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									              Claiming our Past
              Celebrating our Present
              Creating our Future
                    LGBT History Month bulletin 58
           Welcome to the 58th LGT History Month Bulletin. There are 5 sections:
           News: A selection of LGBT related news articles from the past month
          Birthdays: a list of LGBT people‟s March birthdays. Both dead and alive!
                 Events: a calendar of shows, conferences and meetings
               Community: appeals, requests and community based ideas
                         Quotes: who said what, where and when

Support A Day in Hand
On Sunday 17th May, same-sex couples will take to the streets of the nation for one of the
biggest organised same-sex hand holding events in the world. This is to coincide with IDAHO.
The initiative is the brainchild of teacher and LGBT rights campaigner Dave Watkins. There is a
facebook group and the idea is to have your photo taken while holding hands with someone of
the same sex and have it put „out‟ on the web; like an electronic quilt.
David, a Schools OUT and LGBT History Month Working Party member and treasurer said: “For
many straight couples, holding hands in public is second nature: an honouring of commitment,
a declaration of love. For same-sex couples who want to make that same (simple) declaration it
can result in fear and hatred. Sometimes the fear comes from others, oftentimes it comes from
within ourselves. At work, within our circles, and in our communities, LGBT people can stand
proud, but in public, home and away, as visible couples, we are remain separable and
distinctivly 'love-lite'. To find out more, go to
For other IDAHO events, or to register one of your own, go to www.idaho.org.uk

3 in 10 Teenagers Get Sex Education from
Internet Porn
How should children learn about sex: form parents/guardians; teachers; or from internet porn
sites? 3 in 10 children learn about the birds and the bees from internet porn and teenagers
watch an average of 90 minutes of porn on the net every week. Those are the shocking
findings of a survey carried out for Channel 4, for the Sex Education vs. Pornography
This in a nation that has only just legislated for Sex and Relationships education for all pupils
from primary education onwards. So we are producing young adults who may not have had a
scrap of sex education in schools but may have spent their formative and teenage years
watching grown ups performing dangerous sex acts with multiple partners with no
contraception. And we have the highest number of teenage pregnancies and STIs in Europe.
Here‟s a basic numeracy and literacy issue: what does 2 + 2 add up to? It‟s as simple as ABC!
Our children: Straight, L,G,B and T are being put at risk because our schools have neglected to
teach them properly about sex and have left the porn peddlers to fill the information gap.

Older LGB people Don’t Feel Safe using
mental health Services in London
According to a survey and report by Polari, older LGB people still don‟t feel safe using the
mental health services in London, even though there are laws to protect them from
discrimination in the provision of goods and services. Many feared other mental health services
and most felt isolated and alone. Staff were generally thought of positively, although a few felt
they were treated negatively because they were LGB. For the full report and executive summary
go to http://www.casweb.org/polari/file-storage/index?&folder_id=939657

Milk veteran wants to know who you’re
sleeping with

A veteran LGBT rights campaigner and unionist who was featured in Milk came over to the UK
on the first weekend in April to speak to people at the BFI lesbian and gay film Festival. Cleve
Jones was the young man with curly hair and glasses who rejected Harvey‟s first approach at
recruiting him but returned with a broken heart and became his best campaigner. Between
dates in London he came to the TUC and told us about his latest campaign: Sleep with the
Right People. The US union UNITE (nothing to do with the UK Union of the same name) was
increasingly concerned that some multi-national corporate hotel companies were employing
 migrant labour at atrocious rates of pay and giving them ridiculous workloads, whilst some were
 also bank-rolling anti-LGBT rights evangelical groups. Sleep with the Right people is a campaign
 to boycott these hotels until their owners see the error of their ways. They are messing with the
 man who realised the AIDS quilt when Reagan was in denial and helped get Coors beer taken
 out of every gay bar in the USA! Currently the Manchester Hyatt and the Lax Hilton are under
 fire. Since these companies have hotels all over the world we need to internationalise the
 campaign. London Citizen and the UK Unite union are helping to challenge these companies in
 London and the UK. Go to www.sleepwiththerightpeople.org for the US and Canada site. For
 Unite UK go to www.amicustheunion.org.uk and for London Citizens go to
 www.londoncitizens.org.uk I

 SIB after Easter
 The long-awaited and much discussed Single Equalities Bill is set to have its first reading in the
 House after the Easter recess but before May.

