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					Whittier ELL Statistics 2009-10
 Total 6th grade: 19 students
 Total 7th grade: 17
 Total 8th grade: 14
 GRAND TOTAL 50 students
Receiving Direct Services:
 6th grade: 11 students
 7th grade: 5 students
 8th grade: 8 students
 Monitored: 11 students
           Good Morning!
Judy Reynolds, ELL Teacher

Alcott Middle School/Whittier Middle School

WMS ELL Coordinator:
 Gwenn Hare
Judy’s Daily Schedule
1st hr. Newcomer class
2nd hr. 8th grade
3rd and 4th hr. Plan and testing
5th hr. lunch
6th hr. 7th grade
7th hr. 6th grade
8th hr. 6th grade
ELL Services
 Classroom instruction
 Provide materials and dictionaries for
  students and teachers
 Provide audio equipment and software
 Assist with the modification of the
 Provide liaisons and interpreters for parent
 Assist students with state mandated
 Assist with grading
ELL Grading
   Students will complete a Home Language

   Students will be assessed to determine if
    grades will be awarded
ELL Assessment
   Access Test—given each spring
    group and individual test administration
    Tests English in the content areas
    Scores range from 1-6
    Oklahoma English proficiency level is 4.8
   W-apt Placement test—individually administered
    within 10 days of enrollment if we do not have
    Access data
   In 2009, the district decided that all ELL students
    who scored limited knowledge or unsatisfactory on
    the CRTs will also be enrolled in an ELL class
Options Following Assessment
   Enrollment in ELL class

   Modifications to class work

   Additional Assessments

   Assigning of an Intervention Team

   Monitored by the ELL teacher
Alternative Grading System
   A student may be placed on the alternative
    grading system if his/her English
    proficiency diminishes the student’s ability
    to earn traditional grades.
Alternative Grading System
Alternative Grading is based on:
 ELL assessment results
  a score of less than 4 on the Access test
  or W-apt placement test
 Recommendation of the Intervention Team
Intervention Team -Secondary
   ELL Coordinator

   ELL Teacher

   Administrator/Designee

   Content Teacher/s

   Parent/s and Student
Alternative Grading System
   S – student is progressing

   N/A –Limited English prevents academic
    communication in class

   U- Student is not attempting to complete
Alternative Grading System
   Alternative grades will apply to daily, nine
    week, and semester grading

   When assigning a U, a teacher will be
    asked to meet with the intervention team
Alternative Grading System
   Parents of high school students will
    receive information concerning the impact
    of nontraditional grades on college entry.
Receiving Traditional Grades
Traditional Grades will be awarded:
 At level four and above on the ACCESS
 As determined by the intervention team

Students will receive monitoring for two
  years following classification as English
  Proficient (ACCESS level 4.8)
        ELL Procedures at Whittier 2009
   At the beginning of the year or quarter, teachers will receive
    information about their ELL students including test scores,
    CRT information, and whether alternative grades are an
   Several weeks before the end of each quarter, teachers with
    ELL students will get an email from the ELL teacher asking
    how they want to grade their students that quarter
   The ELL teacher will record each teacher’s decision and
    keep the record in the students’ files
   *The ELL teacher will compile a list of teachers’ decisions to
    distribute to teams of teachers at each grade level as a
   Teachers will assign alternative grades to their ELL students
   The ELL teacher will review ELL students’ grades for
   Grades will be changed if there are discrepancies
Web Resources:
   Access test interpretive guide
    e09.pdf especially p. 21-22