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Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
                                                          Leon Joseph Cardinal Suenens (Archbishop of Malines-Brussels 1904-1996)

31 Jan    - Opening Day 2011
2 Feb     - Driveway and car park re-sealed
6 Feb     - New Zealand Day
7 Feb     - 150th Jubilee Com Mtg
14 Feb    - Community Library AGM *
          - Board of Trustees Mtg *
17 Feb    - Parent/Teacher Evening *
18 Feb    - Pelorus Cluster Junior (Y1-3) Swimming Sports *
25 Feb    - Pelorus Cluster Senior (Y4-8) Swimming Sports *
28 Feb    - Fundamental Skills Programme through to 4 Mar
10 Mar    - Marlborough Schools‟ Rugby World Cup Sevens
10 Mar    - Year 7/8 at Marlborough Technology Centre (Wk 1 of 6)
17 Mar    - Year 7/8 at Marlborough Technology Centre (Wk 2 of 6)
19 Mar    - Mussel Festival

* Denotes further information elsewhere in the newsletter.
Event status updates available

1861 ~ 2011…                           celebrating 150 years of Sound education                                          Page 1
By Warwick Elley 20 Dec 2010 (New Zealand Herald)

Why aren't we celebrating our international success in education, asks Warwick Elley,
emeritus professor of education.

New Zealand students were ranked fourth out of 34 OECD nations in reading literacy, fourth in
scientific literacy and seventh in mathematical literacy.

In a year when our news was dominated by reports of earthquakes and mine tragedies, collapsed
companies, droughts and cricketing disgrace, it was great to learn that our 15-year-olds are still in the
top echelons of the OECD in reading, science and maths.In the latest survey, New Zealand students
were ranked fourth out of 34 OECD nations in reading literacy, fourth in scientific literacy and seventh
in mathematical literacy.
Why isn't it front page news? Why don't we celebrate the achievement of our schools in producing so
many bright students, with so little per capita expenditure? At this time, when schools are completing
their academic year, and plaudits are being handed out to our top sports teams, business leaders
and media stars, we should be congratulating our rank and file teachers for drawing the best out of
thousands of children, and showing the world that we still have a great education system.

As in all past OECD surveys, New Zealand students were shown to achieve near the top, surpassed
only by countries with ethnically homogenous populations such as Finland, Korea and Japan. A quick
glance at our results in literacy shows that our mainstream Pakeha students had a mean score higher
than any other country. We may value our ethnic diversity, but we should also allow for its influence
on educational outcomes when evaluating the quality of our education.

This year we showered congratulations on our All Whites, for making it into the top 50 nations in the
soccer world.
Our 15 year-olds were fourth in the OECD survey.

This year we celebrated when our Silver Ferns defeated Australia in netball. Our 15-year-olds beat

1861 ~ 2011…                       celebrating 150 years of Sound education                        Page 2
Australia in reading, science and maths. This year we
proclaimed our All Blacks as heroes for shutting out South
Africa, Australia and each of the UK teams. But so did our 15-
year-old students. Did anyone notice?

There is much more to learn from the comparative results of
the OECD survey. While New Zealand students maintained
their position near the top, Australian authorities are deploring
their "significant decline since 2000" on all the skills

The Ministry of Education in England has called for wholesale
reform as their own report shows that, in the survey of all 65
nations that participated in the survey, their students slipped
from seventh in 2000 to 25th in reading, eighth to 28th in
maths and fourth to 16th in science.

Meanwhile, another country we like to compare ourselves
with, the United States, languishes well down the scale,
around the average of all OECD countries. So much for former
President George W. Bush's hopes for the No Child Left
Behind programme.

All three of these countries spend more per capita on education than we do, yet all show lower
performance levels. Perhaps there is a lesson here for our Minister of Education. Throughout this
period, 2000 to 2009, all three of these countries have had in place a system of national (or state)
standards in primary schools, with annual compulsory assessments, reports to government and
league tables designed to rank their schools.

We too are introducing a system of national standards, compulsory assessments, reports to
government and league tables in our primary schools. How long before we start to drop off the top of
the OECD scale? It is no wonder that teachers in all these countries are continually protesting against
the obvious drawbacks in this system. It is of note that the significant decline in the Australian figures
was caused largely by a drop in the proportion of high achievers.

Is that where we are heading? It is true that the latest survey still shows a wide dispersion of scores
among New Zealand students.
We have more high achievers than other countries, but still too many at the lower end of the scale.
However, the proportion of Kiwi students who did not reach Level 2 - the OECD benchmark of being
able "to participate effectively and productively in life" - was 14 per cent, not the much-vaunted 20 per
cent claimed by the Government.