 Homosexuality a capital crime in Iraq
 Iraq‟s own death row has 128 prisoners awaiting execution. Denied a fair trial and name and
 shamed before conviction, a large number are understood to face the rope for “the crime of
 homosexuality”, according to Iraqi LGBT rights campaigner Ali Hilli. For the full report go to

 EU Slams Europe-wide LGBT discrimination
 The European Union's Fundamental Right's Agency (FRA) has published the second part of the
 report "Homophobia and Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
 in the EU Member States" covering the social situation of LGBT people in EU Member States.
 The report noted that: Pride events are being obstructed in Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Romania
 and Poland; LGBT people are being denied their rights by politicians and religious leaders in
 Italy, Hungary, Malta, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic; and across Europe homophobic abuse
 is levelled at people in the workplace, in schools and when seeking medical care.
  "Now we have a report by an EU agency clearly showing that LGBT people are suffering severe
 and unacceptable levels of discrimination and harassment within the EU", said Michael
 Cashman, President of the European Parliament's Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights.
 "Politicians in Member States and the European Commission have a reliable factual data as well
 as good recommendations by FRA to tackle the problems. I urge politicians to have the courage
 to end the discrimination which causes so much suffering to so many citizens of Europe."

Lesbian Birthdays
April 16th – Dusty Springfield (1939-99) – 6os British singer and pop-icon
April 27th - Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-94)- (writer, philosopher and feminist) born in London

Gay Birthdays
April 2nd – Paul Gambaccini – veteran broadcaster and music pundit AKA ‘The Professor of
Pop’ though he knows his classics too
April 23rd (exact date uncertain) – William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)
Trans birthdays
April 25th – April Ashley – UK’s most famous trans woman, outed as such by The Sunday
People in 1961

Events Calendar
LGBT Pride Calendar
For all pride events this year, click on http://www.gaytoz.com/united/prides.html

                          Welcome to Gingerbeer!
                          The Lesbian Guide to
We are sending out a final reminder about this story contest, ending March 31, 2009. We have received some amazing stories from all over the
world, but do still need additional stories.
You can get more information about the contest at www.spiralriver.com.
You can submit a story at the following link:
https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=VajoLXgo39q9RldDk6ia0w_3d_3d. This link can be forwarded to others. Additionally you can submit
more than one story at this link.
You can also submit a story at the link provided below, but this link cannot be forwarded and you will only be allowed to submit one story at this
link. The limitation of the vendor we are using forces us to include this link but doesn't allow it to be forwarded to others.
Here is a link to the survey:
Thank you
Grace at Spiral River Productions
Date where                          when         what
Mon     Nottingham                  Eve          PM Badminton Social(weekly)

        Croydon Town Hall           7.30pm       Crocus Meeting.

        The Intercom                7-9pm        Western Girls This group runs on the first Monday of the
        Community Centre in                      month and is a safe space for all who have had, in the
        Exeter                                   process of or are considering male to female gender
                                                 reassignment. This social get together
                                                 for directions or more info
                                                 contact westerngirls@hotmail.co.uk

Tues    Cramlington                 Eve          LGBT Youth (13-19). Sharon on: 01670 597 865 or Steve at
                                                 MESMAC on: 0191 233 1333

        Hackney                     5.30-9pm     The Green Door LGBTQI Youth Project
                                                 07772 565 546

        London Charing Cross        9-late       Ruby Tuesday. Regular night out for lesbians and
        Road                                     their guests Ku Bar WC2H 7BA

        Greenwich MetroCentre,      6-8pm        Penelope‟s Pitstop. Drop in advice and testing for women who have
        110 Norman Rd.                           sex with women 020 8305 5000

        The Marlborough Clinic,     2-4pm        Over 55‟s LGBT group (last Tues every month) Jackie 020 8305 5000
        Royal Free Hospital
        Pond St, Hampstead,         8.30-11.30   Sexual Health MOTs for 50+ gay and bi men 020 7830 2847
        NW3 2PF                     (monthly:
                                    every last

        Central Station, 37         7pm-12       Bar Wotever
        Wharfdale Rd, Kings
        Cross, London N1 9SE

        The Castle, Camberwell      7.30pm       Camberwell Gay Book Group. Every third Tuesday
        Church St                                Free
        S London

        N/A                         6pm          (last Tuesday of the month) Out in South London - local LGBT
                                                 radio show with Rosie Wilby and guests
                                                 Listen online at www.southcityradio.org

Wed     The Glass Bar               7.30-9.30    London Lesbian and Bi Women‟s Group Social & Discussion
        190 Euston Road
        NW1 2EF

