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									J U N E 2 0 0 8 BU L L E T I N                                                              V lu m e 5 N m b e r 1
                                                                                           V oolu m e 534 Nuu m b e r 11 1

                                CHICAGO SINAI
         Founded in 1861 ~ Upholding the Historic Liberal Principles of Reform Judaism

NEWS          AND        VIEWS                                    WORSHIP SERVICES

                                                                 Please note that in June we begin our summer
        Visit Israel with Rabbi Sternfield                       schedule with Services held Friday evening at
          Dec 21, 2008 – January 1, 2009                         6:15 p.m. Sunday Services will resume in
 The State of Israel has just marked its 60th
anniversary, a cause for celebration and thankfulness            Sunday          CONFIRMATION/SHAVUOT
for Jews everywhere. Sixty years ago Israel was at               June 1          Rabbi Sternfield, Rabbi Evan
best a third world rag tag country, situated on some             11:00 a.m.      Moffic, and members of this
of the most desolate land on earth, with hardly any                              year’s Confirmation Class will
natural resources, populated largely by survivors of                             conduct the Service.
the Holocaust, with an economy that was largely
                                                                 Friday          SHABBAT EVE SERVICE
agricultural, and with enemies on all sides                      Evening         147th ANNUAL MEETING OF
determined to destroy it. Today, in spite of the fact            June 6          THE CONGREGATION
that its people have yet to know even a single day of            6:15 p.m.       Rabbi Sternfield and Rabbi
true peace, Israel is flourishing beyond the wildest                             Moffic will conduct the
dreams of even the most optimistic o f                                           Service. President Jack Tovin
prognosticators.                                                                 will address the congregation.
                                                                 Friday          SHABBAT EVE SERVICE
Israel today is home to the world’s largest Jewish               Evening         Rabbi Sternfield
population.                                                      June 13         will conduct the service.
                                                                 6:15 p.m.
Israel has one of the most vigorous economies in the
entire world.
                                                                 Friday          SHABBAT EVE SERVICE
                                                                 Evening         Rabbi Moffic
Israel is among the leading nations in high tech and             June 20         will conduct the service.
medical research.                                                6:15 p.m.

Israel has a literacy rate far beyond that of almost all
other nations. Israelis read more books per capita               Friday          SHABBAT EVE SERVICE
than any other society in the world.                             Evening         Rabbi Sternfield
                                                                 June 27         will conduct the service.
                                                                 6:15 p.m.
Israel has several highly respected universities,
museums, orchestras and a wide array of cultural
                                                                 SUNDAY MORNING ADULT EDUCATION
                                                                 CLASSES will resume in the fall.

                                         (continued on page 2)
NEWS AND VIEWS (continued)                                     ANNUAL MEETING
Israel is a stable democracy with a vigorous political

Israel provides universal health care for everyone.

Is Israel a perfect society? Of course not! Its own
citizens are quick to point out its faults and
shortcomings, and I might add…without fear of                            147th Annual Meeting
censorship or punishment. But what Israel has                            June 6, 2008
achieved in only 60 years is miraculous.                                 6:15 p.m.
Furthermore, Israel has transformed the entire
Jewish people from the depths of despair to feeling
proud and positive about our future.

To visit Israel is an extraordinary experience. I
personally believe that every Jewish person should                       AGENDA
aspire to visit Israel at least once in his/her life. And
I must add that for non-Jews, this will be an equally
inspiring event. As a rabbi, it has always been my                       PRESIDENT’ S REPORT
goal to encourage as many people as possible to visit
Israel.                                                                  REPORT OF THE NOMINATING
I am delighted to announce that I will lead a Sinai
trip to Israel from Dec 21, 2008 through January 1,                      ELECTION
2009, which will coincide with both Chanukah and
Christmas. We have designed a most unusual                               INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS
itinerary that will focus on Israel’s unique human                       AND BOARD MEMBERS
tapestry, the arts, and the vibrancy of Israel today.
                                                                         RECOGNITION AWARDS
Families are welcome and special activities will be
planned for the kids. I promise you that this will be
an experience that will remain in your heart as long
as you live. If you are interested, please call the
Temple office and we will send you an information


