Manual grinding technique precise and multifaceted

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					RS 15
Manual grinding technique – precise and multifaceted!

                                         Grinding in motion
                 RS 15 – Manual
           Grinding technique for
               highest precision!

    RS 15
    Economical grinding for your cutting tools

    The concept of the RS 15 provides you with everything that
    is required to economically manufacture and regrind rotary
    cutting tools and inserts.

    Whether materials such as carbide, HSS up to the super hard
    PCD/PCBN, this manual precision tool and cutter grinding
    machine fulfils all requirements of your high quality products.

    The robust and vibration free construction of the RS 15 is a
    guarantee for high precision and a long product life. Compared
    to conventional grinding processes an enormous increase in
    form accuracy and production is achieved through measuring
    and grinding in one clamping.

    RS 15 – Guaranty for highly precise grinding!

               RS 15 – A technical
                                                                    Digital display
                 advantage at the                                   All six axis positions can be seen at a
                                                                    glance. In addition to that, the reference
                                                                    points can be set quickly and easily.
             lowest of tolerances.

    On the road to success with constant grinding pressure

    The sophisticated technology of the RS 15 – rational grinding
    for your products whether a single piece or small-scale

    The constant contact pressure is adjusted to the removal
    volumes and allows for efficient grinding of super hard
    materials. Increased productivity is achieved as a result of
    direct measuring done on the machine in combination with
    the projector and the digital display.
                                                                    Pressure and force settings
                                                                    The constant pressure between workpiece
    The automatic dressing device guarantees an optimal axial       and grinding wheel regulates removal on
    and concentric running of the grinding wheel.                   the workpiece.

    RS 15 – Cutting-edge technology!

Cross table                                        Projector                                           Dressing device
Used as a base for all workpiece clamping          For visual positioning, measuring and               The grinding wheel can be dressed in
devices. The highest degree of precision           controlling of workpieces to be ground or           between grinding processes by means of
is always guaranteed thanks to the recircu-        already ground.                                     the dressing device mounted on the
lating ball spindle and the maintenance-                                                               machine.
free linear guiding system.

Spherical grinding equipment                       Hand wheels                                         Control console
Allows for the machining of rotary tools as well   The handwheels have a reading accuracy of           The optimal ergonomic design of the con-
as the dressing of griding wheels and is also      0.01 mm. Thanks to the recirculating ball spindle   trol console makes it absolutely easy to
infinitely adjustable.                             in combination with the digital display, the        use. The most modern electronic systems
                                                   axes can be positioned to within 1 µm.              guarantee optimal process reliability.
            Now and in the future
                                                                       Universal dividing attachment TA55
              Flexible – thanks to                                     Equipped with the HSK63 as a base, the
                                                                       universal dividing attachment (TA55)

                the special RS 15                                      makes it possible to utilise the entire
                                                                       range of chucking devices for grinding
                                                                       rotary tools to perfection.


    Expand your range of products

    The wide array of optional accessories for the RS 15 – the path
    to profit – to greatly expand your product range.

    Solve your current and future grinding problems by using
    accessories which are compatible and at the same time versatile.
    With these accessories, you can grind from inserts right up to
    tools with complex geometric shapes. From the first piece on,
    you will be able to keep within the smallest of tolerances.

    RS 15 – The leader in manual grinding precision!

Universal clamping table 3CV                           Chamfer grinding attachement                             Inclined tool angle grinding device
The workpiece holders can be adjusted                  This device makes geometrically accurate                 This allows the grinding of clearance
in two planes and rotated horizontally.                negative chamfers possible for inserts.                  angles on workpieces with cutting edges
This enables complete grinding of various                                                                       tilted relative to the axis.
clearance angles.

Technical Data
                             Basi Set-Up      Travel               Reading Accuracy               Measuring System             Resolution

                             Linear axes
                         Transverse axis X    490 mm               0.01 mm                        Glass Scale                  0.01 mm
                    Grinding stroke axis Y    130 mm                                              Glass Scale                  0.01 mm
                              Infeed axis Z   120 mm               0.01 mm                        Glass Scale                  0.001 mm
                               Cross axis U   100 mm               0.01 mm                        Glass Scale                  0.001 mm
                              Cross axis W    100 mm               0.01 mm                        Glass Scale                  0.001 mm
                Projector horizontal axis P   150 mm               0.02 mm                        Glass Scale                  0.001 mm
                  Projector vertical axis Q   200 mm

                            Pivot Axis
                 Workhead Swivel Axis A       -–10° ... +27°       1 min
                Workhead Spindle Axis B       240°                 1°                             Rotary Measuring System      0.01°/30 sek

                  Grinding Wheel Drive
                  Grinding Spindle Power      2.2 kW
                         Rotational Speed     1000–6000 min-1

          Workpiece slide (Z-Axis)
                     Contact Pressure         0 ... 400 N

 Transverse axis oscillation (X-axis)
                       Oscillation size       0 ... 70 mm
                     Oscillation frequency    0 ... 60 strokes/min