        Grand Hall, Battersea       7pm          Wandsworth Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Forum
        Arts Centre (BAC),
        Lavender Hill, Battersea,

Fri     The Oak Bar, 79 Green       9pm-3am      Club Wotever
        Lanes, N16 9BU
Sat     Leicester Pink Pedallers                 For more information on this event or on the Pink Pedallers
        Cycling Group                            Cycling Group, contact Elizabeth Barner, CTC Cycling
                                                 Development Officer on 0116 229 2582 or email
        Sun and Doves,              8pm
        Coldharbour Lane                         Performances from 9pm (every Saturday)
        Camberwell                               Queer Complex: queer cabaret and music from Club Wotever
        S London                                 and Gay Camberwell.Free
Sun                                5pm
        The Church Of The Assumption &        LGBT Catholic Mass (1st and 3rd Sundays of the month)
        St Gregory, Warwick Street, Soho

        The Candlestick,          8pm         Gay Night Out in Herts
        London: East Dulwich      3-5pm       South London Lesbian Mums Group triciadurr@hotmail.com
                                              for details. Every third Sunday of the month

        The Castle, 65            4pm         Free film screening with free popcorn
        Camberwell Church

April and May
Date where                        when        What
         BFI London               From 1.50   Lesbian and Gay Film Festival http://www.bfi.org.uk/llgff/
5 Su
         The Drill Hall,          4pm         The Drill Hall Darlings: Take me Back to Lesbos by Giselle
         Chenies Street,                      Johnson
         London WC1E 7EX                      http://www.drillhall.co.uk/pl302.html
         BFI London               From 1.50   Lesbian and Gay Film Festival http://www.bfi.org.uk/llgff/
         London Gay’s The         7pm         Jim Grimsley, the multi-award-winning best-selling American
7T       Word bookshop                        author of the brilliant 'Dream Boy,' 'Comfort & Joy' and the
                                              new collection of stories 'Jesus is Sending You a Message'
                                              reads at Gay's the Word and discusses the film adaptation of
                                              'Dream Boy' which screens at the LLG Film Festival the
                                              previous evening and the afternoon of the 7th at the NFT

         BFI London               From 1.40   Lesbian and Gay Film Festival http://www.bfi.org.uk/llgff/
         BFI London               From 2pm    Lesbian and Gay Film Festival http://www.bfi.org.uk/llgff/
9 Th
10 F
11 Sa
12 Su
13 M
         Henderson Court          6-9pm       Older Gay men‟s Group Meeting. Guest Speaker Brian Paddick
14 T     102 Fitzjohn’s Ave,
         Hampstead, NW3
         (entrance on Prince
         Arthur Rd)
         ANDAZ Hotel              6.30pm      BEATING THE RECESSION
15 W     (Formerly the Great                  The Gay Business Association is planning a major workshop
         Eastern Hotel) 40                    on how gay and lesbian-owned businesses, and gay and
         Liverpool Street,                    lesbian employees in organisations, can work together
         London, EC2M 7QN                     through the economic crisis.

         Southwark Town           7 – 9 pm    LGBT Network Exec. Open meeting: everyone welcome
16 Th    Hall, 35 Peckham                     If you are interested, please contact Dax on:
         Rd, SE5 8UB. Room                    dax.ashworth@southwark.gov.uk
         A3                                   020 7525 5659/ 07958 301324

                                  7pm         Aurora meeting to discuss the Kellie Telesford trans murder
         Croydon (go to                       case. Croydon‟s lesbian, gay, bi and transgender police
         website for venue                    consultation group www.aurora-croydon.org.uk
         details)                             For up-to-date information:
                                              www. aurora-croydon.org.uk click on Kellie Telesford