Rabbi Michael P. Sternfield

                                      www.chicagosinai.org   June 2008   2
                                                               Long before the phrase "never again" became part of our
"If I have seen further, it is only because I have stood       Jewish lexicon, Prinz understood its imperative.
on the shoulders of giants."
                                         Isaac Newton          May his memory continue to be a blessing and an
With these famous words, Isaac Newton expressed an
understanding of the debt we owe to our
predecessors. He was writing about scientific
achievements, but his insight is true in our political,          JOIN RABBI MOFFIC AND EXPLORE OUR
social and Jewish worlds as well. The freedom and                 FASCINATING STORY THIS SUMMER
security we enjoy as American Jews today flows out of
the sacrifices and achievements of those who came
                                                                          The Jewish Americans:
before us.
                                                                 Exploring the History of a Faith and People
Some of these figures, such as Louis Brandeis and
Albert Einstein, are well-known. Others are less so.
One of the most interesting, yet little-known,
American Jewish figures is Rabbi Joachim Prinz. He
has been on my mind since I finished reading his
spellbinding autobiography, Rebellious Rabbi, recently
discovered, edited and published by Professor Michael
Meyer of the Hebrew Union College.
                                                               From itinerant Dutch sailors to Supreme Court
                                                               Justices to a Hasidic Reggae Star, the Jewish
Prinz was a German-born Reform rabbi who
immigrated to America in 1937. Although he hesitated
                                                               community has shaped American life and culture.
to leave his fellow Jews in Germany, his outspoken             Based on the acclaimed PBS series The Jewish
condemnation of the Nazis and urging of the                    Americans and relying on a variety of other media and
community to leave as quickly as possible led to               texts, we will learn about what has shaped American
numerous arrests and threats of imprisonment by the            Jewry and what the future might portend. The
Nazis. When he arrived in America, he mastered                 program spans six Tuesday evenings.
English and become the rabbi of Temple B'nai
Abraham in Newark, New Jersey. He proceeded to                    1. June 3, 6:00 p.m.: From the Dutch East Indies
become a leading spokesman for the American Jewish                   to New York: The Beginnings of American
Congress and the civil rights movement. One of his                   Jewry
greatest and most eloquent hours came during the                  2. June 17, 6:00 p.m.: The Densest Jewish
1963 March on Washington. In an address directly                     Community in the World: New York’s Lower
preceding Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech,                East Side
Prinz spoke to the hundreds of thousands of                       3. July 1, 6:00 p.m.: From Hank Greenberg to
assembled marchers.                                                  Molly Goldberg: The New Jewish Culture
                                                                  4. July 15, 6:00 p.m.: American and Jewish: The
He drew upon his personal history as he explained,                   New Generation
                                                                  5. August 5, 6:00 p.m.: From Miss America to
"When I was the rabbi of the Jewish community in Berlin              Mississippi
under the Hitler regime, I learned many things. The most
                                                                  6. August 19, 6:00 p.m.: From the 1967 War to
important thing that I learned under those most tragic
                                                                     Our Lives Today
circumstances was that bigotry and hatred are not the most
urgent problems. The most urgent, the most disgraceful, the
                                                               RSVP to the Temple office by the Monday prior to the
most shameful and the most tragic problem is silence."
                                                               program evening. The cost for dinner is $10.00. For
                                                               more details, contact Rabbi Moffic.

                                        www.chicagosinai.org            June 2008       3
                                          SINAI NEWS
      SINAI SUMMER BOOK GROUP                                   HOLY NAME CONCERT AT SINAI

Summer is a time for catching up on our reading.           The Harvard Chamber Singers will perform a
Join Rabbi Moffic in exploring three unique and            concert at Chicago Sinai Congregation on June 8,
wonderful Jewish books. We meet on the following           2008 at 3:00 p.m. The recital’s motto is "The Queen's
days at 3:00 p.m.                                          Musick”. Choral repertoire by Byrd, Tallis, and
                                                           other composers from Elizabethan England, will be
                 Tuesday June 10                           featured.
                  Satan in Goray
             by Isaac Bashevis Singer                      Founded in 1993, the Chamber Singers are the
                                                           subset ensemble of the Harvard-Radcliffe
This breathtaking novel probes the impact of the           Collegium Musicum, Harvard University's select
17th century Jewish messianic movement of                  mixed choir.
Sabbatai Sevi on a small Polish town.
                                                           This concert is co-sponsored by Chicago Sinai
                                                           Congregation and Holy Name Cathedral, where it
                 Tuesday July 8                            was originally scheduled to take place.
               A Letter in the Scroll
                by Jonathan Sacks                          Admission is free. Free parking is available at the
                                                           Holy Name Cathedral parking lot on State and
This work presents a clear and provocative                 Superior Streets. For more information, email
philosophy of Judaism by Britain’s well-known              music@holynamecathedral.org or call 312/664-
Chief Rabbi.                                               6963.

                                                              MITZVAH WEEKEND BLOOD DRIVE
              Tuesday August 12
             A Woman in Jerusalem                          Thank you to all our members who registered and/
               by A.B. Yehoshua                            or donated to the Blood Drive on May 4, 2008. We
                                                           potentially saved the lives of 80 people.
This luminous novel by one of Israel’s most
acclaimed authors examines the impact of terrorism         The Congregation now has its own Donor ID
and Israel’s changing society on daily life.               Number (262) with LifeSource. Please use it when
                                                           you donate blood during the year; LifeSource uses
                                                           it to track our participation.
Please call Cathie at the Temple office, 312/867-
7000, for more information and to register.                Please join us next year when we hope to expand
                                                           the project to include Bone Marrow Registration
                                                           (no needles involved in the registration process)
                                                           and education on the Core Blood Donor Program.

