Grade Configuration Consultation Meeting

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					Grade Configuration
Consultation Meeting

   SD 71 Comox Valley

                 Jordan Tinney, Dec 2006
                      The past…
   Declining Enrolment Task Force March,
    2003 recommendations:
        Closing   Black Creek School in Sept. 2003 or Sept.
        Closing Union Bay School in Sept. 2003 or Sept.
        Closing Tsolum Elementary in Sept. 2006; and

        Reexamining the current grade structure and school
         boundaries in the district over the next five years in
         the best interests of students rather than to fill
One of the issues…consistency
 Highland Secondary grades 10-12
 Mark R. Isfeld Secondary grades 9-12

 G.P. Vanier grades 9-12

 Lake Trail, Cumberland Jr., Cape Lazo,
  Aspen grades 7-9
 Courtenay Jr. grades 7-8
 Where   do they come from and who is
 Stats Canada, hospital records (birth
  rates), local knowledge, BC Stats;
 Used across entire province;

 Strong history of accuracy.
                            One of the issues - demographics
                                                  Enrolment Projections vs. Actual
                                        Source: Declining Enrolment Task Force January, 2003



Headcount Students




                              2002   2003                    2004                    2005      2006
              Past and Future
                        District Total





                                                       District Total




       2005    2006   2008               2009   2010
          Our Middle Schools

  School        Capacity   Enrolment 06   Seats
  Lake Trail      550          423        -127
Cumberland Jr     275          219         -56
 Aspen Park       400          249         -18
    -Fr Imm                    133
 Cape Lazo        400          303         -97
Courtenay Mid     600          486        -114
    Our Secondary Schools

 School       Capacity   Enrolment 06   Seats
G.P. Vanier     1125         1154        29
 Highland       800          654         -68
   -Fr Imm                    78
Mark Isfeld     850          653        -197
    Elementary Zones - Comox

     School        Capacity     Enrolment 06     Seats
Airport                   380              275      -105
Brooklyn                  290              303           13
Comox                     330              176      -154
Robb Road-Fr Imm          380              348       -32
Village Park              215              197       -18
Elementary Zones - Courtenay

    School       Capacity     Enrolment 06     Seats
Arden                   315              261       -54
Courtenay               480              261      -219
Puntledge Park          570              195      -169
  -Fr Imm                                206
 Elementary Zones – North/Central

     School     Capacity     Enrolment 06     Seats
Glacier View           355              239      -116
Huband Park            390              374       -16
Miracle Beach          265              238       -27
Valley View            430              432           2
    Elementary Zones - Islands

    School      Capacity     Enrolment 06        Seats
Denman Island          115                  59       -56
Hornby Island          165                  45      -120
             Elementary Zones –

    School     Capacity     Enrolment 06     Seats
Cumberland            275              219       -56
Royston               265              177       -88
 Total Elementary Seats Empty
 1863   in all elementary schools
 We get $5830/student;

 This is approx. $10.8M in revenue
  that is lost given our current space.
 Of this $10.8M, about half would be
  available for other programs and
  staff beyond our current staffing
          The overall plan
 Consolidate  grades;
 Propose school closures;

 Consolidate facilities;

 Dispose of assets;

 Adjust resource levels to strengthen
  school programs;
 Draft firm 3-5 year district plan with
  projection for 10 years.
      The basic issues…

Too many seats, too few kids…

Programs vs. facilities…
 Understanding potential closures
        the full school and not the
 Closing
 empty one

