Cemetery
 Inessa and David Kisin
                                   Beautification and                 Education Endowment
 Helen Blanc
                                   Maintenance Fund                   In honor of:
 Sara Blanc
                                   In loving memory of:               Congregation Ahavath Sholom
 Ruth Brenner
                                   Bennie Luskey                      The Wisch Family
 Florence Weisblatt
 Sam Weisblatt                     Elaine and Jim Stanton
 Florence Weisblatt                Elaine and Michael Griver          Flower Fund
 Elaine and Paul Weisblatt         Barbara and Stanley Spigel         Yahrzeit
                                   Lynda and Gregory Miller           In loving memory of:
 In honor of:                      Lynda and Charles Golenternek      Rosalyn Tirsun
 The wedding of Stephanie          Julie and Michael Zimmermann       Robin and Dan Tirsun
 Beckman and Robert Dubinsky       Mort Werner                        Loli Kantor
 Sonia and Dr. Gerald Hecht        Elaine and Jim Stanton             Lola Kantor and Dr. Edward Ferree
 Our Religious School Teachers     Hanna Hochster                      Zvi Kantor
 Sonia and Dr. Gerald Hecht        Jeanie and Henry Luskey            Lola Kantor and Dr. Edward Ferree
                                   Linda and Garry Kahalnik
 With best wishes:                                                    “Sound of Music” Shabbat
 Naomi Rosenfield                  Yahrzeit                           In loving memory of:
 Sam Reznikoff                     In loving memory of:               Mort Werner
 Barbara and Dr. Dennis Schuster   William Schwartz                   Rita S. and Ted Hoffman
 Hortense Deifik                   Elaine and Michael Griver          V Find Homes
 Jennie Bornstein                  Annie Schwartz
                                   Elaine and Michael Griver          Yahrzeit
 Prayer Book                       Elizabeth Rubin                    In loving memory of:
 In loving memory of:              Elaine and Michael Griver          Norman Richard
 Mort Werner                                                          Sondra Richard
 Hortense Deifik                   Saul Frydman
 Rene Wisch and family             Library Fund                       With best wishes to:
                                   In loving memory of:               Rhoda Solomon
 Yahrzeit                          Bennie Luskey                      Rita S. and Ted Hoffman
 In loving memory of:              Dr. and Mrs. Irvin Robinson
 Shirley Rosen Winterman           Gerry Brown
 Robin and Jeff Weber              Dr. and Mrs. Irvin Robinson
 Lisa Winterman
                                   In honor of:
 In honor of:                      Michael Williams—a giving person
 The Wisch Family                  Michael Blanc
 Rene Wisch

Page   10                                                                       
                                     A SPECIAL THANK YOU
                                     TO THE HOSTS OF OUR KIDDUSH LUNCHEONS

             Blaze Gaines                              Rene Wisch                            CAS Ladies Auxiliary
      in honor of the birthday of                      in honor of                           in appreciation of our
           Jennie Bornstein               Graciela and Rabbi Alberto Zeilicovich           Religious School Teachers

        Ann and Marc Neerman                     CAS Board of Directors               Dr. Nancy Faigin and Al Faigin, D.O.
      in honor of the birthday of                 in appreciation of our                     in appreciation of our
           Jennie Bornstein                     Religious School Teachers                  Religious School Teachers

          Dr. Bernard Zilberg                        CAS Men’s Club                   Our birthday cakes were provided
              in honor of                         in appreciation of our              courtesy of
              his birthday                      Religious School Teachers                   Ann and Marc Neerman
                                                                                           in honor of the birthday of
           Monica Guarneri                           Lester Berman                              Jennie Bornstein
      in honor of the birthday of         in loving memory of his brother-in-law
           Jennie Bornstein                            Cal Teub                                   Walter Listig
                                                                                      in honor of the birthday of his wife,
 Rachel, Dr. David Cristol and Reuben                 Michael Blanc                             Vanessa Listig
                Cristol                       in loving memory of his wife,
      in honor of the birthday of                      Helen Blanc                               Linda Collins
           Jennie Bornstein                                                              in honor of the birthday of her
                                                      Linda Collins                                husband,
           Dr. Arthur Pawgan                  in honor of the birthday of her                     Tom Collins
     in loving memory of his wife,                      husband,
            Rosalyn Pawgan                             Tom Collins                    Our ice cream cake is provided courtesy
                                                                                       Drs. Elizabeth and Murray Cohen
       Blanche and Dave Karsner                 The Jewish War Veterans
                                                                                             in appreciation of our
    in honor of Maria Loya and the
                                                                                          Religious School Teachers
       Catering Volunteers for the           Melissa Morgan and David Saul
         elegant and delicious                    in appreciation of our
           Pesach Seder meal                   Religious School Teachers

