Glades Tobacco-Free Partnership meeting

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					Glades Tobacco-Free Partnership meeting minutes
Thursday, December 16, 2010

Attendance: Susan Etchey, Jo Randolph, Donna Storter-Long, Bianca Ross, Mary Ruth
Prouty, Socorro Balderas, Waynette Rives, and Sarah Litchy

Donna Storter Long, Glades County Commissioner, congratulated Sarah Litchy, Glades
Tobacco Prevention Coordinator, for her accomplishment in getting the Moore Haven
City Council to pass a resolution making the city’s Tom Perry Memorial Park tobacco

Litchy showed the members of the partnership the design for the tobacco free signs to be
installed at the park. She said the signs are ordered and will be ready for installation in
early February. A special celebration involving the SWAT youth will be planned when
they are installed.

Litchy said she has been able to preview the new health clinic being built on Hwy. 78 and
it looks very nice. Storter said a great feature for the staff will be the new Culligan water

Mary Ruth Prouty made a motion to approve the minutes of the November meeting and it
was seconded by Donna Storter Long.

Litchy distributed a 2-page summary of a recent fact sheet entitled “A Report of the
Surgeon General: How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease.” The report includes significant
updates and findings that staff will find useful in talking to youth and adults in the
community about the health effects of exposure to tobacco smoke. Litchy read portions of
the report that are very alarming such as “cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000
chemicals and compounds. Hundreds are toxic and more than 70 cause cancer. Tobacco
smoke itself is a known human carcinogen.” Bianca Ross and Prouty stated that the facts
about smoking and pregnancy should be given to health care providers at the clinics who
work with the women they serve who are pregnant. Litchy said the actual report is 700
pages and she will send the web link to each member so they can read the entire study or
the 20 page synopsis if they wish.

Litchy reported that Director of Exceptional Student Education and Student Services,
Mrs. Janice Foster, who is responsible for revising the school policies, was very positive
about enacting a more comprehensive policy for the school. Foster brought the model
policies to the school board committee last Monday and will be sending the changes to
Litchy next week.

The members discussed the need for expanding the policy to parking lots at the school. Jo
Randolph commented she has noticed people at high school ball games smoking and
allegedly even drinking alcohol they kept in coolers in their cars. Litchy said she has
ordered tobacco free signs for school parking lots as well as signs for the park and ball
fields. There were discussions about organizing Students Against Destructive Decisions
(SADD) to help reinforce school tobacco-free and alcohol-free policies.

There was some concern there may be a few teachers who smoke or use smokeless
products on school grounds. Litchy said she will make an appointment to talk to Alice
Gardner, the school teacher’s union representative to explain the policy and remind the
teacher’s of the policy. Storter suggested Litchy tell Gardner that it is not an attempt to
target teachers in this non-smoking campaign but just seek their cooperation.

Litchy reported she had two meeting with Joyce Adams, manager of the Moore Haven
Commons, multi-unit affordable housing apartments owned by the Winterwood Property
Cooperation. Litchy is working with the property manager to make the units tobacco-free.
The manager at Winterwood Properties is currently revising the smoke-free addendum
and lease agreement. The addendum would make the units smoke-free upon renewal of
lease agreement. It will be necessary to work with the residents and manager of the
complex to implement the new policy and provide cessation services after the addendum
is adopted.

Litchy introduced Bianca Ross, a new staff member who is working on a website for the
Hendry Drug Free Coalition. The web page will include information on the activities of
the partnership. Suggestions for the website are encouraged.

There was discussion about the petition banning the use of candy flavored tobacco and
how to present it to the Glades County Commission. Sorter said it would be better to ask
for a resolution rather than an ordinance which requires more stringent criteria for
passage. She recommended that Litchy do a practice presentation with SWAT to
Commissioner Butch Jones before asking County Manager Wendell Taylor to put it on
the agenda. She said Jones would be able to give her feedback and should be very
supportive of passing a resolution.

There was a discussion about how to create more interest in tobacco cessation classes.
Litchy said she is planning to work with key people at each Glades County community
association and local churches.

The list of upcoming local festivals was presented to discuss SWAT’s participation in
them. SWAT booths will be set up at many of the festivals and the students will assist in
handing out information, talking to residents about the candy flavored tobacco petition,
etc. Waynette Rives, school teacher, suggested that SWAT have a booth at the Chalo
Nitka rodeos where the exposure to smokeless tobacco users and smokers is very high.

Meeting was adjourned by motion of Bianca Ross and seconded by Rives at 4:05 PM.