                                  7pm         Author Event - Elizabeth Wilson, author of 'The Twilight Hour'
         Gay’s the Word,                      reads from her excellent new novel, 'War Damage' set in
         London                               1940s London; will appeal to both men and women.
                              7.30 pm    Pink Sou’westers offers out-of-town‟, non-scene, social,
        South West                       support and activities. (full disabled access, no. 18 bus stops
        Birmingham:                      outside) It will be a general social evening but will include
        Holloway Hall                    discussion on ideas for future events, activities and trips,
        Community Centre,                indoor and outdoor. So whether you fancy beetle drives or
        Holloway,                        bowling, cycling or cinema, come and tell us your ideas. We‟ll
        Northfield, B31 1TT              aim to ensure that all venues are accessible, that events are
                                         as inclusive as possible and that there is a good proportion of
                                         free or low cost activities included
17 F
18 Sa
19 Su
20 M
        Bournemouth           6-8pm        Trustee recruitment and group networking
21 T    Fusion Youth                       In association with Dorset & Cornwall Standing Council
        Building                           Lead Officers.
                                           If you are part of an LGBT group then this event is an
                                           opportunity for you to show case your group or service to
                                           new people, to attract new members or people who are
                                           considering acting as Trustee‟s and get information out to
                                           people who may not have come into contact with your
                                           LGBT group or activity before.
                                           If you are not part of a group or not sure about what‟s
                                           going on in your area then this event is also definitely for
                                           you. With new groups and activities starting up all the time
                                           this will be your opportunity to get involved and try
                                           something new.
                                           There will be refreshments and cake as well as lots of new
                                           and exciting things to find out!
                                           Call us on 01392 201012 or email on
                                           vicky@intercomtrust.org.uk to find out more.

        St Sidwells Centre,   6pm        LGBT History Pride 2010 meeting.
22 W    Sidwell Street,                  We will be taking a look at what has been achieved and what
        Exeter.                          we can achieve for the 2010 event. It
                                         would great to see some new faces as well as familiar ones–
                                         if you want to find out more about
                                         how you can get involved – come along or email us at
                                         vicky@intercomtrust.org.uk or call on
                                         01392 201012

        Vernon Hall,          6-8pm      Hackney Older Lesbians Group Meeting
        Florfield Road,
        Hackney E8 1DT
        The Soho Medical      6-8.30pm   Westminster LGBT Community
23 Th   Centre. 1 Frith                  Focus Group
        Street (off                      Billie and Leslie from the Westminster police are setting up
        Soho Square),                    a new community led LGBT forum. The forum is made up of
        London W1                        local residents and professionals and they meet up to discuss
                                         a range of issues relevant to the whole LGBT community.
                                         Please give Billie a call on 07766471903 if you would like
                                         more information and to confirm your attendance.
                                         Food and refreshments provided!!
24 F
        Women's Library.      12-2       Between the Covers: history of women‟s magazines. Free tour
25 Sa   London
        25 Old Castle
        E1 7NT
26 Su
        North East Wales      N/A        Drop-in Coffee Club www.ginas68@live.co.uk
27 M
        Henderson Court       6-9        Older Gay Men‟s Group Film Night: And the band Played on
28 T    102 Fitzjohn’s Ave,
        Hampstead, NW3
        (entrance on Prince
        Arthur Rd)
29 W
        Play, Torbay           Eve        Pride not Prejudice are holding a fundraising party at Play in
30 Th                                     Torbay to raise funds for Torbay Pride. The party is fancy
                                          dress with the theme of P (i.e. dress up as anything that
                                          with P!) £5 entrance and a £50 cash prize for the best

        Gay’s The Word,        7pm        Author Event - the greatly talented poet Mark Walton slams
        London                            his stanzas

        Notting Hill Extra     2-4pm      50+ Lesbian and Bi Women in Westminster Group
        Care Facility.
        Upstairs Activity
        60 Penfold St,
        NW8 8PG

        The Drill Hall,        2.30pm     http://www.drillhall.co.uk/pl321.html
2 Sa    Chenies Street,
        London WC1E 7EX

        Birmingham Village     4pm        Quest AGM social: at Village Inn. Possibility of meal later on.
        Inn                               07868844776
        The Drill Hall,        2.30pm     http://www.drillhall.co.uk/pl321.html
3 Su    Chenies Street,
        London WC1E 7EX

          Hall for Cornwall,   6-8pm        Trustee recruitment and group networking
5T        Truro                             In association with Dorset & Cornwall Standing Council
                                            Lead Officers.
                                            If you are part of an LGBT group then this event is an
                                            opportunity for you to show case your group or service to
                                            new people, to attract new members or people who are
                                            considering acting as Trustee‟s and get information out to
                                            people who may not have come into contact with your
                                            LGBT group or activity before.
                                            If you are not part of a group or not sure about what‟s
                                            going on in your area then this event is also definitely for
                                            you. With new groups and activities starting up all the time
                                            this will be your opportunity to get involved and try
                                            something new.
                                            There will be refreshments and cake as well as lots of new
                                            and exciting things to find out!
                                            Call us on 01392 201012 or email on
                                            vicky@intercomtrust.org.uk to find out more.
          54 Chalton           6.30-8pm
          street, London                    Older Lesbian Social Group in Camden.
          NW 1 1HS                          Please give Debbie a call for more
                                            information on
                                            0207121 3331