      School       Capacity     Enrolment 06     Seats
  Arden                   315              261       -54
  Courtenay               480              261      -219
  Puntledge Park          570              195      -169
    -Fr Imm                                206
  The importance of research and
 Ifdemographics, funding, and the
  community force you to reexamine
  the configuration of your schools,
  then the decisions should be based
  – Academic research about which
    structures are most supportive of
    students; and
  – Careful planning and consideration for
    the future and sustainability.
             The Trillium Report
   Recommendations:
    – Adopt a grade 6-8 middle school model;
    – Initiate process for closure of Tsolum and Union Bay;
    – Proceed with the implementation of the 6-8 middle
      school model when secondary enrolments have declined
    – Initiate the process for considering the closure of Cape
      Lazo Middle, Comox Elementary, Village Park
      Elementary, Glacier View Elementary, and Courtenay
      Elementary by 2009.
    – Explore opportunities to consolidate district programs in
      one surplus facility;
    – Explore opportunities to sell a surplus school to the
      Conseil Scolaire Francophone;
    – Proceed with the disposition of properties that are
      surplus to District needs.
         Masters Study - 2005
   Recommendations:
     •   Develop a consultative process with secondary school teachers
         so they will feel involved in the process;
     •   Mandate professional learning communities in the three
         secondary schools;
     •   Share key research on middle school configurations;
     •   Standardize middle and secondary school configurations;
     •   Consider alternate structures for secondary schools (multiple
         campuses, self-paced learning);
     •   Appoint a leader for the change process whose job it is to
         ensure changes are implemented and who will be accountable
         for progress in the secondary system;
     •   Establish networks with other schools and districts that are
         involved in change and improvement programs;
     •   Appoint “lead learners” in schools who will help train and
         implement changes;
     •   Engage in systems thinking – create schools that serve students
         better. Encourage schools to share their ideas and methods with
         those that are under-performing.
         Masters Study 2005
•   Improve awareness throughout our district as to the moral purpose
    of schools to improve satisfaction and achievement levels. “Raise
    the bar and close the gap” – most importantly, we need to make
    people believe there is an urgent need to improve our system.
•   Investigate how Assessment for Learning can give a ready focus to
    the professional learning communities set up in our schools; and
•   Develop a small-school philosophy. Ensuring numbers are not
•   Ensure feeder schools are sending their students to a single school;
•   Reconfiguration needs to be based on long-term goals;
•   Give careful thought to the transition process;
•   Choosing a secondary school model is less important than ensuring
    support for change and establishing clear direction for those
•   Work toward greater integration of North Island Distance Education
    School; and
•   Establish a transition committee made up of members from all
    stakeholder groups, and empower them to make decisions about
    the long-term direction for SD #71.
          Possible Scenarios
   Comox Valley School District could close all of
    our middle schools and reconfigure the district
    in a K-8 and 9-12 model. The capacity in our
    elementary schools is sufficient to
    accommodate all students as are our three
    secondary schools. This would mean the closure
    of Cape Lazo, Ecole Aspen Park, Lake Trail,
    Courtenay Middle and Cumberland Junior
    schools. It would be reasonable to assume that
    the subsequent elementary populations would
    be dispersed to the newer buildings and the
    older facilities closed. For example, Cape Lazo
    and Ecole Aspen Park could hold the combined
    populations of Brooklyn, Village Park, and
    Comox Elementary.
        Possible Scenarios
   Comox Valley School District could
    reconfigure for a standard 6-8 and
    9-12 grade configuration. In the
    Trillium report, this possible
    scenario included the potential
    closures of Glacier View
    Elementary, Comox Elementary,
    Village Park Elementary, and Cape
    Lazo Middle School.
          Possible Scenarios
   Comox Valley School District could continue
    with the grade 7-9, 10-12 model with
    adjustments to have consistent grade
    configurations in buildings. In the Trillium
    Report, this possible scenario included the
    potential closures of Comox Elementary, Cape
    Lazo Middle, and Vanier Secondary School. It is
    important to note that in this model you would
    not have to wait until 2015 to close Vanier as
    the enrolment decline is sufficient by 2010 to
    justify the closure of Vanier with a subsequent
    sale and upgrade to Highland and Mark R.
    Isfeld to accommodate the additional students.
       Possible Scenarios
 Inconsistencyin grade structures;
 Independent directed studies
  secondary school;
 Multiple campus single secondary
 …others?
Timeline for configuration decisions
   November 2006 – January 2007
   Paper on grade configuration – soliciting feedback
    and advertising forums through local media:
    – Two public forums;
    – One small working group – to collate discussions;
    – Participation and feedback requested online as well;
   February 2007
    – Working group collates results/comments and suggests
      options for district grade configuration.
    – Superintendent writes report complete with
   March 2007
    – C.O.W. public discussion on recommendations.
    – Board meeting – Board decision on grade configuration.
Timeline for configuration decisions
   April, 2007
    – Initiation of Policy 3050 complete with identification of
      schools proposed for closure.
    – Public information on the timelines of potential school
   April-June, 2007
    – Initiation of school closure and consolidation processes.
   September – November, 2007
    – Public consultation regarding school closures as per
      policy 3050.
   November 27, 2007
    – Board decision regarding school closures for June, 2008
      at the earliest.
                     Our task…
    Briefly review research;
    Answer 4 questions to begin:
    1.   What is the most important educational issue for the
         district to consider in moving to a consistent grade
    2.   Which grade configuration do you prefer?
    3.   What research or information do you have to support
         your preference for grade structure?
    4.   What do you feel is the most important non-
         educational issue for the district to consider as we
         move to have consistency in our grade structures?
–    Return and report out – 1 common theme from
     each table.
              Follow - up
 All notes taken and added to district web
 Any emails welcomed as further
  information (;
 Student working group;
 Community working group;
 Teachers working group;
 Committee of the whole discussion;
 Next meeting January 23rd 7:00 Mark R.