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					LOVE Cookie Cutters Spread the

Released on: May 12, 2010, 7:20 am
Author: Steve Smith /
Industry: Retail

A new favor is really spreading the joy and sweetness this year.

The LOVE Cookie Cutter, which is a unique cookie cutter favor offers
more than just sweet sentiments. It is a practical favor with a real love
streak. In fact, this cookie cutter not only bakes cookies, it spells love
every time it creates a
fresh batch.

Perhaps that is why this
favor is so popular.
Guests love the fact that
they are able to make
their own cookies with
this item. Couples love
the fact that it spreads
their very same feelings
on their special day.

Practical favors with a
sweet side have always
been     popular    among
couples and guests. The
fact that they will not be
thrown       away      and
forgotten really makes
them       seem      more
worthwhile. In this case the LOVE cookie cutter will actually be put to
work making batches of tasty treats for years to come.
Every fresh batch will also remind guests of your ceremony and your
treasured love. That's a big job for a small cookie cutter set, but the
LOVE cookie cutters are up to the task.

They are tin cookie cutters that spell the word "love". Each one is
shaped in a different letter in the word. It is a creative classic that is a
real hit.

You know the saying: teach a man to fish, and he eats for life? Well,
this one goes give a person a cookie cutter and they can bake cookies
for their entire life.

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