These under-achievers are readily recognised in this survey. They can be identified by gender, by
decile level and by ethnic group, but repeated studies overseas show us that compulsory assessment
and league tables do not change them.

1861 ~ 2011…                       celebrating 150 years of Sound education                         Page 3
The recent Council Educational Research survey revealed that 85 per cent of principals and 86 per
cent of teachers believe that National Standards "will not change the patterns of achievement".

The Minister of Education may welcome the positive feedback she is receiving from some parents
about clearer reports of their children's achievement levels, but only 5 per cent of principals believe
that they will help under-achievers.

The problems lie not so much in schools' efforts, but in such social problems as poverty,
dysfunctional families, and home language traditions. In a year of frequent teacher-bashing, we
should recognise that we have many dedicated, competent teachers, doing great things for our
children's minds, and our future national prosperity.

Merry Christmas New Zealand teachers. Pat yourselves on the back.

      We are specialists in Printers and Scanners,
   Business and Home Computers, Repairs, Upgrades,
    Components, Computer Networks and Cabling.
         15 High Street, Blenheim
  Phone :03 578 1100 Fax: 03 578 8803

Being summer it is not difficult to extend a very warm welcome to everyone as the new academic
year gets underway. It appears our youngsters are in excellent shape and keen as.

In particular we welcome back Matua B (Ernie Buutveld) from his two years based in Wellington as
President of the New Zealand Principals‟ Federation. There are many contrasts evident as he makes
the transition back to the grass-roots of principalship. Wiser for the experiences gained, he is very
happy to be back leaving the Federation in great shape and having contributed to the issues that as a
society we face in educating our youngsters for the present and future.

The new president, Peter Simpson from Belfast School in Christchurch noted recently there is
opportunity to open up dialogue about the role of schooling in New Zealand, a topic he is passionate
about. We are constantly reminded that our children are moving towards a future that is considerably
different from that of their predecessors. This is not a new phenomenon but we do need to be sure
that teachers are properly skilled to adequately prepare children for this future. But first we must
examine just what that future might look like and what understandings and competencies our children
might need to master. Alongside this we collectively also need to have a conversation around what is
the role and responsibility of schools. Too often schools are targeted to fix the consequences of
social issues such as child poverty, child obesity and child nutrition, amongst others. Being an
election year no doubt there will be some vigorous debate.

What always remains critical is perhaps what has always been a strong feature of New Zealand
schooling, that of a strong home and school partnership. Thursday 17 February is already marked on
the school‟s calendar to both informally and formally rekindle the relationship for 2011. See
elsewhere in the newsletter for further details.

In Ernie‟s absence Chris Duckworth stepped up to the plate and needs to be acknowledged for his
tremendous work and leadership over those two years. The school is in good heart and great shape.

1861 ~ 2011…                       celebrating 150 years of Sound education                      Page 4
The Board of Trustees also needs to be acknowledged and commended for its decision to allow this
once in a lifetime opportunity to become a reality.

Liz Wheeler remains on leave teaching in Brunei Darussalam for 2011. She attended the senior
graduation at the conclusion of last year during her vacation back here in NZ. Classes then this year
have a similar structure as in 2010 with Years 1 and 2 in the Kaituna Learning Area with Mrs Vicki
Eden, Year 3, 4 and 5 students with Miss Krystina Drury in Learning Area Wakamarina and with Mr
Chris Duckworth Years 6, 7 and 8 in the
Pelorus Learning Area.

The school welcomes these recent new-
comers… Frances Edmonds and Anika
McPhee (Kaituna), Elijah Brown (Wakamarina)
and Hannah Clapham (Pelorus). We hope you
enjoy your time at Havelock School.

Farewell to Jayden Sinclair, Mariah Wilson
and Hayden Peterson. All the best at your new

We have adjusted our session times to maximise children‟s learning and our first break is now at
11:00. As this is quite a stretch for the children, we are having a „pit-stop‟ in this session to refuel our
bodies and feed our brains! Children need to bring some BRAIN FOOD for themselves. Brain food is
a snack-sized portion of fruit or vege in a small container or snaplock bag, prepared (peeled and cut)
            so it is ready to eat.

            We encourage the children to be SunSmart by wearing sunhats and appropriate clothing
            that ensures shoulders, backs, etc are covered to protect their tender skin from the sun.
            All the encouragement you can give is appreciated.

Children need to bring togs and towel to school every day (even if it‟s raining!). It is expected that
everyone will swim every day, so a note from you is required if you do not wish your child to swim for
any reason.