                                                           If you would like additional information, check out
                                                           the Life Source web site at www.lifesource.org or
                                                           contact Ann Fox at afox227@aol.com.

                                    www.chicagosinai.org          June 2008      4
                              SUSTAINING MEMBERS
Sustaining members have chosen to voluntarily increase their dues as a way to help Sinai increase the
quality and quantity of our programs. We thank the many members who have chosen to do so during the
Mrs. Arlyne Aaron                       Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Gray                Mrs. Carolyn Neuman &
Mr. Floyd Abramson                      Mrs. Carolyn Hadesman                   Mr. Frank Morreale
Ms. Susan Adler                         Mr. Alec Harris &                     Mr. & Mrs. Neal Peyser
Ms. Kathy Albert                          Ms. Carollina Song                  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Philipsborn
Ms. Anna Baluyot &                      Mrs. Joan Harris                      Mrs. Mary Jane Pollack
  Ms. Anne Feder                        Mr. & Mrs. King Harris                Mrs. Babette Potter
Dr. & Mrs. William Barrows              Ms. Diane Henry                       Mr. & Mrs. James Robins
Mrs. Ruth Beck                          Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Hillman             Mr. & Mrs. Harry Rosenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Beda                   Mr. Robert Hirsch &                   Mr. Hart Rosenblatt
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Bentcover               Ms. Jan Matz Hirsch                  Ms. Babette Rosenthal
Mr. & Mrs. John Benjamin                Mr. Norman Hirsch &                   Mr. & Mrs. Joel Salk
Mr. Peter Bensinger &                     Ms. Ann Courter                     Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Salomon
  Ms. Heidi Wagman                      Mr. & Mrs. Philip Hoffman             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Samuels
Mrs. Lindy Bergman                      Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Horwich             Dr. & Mrs. Richard Sandor
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Billings              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hoyt                Dr. Gary Schaer &
Mrs. Marjorie Binder                    Mr. & Mrs. Fruman Jacobson              Ms. Jessica Diamond
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Bloom                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jaffee             Mr. & Mrs. Harold Schiff
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Bucksbaum            Mr. Stanley Jarrow                    Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Schimberg
Mr. Sam Chapman &                       Mr. Kevin Jenkins                     Mr. & Mrs. Larry Schor
  Dr. Laura Berman                      Mrs. Adele Joseph                     Ms. Joy Segal
Mrs. Myra Cohen                         Mrs. Carol Kallish                    Mr. & Mrs. Mark Segal
Mr. & Mrs. Mac Cohn                     Mrs. Doris Jean Keller                Mr. & Mrs. Neal Seltzer
Ms. Marcia Cohn                         Mrs. Kate Kestnbaum                   Mrs. Hortense Singer
Ms. Lynn Cutler                         Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kohn, Jr.            Mr. & Mrs. Michael Spak
Dr. & Mrs. Jordan Daniels               Mr. William Kunkler &                 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Spector
Dr. & Mrs. Seymour Diamond                Ms. Susan Crown                     Mr. Seth Stein
Mr. & Mrs. James Edelstein              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lansing             Mr. & Mrs. Manfred Steinfeld
Mrs. Marian Edelstein                   Mrs. Mary Lawton                      Mr. & Mrs. Alan Stone
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Eisenberg           Mr. & Mrs. John Levi                  Mr. & Mrs. Errol Stone
Mrs. Joan Epstein                       Mr. & Mrs. Robert Levy                Ms. Jan Stone
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Epstein               Mr. Peter Lewis                       Mrs. Josephine Strauss
Mrs. Shirley Ettelson                   Mrs. Bonnie Lipe                      Dr. & Mrs. Howard Sulkin
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Falk                 Ms. Barbara Manilow                   Mr. Randall Sulkin
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Feldman                Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Manilow              Mr. Robert Szurgot &
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Fern                 Mrs. Janina Marks                       Mrs. Ann Weisman
Mr. Rick Fizdale & Ms. Suzanne Faber    Mr. & Mrs. William Marks              Ms. Margery Teller
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Fox                   Drs. Jeffrey & Joan Matthews          Mr. & Mrs. Jack Tovin
Miss Etha Fox                           Mr. & Mrs. Tom McCormick              Dr. Bryan Traubert &
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Freibaum             Mrs. Lenore Melzer                      Ms. Penny Pritzker
Mr. Ronald Galowich                     Mrs. Abby Meyer                       Mrs. Sheila Ukman
Mr. & Mrs. James Gelbort                Mr. Bruce Miller & Ms. Carol          Ms. Judi Verson
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Genesen                  Yanowitz                            Ms. Louise Verson
Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Ginsberg             Mr. & Mrs. Edward Minor               Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Weber
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Ginsburg               Mr. & Mrs. Newton Minow               Mr. Andrew Weil
Mr. & Mrs. William Gofen                Mrs. Marjorie I. Mitchell             Mr. & Mrs. Allan Weinstein
Mrs. Lyn Goldstein                      Mr. & Mrs. Doug Monieson              Mr. & Mrs. Howard Weiss
Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Goodman              Mr. & Mrs. David Moscow               Mr. & Mrs. Robert Weiss
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Grach                   Mr. Andrew Naidech                    Mr. & Mrs. William Wolf