              Walter Listig               The Shabbat Oneg on May 14 was hosted by:
  in honor of the birthday of his wife,     The Brothers and Sisters of Stephanie Beckman and Robert Dubinsky
            Vanessa Listig
                                                    Bryan Beckman                     Liza and Andrew Dubinsky
                                                    Aaron Beckman                        Stacy & Oliver Streuli
         Pearl Kline-McFarland
            in honor of her                                          Jennifer and Josh Levy
         special 85th birthday
                                                                          in honor of
       Karen and Richard Savitz                                Stephanie’s and Robert’s wedding
      in honor of the birthday of
             Lillian Savitz
                                          Our bimah flowers are provided        Our bimah flowers are provided courtesy of:
        Elaine and Jim Stanton            courtesy of:                               Angela and Mark Lederman,
         in loving memory of                 The Education Committee                   Pia and Joe Rodriguez,
             Natalie Cohn                      in appreciation of our             Hannah R., Julia E. and Joseph P.
                                             Religious School Teachers          in honor of the wedding anniversary of
                                                                                     Carmen and Peter Lederman                                                                                                Page       11
Here’s a Calendar That Can Be Posted on Your Refrigerator, if you wish!

                              June 2010 Y 19 Sivan to 18 Tamuz 5770
         Sunday                    Monday                Tuesday             Wednesday                Thursday             Friday                   Saturday
                                                    1           19 Sivan 2              20 Sivan 3          21 Sivan 4               22 Sivan 5                23 Sivan

                                                                        1:30 p.m. Jewish Archives                   11:00 a.m. JEA             Bat Mitzvah of
                                                                        in the Library                              Graduation                 Samantha-Rose Brand

                                                                                                                            Candle Lighting:
                                                                                                                                   8:16 p.m.          Shelach
6                    24 Sivan 7             25 Sivan 8          26 Sivan 9              27 Sivan 10         28 Sivan 11              29 Sivan 12               30 Sivan
10:30 a.m. Gravestone
unveiling for Shirley                                                   1:30 p.m. Jewish Archives
Winterman                                                               in the Library
11:00 a.m. Gravestone
unveiling for Alvin Louis
6:30 p.m. Jewish Person of                                                                                                  Candle Lighting:
the Year Award-BEC                                                                                                                 8:19 p.m.      Rosh Chodesh
13                 1 Tamuz 14               2 Tamuz 15          3 Tamuz 16              4 Tamuz 17          5 Tamuz 18               6 Tamuz 19                7 Tamuz

6:30 p.m. CAS Annual                                                    1:30 p.m. Jewish Archives
meeting                                                                 in the Library

                                                                                                                            Candle Lighting:
     Rosh Chodesh                                                                                                                  8:22 p.m.           Chukat
20                 8 Tamuz 21               9 Tamuz 22         10 Tamuz 23            11 Tamuz 24          12 Tamuz 25               13 Tamuz 26            14 Tamuz

                                                                        1:30 p.m. Jewish Archives
                                                                        in the Library
                             7:00 p.m. CAS Board                                                                            Candle Lighting:
        Father’s Day         meeting                                                                                               8:23 p.m.           Balak
27                15 Tamuz 28              16 Tamuz 29         17 Tamuz 30            18 Tamuz

                                                                        1:30 p.m. Jewish Archives
                                                                        in the Library

                                                                        7:00 p.m. Tzofim
                                                         Fast Day       Friendship Caravan

                                                                      Schedule of Services
                   Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday)                        6:00 PM           Sunday and National Holiday Morning                      9:00 AM
                   Shabbat Morning (Saturday)                       9:30 AM           Sunday - Thursday Evening                                6:00 PM
                   Monday - Friday Morning                          6:55 AM           Rosh Chodesh (New Month)                                 6:45 AM
                        Telephone - Office: 731-4721; Fax: 731-4724; Kitchen: 731-4431; visit our website at

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     Permit No. 2026
      Fort Worth TX
                                                                                                            4050 S Hulen St • Fort Worth TX 76109-4699
       U.S. Postage
     Non-Profit Org.                                                                                        CONGREGATION AHAVATH SHOLOM