Date:      Friday 18 February ( Postponement Monday 21 February)
Time:      Races run 11:00 to 14:00
Venue:     Linkwater School pool

   Should parents be elsewhere during the event, they need to be back at the pool by 13:45 to
      collect their children
   No preschoolers to be swimming please
   Students need to remain with their school group when not in the pool

Students need to bring:
    Hat; refillable water bottles, plenty of healthy food including healthy snacks for between races.
      and/or money to purchase food
    Students can wear their togs to the pool - remember to bring underwear, warm sweatshirt, two
      towels, sun block and a plastic bag/swimming bag for wet clothing
    Named goggles if they wish

1861 ~ 2011…                        celebrating 150 years of Sound education                          Page 5
The school will require help with transport for this and will distribute a transport slip/form in due

Date:      Friday 25 February (No postponement)
Time:      Races run 11:00 to 14:00
Venue:     Indoor pool Stadium 2000, Blenheim

There are two categories:
    Emerging Swimmers ~ Fish (Year 4 – 8)            Shallow end - Indoor pool 11:00 – 14:00
    Fluent Swimmers ~ Dolphins (Year 4 - 8)          Deep end - Indoor pool    11:00 – 14:00
  NB It is up to individual schools to decide in which section their students will be swimming.
      Children can only enter in one category for the day.

Entry fee to Stadium 2000
This is $2 per swimmer. Payments to class
teacher please before the event.

Should parents be elsewhere during the event
they will need to be back at the pool by 13:45 to
collect their children.
Car parking at Stadium 2000 is time limited and
tickets may be issued. No pre-schoolers to be
swimming please.

Students need to bring:
    Hat; refillable water bottles, plenty of healthy food including healthy snacks for between races.
      and/or money to purchase food
    Students can wear their togs to the pool - remember to bring underwear, warm sweatshirt, two
      towels, sun block and a plastic bag/swimming bag for wet clothing
    Named goggles if they wish
    Students need to remain with their respective category areas at all times.

The school will require help with transport for this and will distribute a transport slip/form in due

Thursday 17 Feb from 17:00
As mentioned earlier in this newsletter the
home-school partnership is crucial in supporting
our youngsters. To help get 2011 underway the
plan is to have from 17:00, a BYO BBQ (pool
open) till about 18:30 when there will be a brief
welcome in the hall for parents followed by
further discussion in our three learning areas
with class teachers at around 19:00. By about
20:00 we should be all done. Goal setting on an individual basis is planned for a little later in the term.

Havelock School and Community Library AGM is being on 14th March 2011 at the library at 15:15.
All welcome.

1861 ~ 2011…                        celebrating 150 years of Sound education                         Page 6
The Board is holding its first meeting for 2011 next Monday 14 February at 19:00. You are welcome
to attend. They usually gather in Pelorus, the senior learning area.

Thank you to Havelock ITM Building Centre and all their Priority Card Holders who nominated our
school. Collectively they generated a donation of $585. These funds are greatly appreciated and will
be put towards continuing curriculum projects at the school.

The garden has now been in existence for five months and produce has been delivered to the
Pelorus Health Trust shop for distribution to those in need since November. Often those receiving the
items have made a gold coin donation which is being used to purchase more plants and seeds.

                           The Project Leader, Ian Cameron, has been amazed at the generosity of
                           those who have donated plants, soil and advice since the inception of the
                           garden. A permanent “thank you” board acknowledging this assistance is
                           being planned.

                           Leeks, broccoli, cabbages, silver beet and carrots have all recently been
                           planted for harvesting in the cooler months. The committee are now
                           planning the future set up of the garden with more raised gardens, herb
                           gardens and gardens for junior gardeners to be built.

                           The Community Garden is looking forward to working with the Junior St
John garden and the first meeting about how the two gardens can help each other has already been

Mitre10 have supplied at cost, a garden shed which will be erected over the next month. The building
of a covered area where garden workers can enjoy a hot drink and a chat will be the next project.

The garden still needs volunteers who are prepared to contribute up to a couple of hours a week
looking after the garden. Anyone interested is asked to ring Ian Cameron 574 2558.

