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									Please put this on the first page:

The first thing I’d like to do this month is say “thank you” to all of those folks that worked so hard
to put on a terrific picnic in August. There were so many of you, and I hope I don't offend anyone
if I miss your name, but I know Jess, Al, Joe, Chuck, Scott, Tyler, Rich, and I'm sure a few others
that I can't remember right now. Plus I have to say thank you greatly to the ladies for bringing in
all the side dishes. You all continue to go above the call.

Continuing with my thanks I would like to thank the folks that came out to be in the parade.
Honor Guard you all looked great. The banner ladies, folks handing out flags along the route,
and all those that rode on the float - a big thanks. Thanks to George for doing the driving. It was
a terrific turnout!

If you’re one of the folks that go into the Post early in the mornings you will notice that George is
no longer working for us. I know that I will miss seeing George there in the mornings but I wanted
to say thank you George for all the work you have done for VFW Post 657.

We’re taking our time but we still need of a Canteen Manager. We do have some applications,
but the more the merrier. You need to be adept at handling money and also managing
personnel. We have found that this job is better suited for two people rather than one. It wears
anyone out working seven days a week, so it would be better for the Post if we could get two high
quality folks in there and give Al the much needed break he deserves. It seems like we are going
through folks really quick on these different jobs. So if you even think you might be interested in
a job at the Post please put in your application. You never know when we might need you.

Please remember we are a family here at the Post. So everything that is taken or messed with
affects all of us. Also, the eye in the sky is always watching all of us, inside and outside the Post
- it catches ALL of our actions. I know this doesn't bother or affect 99.9% of the folks that enter
our Post, but just a reminder.

I sure hope all of you have gotten your power back by the time you get this newsletter. We lost a
couple of trees in the back yard but overall the Post came out very well. I really liked how folks
came together to try to put out some food at a very low cost to help those who didn't have power
this month.

Now that school has started back up and summer is came to an end we surely hope that folks get
out and stop at the Post. We are slowly adding items to our calendar for entertainment. But we
can't just hire bands and karaoke if no one is going to attend.

We have three dart teams that throw on Monday evenings so come on down and cheer your
VFW team on. I'm sure there will be at least one team there every week.

Respectfully, Commander Marty


With school being back in session please remember to watch out for children walking to and from
school. And on the other hand, please remind your children to stop and look before crossing any
roads and that they wear clothing that can be seen. A lot of the children head out to school when
it’s dark outside, so it is up to us to make sure that others can see them. We want all of our
children to come home safely each and every day.

We now accept VISA and MASTERCARD for dues payment, but ensure your receipt is marked

So How Do You Become A Life Member?
Simply fill out the online application. There are two easy ways to pay for becoming a Life

1. Pay all at once. The chart below lists costs by age.
             AGE                       ONE-TIME PAYMENT
     30 and Younger                         $425
            31-40                           $410
            41-50                           $375
            51-60                           $335
            61-70                           $290
            71-80                           $225
      81 and Over                           $170

2. Pay through an affordable installment plan. You pay $35 to enroll and then select whether you
would like to spread your payments out over an 11 month or 23 month period. You will be billed
on a monthly basis. You will receive a “Provisional Life” membership card at the time of your
enrollment. A permanent VFW Life Member card will be mailed when payments are complete.
The chart below shows monthly payment rates for the two options by age.

              AGE                   11 Month Option         23 Month Option
        30 and Younger                 $40.39                     $20.23
             31-40                      $39.02                     $19.58
             41-50                      $35.84                     $18.05
             51-60                      $32.20                     $16.32
             61-70                      $28.11                     $14.36
             71-80                      $22.20                     $11.53
         81 and Over                   $17.20                     $ 9.14

- Joe DiFalco, Post Quartermaster


The regularly scheduled House Committee Meeting will be held the first Wednesday of each
month at 7:00PM – October 1 is the next meeting.

    -     Jess B. Cancino, House Committee Chairman


The next VA Bingo trip to Ward 7 South will be on October 23rd; we’ll plan on leaving the Post at
6:30PM - come out and join us!

    -     Ron “Padre” Groves

If you know of any Comrades who are in ill health or hospitalized (or you yourself are), please let
me know so I can help you with assistance you might need. I can be reached at 258-8303.