7 Th
        The Drill Hall,        2.30pm     http://www.drillhall.co.uk/pl321.html
9 Sa    Chenies Street,
        London WC1E 7EX
        The Drill Hall,        2.30pm     http://www.drillhall.co.uk/pl321.html
10 Su   Chenies Street,
        London WC1E 7EX
11 M
   12 T
   13 W
   14 Th
   15 F
           The Drill Hall,      2.30pm        http://www.drillhall.co.uk/pl321.html
   16 Sa   Chenies Street,
           London WC1E 7EX

           Blackpool            All day       Pride

           Birmingham           9.30am        Quest day trip to Worcester, meeting at Birmingham New St.

           Worldwide            All Day       IDAHO. Includes a Day in Hand www.idaho.org.uk
   17 Su
           The Drill Hall,      11.30am       http://www.drillhall.co.uk/pl321.html
           Chenies Street,
           London WC1E 7EX
           Blackpool            All day
   18 M
   19 T
   20 W
   21 Th
   22 F
           Birmingham           All day       Pride
   23 Sa
           Birmingham           afternoon     Quest: Meet-up at Birmingham Pride, in the afternoon, for
                                              those interested. There will hopefully be a multi-faith stall
                                              arranged, with Quest, MCC, LGCM, Quakers, Pagans and
                                              other gay religious groups involved. This is being planned at
                                              the moment. 07868844776

           Birmingham           All day       Pride
   24 Su
           North East Wales     N/A           Drop-in Coffee Club www.ginas68@live.co.uk
   25 M
           Birmingham           All day       Pride
   26 T
   27 W
   28 Th
   29 F
           Harbertonford        7.30- 8.45-   Darn your drainpipes, launder your leg warmers, and get
   30 Sa   Village Hall, near   workshop.     ready for sisters‟ stomp to go retro with
           Totnes               8.45 -        a relaxed, friendly, funky and fun dance night for lesbians and
                                midnight-     bisexual women. There will also be a
                                Stomp         fabulous strictly sisters workshop. Dressing up is positively
                                              £8/£7 Workshop and Stomp, £7/£6 Stomp only.
                                              BYO drinks. More information from jojazz@onetel.com
   31 Su

   Women at Pride Survey
   How do you feel about Pride London? Can we make Pride more attractive for
                  women? What would you do differently? What is already being done just
                         right? Let us know by filling out the following survey.

                                               Click Here to take the survey

              Those who complete the survey by 12noon Tuesday 31st March 2009 can
              be entered into a competition to win a pair of tickets to the London Lesbian
             and Gay Film Festival Centrepiece Screening of "Ghosted" on Wednesday 1st
                                             April at 18:15.

               Those who complete the survey by 5pm Thursday 2nd April 2009 can be
              entered into a competition to win a pair of tickets to Gingerbeer's screening of
                            "To Each Her Own" on Saturday 4th April at 4pm.

                 And everyone can be entered into a competition to win a couple of DVDs!

Birmingham LGBT Community Trust and LGBT Consortium will be running ongoing fundraising surgeries for voluntary
groups with either no funding or funding of less than £10,000 pa
Please contact by reply to book places
David Viney
Development Worker
Birmingham LGBT Community Trust
Tel : 0121 773 0633

Broken Rainbow and The White Ribbon Campaign need artists!

We're working in partnership with the White Ribbon Campaign and are holding an art exhibition as part of the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival,
entitled 'The Art of Respect'.

To support White Ribbon's campaign to end violence against women through a continual process of education and awareness raising and to
contribute towards our work to provide support for those experiencing domestic violence in gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender relationships,
we are looking for artists to submit work using the theme of domestic violence.

This could be anything from using graphic design to produce promotional images or posters, to pieces in any media interpreting emotions or
issues surrounding this subject.
Work will be displayed at b@rplace, Crown Street, Hebden Bridge for the duration of the festival, with a fundraising auction on Tuesday 7th July -
a percentage of monies raised will go to the artist.

White Ribbon will also be hosting a number of talks on the importance of raising the subject of domestic violence and the work of both charities;
literature and merchandise will be available throughout.

Anyone wishing to take part in this event should contact the White Ribbon office on 01422 844675 or email us at

Further information can also be found at www.broken-rainbow.org.uk or www.whiteribboncampaign.co.uk.