                                       www.chicagosinai.org            June 2008      5

                                                           OF OUR MEMBERS
      Clifford & Debra Einhorn
                                                                   Stephen Smith
         Raymond Hodgdon
                                                                   Hortense Singer

                                                       PULPIT FLOWER DONATIONS
         Jill & Robert Gould
              on the birth                                          Elaine Post
           of their daughter                                   in loving memory of
        Sienna Michele Gould                                    and in celebration
                                                         of the Birthday of her husband,
        Wonah & Joshua Ross                                       Dr. Melvin Post
            on the birth
            of their son
        Jayden Taewoo Ross                                    ONEG SPONSORS

           Alex Girovich                                       The Girovich Family
           on becoming a                                           in honor of
            Bar Mitzvah                                         Alex becoming a
                                                                   Bar Mitzvah
           Eden Schwartz
           on becoming a
            Bat Mitzvah

   Rachel Sherman & Sinan Kermen                          HOW TO HOST AN ONEG
       on their recent marriage                                SHABBAT
    Dr. Mira Iliescu & Ron Levine                      If you are celebrating a special
     on their upcoming wedding                         milestone in your life consider
                                                       sponsoring an Oneg Shabbat
        Julie and Brian Speck
                                                       reception. The Temple will provide
      on the naming of their son
                                                       the food and wine. The cost of
        Samuel Martin Speck
                                                       sponsorship is $300. Your special
                                                       event will be appropriately

                                                       After you choose a date, call Susan
                                                       Solomon at 312/867-7000 to make
                                                       the necessary arrangements.

                            www.chicagosinai.org       June 2008       6

Joining one of our committees is a great way to get to know Temple members and to do important work on
behalf of Sinai. We need your help! To join, simply contact the committee chairs on list below:

Adult Education Committee:                               Library Committee:
Anna Baluyot- 773/772-5265                               Sara Pikelny- 312/280-8243
(anna.baluyot@comcast.net)                               (leepersmom@ameritech.net)

Art & Judaica Committee:                                 Membership Committee:
Vicki Samuels- 312/664-7160                              Susan Stone- 312/645-1913
(Vwoolner@aol.com)                                       (skstone07@aol.com)

Care Committee:                                          Mitzvah Weekend:
Blair Goldberg-312/218-4300                              Carol Yanowitz-773/782-8277
Bgoldberg@ksgmac.com                                     (carolandbruce@sbcglobal.net
                                                         Bruce Miller-773/782-8277
Benefit Committee 2008:                                  (carolandbruce@sbcglobal.net)
Gloria Gottlieb- 312/787-4444                            Jill Peters- 773/248-8768
(gottgem@aol.com)                                        (jillpeters@rcn.com)

Face-To-Face Committee:                                  Music Committee:
Michele Smith- 773/857-6700                              John Tingley- 773/508-5255
(michelesmith55@rcn.com)                                 (jtingley@rcn.com)

Finance Committee:                                       Planned Giving Committee:
Alan Tinsmon- 312/440-8683                               Peter Bensinger- 773/929-5927
(atinsmon@kapfam.com)                                    (peter.bensinger@bartlit-beck.com)

House Committee:                                         Religious School Committee:
Ken Kasten- 312/645-0105                                 Sarah Putrim- 773/509-1210
(kastenarch@aol.com)                                     (putrim@sbcglobal.net)
Tom Samuels- 312/664-7160
(tsamuels@higginsdevelopment.com)                        Social Action Committee:
                                                         Merle Terry- 312/944-5767
Interfaith Committee:                                    (mterry1013@aol.com)
Ed Traisman- 847/570-9257
(basetrais@comcast.net)                                  Young Adults Committee:
Peter Rubnitz- 773/832-1777                              Sarah Samuels- 312/310-7160
(peter92291@aol.com)                                     (sarah.samuels@gmail.com)

                                                         Young Families Committee:
                                                         Andrea Kinnear- 773/525-3585

                                  www.chicagosinai.org          June 2008      7
Mitzvah Weekend was well attended by our members with a variety of social action opportunities available.