    -   Jess B. Cancino


The Dayton Veterans Administration hospital is sponsoring another “Stand Down” on 24 October
at Building 305 (the rec center) from 0930 to 1530. They’re asking for donations of winter
clothing (men’s and women’s) along with toiletries, bus tokens, fast food gift cards, phone cards
etc. Items can be dropped off at Building 305 on the 23 of October between 0800 and 1400, as
well as on the morning of the 24 . Please do NOT bring items any sooner as they don’t have
anywhere to store them.

With the upcoming presidential elections two months away, the state of Ohio has established the
“Vote In Honor Of A Veteran” program. You can get more information by calling 1-877-SOS-
OHIO or visiting the Ohio Secretary of State website at: www.sos.state.oh.us. You’ll receive a
commemorative pin and the opportunity to post a memorial message.

I’d like to touch briefly on Commander Gould’s words regarding “taking from the Post”. While it
might seem trivial if we lose a dollar here and there, please remember that ANY money we lose –
through whatever means – is a dollar we don’t have to support the operation of our Post, make
improvements, provide you with entertainment, and in the worst case, money we won’t have to
help Comrades in Distress – or their families. If times are hard enough to make someone
contemplate taking from the Post, I’d rather they come see me and let me do what I can to get
them the help they need or at least get them in touch with the people who can help them.
Everyone goes through some hard times at some point in their life – we have a support system
that can help, but only if given the chance!

If you know of a Post Comrade, or a family member who might need help, please feel free to call
me at 603-3494. We are always ready to help another veteran or his/her family – they don’t need
to be a member of this Post, or the VFW for that matter. If you know of a person or group doing
good work for the community that could use a helping hand, let me know that as well!

    -   Mark Conrad, Service Officer


The Honor Guard took part in several ceremonies this month, including the National POW/MIA
Day service at the Post; we were also asked to Post the Colors for the retirement ceremony of
Master Sergeant Kevin Geary held at Wright-Patterson Air Force base – thanks go to those
Honor Guard members who made these details a success!

Also, for those who might not know, Honor Guard member MSgt Paul Healey has deployed for
another tour in Iraq – please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
   -   Mark Conrad, Honor Guard Commander

(Caption) Comrade Carolyn Sargent, Post POW/MIA Chairperson, presents a talk during the Post
POW/MIA Day observance.

(Caption) Commander Gould speaks to guest during the Post POW/MIA Day ceremony (left) as
the Honor Guard firing party wait to render the traditional three volleys of musketry.


    “Thank you” to all that have come out to support the “Bingo Babes” Tuesdays, which we will
                                    th       st
be doing again this month on the 7 and 21 . Just so everyone knows, we are collecting NEW
bed linens, and dish towels for the Hospitality House at our Dayton VA center. This month, the
“Bingo Babes” will be giving out 1 free bingo card for each donation made on our Bingo nights.
This donation gathering is going on for this month only, so grab your donation, and come on
down! The game starts at 7PM, and we will have hot ham and cheese sandwiches (or hot
cheese sandwiches for those of you who don’t do ham) starting at 6PM from Ginny.

       I would also like to ask that everyone start gathering their Campbell’s soup labels. We will
be throwing out a collection box for those too shortly. Thanks again to all of our lady volunteers,
and a very special thank you to Mike Null for being our bingo caller, maybe we can get you to do
it again sometime. Our next meeting is on October 14, 2008; I hope to see you all there!

“Life is not measured in the breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.”

    -   Mary Wuellner, President


   Well, September is gone and October is here. Bingo has been doing well – thanks for
everyone’s support! This month we’ll have another round of election of officers due to some
unforeseen events. The nominees are: for Senior Vice President, John Hickey; for 2 Year
Trustee: Bill Henry and George Lynch. The voting will take place during our October 2 meeting.
On October 17 , we’ll host a spaghetti dinner – all you can eat for only $6.00!

Comrades, we have a good-sized membership – but we need to see you at the monthly
meetings! I know you think they’re boring, but we need everyone’s support. We are not just
“cardholders” – we’re here because of our VETERANS. If it were not for them, you (we) wouldn’t
have that card! In closing, I would like to thank all of you for your support in this new position.
Come out and support our Veterans!

    -   Bruce Davis, President
 (Caption) Sue Hamilton, John Hickey, Caleb Howell, Mary Wuellner, and Nick Thaxton, join Tim
Poulus and Cody from Building Bridges and three volunteers from the Marine Corp League
Auxiliary, for our monthly photo with Special Patient, Mel Lynch, during our September hospital


The winner of the September trivia contest and $25 U.S. is George Lynch, who correctly
answered that the Civil War battle in which the first Medal of Honor was awarded to an African-
American soldier was the battle at Fort Wagner, near Charleston SC, on July 18 , 1863. The
recipient was Sergeant William Carney, Company C, 54 Massachusetts Colored Infantry.
Congrats George!

