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					                                                                                                                                                     Fact sheet


  WatchMouse for leading-edge website and application performance monitoring
    Over 50 website monitoring stations                  16 protocols: HTTP(S), DNS, FTP, ...               SLA compliance reports
    worldwide in 36 countries                            API and web services (cloud) monitoring            Root cause analysis
    No software, up and running in 5 minutes             Maintenance slots support                          Fully featured website monitoring API for
    Real Browser Monitoring                              Alert escalation                                   seamless integration
    Functional tests (website monitoring scripts)        Fully featured reporting tools                     8 SMS gateways with 5 providers

Public Status (Health) Pages                           Real Browser Monitoring                              Functional tests (scripting)
  Transparent communication to your audience            Accurately measure the performance of real            Multi-step functional and performance testing
  Updated live with the latest monitoring results       browser visits                                        Support for JMeter and Badboy file formats
  Interactive charts                                    Pinpoint performance issues using an actual           Conversion script from LoadRunner available
  Insert status updates in the PSP via the portal       browser                                               Recording in Badboy or jMeter
  Import status updates automatically from RSS          Waterfall chart of all elements loading               Up to 40 script steps
  feeds                                                 Snapshots of the page loading                         Up to 2 MB transfer per functional test
  Hosted in the Amazon Cloud (EC2, S3) for scala-       From over 30 countries worldwide                      Scripts can be uploaded via Badboy or directly
  bility and availability                               JavaScript error detection (Chrome)                   in the console
  Includes availability and performance charts per      Browser profiles supported: Chrome 8, Internet        Script frequency 5-60 minutes
  subsystem                                             Explorer 6,7,8, Safari 4, Firefox 3.6
  Automatic (outgoing) RSS feed                         Custom uer agent identification
  History of 7 days                                     Content check: string or regular expression
  Configurable under your own domain (CNAME),           IPv6 support                                        Protocols
  e.g.                            Selenium scripting (coming soon)                      Web protocols: HTTP(S), including redirects,
  Available when the monitored site is not                                                                    compression, user agents, etc.
  Custom design using CSS / HTML templates                                                                    File transfer protocols: FTP(S), SFTP, TFTP, SCP
                                                                                                              Name service protocols: DNS, Domain
                                                       User management                                        Directory service protocols: LDAP(S)
                                                        User Management can be configured in the              Email protocols: POP3, IMAP, SMTP
Alerting triggers                                       console                                               Network level checks: ping, TCP connect
  All triggers are fully configurable in console        Extra users can be added which each have access       Other protocols: SIP, XMPP
  Absence of content in page or file                    to parts of the monitoring data                       User name/password authentication on all
  Presence of content in page or file                   Financial contact for invoices and payment emails     (applicable) protocols
  Content matching on strings or regular                Unlimited view accounts for sharing selected          NTLM and form based authentication support
  expressions                                           reports                                               Redirect support
  When Service remains down, reminders can be           Multiple account for master access                    Customer HTTP headers injection and matching
  sent at configurable periods                                                                                Content check: string or regular expression
  When Service is up again notification can be sent                                                           POST and GET parameters
  When service remains down for a longer period,       Notifications                                          Client certificates authentication
  an alternative contact can be alerted                                                                       Email full circle checks
                                                        Configurable alert text, per channel type,
  All time-out errors are checked from a second                                                               IPv6 support
                                                        per channel, and per channel group
  location to prevent false positives                                                                         SSL certificate expiration checks
                                                        General alert settings can be configured
                                                        in the console
                                                        Alert windows can be set for all channels
Reporting                                               Alert windows can be set per monitor                Monitoring console
  Reporting can be configured in the console            During Incidents alerts can be switched               Monitor frequency adaptable to every 1-60
  Statistics/reports per hour, day, week, month         off manually                                          minutes
  and year on availability and response times           Support for alerts via email, text/SMS, phone,        Custom monitoring locations and countries
  On demand PDF report generation; reports can          XMPP/Jabber, pager, RSS Feed, SNMP trap               Schedule recurring and one-time maintenance
  be created at any time                                Alerts can be forwarded to a web service (API)        slots in advance
  PDF reports sent by email on daily, weekly,           Work schedule can be defined per contact              Time-out and performance thresholds can be
  monthly basis                                         Contacts can be grouped                               defined
  Raw data can be downloaded as Excel, CSV, XML         Escalations can be defined in contact groups          Define redirection limit, HTTP compression,
  Charts are available as PNG or interactive            Delivery of alerts is logged (where available)        user-agent, etc.
  Flash objects                                                                                               Organise monitors using folders and tags
  Raw data is available for 30 days
  Root cause analysis details are available 48 hours
  Statistical data is available for at least 1 year
                                                                                                                                                     Fact sheet


Performance dashboard                                   Root Cause Analysis                                  Periodic Vulnerability Scanning
  Dashboard is configurable in the console               The tool gives detailed insight in problems and      Performs over 41000 checks for known
  Extensive selection of performance and                 incidents                                            vulnerabilities and security exposures
  uptime charts                                          During an incident the tool shows the steps          View detailed scan results: with each report
  The aggregated results of the (test) scripts are       of the scripts that were (not) completed             including a list of all events found and pointers
  shown on the top level dashboard                       A screenshot is made after a monitor is triggered    on how to fix found vulnerabilities
  The dashboard contains real time                       Traceroute of one or more stations after a           Using a database which is updated daily by
  information with a view per day and hour,              monitor is triggered                                 multiple accredited organizations including CVE
  and drill down capability                              Raw HTML is available when an error occurs           and Bugtraq
  Show colors on the dashboard which are defined         A DNS analysis is made after a monitor is            Real-time email, text and pager alerts following
  by configurable SLA input: (e.g. 100-99% =             triggered                                            the detection of severe vulnerabilities
  green, 98-99% = yellow, under 98% = red)               A domain analysis is made after a monitor            Easy to use portal to view scan results, adjust
  The dashboard shows the availability figure of         is triggered                                         scans, set alerts, and view detail reports
  the day for each of the monitors                                                                            Scheduling scans during low traffic or
                                                                                                              maintenance hours
                                                        Administrative                                        Collated results remove any duplicate findings
Security                                                 Payment by wire transfer                             in repeated scans
  Access to the portal is protected by username          Payment by major credit cards
  and password                                           Payment by purchase order
  Access to the API is protected by username and                                                             Online tools
  password or token                                                                                           Website check from 10 locations worldwide
  SSL security is available for portal and API access                                                         Ping from over 50 locations worldwide
                                                                                                              Online Traceroute
                                                                                                              DNS analysis and performance check from
                                                                                                              3 locations

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WatchMouse offers a range of product services and features depending on the size of your company.

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About WatchMouse
Since 2002, WatchMouse has been providing Website Performance Monitoring to some of the world‘s largest companies.
WatchMouse continuously invests to supply you with:

The best infrastructure
WatchMouse has a reliable, fully redundant, globally distributed network over 50 monitoring stations.

Industry experts
While you get on with running your core business, WatchMouse experts providing accurate, independent & reliable information at
a competitive price.

An Industry leading, web-based, Customer Console
Providing self service and immediate results for many of the WatchMouse products. The WatchMouse Customer Console is
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