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					 Vol. XV No.12        Church Office (523-9920)              December 2010

             Pastor’s Corner                                  does some amazing work in constructing new wells for
    “The angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid; for see       the thirsty in Africa. For each $350 given a well for two
   I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the       hundred people is provided. Or as Jesus tells us, “I was
                          people:                             thirsty and you gave me something to drink.” (Matthew
to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who    25:35)
                is the Messiah, the Lord.”                    A Big Holiday Party? We enjoy these wonderful, fun
                       Luke 2: 10-11                          events with our family and friends. But as a gift to
                                                              Jesus, you might try welcoming someone into your
         During this busy holiday season, gift-givers         home who needs some company this holiday season. Do
often find themselves asking the question: What do you        you know a college student who can’t get home for
give to the person who already has everything? How            Christmas and would like a good holiday meal? Do you
can you give a gift that will truly be appreciated and        have a new neighbor, or a lonely friend, who might like
enjoyed? Since Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, and since        to come over to your home for an evening of dessert and
Jesus reigns with God in heaven and truly is the One          conversation? Jesus said, “I was a stranger and you
who has everything in all creation already, what can we       welcomed me.” (Matt. 25:35)
give Him to celebrate His birth? One writer tried to          Expensive New Clothes? Could you buy a needy child
answer this question in the words of a beloved poem           a coat, or a warm hat and mittens? Could you support
about giving gifts to Jesus; the poem ends with these         Goodwill by donating
words: “What can I give Him? I can give my heart.”            clothing or other items which can be sold for clothing?
         Jesus wants us to respond to God’s wonderful         Jesus said, “I was naked and you gave me clothing.”
love by giving not only our hearts, but also our minds,       (Matthew 25:36)
our obedience and our very lives. But what does this          Health is a Wonderful Gift. How can you improve
mean in practical terms? The most important gift we can       your own health as a gift to those you love? How can
give one that we love is our time. This Advent and            you help your family to have healthier living habits –
Christmas season, spend time with Jesus. Read about           more exercise, etc.? Can you help a friend or neighbor
him in the Bible and our congregation’s Advent                who is sick or homebound? Can you provide relief for a
devotional, learn more about him in weekly Advent             family member who is the primary caregiver of someone
study groups and worship him weekly.                          who is ill? Perhaps aiding The United Way of the River
         There’s also a few other gifts we might consider     Cities is involved in their health and wellness initiative
putting under Christ’s tree:                                  might also be an option,
A Gourmet Food Basket? While some people enjoy      
giving and receiving food gift baskets of fresh fruit and     Remember Jesus said, “I was sick and you took care of
imported cheeses, Jesus simply said, “I was hungry and        me.” (Matthew 25:36).
you gave me food.” (Matthew. 25:35) We are living in          A Gift to a Prisoner? Jesus said, “I was in prison and
truly extraordinary times. A recent report showed that        you visited me.” (Matthew 25:36) If you don’t know
one in six Americans is now facing hunger. They aren’t        someone in prison, how about forgiving someone who
sure what healthy food will be available to them at their     has hurt you? Or mentoring a child to keep that child
next meal. If you are able, a wonderful gift to Jesus         out of trouble and on the right path?
would be to send some additional aid to the Cridlin Food
pantry, the Salvation Army or the City Mission for our        My Christmas prayer is that in this wonderful season of
hungry neighbors.                                             giving and sharing, each person at Enslow Park will find
A Fine, Imported Beverage? Many people enjoy this,            joy in giving gifts to Jesus. What will you give?
but Jesus asks us to give the gift of clean drinking water.
The Marion Medical Mission                          God Bless Always,
is an organization that I’m personally familiar with that
         Enslow Park Press                                                            December 2010

        1-     Paola Somuano                                            BRIGHTEN
                                                                    A NEEDY PERSON’S
        2-     Nick Cunningham
               Rachel Gilliam                                       CHRISTIMAS WITH
               Marjorie Hollandsworth                              GIFTS OR DONATIONS
                                                               TO THE “GIVING TREE” AT EPPC
        3-     Charlie Bagley, III
                                                                     November 21 – December 12
        4-     Brian Anderson