A winner will be randomly drawn from a pool of correct answers submitted, and will receive $25
(there won’t be any trick questions, but they won’t always be easy either). Write your answer
down and place it in the mess kit in the Memorial Room or send an email to mvmhm@yahoo.com
by the 20 of each month. Good Luck! Oh, and to speed up the process, if you see your name in
the newsletter as the trivia winner, that’s your authorization to hunt down Comrade DiFalco for
your prize – I’m NOT the prize patrol!!

The October question is:

During Vietnam, Operation RANCH HAND was the code name used for the spraying of a
defoliant known as “Agent Orange”. How did “Agent Orange” get it’s name?

This month in military history:
October 7, 1970: President Nixon announced a new 5-point peace plan for Vietnam.
October 12, 1917: First Battle of Passchendaele.
October 14, 1950: Chinese Communist troops cross the Yalu River into Korea.
October 16, 1918: Private Raymond J. France is killed in action.
October 19, 1781: British surrender at Yorktown, effectively ending the Revolutionary War.
October 21, 1861: Union defeat at the Battle of Ball’s Bluff.
October 31, 1941: U-552 sinks the USS Reuben James, 115 die; first US ship lost in WW II

Did you or one of your relatives serve in World War II? Have you (or they) had your name
registered in the Book of Remembrances at the National WWII Memorial? If not, contact me and
I’ll do it for you. I need to know:

    -   The person’s full name
    -   Rank
    -   Branch of Service (this includes civilians who worked on the Home Front!)
    -   Hometown
    -   Anything special you want people to know, such as where they served, awards and
        decorations etc.

Speaking of awards and decorations, if you never received yours, or they’ve been lost over the
years, I can help you get them replaced FREE OF CHARGE! The process can take up to six
months, but it’s absolutely free and gives you a chance to leave a tangible reminder of your
service to our great Nation to your children and grandchildren.

I’ve received a number of requests from people asking how they can get their or a loved one’s
medals. To speed up the process, please make sure you have already located one of the primary
source documents: WD-50-55, DD Form 214, or the actual award certificate.

    -   Mark Conrad, Post Historian


Comrades, summer is on the way out and fall is here. The evenings are starting to get a little
nippy – a very good reason to “come on down” to the post and participate in the daily 5 - 7PM
Happy Hours. My hat is again off to those members of the Post who were the first responders
when we needed food and event specialists to support our Sunday NASCAR, Monday darts,
Wednesday wings and our Tuesday/Thursday bingos and hot dog and burger cookouts. These
events and the liberal jukebox evenings made September somewhat more tolerable. The cold
beer wasn’t bad either! The coming months planning hopefully will provide even more
entertaining things for YOUR enjoyment and participation. So, I ask that you look at the schedule
and join in the action. Put your recommendations in that “Little Pink Box” and we’ll see if we can
work them into the budget!

    -   Al Link, (Acting) Canteen Manager


HI!! Ok, we have a lot going on this month! Welcome back Nick’s Famous Subs Night! Men’s
                                          th       rd
Auxiliary bingo and subs are on for the 9 and 23 . Jim’s Party Time Karaoke is coming in on the
3 to kick off the return of our Friday night Steak dinners – they’ll also be here for Halloween, so
pick out your costumes for the 31st. Darts are here on Monday, and the Bingo Babes will be
                                       th      st                                            th
calling your favorite numbers on the 7 and 21 . We do have a new band playing on the 17 .
“Baby Badfoot” will be playing following the Men’s Auxiliary dinner. And Joe DiFalco will be
hosting a Saturday night poker game starting at 8PM. I think that’s it… OH! That’s right! On
Thursday, October 30, be sure to wish Marty a very Happy Birthday!

-    Mary Wuellner, Entertainment Committee Chair


(Caption) “Smilin’ Mike” Null calls the numbers for the Ladies Auxiliary “Bingo Babes” night.
(Caption) Joe “Prize Patrol” DiFalco shows off his culinary skills cooking wings for the
Wednesday evening crowd.

The Friday evening steak dinners will resume in this month – please come out and lend a hand
with the cooking!!

Now that I have your attention…..