Our Friday night Shabbat service was conducted by the Confirmation Class. Our guest speaker, Sarah Margles, from
American Jewish World Services spoke on: What is Jewish about social justice? How do we do it and what does it mean?
Approximately 60 members attended the potluck dinner which was followed by an activity in which we eplored, with
Sarah, themes related to Jews, justice and global citizenship. The Confirmation Class donated the $150 they raised at
their bake sale to AJWS.

Here are a few highlights of the weekend. We cooked breakfast at Inspiration Café and lunch and dinner at Ronald
McDonald House. A group of volunteers read books and played with the children at Stroger Hospital Pediatrics. Our
confirmation class volunteered at The Cabrini Green Tutoring Program. The Sinai Children’s Choir along with
additional volunteers sang at Casa Centrale Center Home for Hispanic Elderly. We prepared 400 bag lunches for the
homeless, 45 boxes for the troops and 12 fleece blankets for Project Linus.

                                      www.chicagosinai.org           June 2008       8
             Nominating Committee Report
              Proposed Slate for 2008-2009                                   Trustees not up for Election

In accordance with the by-laws, the Nominating                 Trustees elected to a two-year term ending
Committee presents the following slate of candidates for       June, 2009
election as Officers and Members of the Board of Trustees
at the Annual Meeting of Chicago Sinai Congregation to be      Hart Billings
held on June 6, 2008.                                          John Tingley
                                                               Michael Wapner
                  Executive Committee
                                                               Trustees elected to a three-year term ending
Officers to be elected to a one-year term ending               June, 2009
June, 2009                                                     Jessica Diamond
Jack Tovin- President                                          Bill Marks
Peter Bensinger- Vice President
Norman Hirsch- Vice President                                  Trustees elected to a three-year term ending
Susan Lucas- Vice President                                    June, 2010
Susan Stone—Vice President                                     Hillery Chakos
Ellyn Daniels- Secretary                                       Merilee Elliott
Alan Tinsmon- Treasurer                                        Sarah Putrim
                                                               Thomas Samuels
                    Board of Trustees                          Vicki Turoff

Trustees to be elected to a one-year term ending               Life Trustees
June, 2009                                                     Myra Cohen James Deutelbaum Etha Bea Fox
Anna Baluyot
Jeffrey Becker                                                 Past Presidents
Peter Birnbaum                                                 Donna Barrows           Victoria Woolner Samuels
Raymond Hodgdon                                                Joan H. Epstein         Mark Segal
Elaine Koenigsberg                                             Henry Freund            Bruce Stern
Dana Levenson                                                  Alec Harris             Errol Stone
Sally Spritz                                                   Stanley Jarrow          Howard Sulkin
David Tabolt                                                   Miriam Letchinger
Don Traubert, Youth Representative
                                                               We are pleased to recognize the following Trustees who
Trustees to be elected to a two-year term ending               are completing their terms on the Board, and thank them
June, 2010                                                     for their devoted service to the Congregation:
Robert Hoyt
Andrea Kinnear                                                 Ed Geisenheimer Sarah Jones Merle Terry
Richard Letchinger
Bruce Miller                                                   Other Members leaving the Board
Jayne Schreiber                                                Ann Fox         Mark Mlynarczyk Howard Tanzman
                                                               Shelley Grach   Jan Stone
Trustees to be elected to a three-year term ending             Philip Hoffman Pam Tate-Stavinoga
June, 2011

Kate Kestnbaum                                                 Respectfully submitted by 2008 Nominating Committee:
Peter Rubnitz
Larry Schor                                                    Alec Harris, Chair   Jessica Diamond Carollina Song
Michele Smith                                                  Evelyn Asch          Norman Hirsch Ed Traisman
                                                               Peter Bensinger      Andrea Kinnear Carol Yanowitz

                                        www.chicagosinai.org            June 2008       9
Benefactors                                              Friends (continued)