               Enrolment Days for 2011 are Wednesday 2 & 9 February 17:30 to 20:30. Anyone
               who would like to come and look around our great facility we have an Open Day on
               Sunday 13 February 14:00 to 17:00. Any queries please contact Gaynor on 577

1861 ~ 2011…                      celebrating 150 years of Sound education                     Page 7
We would love to have more entries from local horse and pony riders – there are
special classes especially for you! For the past few years we have had few or no
entries in the “District Hack” or “District Pony” classes. There are lovely trophies
and ribbons to be won – and prize money. Our show district boundaries are from the top of the
Whangamoa Hill to Okaramio.
Class 309 – District Hack and Class 409 – District Pony will be judged on how well horse and
rider go together. You will have to be able to ride a circle at walk, trot and maybe canter.
Requirements to enter this class will be – a clean and tidy turnout of horse and rider – both should be
well groomed! The rider does not have to be dressed in show attire – tidy jods, any colour, clean
riding boots and tidy shirt and tie will do for this class.

You do not have to ride a „show horse‟ or „show pony‟- as long as your equine friend is well cared for
with a glossy coat and trimmed hooves, clean mane and tail – no platting required. Clean and tidy
saddle, saddle blanket and bridle – type, brand & age are not a factor – clean and well maintained,
are. You do not have to have any show riding experience – this will be a low key, fun class! Phone
Sandra Currie for further details on 03 5716161 or email

Kaituna:        Taylor Clark - for cleaning up another‟s mess and tidying
                up after himself
                Anika McPhee - for being the newest New Entrant (turned
                five last week)

Wakamarina:     Sam Irvine - for producing some fantastic writing and
                presenting it beautifully
                Phoebe Gausel- for using good manners consistently

Pelorus:        Fabian Wilson - working hard during class and getting the job done
                Issac Alves- getting good results by applying himself
                Kristen Larsen-Horne - showing sound leadership skills

                      TERM 1, 2011
                      The new term commenced on Tuesday 1 February 2011 at the Havelock
                      School Hall. Registration forms and payment details available at sessions.
                      Session Times on Tuesdays—During Term Time
                      15:00 - 15:30         Tumble and Play (Under 5‟s)
                      15:30 - 16:30         Juniors (School Age Y1-Y8)
                      16:30 - 17:30         Juniors (School Age Y1-Y8)
                      17:30 - 18:30         Seniors (Y9-Adult)

Costs Term 1 ~ Tumble and Play $25.00 per family, Juniors and Seniors $60.00 each.

Former British National Judo Champion, Instructor and Examiner; British Judo Association and Judo
New Zealand (JNZ) registered 2nd Dan; Diploma in Pre-school Playgroup Association; 15 years
owner/operator of a Children‟s Entertainment/Childcare Facility in Southeast England.
The course will be a basic introduction to this Olympic recognised sport and martial art, in a fun and
safe environment for both children and adults. Judo (meaning „gentle way‟) develops skill, strength,
speed, stamina and suppleness and along side of this, it develops a person‟s self-confidence, self-
discipline, skills of working as a team, respect for themselves and others and improves physical

1861 ~ 2011…                      celebrating 150 years of Sound education                       Page 8
health and social skills.
The Tumble and Play (under 5’s)
This course is a very basic, gentle introduction to the fun elements of judo, gradually introducing
specific formalities and learning. It actively promotes the child‟s cognitive, social and physical
Junior Session
Following the JNZ Junior syllabus, these participants will receive sound basic training in the technical
skills of the game with gymnastic skills at every stage, as well as gain some knowledge of judo‟s
tradition, history and terminology (in English and Japanese) and basic self-defence moves.
Senior Session
Again the seniors will follow the JNZ Senior Syllabus and consequently, learn more technically
difficult and intricate manoeuvres.
In the future, it is hoped to be able to nurture those wishing to pursue a competitive or instructional
path of judo.
Junior and senior participants are required to wear a Judo Gi which can be purchased from Pelorus
Community Activities Hub C/- Pelorus Projects with the prices starting from $50 for a child‟s gi and
$75 for an adult‟s. All coloured belts start at $5 each. These prices include GST but exclude
postage/packing, which is charged at cost if necessary.

Imagine being able to help someone in an emergency, having the life skills to
be a confidence young adult. St John Youth can give you the opportunities to
become this person. We have two programmes Penguins which is for 6 –8 year
olds, which teach them basic first aid while having fun and learning to work with
others and gaining confidence.