One of the substantial bills the Post pays each month is for the newsletter, which can cost
anywhere from $300 to over $500. This is based on several factors; the size of the paper (more
articles and pictures = more $$$), and number and weight of copies mailed. In order to reduce
the number of “extra” copies, we’ve gone through the most current mailing list – we discovered
that some households were getting several copies of the same newsletter. By eliminating these
“extras”, we can save money for other improvements around the Post. We would also like to test
sending newsletters out by email. If you choose to get the newsletter via email, you will get your
own copy as early as 5 to 7 days before the hard copy hits the street. With computers
commonplace these days, we’re missing an excellent opportunity to save money on our
publishing costs. If you’d like to start getting the newsletter via email, send me your name and
email address, or leave it in the trivia mess kit or in the office. For the first couple of months, we’ll
leave your name on the regular mailing list until we get a consensus of whether this is a viable
solution. And please write your name and email address clearly!!!
Newsletter reminder: Please provide your inputs to Comrade Mark Conrad not later than the
20 of each month. You can send input via email to: mvmhm@yahoo.com, or contact me at
603-3494. To speed the editing process, please do not use fancy fonts or all capitals; “Arial 10pt”
is the preferred font. I can also add digital pictures to the newsletter, they need to be in jpeg
format, and of a reasonable size; I’ll convert them to black and white and make enhancements
where needed and when possible. Also, make sure you identify what the photo is of and who is in
it – thanks!

Once again, if there are errors in this newsletter, I accept full responsibility for them. However, I’m
not perfect, so mistakes are going to happen. If you have an “issue”, a complaint (or whatever
you want to call it), come see ME. “Kvetching” at the Quartermaster, bar maid, canteen manager,
or anyone else for that matter is not going to get your issue resolved. If you can’t bring it up with
me, then it can’t be that important.


Wednesday – October 1 – Aux. Hospital visit @ 6:30PM
                         Ray Ray's Wing Nite 6-8:00PM Cost: .25 each

Thursday – October 2 - Men’s Auxiliary meeting @ 7PM

Friday – October 3 - Steak Dinner
                        Jim’s Party Time Karaoke 8-12PM

Saturday – October 4 – Poker @ 8PM

Sunday – October 5– NASCAR

Monday – October 6- Darts

Tuesday – October 7 – “Bingo Babes”

Wednesday – October 8 - Regular members' meeting @ 7PM
                          Ray Ray's Wing Nite 6-8:00PM Cost: .25 each

Thursday – October 9 - Post VA visit to Building 305 @ 6:30PM
                         Nicks Famous Subs

Friday – October 10 – Steak Dinner
                         Jukebox night

Saturday October 11 – NASCAR
                    Poker @ 8PM

Sunday – October 12 – Luck of the Draw

Monday – October 13 – Columbus Day holiday
                      233 Birthday of US Navy

Tuesday – October 14 - Ladies Auxiliary meeting @ 7PM
                        County Council @7PM
Wednesday – October 15 - Entertainment + scheduling meeting at 6:30PM
                         Ray Ray's Wing Nite 6-8:00PM Cost: .25 each

Thursday – October 16 –

Friday – October 17- Men’s Aux dinner
                       Band “Baby Badfoot”

Saturday- October 18 – Poker @ 8PM

Sunday – October 19 – NASCAR

Monday – October 20 – Darts

Tuesday – October 21 – “Bingo Babes”

Wednesday – October 22 – Ray Ray's Wing Nite 6-8:00PM Cost: .25 each

Thursday – October 23 - Post VA visit to Ward 7 South @6:30PM
                          Nicks Famous Subs

Friday – October 24 - VA Stand down Bldg 305
                           Steak dinner
                           Jukebox night

Saturday – October 25 – Poker @ 8PM

Sunday – October 26 – NASCAR

Monday – October 27 – Darts

Tuesday – October 28 -

Wednesday – October 29 - Ray Ray's Wing Nite 6-8:00PM Cost: .25 each

Thursday – October 30 - Commander Gould’s Birthday

Friday – October 31 Post Halloween party
                    Jim’s Party Time Karaoke

NOTE: Happy Hours are Monday – Friday, 5 – 7PM with fifty cents off drink prices.
Bar Maids now have discretion when to implement "Juke Box" night!
 Nov 2nd Daylight Savings Time
begins (roll clocks back one hour)

 Nov 4th Election Day

 Nov 10th United States Marine
Corps 233rd Birthday

 Nov 11th Veterans Day

 Nov 27th Thanksgiving Day

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