Donna & Bill Barrows
                                                         Kathleen Lamb & Abe Brustein
Heidi & Peter Bensinger
                                                         Christine & Dana Levenson
Myra Cohen
                                                         Jill & John Levi
Barbara & Jordan Daniels
                                                         Lauren & Andrew Mitzenmacher
Gloria Gottlieb
                                                         Carolyn Neuman & Frank Morreale
Marsha & Michael Spak
                                                         Eileen & Jim Newmark
                                                         Barbara & Neal Peyser
                                                         Betty & Tom Philipsborn
Kate Kestnbaum                                           Ady & Harry B. Rosenberg
Susan & Stuart Lucas                                     Susan & Errol Stone
Penny Pritzker & Bryan Traubert                          Niki & Jack Tovin
Carollina Song & Alec Harris                             Adrienne & Edward Traisman
                                                         Dana Wahrenbrock & Richard Letchinger
Supporters                                               Tracy & Tony Weisman
                                                         Debbi & Joe Welch
Arthur & Helaine Billings                                Carol Yanowitz & Bruce Miller
Marian Edelstein
Lou & Judy Genesen                                       Donors
Philip & Eileen Hoffman
Stanley Jarrow                                           Arlyne Aaron
Edye & Peter Rubnitz                                     Lindy Bergman
Howard & Connie Sulkin                                   Joan Epstein
                                                         Ronald Galowich
Friends                                                  Ethel & William Gofen
                                                         Patsy & George Hirsh
Ruth Beck
                                                         Vicki & Thomas Horwich
Ann Courter & Norm Hirsch
                                                         Doris Jean Keller
Ellyn & John Daniels
                                                         Joseph Kirsner
Polly & Jim Deutelbaum
                                                         Newton & Josephine Minnow
Jessica Diamond & Gary Schaer
                                                         Anita Levin & John Rafkin
Marj & Howard Gardner
                                                         Peter Sandquist
Lori & Jim Gelbort
                                                         Marian Scheffler
Lisa Genesen & David Tabolt
                                                         Fern & Manfred Steinfeld
Meg & Skip Herman
                                                         Josie Strauss
Kathleen & Neal Kulick
                                                         Sally Yanowitz
Mimi & Mel Letchinger

                                  www.chicagosinai.org            June 2008      10

There are many ways to achieve success and the
40th Annual Sinai Celebration demonstrated many
of them:

1. Recruit a dedicated committee.
2. Choose the architectural significant Spertus
   Institute as the venue.
3. Welcome a record crown of 250 Sinai
4. En joy a u n i qu e di n i n g ex pe ri en c e
   accompanied by soft jazz music.
5. Honor Lindy Bergman and Patsy Hirsh, the
   two women who began this tradition 40 years
6. Draw for the winners of our fabulous raffle
7. Exceed our financial goal.
8. Bask in the warmth of new and long time Sinai
9. Enjoy the pictures and look forward to the 41
   celebration next year.

                                            Photos by Bill Barrows

                                  www.chicagosinai.org               June 2008   11
                                 RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
              How to Have A Jewish Summer                 “If your child has a talent to be a baker, do not ask
                                                          him to be a doctor.” (Hasidic Saying)
One reminder that I always give to the students at
the close of each school year is that we take a           “When I reach the world to come, God will not ask
vacation from religious school, but we do not take a      me why I wasn’t more like Moses. He will ask me
vacation from being Jewish. Yes, Chicago Sinai is         why I wasn’t more Zusya.” (Rabbi Zusya)
about gathering together as a community to share          4. Enjoy and appreciate nature and the beauty of
Jewish experiences, celebrate holidays, worship and       creation.
share life cycle events. But, 15 West Delaware Place
is not the only place we can recognize our Judaism.       “Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over
Here are some of my favorite inspirational quotes         it and whispers, grow, grow.” (The Talmud)
from Jewish texts, scholars, and writers that help
                                                          The world is new to us every morning—and every
me have a “Jewish summer.” I hope they help you
                                                          man should believe he is reborn each day.” (Baal
                                                          Shem Tov)
1. Enjoy family time by sharing meals together and
participating in meaningful activities with your          5. Appreciate each day.
children.                                                 “Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy.” (Rabbi
“Since the destruction of the second Temple, every        Abraham Joshua Heschel)
tab l e o n ev er y h ome h as b ecome an                 Enjoy the summer.
altar.” (Talmud)
Ask your children to do as you do. “If you truly          Heidi Kon
wish your children to study Torah, study it yourself
in their presence. They will follow your example.
Otherwise they will not themselves study Torah,
but will simply instruct their children to do
so.” (Rabbi Menachem Mendel)

2. Treating others with respect and compassion
contributes to a healthy and happy community.
The need to give Tzedakah and do Mitzvot doesn’t
stop during the summer.

“Do not separate yourself from your community.”
Rabbi Hillel
                                                                 Thank you to all our teachers and
“The highest form of wisdom is kindness.”
                                                                  madrichim for another great year.

“To smile at your neighbor is more important than
to offer him a drink.” (Talmud)

“In any free society where terrible wrongs exist,
some are guilty—all are responsible.”
(Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel)

3. Accept your children as individual beings and let
them be who they are.

                                   www.chicagosinai.org          June 2008        12
                                              Accredited by NAEYC’s
                                   National Academy of Early Childhood Programs