                      The Cadet programme is for 8-18 years old. Empowering youth members with
                      first aid, health care, leadership and many other great skills. We have many
                      other opportunities, Spirit of Adventure, Duke of Edinburgh, Competitions
                      and/or Camps.
                      Havelock Division - Monday Nights 15:00 - 18:00. Bus students welcome
                      to start at 16:30. Gold Level 16:00 - 18:00. Started Monday 7 January 2011.
                      Contact Jo Douglas 03 574 2911 or 027 331 3872
                      or visit

                                               GST Registered Company
                All servicing and repairs, carried out on your Cars, Trailers, Bikes and Lawnmowers
                at your home. W.O.F. arranged with free collection and return of vehicle on your
                behalf. Official AA Battery Stockist for your Cars, Boats, RV‟s and Sit on Lawnmower
                Business hours 08:30 - 18:00 Monday - Friday. After hours and weekends by
                Contact me on 03 972 0995 or 021 047 4773 between 08:30 - 21:00 to arrange a
                time and get a quote or via email

                No travelling fee within 10km of Kavanagh Place, Havelock, during business hours.

1861 ~ 2011…                       celebrating 150 years of Sound education                       Page 9
At the end of 2010 a special evening was held to
honour our Y8 graduating students and present
our Senior Class Awards. We would like to take
this opportunity to thank our sponsors of these
awards; Sanfords, Inlet bakery and Café, He Tiki
Arts, Slip Inn, Havelock Lions, Pelorus
Mouldings, Janelle at ITM, Deb & Jane at NZ
Post Shop, Pelorus Projects, Havelock Lions,
and Havelock Hotel. We would also like to thank
Mayor Sowman for making the effort to come and
present our awards and to farewell our Y8

Award Recipients
Arts                                 Hannah Warburton
Literacy & Numeracy                  Mako Bradley and Hamish Buchanan-Brown
Sports & PE                          Jack Candy and Asher Wells
Marlborough Technology Centre        Hamish Buchanan-Brown
Science & Technology                 Hamish Buchanan-Brown
Most Consistent                      Cullen Beattie
Most Improved                        Shanelle Douglas
Quiet Achiever                       Izzy Humm
Diligence                            Rachael Foote
Citizenship                          Cameron Donald
Leadership                           Mariah Wilson
Excellence                           Shannon Saunders
Holland NZ Curriculum                Rachael Foote

We said goodbye to the following students:
Jack Candy, Asher Wells, Mako Bradley, Cullen Beattie, Hamish Buchanan-Brown, Junior Barbosa,
Rachael Foote, Hannah Warburton.
We wish them every success in their future education.

“TREASURE CHEST” new and pre-loved goods shop Main Road, Havelock
Shop Hours   Monday        10:00 - 15:00      Leticia
             Tuesday       10:00 - 14:00      Bev
             Wednesday 10:00 -15:00           Leticia
             Thursday      10:00 - 14:00      Lena
             Friday        10:00 -15:00       Leticia

SHOES              $2 PAIR

Donations of goods welcomed. We are looking for on call volunteers for the shop
Contact: Sharyn Smith 574 2117 or 027 530 5600

This year the Marlborough Festival is on Saturday February 12 and the Havelock Mussel Festival is
on Saturday March 19. We are looking for volunteers to help run our stalls. If you can help on either
of these days please leave your name at the office or contact Nan on 574 1228 or Sandy on 574
1861 ~ 2011…                      celebrating 150 years of Sound education                    Page 10
               Term 1 commenced last Friday 4 February and continues each Friday 16:30 - 17:30.
               Fee for Term 1 is $50 for school age children (Year 1 and above).
               The venue is the Rai Valley School Gymnasium
               Instructor is Odette Berry (Level 2 New Zealand Coach)
               To register your interest in attending Term 1, please contact Pelorus Community
               Activities Hub Co-ordinator, Susan Foster or Wendy Walker and Janet Brownson at
               Pelorus Projects or phone 574 2555


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     Quality brands & labels                      Contact Rachel on 578 8921 or
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     Grab yourself a bargain                      09:00 – 12:00 Sat 12 March 2011
     Plunket Café                                 St Christopher’s Hall
                                                  (Corner of Weld & Cleghorn Streets)

       Rent a table for only $20.00            Gold coin entry (donation to Plunket)
       Commercial tables for $30.00            See you there!
       YOU keep the profits
       Clear out your clutter and make some $$ Thanks for supporting your local Plunket

1861 ~ 2011…                    celebrating 150 years of Sound education                  Page 11
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   Wedding, family get together, party, meeting
              or any other occasion

      Friday ~ ladies night
       from 5pm, great local wine specials and
          free nibbles.

       Steak ~ night Friday
       Only $20 for your choice of T bone steak
          or eye fillet steak, fries or mash and
          mushroom or garlic butter.

               “Best Café in Marlborough”
                    Wild Tomato Dine Out Awards 2010

     P 574 2345 E W

1861 ~ 2011…           celebrating 150 years of Sound education   Page 12