       11 -    Carter Matthews                                    This year, the Huntington City Mission is asking
               Janie Quenon                              the community to help give Christmas gifts to the
                                                         families living in Project Hope and the residents and
       12 -    Kendall Allen                             clients of the mission who would otherwise receive
                                                         nothing. This is only possible with the help of caring
       15 -    Liz Barnett                               Christians in this community who give their time, talent,
       16 -    Sara Blethen                              and gifts.
                                                                  To participate in this wonderful project, the
       22 -    Cory Ray                                  youth of Enslow Park will have a “Giving Tree” in our
                                                         church, on the office bulletin board. On the tree will be
       25 -    Jesus                                     30 cards with a person’s name on each one. The
               Dina Blom                                 children and families who are living at “Project Hope”,
                                                         the City Mission apartment building for homeless
       26 -    Jack Templeton                            families in transition. These families are in the process
       29 -    Aubrey McClellan                          of being trained and educated with the goal of becoming
                                                         independent, responsible home owners (or renters).
                                                                  You can sponsor a child or adult by:
    JANUARY 2011 BIRTHDAYS                               1. Choosing a name from the “tree” and purchasing
          (Partial list)                                 clothing and/or requested gifts that are listed inside the
                                                         card. Return the gifts (unwrapped) in a shopping bag
       3-      Amy Moore                                 with the card to the Donaldson Room by Sunday, Dec.
                                                         12 (gift limit $60.00). Or-
       4-      Dick Damron
                                                         2. You may make a monetary donation for the “Giving
       6-      D. B. Daugherty
                                                         Tree” and the Youth can buy the gifts for you. The
       7-      Linda Anderson                            deadline for donations is Sunday, Dec. 12.
               Scott Barber                                      By Sponsoring these children and their parents,
                                                         we can make a huge difference and share in Christ’s love
                                                         this Christmas Season.
              NEW MEMBERS

         On November 8, 2010 Enslow Park was happy
to welcome Tom and Jennifer Kibler of 942 10th                                    Christmas Eve
Avenue, Apt. 6, Huntington, 25701 (304-697-7903) to                            Candle lighting Service
join into the work and fellowship of our congregation.
                                                                                    7:30 p.m.
       Enslow Park Press                                                                 December 2010
                                                                  DECEMBER LOGOS THEMES
                 IN SYMPATHY
                                                            December 1      Prepare Ye the Way – Advent
       The Congregation of Enslow Park Presbyterian
Church extends its sympathy and prayers~~                   December 8      Angels & Shepherds

~~to Mary Ann Ramsey on the death of her mother,            December 15     Happy Birthday Jesus & Caroling
Marion Luffman, on October 28th in New York.
                                                            December 22 & 29 – No LOGOS – Christmas Break
~~to Sara Ann Hawkins on the death of her husband,
Marshall Hawkins, on October 28th.

                                                                               LOGOS CHRISTMAS
        Food and Clothing Pantry                                               PARTY AND “Caroling”
        Christian Associates Cridlin Food & Clothing                          Wednesday, December 15
Pantry has asked us to contribute 48 jars of peanut
butter to the pantry in December. Food of the month                 The theme for the LOGOS Family Time Dinner
for January is 48 cans of chili.                            is “Happy Birthday Jesus.” After the dinner, everyone
        Our day for volunteering at the pantry is the       will go caroling in 3 or 4 groups to homes of many of
3rd Monday of each month 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. Please call      our members and to the Woodlands. We will return to
the church office if you would like to learn more about     EPPC by 8:00 p.m. for hot chocolate.
volunteering at the pantry.

                                                                    HEIFER INTERNATIONAL
                            You are invited to a Covered-             HOLIDAY GIFT FAIR
                            Dish Dinner, on Sunday
                            December 5, at 5:30 p.m.                 The EPPC Youth Group will be bringing the
                            The main course will be         spirit of giving to our church family on December
                            provided      (ham).    Come    5th, 12th, and 19th, while helping to wipe out hunger
                            celebrate this Advent Season    around the world! Heifer International’s Holiday
                            with your church family. We     Gift Fair can help us minister to people in need.
will have crafts available for the children.                         Instead of getting and giving commercial
                                                            gifts that may not be needed or wanted, our church
                                                            family can send gifts of food-producing animals to
                   THANK YOU                                needy families here and overseas. At our Gift Fair,
                                                            a table will be set up in the Donaldson Room where
       We would like to thank the members of Enslow         you may purchase shares of cows, pigs, sheep,
Park Church for the expressions of sympathy at the          goats, chickens, or bees; to be sent to those families
death of our son, Jim Hollandsworth, Jr., in Ashville,      who need our help. Each family that receives an
North Carolina.                                             animal is required to pass on the gift by giving an
       While we were far away it was comforting to          offspring to another family so that they keep on
know that your thoughts and prayers were with us.
                                                            giving by reproducing for years to come.
                     Jim and Marjie Hollandsworth                    Discover the joy, the hope, and the blessing
                                                            that comes from a Holiday Gift Fair. You can truly
                                                            become partners with Heifer International in giving
                                                            gifts of love and life.
Visit this beautiful website for “Daily Advent
Devotions”: Http://

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