This has been a wonderful year at Sinai Preschool              Yearbook. This is our third year of printing the
with so many people to thank! First, thanks to the             Sinai Yearbook, under the direction of editors
outstanding teaching staff:        Jennifer Forehand,          Diane Rand and Michelle Ohlhaber. I express my
Barbie Greiwe, Randi Levinson, Susan Keene,                    heartfelt thanks to the preschool families for
Jenny Reber and Jessica Ruiz. Each child has grown             generously supporting Sinai Preschool and
through meaningful relationships with these gifted             Chicago Sinai Congregation’s fundraising efforts.
early childhood educators. We were so pleased to               It was great to see so many preschool families and
officially thank them all at the “Teacher Appreciation         teachers at our Annual Celebration at Spertus.
Dinner” on May 15. Approximately 160 Sinai                     Sinai is a special “community” and all these
Preschool family members joined in the special                 wonderful community members made the year
evening featuring “Dave Herzog’s Marionettes.”                 very memorable. I personally want to express my
                                                               gratitude to all our families for their generosity
 A debt of gratitude is owed to the Sinai Preschool            and support. Thanks to everyone!
Committee, Jessica Diamond and Dr. Ellyn Daniels.
Their expertise, dedication and support have been
invaluable. I also thank both Rabbi Michael                    Sincerely,
Sternfield and Rabbi Evan Moffic for their support             Rochelle Friedman
of the preschool and celebrating Tot Shabbats with
us and making all the Jewish holidays so special.

Many thanks to Susan Solomon, Temple
Administrator, and the office staff for their assistance
throughout the year. Thanks to the maintenance staff
for keeping the preschool classrooms looking so
terrific! A special “thank you” to preschool assistant
(and former preschool parent) Michelle Ohlhaber
for her dedication, hard work and talent.

Thanks to Room Parents: Diane Rand, Susie
Hultquist, Liz Darke, Jennifer Kole, Rachel Arend,
Sandy Sheinin, Rachel Beltzman and Dana Librot                                Classroom 2 having fun outside.
Dooley who helped in so many ways and many
other parents who gave of themselves to Sinai
Preschool. Many thanks to Andrea Kinnear and
Rachel Arend for co-chairing Young Families Club
Tot Shabbats.

This year there was wonderful support for Sinai’s
fundraising event and projects. All funds from these
events are going to the Scholarship and Capital
Improvement Fund. Thanks to Chairs Diane Rand
and Jennifer Kole and committee members Jane
Abrahams, Rebecca Cohen, Susie Hultquist, Margo
O’Donnell and all the preschool families for                                Code enjoys cooking in Classroom 1.
supporting our Barnes and Noble Bookfair, our
“Roll out of Bed Pajama Party” and the Sinai

                                     www.chicagosinai.org                June 2008        13
TEMPLE FUND               IN HONOR OF                       ART FUND                      IN MEMORY OF
Mr. & Mrs. Beryl Birndorf Esther Kane’s speedy recovery     Ellyn & John Daniels          Patricia Nanon
Polly & Jim Deutelbaum    Gloria Gottlieb chairing the
                          40th Sinai Celebration
Marj & Howard Gardner Jim Deutelbaum’s speedy               SINAI RELIGIOUS               IN HONOR OF
                          recovery                          SCHOOL FUND
Gloria & Ben Golden       Jim Leopold’s Big Birthday        Helaine & Arthur Billings     The Confirmation of Emma
Gloria Gottlieb           Jim Leopold’s Special Birthday                                  Daniels, Daniel Letchinger,
Beverly R. Gross          Chicago Sinai Congregation                                      Andrew Saturno, Talia
Don Letchinger            Jim Leopold’s Birthday                                          Segal & Nathaniel Tingley
Susan & Stuart Lucas      Peter Bensinger’s Birthday and
                                                            MUSIC FUND                    IN HONOR OF
                          Bar Mitzvah
                                                            Jill & Grant Peters           Peter Bensinger’s Birthday
Ady & Harry Rosenberg     Bud Traub’s Big Birthday
                                                                                          & Bar Mitzvah
Ellen & Larry Schor       Peter Bensinger’s Bar Mitzvah
                                                            Inez & Lee Turoff             Arthur Billings’ Birthday
Carollina Song & Alec     Peter Bensinger’s Birthday &
                                                            Vicki & Michael Turoff        Arthur Billings’ Special
Harris                    Bar Mitzvah
Marsha & Michael Spak     Jim Deutelbaum’s complete
                                                            Flo & Bob Weiss               Jim Leopold’s Special
and Family                recovery
Alice & John Strauss      Jim Leopold’s Special Birthday
                                                            RABBI STERNFIELD’S            IN HONOR OF
                                                            DISCRETIONARY FUND
Myra L. Cohen             Ellis Cohen
                                                            Kathy Albert                  Chicago Sinai Congregation
Myra L. Cohen             Edgar Littman
                                                            Michele & Bruce Gelman        The birth of Edward James
Ellyn & John Daniels      Vivian Sulkin, mother of
                                                                                          Thomson Gelman
                          Howard Sulkin
Ellyn & John Daniels      Hope Samuels                      RABBI STERNFIELD’S            IN MEMORY OF
Doris Jean Keller         Loraine Lazarus                   DISCRETIONARY FUND
Margie & Jim Leopold      Jocelyn Ziven                     Marilyn F. Ludolph            Ted Forman
Ady & Harry Rosenberg     Harriet Diamond                   Rima & Richard Schultz        Bella Levine Schultz
Ellen & Larry Schor       Harriet Diamond                   Patricia & Steven Shapiro     Evelyn Shapiro
Kate Kestnbaum            Harriet Diamond
Kate Kestnbaum            Vivian Sulkin
                                                            RABBI MOFFIC’S                IN HONOR OF
Joan & Marco Weiss        Beloved father of Robert
                                                            DISCRETIONARY FUND
                          Shrum & Barbara Craig
                                                            Sheila Ukman                  Jason Gibbons’
Ellyn & John Daniels      Florence Adler, mother of
                          Connie Sulkin
Ellyn & John Daniels      Harriet Diamond, mother of                          TRIBUTE FUNDS
                          Jessica Diamond
                                                               The Tribute Funds of Chicago Sinai
SCHOLARSHIP FUND          IN MEMORY OF                         Congregation make it possible to support a
Marsha & Michael Spak     Irving Budd Birnbaum                 number of special programs in the Temple
                                                               and the community, while providing means
                                                               for individuals to honor or remember their
FUND TO ASSIST THE        IN HONOR OF                          loved ones. All contributions are recognized
                                                               with either a card or letter. You may also
Nancy Hensel              Roz Blankstein’s Big Birthday
                                                               wish to consider donating the pulpit flowers
                                                               for a weekend as a way of honoring a special
SOCIAL ACTION FUND IN MEMORY OF                                occasion or remembering a loved one. Please
Ellyn & John Daniels Marjorie Traisman                         call the Temple office, 312/867-7000, for
                                                               further information.