Recruitment of Panel members in East Yorkshire
The Community Panel brings community voices to the heart of this strategic regional programme. The regional programme is part of a national
initiative aiming to bring about clear improvement in the quality of community empowerment across England. It is based around the themes of:
                         Active citizens
                         Strengthened communities
                         Partnership with public bodies
The Community Panel comprises people who are active at neighbourhood / community level around the issues of local and community voice and
democracy. Some may be paid workers, but most will be residents who are active in an unpaid capacity. The Panel draws on this knowledge,
skills and experience in order to improve community empowerment and engagement across the region.
Members of the Panel will already be active in their community and will bring direct experience of how policies on community empowerment and
engagement work on the ground. They will contribute community perceptions of what works and what are the barriers, lodging issues and
starting the development of a community auditing mechanism.
An application form and further details can be downloaded from www.yhep.org.uk
Closing date: 9am on 13th April 2009
For further information contact COGS – 0114 2687070, mail@cogs.uk.net

Coming Soon

Get ready for Copenhagen 2009!

Brief Encounters
Brief Encounters isa thought-provoking, educative piece of drama about the lives of a group of young lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans,
queer (LGBTQ) and straight people at school. Accompanying the play is a workshop and a teacher‟s pack.Gendered Intelligence
also delivers Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and ongoing support for teaching staff.
Gendered Intelligence is an organisation working with young people, delivering creative workshops and arts programmes in
schools, colleges and other settings to generate discussion and debate around gender and the ways in which it presents challenges
in our everyday lives.
This play and workshop is aimed at Year 10 – 13 students and designed to fit into the PSHE national curriculum as it looks at
personal issues such as identity and relationships. The play and the workshop aim to:
·       Demonstrate respect for differences between people with regard to gender identity and sexual orientation.
·       Recognise difference and diversity (for example in culture, lifestyles, gender identity, sexuality or relationships), and
demonstrate understanding and empathy towards others who live their lives in different ways. They can assertively challenge
prejudice and discrimination (for example that related to gender, race, disability, etc).
·       Ensure pupils can discuss relationships, feelings and emotions.
Gendered Intelligence understands the barriers and problems that schools face when trying to tackle homophobia and transphobia.
We know it takes time for teachers and pupils to feel confident enough to confront LGBTQ issues. Brief Encounters offers a space
to encourage discussion about gender and sexual orientation in a safe and controlled environment.
The play will be available from Monday 29th June until Friday 9th July 2009. We are provisionally offering 10 free places to
interested schools. These places however are dependent on funding and the cost of the entire package is £300 to schools who do
not gain a free place.
For more information or to book the play and workshop, please contact Jay Stewart on
Jay.Stewart@genderedintelligence.co.uk or call 07841 291 277.
In addition, we are working in collaboration with Central School of Speech and Drama allowing us to offer pupils further
information regarding possible future careers in the arts.
Homophobic and Transphobic Quotes

          Even long-term foreign residents aren't likely to have heard about, for example, a bisexual woman who
          was burned alive in 2006, and the rape, murder and burning of a lesbian last year. Both cases were
          reported only in the Thai dailies. Rarely will they pick up stories on constant harassment and
          discrimination against katoeys, whose life options are severely limited. These "non-issues" are often
          brushed aside by Thais.

Report from Thailand’s The Nation (03-04-09)

“Racism and homophobia have absolutely no place in rugby union.”

RU Disciplinary panel chairman Chris Quinlan after fining a Cornwall club for producing a cup
programme with racist and homophobic jokes in it (Sun 02-04-09)
             This is old news, but I found the ad so offensive that i felt compelled to post it
             anyway. Apparently the creators of the ad find excessive drinking to be extremely
             repulsive, but of course only for women. Why? Because drinking excessively is
             drinking “like a man.” And the ad relies on attempting to provoke disgust by
             displaying a masculine-looking face with makeup and female attire. A trans woman
             in the town where the ad was distributed has filed a complaint about the ad, and asked
             for its removal. However, NHS claimed that the posters had been effective in
             reducing excess drinking in women, and saw no reason to remove the ads. The
             creators of the ad insist that they made the ad in conjunction with the “national lead
             for the transgender community,” and that the ad is not transphobic or problematic.

             The Gender Bender Blog 03-04-09

                                       See you next Month!
                                   LGBT History Month Patrons:
Cyril Nri, actor, director and writer, Sir Ian McKellen, actor, Labi Siffre, poet, songwriter and singer.

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