                                     www.chicagosinai.org            June 2008       14
                                                                    CHICAGO SINAI CONGREGATION
                                                                              June 2008

                            Monday          Tuesday                Wednesday       Thursday                 Friday                  Saturday               Sunday
                                                                                                                                                      11:00 am Confirmation

                       2               3                       4               5                      6                        7                      8
                                       6:00 pm Dinner & Film                                          6:15 pm Shabbat Eve      10:00 am Torah Study   3:00 pm Harvard
                                                                                                      Service/147th Annual                            Chamber Singers

                       9               10                      11              12                     13                       14                     15
                       OFFICE CLOSED   3:00 pm Book Group                      9:30 am Haftarah       5:30 pm Shabbat on the   10:30 am Alex
                                                                               Project Meeting        Beach                    Girovich Bar Mitzvah

                                                                                                      6:15 pm Shabbat Eve      12:00 pm Torah Study
                                                                                                      Service followed by
                                                                                                      Oneg Reception

June 2008
                       16              17                      18              19                     20                       21                     22
                                       6:00 pm Dinner & Film                   12:00 pm Last          6:15 pm Shabbat Eve
                                                                               Gentlemen at Leisure   Service followed by

                                                                                                      Oneg Reception

                       23              24                      25              26                     27                       38                     29
                                                                               9:30 am Haftarah       6:15 pm Shabbat Eve      10:30 am Eden
                                                                               Project Meeting        Service followed by      Schwartz Bat Mitzvah
                                                                                                      Oneg Reception
                                                               You are invited to join us for
                                                                  Shabbat on the Beach
                                                                    With Rabbi Moffic

                        When? June 13, July 11, and August 15 at 5:30 PM
                         What? A 30-minute music-filled Shabbat service
          Where? Oak Street Beach on the Beautiful Shores of Lake Michigan
                         Who? Kids of any age, Parents and Grandparents,
                                     Sinai Members and Non-Members.
                                             All are Welcome!
                            We will meet by the Oak Street Underpass.
                                Look for the Chicago Sinai Banner!
                          Call Rabbi Moffic at 312/867-7000, ext. 241.

                                                                   Periodicals Postage Paid at Chicago, IL.

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     Published monthly, except for a combined issue
     in July/August, by Chicago Sinai Congregation
15 W. Delaware Place                       Chicago, IL 60610
312/867-7000                               Fax: 312/867-7006
Michael P. Sternfield                             Senior Rabbi
Evan Moffic                                   Assistant Rabbi
Howard A. Berman                               Rabbi Emeritus
Jack D. Tovin                                         President
Susan Solomon                           Temple Administrator
Scott Kumer                                     Music Director
Heidi Kon                                   Education Director
Rochelle Friedman                     Early Childhood Director
Susan Solomon                                    Bulletin Editor
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to CHICAGO SINAI
CONGREGATION, 15 W. Delaware Place, Chicago, IL 60610

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